Peacelily Mattress Review

Last Updated August 19, 2023
Peacelily Mattress Review



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If you’re looking for a unique mattress with a different type of feel
All types of sleepers, including side, back and stomach

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If you prefer a traditional memory foam bed
If you’re looking for a firm mattress
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Why We Love Peacelily:

A sustainable, eco-friendly flippable all-latex mattress in a box, the Peacelily seems to tick all the boxes. Made with 100% natural and organic materials, the Peacelily is hypoallergenic, cooling and incredibly durable. Made from non-toxic products handmade from natural latex and certified organic cotton, and pure kapok, the Peacelily contains no polyurethane foams, memory foams, chemical flame retardants, or harmful chemical adhesives. Peacelily also has an incredibly social and environmental conscience. While the mattress is shipped from Australia, it’s made from a factory in Sri Lanka, providing fair, ethical jobs and benefiting local communities. And, considering the premium materials used, the Peacelily is quite affordable too, with a Queen mattress priced at $1,599.

Who’s Going to Love The Peacelily Mattress

  • You sleep hot: Naturally derived materials rubber sap and organic cotton combine for cool, comfortable sleep. The open cell structure of latex and breathability of cotton means body and room heat are not trapped and able to flow out with ease. 
  • You want an all-natural mattress: Natural latex is made from pure rubber sap and without the addition of harmful chemicals. No added toxins, polyurethane foams, or chemical adhesives in your latex mattress and backed by international certification bodies.
  • You want a flippable mattress: The Peacelily is a flippable mattress, with one side a medium feel, and the other side a firm feel.

Who Should Consider Alternatives To The Peacelily Mattress

  • You want a memory foam mattress: If you want that cloud-like, hug-conforming feeling of a memory foam mattress, you might not like the feel of the Peacelily. Latex mattresses have a springier feel in general.
  • You want a soft mattress: Even at its softest setting, the Peacelily mattress overall is quite firm, so if you love an ultra-soft mattress, you might not get the desired comfort from the Peacelily.

The Peacelily Mattress Firmness & Feel

If you’re used to a memory foam mattress and the feeling of sinking into the bed rather than lying on top of it, you might find the firmness and feel of the Peacelily a little jarring (at first).

When I sleep on a memory foam mattress, I feel like I’m being “hugged” and cradled. But the Peacelily has a distinctly springy feel, more “buoyant”.

It’s certainly not uncomfortable, but it is a different feel to what I’m used to as a typical memory foam mattress user. Both sides (medium or firm) have a very responsive feel, so if you’re a combo sleeper, you’ll find the Peacelily a great option because you can easily switch between your side, front and back.

As mentioned, the Peacelily is a double-sided and flippable mattress. The “medium” side is made from D65 latex and the firmer side is from D85 latex, which is basically just a denser quality latex.

I’d give the medium side of the Peacelily a 6.5/10 (a pretty typical medium firmness mattress rating). For the firm side, I’d give it a 7.5/10. It’s definitely a noticeable difference, but not huge.

Is Peacelily Mattress Good For Larger (100kg+) People?

There’s no clear answer on the Peacelily website as to how much weight it holds, but considering the Peacelily offers both a medium and firm side, heavier people (100kg+) should find the Peacelily quite comfortable to sleep on, providing enough pressure relief and good spinal alignment.

Is The Peacelily Cooling?

Thanks to its all-natural latex material, the Peacelily is one of the most cooling mattresses on the market. Naturally derived materials rubber sap and organic cotton combine for cool, comfortable sleep. The open cell structure of latex and breathability of cotton means body and room heat is not trapped and able to flow out with ease. There is less chance of overheating on a Peacelily latex mattress.

How Is The Edge Support Of The Peacelily Mattress?

Edge support is a pretty underrated feature on a mattress. Solid edge support can help prevent you from rolling off the mattress in the middle of the night, makes it easier to get in and out of bed, and allows you to easily sit on the edge.

The edge support on the Peacelily is decent – it’s remarkably better on the firm side of the mattress. There was a bit of sinkage on both sides of the mattress, but most people should find the edge support to be decent.

How Is The Responsiveness Of The Peacelily Mattress?

As a latex mattress, the Peacelily is incredibly responsive with a distinct bouncy feel. It makes moving between positions during the night a lot easier, and also makes adult bedroom activities easier as well.

Motion Isolation: Is It Good For Those Who Share A Bed?

Considering the Peacelily is quite responsive, it also means it’s not an amazing mattress for motion transfer. It’s not bad, but it’s not great. I slept with both my partner and my dog, and either time one of them moved around I could feel it.

If motion transfer is important to you, I’d recommend a memory foam mattress like the Ecosa, which has excellent motion transfer capabilities.

Peacelily Mattress Construction

The Peacelily mattress is a 3-layer latex foam mattress – every single material used from the cover to the glue is made from organic and sustainably-sourced materials.

The latex used is eco-INSTITUT and Oeko-Tex Class 1-certified, meaning it’s safe, non-toxic, and releases no off-gas. Meanwhile, the fabrics are GOTS-certified, which basically means peacelily adhere to the strictest sustainability and ethical production practices.

What’s inside?

1 – Medium Layer – 100% Natural Rubber Latex
2 – Core Layer – 100% Natural Rubber Latex
3 – Firm Layer – 100% Natural Rubber Latex
4 – Organic Cotton Cover
5 – Organic Cotton Wadding
6 – Reinforced Handles
7 – Organic Cotton Tape Edge

Peacelily Mattress Customisation Features

The Peacelily comes shipped as is in a box, and once you’ve unrolled it you can choose whether to put it firm side or medium side up.

How Much Does The Peacelily Mattress Cost?

Long Single$1,099
King Single$1,199

Shipping & Unboxing Of The Peacelily Mattress

Shipping of the Peacelily mattress is interesting – there are some sizes which you can order that can be delivered in around a week, but others you have to pre-order, which can take anywhere from one week to a month to be delivered. This is pretty long considering most other brands can deliver the next day.

Shipping is free across most of Australia except for some remote regions.

The box the mattress arrives in has wheels, which makes it a lot easier to move around. Still, the box is heavy and weighs around 50kg, so it’s best to enlist a friend or partner to help you manoeuvre and unbox, especially if it needs to be taken up some stairs.

Once unboxed, it can take up to 72 hours for the mattress to inflate to its full shape. As part of the warranty conditions, do not leave your latex mattress in the box for more than two weeks to avoid compression-related damage.

Peacelily Mattress Warranty Information

Peacelily offers a very decent 25-year warranty on the mattress (10 years of full coverage and 15 years of prorated coverage) against manufacturing defects and indentations or body impressions greater than 2.5 cm or 1 inch.

Typically, 15 years of coverage is the industry standard, but a 25-year warranty is almost unheard of, definitely a key selling point of this mattress.

What is covered

Years 1-10: Full Coverage

During the first ten years of the Mattress Warranty, Peacelily will not charge you to repair or replace the mattress if it qualifies under the Mattress Warranty. This period is non-prorated which means that Peacelily does not charge a percentage of the repair costs or replacement product based on the amount of time you slept on the mattress prior to noticing a defect.

Years 11-25: Limited Coverage

During years 11-25 of the Mattress Warranty, Peacelily will, at its option, replace the mattress at a prorated charge to the purchaser in addition to transportation and/or shipping charges. The prorated replacement charge will be dependent on the year that the Mattress is replaced.

What isn’t covered

Damage from improper foundation (like sleeping with the mattress on the floor), misuse or normal wear and tear isn’t covered in the warranty.

Peacelily Pure Trial Period & Returns

Peacelily offers a standard 100 night trial, but asks customers to trial the mattress for at least a month before requesting a return. All the returned mattresses are donated to charity.

Return pickup is free in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide and is handled directly by the charity partner (generally The Salvation Army). To qualify for a full refund, your mattress must be free of stains and tears.

My Review After 30 Sleeps

I already touched on this, but it took me a good week to get used to the Peacelily mattress. I used to love a hybrid mattress, but since starting this website I found a memory foam mattress is a much better fit for me and my sleeping habits.

Being an all-latex mattress, the Peacelily reminded me more of a hybrid mattress feel, in that it was bouncy and responsive and didn’t hug me like a memory foam mattress.

However, after a week of sleeping on the Peacelily, my body adapted, and for the rest of the month, I found it to be quite enjoyable to sleep on. As a combo sleeper, the responsiveness actually helped me move around and change position as I slept a lot more easily than a memory foam mattress.

Addressing Peacelily Mattress Complaints

The Peacelily is an overwhelmingly popular mattress with countless happy customer reviews. Where people did complain (but rarely) was finding the mattress too firm, or too bouncy. Some said it started off too firm and responsive, but they quickly got used to it. Others complained about delayed delivery times, while some suggested the mattress is quite bulky and heavy.

Final Verdict

If you’re after an all-latex, sustainable and eco-friendly mattress that won’t break the bank, you should definitely give Peacelily a try. And, with a huge 25 year warranty (that’s a quarter of a century), as well as a 100 night trial, you’ve got nothing to lose!

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