Eva Mattress Review

Last Updated August 21, 2023
Eva Mattress Review



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You’re looking for a medium-firm pressure mattress
You want a supportive yet comfortable hybrid mattress
You are a back, front, side or combo sleeper

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You prefer a traditional memory foam bed
You don't want a responsive bed
You want an ultra-firm mattress
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Why we love the Eva mattress:

The Eva mattress has been on the Aussie market for several years but has recently taken off as one of the most popular online mattresses in Australia. This hybrid mattress is an excellent all-rounder for all sleeping types and is also excellent value for money. It brings the best of both worlds with latex, memory foam and pocket springs, providing support, keeping you cool and minimising sleep disturbance.

How good is the Eva mattress?

The Eva mattress has quickly made a name for itself as one of the best-valued mattresses in Australia. With a combined cooling memory foam and pocket spring system, the Eva mattress provides an optimal night’s rest for sleepers of all kinds, including front, back, side and combo. Being a hybrid, it suits the needs of all types of sleepers, and has earned itself a great name in the mattress in a box industry. 

How does the Eva mattress feel?

In 2020, Eva made some small changes to the design of its mattress. It removed the top layer of micro springs, which softened the mattress slightly. As a result, the Eva mattress has a medium-firm feel. Despite its bouncy latex layer and the reactive pocket springs, the Eva Mattress sits on the firmer side with its memory foam top layer and high-density support foam in the middle. 


The high density foam layer of the Eva mattress gives the Eva the bulk of its firmness. It serves as a base for the other two layers.


The five-zone pocket springs help distribute a sleeper’s weight throughout the mattress, helping relieve pressure during the night, while also providing dynamic support to each section of the body, with variable firmness at the head, shoulders, back, hips and legs/feet.


On the very top of the mattress is a gel-infused memory foam layer, which provides both pressure relief and helps keep you cool throughout the night. It does this by contouring to your body, keeping your hips, spine and joints aligned while the millions of gel beads absorb your body heat and disperse it throughout (and eventually out of) the mattress.

How much does the Eva mattress cost?

King single $700
Double $800


The top comfort layer of the Eva mattress has a breathable and durable polyester cover. This is followed by layers of memory foam (20mm), latex (20 mm), and a high density foam (70 mm). This unique combo gives the Eva mattress a ‘foamy’ feel but also provides enough pressure to suit most people. Let’s take a closer look.

Gel Memory Foam: on the very top is a gel-infused memory foam layer, which provides both pressure relief and helps keep you cool throughout the night. 

Premium Latex Foam: the next layer is made of latex foam, which helps to prevent the ‘sinking feeling’. It also contains natural open-cell properties, making it very breathable. Meanwhile, latex is naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant.

Density Foam: The next layer is the density foam layer which gives the Eva the bulk of its firmness. It serves as a base for the other two layers. 

Five-Zone Pocket Springs: Finally at the bottom there is a five-zone layer of pocket springs, which help minimise motion transfer and help distribute weight evenly throughout the mattress. 


The Eva mattress pocket springs are heat tempered three times, ensuring that it is built to last. Foam gets softer over a period of time, therefore losing comfort and support in the long run. It also comes with a 12 year warranty. 

Sleeper type analysis

back sleeper

The Eva is an excellent option for front and back sleepers. It provides the necessary support needed to keep your spine in a nice, neutral alignment all night.

side sleeper

We think side sleepers will love the Eva mattress. It does a great job of conforming to a side sleeper’s body and cradling the hips and shoulders. Overall, it offers great pressure relief that side sleepers usually need.


We also think the Eva is a great option for combo sleepers as it provides a good amount of support under the lower back. Plus, the top layer is so responsive so you’ll find it easy to switch between positions.

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How much weight can the Eva mattress hold?

The Eva mattress build quality and use of springs can support up to 400 kilograms. Therefore, it should be able to quite comfortably hold the weight of most sleepers and a partner.

Is it good for couples?

Yes. The Eva mattress is ideal for couples with its excellent isolation and edge support. Its five-zone pocket springs minimise partner disturbance so your sleep isn’t affected by tossing and turning. The Eva queen mattress can also hold up to 400kg, so it’s definitely a good choice for heavier sleepers.

Dimensions & weight

Single92cm x 188 cm30 kg
King Single107cm x 203 cm38 kg
Double138cm x 188 cm45 kg
Queen153cm x 203 cm55 kg
King183cm x 203 cm60 kg
The height of the Eva mattress in all sizes is 32cm.

Motion isolation & edge support

Edge support

Supported by robust steel springs along its side pockets, the Eva mattress makes it almost impossible to fall out of bed or sink down close to the mattress’s edge. The coil layer of the Eva utilises a side-spring technology, meaning the coils around the perimeter are made of thicker wires and can hold heavier loads.

Motion isolation and support

The Eva mattresses’ five-zone pocket spring supports the head and shoulder, back, hips, leg and feet. Alongside its high-density foam and gel memory foam, this relieves pressure points by varying the distribution of weight throughout the entire surface. The pocket springs also mean you won’t be disturbed by a tossing and turning partner. 

Other features

Gel Memory Foam

Infused with millions of gel beads to maintain an ideal temperature through the night, the material adapts to your body to redistribute heat and offer pressure relief.

Premium Latex Foam

Eva’s latex is naturally dust-mite resistant and antimicrobial. The open cell and pinhole structure allows it to flex and breathe.

Density Foam

Density foam gives the Eva mattress a nice degree of firmness for good comfort and also support.


Eva offers free delivery on all its mattresses, with next-day delivery for metro areas if ordered prior to 4pm.

Final verdict after 30 sleeps

I love a good hybrid mattress – I think I’ve slept on a hybrid mattress all my life (don’t hold me to that, I’ve slept on a lot of mattresses). I think the Eva is one of the most comfortable mattresses I’ve slept on. It’s firm and supportive (without being too rigid) and still provided enough bounce that I could easily switch positions.

I have to admit, I think a memory foam mattress is better for my overall body aches and pains – I definitely still wake up a bit stiff after sleeping on the Eva for 30 days (as with other hybrids) but I also just generally find it easier to fall asleep and be comfortable on a hybrid. I’ll cut my losses!

Eva mattress comparisons

Is the Eva mattress the best Australian mattress-in-a-box? It certainly is an extremely comfortable and universally well-liked mattress. It comes in at an excellent price point and is great value for money, but does it outperform other hybrid mattress-in-a-box like Sleeping Duck? Not necessarily. However, for a quality hybrid mattress at a really good price point, you certainly can’t go past the Eva mattress. 

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