Onebed Original Mattress Review

Last Updated October 05, 2023
Onebed Original Mattress Review



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You want a firm mattress
You have a tight budget
You want good motion isolation

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You prefer a medium-soft bed
You want a hybrid mattress
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Why we love the Onebed Original:

The Onebed Original Mattress offers sleepers a firm and dense feeling mattress at an incredibly budget-friendly price point. Using a combination of foams and latex, Onebed also has a customisation feature that allows you to choose from three different firmness levels to suit your preference. The Onebed Original Mattress forms the mid range option, which also includes the entry level Onebed Essential Mattress and the Onebed X Mattress. This review will be of the Onebed Original mattress which is the most popular option.

Is the Onebed Original mattress good?

Australian mattress company Onebed has quickly cemented itself as a worthy competitor in the Australian bed-in-a-box market, despite only entering the market over the last several years. It gained popularity for being comfortable but cheap, using firm memory foam and bouncy latex to create the “one perfect sleep surface” for every sleeper type.

Thanks to its medium-firm feel, most sleepers will enjoy this mattress. If you’re a side or back sleeper, you’ll definitely find comfort in the Onebed Original mattress. However, reviews from stomach sleepers suggest that the Onebed Original mattress is slightly too firm, especially for heavier stomach sleepers. 

Overall, the Onebed Original mattress is an exceptionally popular mattress in a box and has quickly made a name for itself in the Australian market in just a few short years. 

How does the Onebed Original mattress feel?


The Onebed Original mattress falls in the medium to firm range. It offers high-quality spinal support, without making you feel like you are sleeping on a piece of wood. Onebed mattresses can also be slightly modified by placing a memory foam layer on top of the layer of latex to make it a bit softer. Onebed mattresses come with the latex on top, but you can easily switch the layers for a softer feel.


The layer of memory foam makes the Onebed Original mattress the ideal choice for sleepers wanting good pressure relief. It quickly moulds to your body without making you feel like you’re sinking into the mattress. While some foam mattresses do have a “sinking feeling”, the Onebed Original is relatively firm and supportive.


The Onebed Original mattress offers a naturally cooling latex layer which when placed on top, provides a refreshingly cool night’s sleep.

How much does the Onebed Original 10″ cost?  

King single $800


The Onebed Original mattress consists of several layers. The cover of this mattress consists of a woven polyester cover that is soft and thick, and it sits over a comfort layer of Dunlop latex and high density memory foam. The Onebed Original Mattress is customisable, so you can actually adjust the firmness of the mattress by switching the latex and memory foam layers. Check out Onebed’s video below on how to do it. 

The default configuration the Onebed Original mattress arrives in has the latex on top. Underneath is the 4cm memory foam layer. These two layers can easily be switched, but it’s a job best for two people.  

Cover: Large, comfortable dimples, woven from polyester. This cover is removable and washable.

Top layer: The top layer is 4cm of Dunlop latex, which helps deliver a cool night’s sleep while maintaining a nice level of bounce. 

Middle layer: The middle layer is 4cm of high-density, viscoelastic memory foam provides unrivalled pressure relief. As your body heats up, memory foam moulds to the natural contours of your body.

Bottom layer: Underneath is 18cm of high density polyurethane support, providing the longevity required from a mattress. Onebed says it supports sleepers of all sizes for a minimum of 15-years.


Onebed has a warranty period of 15 years and claims it will last for a minimum of that timeframe. One of the great features of the Onebed Original mattress is that it’s created to retain shape without forming a valley or sinking over time. And, as the mattress doesn’t contain any springs, it will not become lumpy overtime. Meanwhile, the mattress has been designed with longevity and durability in mind thanks to its top layer of latex foam. 

Dimensions & weight

Single92cm x 188cm x 26cm
King Single107cm x 203cm x 26cm
Double138cm x 188cm x 26cm
Queen153cm x 203cm x 26cm
King183cm x 203cm x 26cm

Interestingly Onebed doesn’t disclose the weight of its mattresses, however, speaking to a customer service representative we found out the Onebed Original Queen mattress is 33kg.

Sleeper type

front sleeper

While the Onebed Original mattress is a comfortable mattress for most sleepers, front sleepers – particularly heavier front sleepers, might find the mattress too firm. Heavier front sleepers might prefer a mattress with more generous support and weight distribution features.

side sleeper

The combination of body-shaping memory foam and bouncy latex is perfect for side sleepers, with the memory foam preventing hips from sinking too deep.

back sleeper

Back sleepers will find the Onebed Original mattress incredibly supportive with great pressure relief. Its gradually softening series of layers provide a cushioning and comforting sleep while still offering the benefits of a firm sleep surface.

How much weight can it hold? 

The Onebed Original mattress can withstand 300kg total weight, or 150kg per person. As such, it should suit the majority of body types. However, for heavier sleepers or couples who have a combined weight of over 300kg, you might not find the Onebed Original particularly comfortable and it might not retain its shape as long as intended.

Is it good for couples?

The Onebed Original mattress provides good support and decent motion isolation for couples. While not the best in the market for zero partner disturbance, for those on a budget, you really can’t beat the Onebed Original mattress. The only couples who might not enjoy the Onebed Original are heavier set couples or have a combined weight of over 300kg. 

Edge support

The Onebed Original mattress holds its own when it comes to good edge support. It will suit almost any sleeper who doesn’t have specific edge support needs. However, as with most memory foam mattresses, edge support isn’t as good as hybrid and spring-based mattresses

Motion isolation 

In terms of motion isolation, the Onebed Original is slightly inferior to its memory foam competitors who have specifically designed their mattresses for zero partner disturbance. However, if you and your partner don’t particularly move about much, you’ll find the Onebed Original perfectly adequate. 

30 Sleeps with the Onebed Original 

I was sceptical about the Onbed Original mattress. I’m one of those people who thinks the more expensive the product, the better it will be. And, because Onebed is one of the cheapest mattress in a box products in the market, I didn’t have high hopes. However, I was pleasantly surprised after 30 sleeps on the Onebed Original mattress. I had to adjust the layers for a softer mattress, but overall I had some pretty good sleep over the month. I wouldn’t say it was my favourite mattress – it took a lot longer to get used to the Onebed than its similar competitors but overall, if I was on a budget and preferred a firm mattress, I would one definitely recommend the Onebed Original mattress as a solid choice. 


Although overall Onebed is a great Australian mattress brand, if you’re after something a little more luxurious for not that much more money, there are some good alternatives. The closest match would be the Emma mattress. The construction is similar, except Emma has developed zonal support into their memory foam, which helps for comfort and pressure relief. It also does a better job of reducing motion transfer than the Onebed Original mattress.

And, the price of the queen Onebed Original is similar to that of the Emma queen size. However, if you are very budget conscious, the Onebed is certainly a great purchase. And, if you don’t love it, you can return it risk-free within 125 nights. 

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