Macoda HD Pillow Review (2023)

Last Updated June 30, 2023
Macoda HD Pillow Review (2023)



The Highlights

Budget friendly
Two sleeping surfaces to choose from
60 night trial

Take Note

You want an adjustable pillow
You don’t like the feeling of memory foam

Looking for a high-quality, budget-friendly pillow? The Macoda pillow might be the perfect fit. With excellent pressure-relieving properties and high-quality memory foam, the Macoda pillow is a great option. But how does it really stack up? We put this pillow to the test over 30 nights. Here are our findings.

Macoda HD Pillow Review (2023)

The Details

Price: $135 (RRP $150)Ships from: Australia
Best for: Side, back and front sleepers Material: Memory foam 
Firmness: MediumLoft: Medium-loft 
Best for: Sleepers who want a cooling  memory foam pillow. Consider alternatives: If you want a pillow with adjustable height/firmness.

Who Will Love the Macoda Pillow?

  • You’re a combination sleeper
  • You sleep hot and need a cooling pillow
  • You like a medium firmness pillow

Who Should Reconsider:

  • You want an adjustable pillow
  • You don’t like the feeling of memory foam


The Macoda Pillow is an innovative and versatile memory foam pillow that offers two different sleeping surfaces to choose from. The pillow has a luxurious, eco-friendly bamboo cover that is smooth and soft to the touch, and can be easily removed and hand washed. The ‘cool’ side of the pillow is noticeably cool and well-ventilated, offering a balance of comfort and support. The ‘comfy’ side has a spongy memory foam feel and moulds to your head and neck more closely. Overall, it’s a flexible pillow that most sleepers will enjoy sleeping on.

What Does it Feel Like to Sleep On?

What Does it Feel Like to Sleep On?

The Macoda Pillow boasts a revolutionary design with two different sleeping surfaces, making it an excellent choice for a versatile sleep experience. The pillow’s eco-friendly bamboo cover adds to its luxurious feel, which can be removed and washed by hand for easy maintenance.

One side of the pillow is designed to be noticeably cool and well-ventilated, while the other side has a more spongy, memory foam feel that moulds to your head and neck for added comfort and support. This feature allows you to choose the surface that best suits your sleeping preferences. The Macoda Pillow is suitable for side, back, and front sleepers.

Construction & Materials

The Macoda pillow has been designed with the perfect balance of comfort and support in mind, and it features groundbreaking technology. The pillow has two sides, and the cool side allows for direct airflow and minimal heat build-up, thanks to its open structure and cooling gel glaze.

Additionally, the pillow’s cushioning memory foam is infused with bamboo charcoal, which absorbs moisture, dissipates heat, and neutralises odours. The Macoda Pillow also comes with a luxurious, soft, and eco-friendly bamboo cover. This pillow promises a unique and comfortable sleeping experience that stays fresh and cool throughout the night.

Construction & Materials Macoda pillow


As a memory foam pillow, the Macoda pillow is medium in firmness which is pretty standard for this kind of pillow material. It provides gentle cradling and support, and you don’t feel like you’re sinking into the pillow or bed. Thanks to its firmness, it offers almost instant pressure relief, which is great news for people who typically have back or neck pain when sleeping.


Both sides of the Macoda pillow offer great support, but I’d suggest if you’re after the most support and comfort choose the “comfy side” of the pillow – not the cool side. Overall, support is subjective and it’s worthwhile trying both sides of the pillow to find the right side for you and your sleeping needs.

Macoda Support


The loft (height) of the Macoda pillow is 12cm, which is standard for a medium-loft pillow.

Trial Period, Shipping & Warranty

Macoda offers a 60 night trial period where you can test to see if the pillow is right for you. If not, you can return it for a full refund. SHipping across Australia is free, and Macod also offers a slightly longer than average warranty of 3 years.

Trial period60  nights
Warranty3 years 

Macoda Pillow Vs Emma Pillow

Both the Macoda Pillow and the Emma Pillow are highly regarded pillows with innovative designs.

The Macoda Pillow offers the unique feature of having two different sleeping surfaces to choose from, with a ‘cool’ side that is noticeably cool and well-ventilated and a ‘comfy’ side that has a memory foam feel and moulds to your head and neck. It also has a bamboo cover that is soft, silky, and eco-friendly. The Macoda Pillow is suitable for side, back, and front sleepers.

On the other hand, the Emma Pillow has a unique adjustable design that allows you to add or remove the fill to adjust the height and firmness to your liking. It is made with a breathable and moisture-wicking cover that keeps you cool and comfortable. The Emma Pillow is suitable for all sleeping positions and also comes with a removable and machine-washable cover.

Overall, I found the Emma pillow to be slightly softer and more comfortable than the Macoda, but it really does come down to personal preference!

Final Verdict

Overall, the Macoda Pillow is a comfortable and innovative pillow that stands out in the Australian market. If you sleep hot and need a cooling pillow that’s both comfortable and supportive, I’d definitely recommend giving Macoda a try.

Macoda Pillow FAQs

Is the Macoda pillow comfortable?

Back, front and side sleepers should find the Macoda to be a comfortable pillow thanks to soft bamboo cover, cooling properties and pressure-relieving features. 

How long does a Macoda pillow last?

The Macoda pillow comes with a 3 year guarantee, but this is more related to manufacturer defects. If properly cared for, the Macoda pillow can last 2-3 years. 

Is the Macoda pillow good for side sleepers?

The Macoda pillow is good for side sleepers, back sleepers and front thanks to its ergonomic design which gently cradles the neck and head no matter which sleeping position you choose. 

Does Macoda offer a trial on its pillow? 

Macoda offers a 60 day trial on its pillows and you can return the pillow for a full refund within that period if you find it’s not right for you. 

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Ally Burnie Head Dreamer Ally Burnie
Journalist, presenter and host based in Sydney with a passion for cooking, outdoor adventures, hiking, humanitarianism, and travel.


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