How To Make Your Mattress Softer In Case It Is Very Firm

For a good night’s sleep, you will need to have a mattress which is comfortable. To some, comfortability means the mattress should be a bit soft while to others, it needs to be a bit firmer. In this article, am going to sort those who think, a quality mattress is one which is soft and how to make theirs softer. According to research, people who sleep comfortably are rare to have heart problems, maintain good posture, and make smart financial decisions. For a decent night sleep, you will need to have a mattress which is comfortable.

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So What Happens If Your Mattress Is Very Firm?

If you are not having the good night sleep courtesy of a very firm mattress and yet you don’t have money to replace it with a new one, you will need to have a few options to use in order to make it comfortable and better. The options will depend on how soft you want your mattress to be. Here are some of the options you will have.

#1. Warm It Up

The material on your mattress could be the reason why you are feeling that your mattress is not soft. If we take an example of the memory foam mattress which is normally sensitive to temperature, you will find that they will feel firmer during the cold season but soft when it is warm. Although most of us like sleeping in cool temperature, if you are working towards a softer mattress, you might be forced to adjust the temperature of the room so that it can work on the softness of the mattress. It is allowed to use the heated pad on mattresses and it will help soften the surface a bit.

#2. Break Your Mattress To Make It Softer

If you just bought a mattress and you feel that it is harder and making your sleep unbearable, you can decide to break into it in order to make it a bit relaxed and softer. This will involve walking on the mattress several times a day, to loosen it. If you have kids, you can use them to jump on the mattress the way they do during the bouncing castles and in the process, make it softer. To avoid it being destroyed, don’t use a lot of force and at the same time, put it on the floor to avoid causing any damage to the bed.

You will need to continue sleeping on it as it could be a scenario whereby, your body hasn’t gotten used to the mattress, thus, causing you to feel that it is not soft. If this is the case, with time, you will feel the mattress becoming softer and you will feel softer.

After every 4 days, you can rotate the mattress as it helps in distributing the weight of the body to the high-density areas which are across the mattress and in the process, promote wear and tear which will be even. With time and several rotations, your mattress will automatically become more comfortable and soft. 

#3. Check Your Beddings And Foundation

The feeling of your mattresses can be affected by your bed and dictate how soft or hard the mattress will feel. Wood planks, floors, and firm platforms being solid, will give your mattress less space to be soft and thus make it considerably firm. So if you want your mattress to feel soft, you will need to change your foundation to one that will be able to make the mattress feel better and in the process, improve the quality of your sleep.

The firm sensation can be created from very tight sheets around your body and thus, if you are looking for a softer feel of the mattress, work on the type of bed sheets you use. Get some loose ones. If you want to use a mattress protector, get one which will allow your body to sink and one which will contour very well with your body making the mattress feel softer.

#4. Use A Mattress Topper

For the best solution of adjusting the softness of your mattress, you can try a mattress topper. It is a bedding which you spread on top of your mattress in order to supplement it and reduce whatever uncomfortable feeling of the mattress.


The four methods above are what I consider to be the best to ensure that, you have a comfortable sleep. And once that happens, it means you will remain healthy and wake up when you are fresh enough to accomplish your day to day goals. What do you achieve at the end of it all? A whole person who is successful in life due to sleeping in a more comfortable mattress of their choice.