Ecosa Bed Frame Review

Last Updated June 30, 2023
Ecosa Bed Frame Review



The Highlights

Excellent quality wood
Easy to assemble
Modern & stylish aesthetic

Take Note

Can squeak if your floor is uneven
On the higher end of the price scale

Making furniture has never been my strong point. Especially building beds.

I used to move around a lot (#rentinglife), and I always dreaded pulling apart and putting my bed frame back together. I usually guilted my dad, brother or boyfriend into doing it for me.

That all changed when I learned about the Ecosa bed frame. When I saw its claims that it can be built within 5 MINUTES with no tools, I was intrigued. I had to try it to see if the claims stacked up.

It also promised to be a squeak-free sleeping experience, another gripe I had with the cheap bed frames I used to buy. My own fault, really. You get what you pay for.

So did the Ecosa bed frame live up to its expectation? Yes… and no. Here are my thoughts.

The Ecosa Bed Base: Rise Bed Frame & Zen Bed Base

Ecosa is a well-known mattress-in-a-box brand, but it’s so much more than that. Ecosa sells amazing memory foam pillows (my pride and joy), pillowcases, bedsheets, bedside tables and as you guessed from this review, bed bases too.

Ecosa has two bed frames in its arsenal: a Rise Bed Frame, and Zen Bed Base. Both bed frames are made from solid American Ash timber, sourced from certified sustainable forests.

Rise Bed Frame
Zen Bed Base

They both come in two colours: Ash (a lighter timber) and Walnut (a darker wood). There are a few key differences between the Rise and Zen base, but the main difference is the Rise has a huge bed head, and the Zen has no bed head.

What Are the Benefits of the Ecosa Bed Frame?

Quick Assembly

Ecosa says both frames can be put together in under 5 minutes and with no tools.

Was that my experience? Not quite.

The no tools part was excellent. Could I do it in under 5 minutes? No. BUT Ecosa does recommend you put it together with two people. I put together the Rise bed frame all by myself and between some trial and error, watching the YouTube set-up video a couple of times, it took me roughly 15 minutes (plus 20 minutes unpacking the bed frame pieces out of the box!)

Still, it’s a massive improvement on how long it used to take me to put together old bed frames (an hour plus!)

Timeless Design

With a sleek, natural wood grain and timeless style, these two-bed frames will suit any room and style. Meanwhile, the Rise frame has a nifty hidden storage shelf behind the bed head, but it’s pretty thin and I never found myself using it.

Things to Keep in Mind

One of the drawing cards of the Ecosa bed frame is that it’s designed to be creak free. Constructed from premium American Ash timber and lightweight, shock-resistant metal frame (Rise bed frame), the Ecosa bed base is supposed to be a creak-free zone and can hold up to 600kg of weight.

It does come with adjustable feet for uneven floors, but I’ve found personally that my floors were too uneven and I think that’s why I noticed the bed frame starting to squeak after a few nights. It’s not a terrible squeak, but it’s definitely not silent.

Another thing to keep in mind is the price: a Queen Rise frame will set you back $2,000 and a Zen Queen base costs $1,400. But in my experience, a good quality bed base that’s easy to assemble and will stand the test of time is worth it in the long-run.

Ecosa Bed Frame Price

Ecosa RiseEcosa Zen
King Single$1,800$1,210
Super King $2,500$1,650

Other Features

Air Flow

The flat slats on the Rise and Zen bed bases provide ventilation during the night and throughout the day. It gives you that extra breathability to cool down when you’re sleeping and allows for maximum air circulation, extending the lifespan of your memory foam mattress and providing a cooler sleep.

Looking for the best memory foam mattress to go with your new bed frame? Check out our Ecosa mattress review.

Adjustable Non-Scratch Feet

Both frames come with scratch-resistant feet that absorb movement. Plus, if you have a pesky uneven floor, set each of the feet to your desired height.


Under the Rise bed frame it is 20cm of depth to store anything you like. It also has a hidden shelf behind the bedhead to store decorative items perhaps, photos and plants, or even keep your phone during the night.

Soft Edges

The Zen bed base is made with soft and curved edges all around to soften any impact of hitting solid wood (if you’re klutz like me, that’s very useful!)

Shipping & Unboxing Of The Ecosa Bed Frame

Delivery of the Ecosa bed frame is free and can be delivered Australia-wide – next-day for metro areas.

Unboxing took a lot more time than I thought, and the boxes are pretty heavy and come shipped in several pieces (so you end up with a lot of excess cardboard).

Trial Period & Returns

Unlike the Ecosa mattress, you don’t get a trial period or return policy with the Ecosa bed frame (unless it’s damaged kind of thing).

Ecosa vs Koala Bed Frame

From first glance, the Ecosa bed frame looks similar to the Koala bed frame – but the Ecosa has several key features in our books that make it the superior option.

First of all, Ecosa’s base is all solid natural timber, whereas Koala’s is plywood. Ecosa has non-scratch, adjustable feet, whereas Koala has neither. And also, Ecosa comes in two distinct colours, while Koala only has one colour.

Price (Queen)$2,000$999
Colour options21
Sprung SlatsYesNo
Solid Natural TimberYes (American Ash)No (plywood)
Non-Scratch, adjustable FeetYesNo
Easy AssemblyYesYes
Under Bed StorageYesYes
Maximum Weight 600kg600kg
Warranty5 years5 years

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Ally Burnie Head Dreamer Ally Burnie
Journalist, presenter and host based in Sydney with a passion for cooking, outdoor adventures, hiking, humanitarianism, and travel.


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