Emma Foam Pillow Review (2023)

Last Updated June 30, 2023
Emma Foam Pillow Review (2023)



The Highlights

Customisable for maximum comfort
Ergonomic for every sleeping position
Breathable and hypoallergenic

Take Note

You don’t like foam pillows
You don’t want an adjustable pillow

Looking for an adjustable, quality foam pillow and considering the Emma pillow? With excellent pressure-relieving properties and the ability to adjust the loft to suit your needs, the Emma pillow is a great option. But how does it really stack up? We put this pillow to the test over 30 nights. Here are our findings.

The Details

Price: $100.00 (RRP $200.00)Ships from: Australia
Best for: Side, back and front sleepers Material: Foam 
Firmness: Adjustable Loft: Adjustable
Best for: Sleepers who want an adjustable foam pillow. Consider alternatives: If you want a soft pillow.

Who Will Love the Emma Pillow?

  • You are a combo sleeper
  • You want to be able to adjust the height & firmness of your pillow
  • You need support to alleviate neck or back pain

Who Should Reconsider:

  • You don’t like foam pillows
  • You don’t want an adjustable pillow
Emma Foam Pillow


The Emma Foam Pillow is truly a game-changer when it comes to pillow innovation. With its cutting-edge design, it provides outstanding comfort and support that’s tailored to your specific needs. It gives you the flexibility to adjust the pillow to your preferred level of firmness, ensuring that you get the perfect amount of support for your neck and head. Plus, the different height options let you elevate or lower your pillow to the ideal height, so you can achieve the optimal sleeping position that suits your body.

What Does it Feel Like to Sleep On?

Being an adjustable pillow, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what the Emma pillow feels like to sleep on. It can be a soft pillow, a medium or firm pillow. It can be high loft or low loft. I trialled the Emma pillow with a medium firmness and found it to be extremely supportive with excellent pressure-relieving properties. My neck and head were supported and gently cradled without feeling like I was sinking into the pillow. As a combo sleeper, I found the medium setting the best and slept comfortably on both my side, back and stomach.

Emma Foam Pillow Feeling

Construction & Materials

The Emma Foam Pillow has a breathable cover that is made primarily of polyester (98%). This cover feels soft to the touch and has a stretchy quality to it. It’s easy to open thanks to the zipper, making it simple to remove and wash when needed.
Inside the cover, you’ll find three separate pillow layers. The top layer is blue and made of ‘HRX Supreme Foam’, which is engineered to provide unparalleled support. This layer helps keep your head and neck properly aligned, reducing the risk of stiffness and discomfort in the morning.

The middle layer, which is white, is made of ‘Airgocell® foam’, a highly breathable material that promotes optimal air circulation. This layer works to maintain a comfortable sleep temperature throughout the night, so you won’t feel too hot or too cold.

Emma Foam Pillow Construction Materials

Firmness & Height Customisation

With the Emma Foam Pillow’s innovative design, you can select a slightly firmer or softer feel for your pillow, giving you the flexibility to create a custom sleeping experience that suits your preferences. Although the difference in feel is noticeable, it’s not a significant change, so you won’t have to worry about a drastic shift in your sleeping habits.

What’s even more impressive about the Emma Foam Pillow is that you can easily remove one or more of the pillow layers, which will lower the height of the pillow, providing you with more adjustability and comfort options. This means that you can tweak the pillow to your liking and tailor it to your specific sleeping style, giving you the perfect amount of support and cushioning.


On the top layer of the Emma Foam Pillow, you’ll find the HRX Supreme Foam, which is identified by its blue colour. This layer has a firm and dense feel, but it still moulds to the neck and head, offering great support and pressure relief.

Alternatively, if you choose to use the Viscoelastic Foam, which is identified by its cream colour, you’ll notice a lighter and arguably more comfortable feel. This layer effectively absorbs the weight of your head and neck, providing excellent support while maintaining a softness that is gentle on your skin.

I found the Viscoelastic Foam configuration to be the best, as it offers the perfect balance of support and comfort.


The loft/height of the Emma is adjustable, but the standard dimensions are: Length: 70 cm, Width: 40 cm and Height: 12 cm.

Trial Period & Shipping

The Emma Pillow comes with a 100 night trial, and if it’s not right for you, you can return it for a refund (Emma will come to you to pick it up for free). Shipping is also free across Australia.

Trial period100 nights

Emma Pillow Vs Ecosa Pillow

The Emma Pillow and Ecosa Pillow are both supportive and comfortable. Both have unique features but differ in their design. The Emma Pillow has three foam layers, each offering different support and comfort levels. The Ecosa Pillow has three interchangeable memory foam layers to change height and firmness. The Emma Pillow is generally less expensive but the Ecosa Pillow is arguably more durable. Choosing between the two will depend on your personal preferences and sleeping habits. The Emma Pillow has more levels of customisable firmness, while the Ecosa Pillow offers greater adjustability and different levels of support.

Final Verdict

If you’re a combination sleeper or someone who likes the convenience of being able to adjust the firmness and height of your pillow, you’ll no doubt love the Emma Foam Pillow. Ergonomic, hypo-allergenic and breathable, it has everything you’d want and need in a pillow for a good night’s sleep. The only people it wouldn’t suit are those who prefer an ultra soft/non-foam pillow. And, with a 100 night trial and free delivery/returns, you can try Emma with total confidence and peace of mind.

Emma Pillow FAQs

Is the Emma pillow comfortable?

Back, side and front sleepers should find the Emma to be a comfortable pillow thanks to its pressure-relieving properties and ergonomic design, which is both comfortable and supportive in all the right places. 

How firm is the Emma pillow?

The Emma pillow comes with adjustable firmness so you can choose between soft, medium and firm. 

Are Emma pillows good for neck pain? 

The Emma pillow adapts to your neck, providing support and perfect posture throughout the night, making it an excellent pillow for neck pain. 

How long does an Emma pillow last?

If properly cared for, the Emma pillow can last 2-3 years. 

Is the Emma pillow good for side sleepers?

The Emma pillow is excellent for side sleepers thanks to its ergonomic design which gently cradles the neck and head. 

Does Emma offer a trial on its pillow? 

Emma offers a 100 night trial for its pillow, and you can return it for free and receive a full refund if it’s not right for you. 

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Ally Burnie Head Dreamer Ally Burnie
Journalist, presenter and host based in Sydney with a passion for cooking, outdoor adventures, hiking, humanitarianism, and travel.


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