Emma Zero Gravity Mattress Review (2023)

Last Updated June 28, 2023
Emma Zero Gravity Mattress Review (2023)



The Highlights

Optimum pressure relief and spinal support
Very breathable with excellent thermoregulation and airflow
Foam, pocket spring & AirGrid hybrid construction for 0 gravity feeling

Take Note

Delivery of 10-11 weeks
On the pricier side
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Why We Love the Emma Zero Gravity Mattress:

Since arriving in Australia, Emma has continued to provide excellent sleep products to help Australians enhance their sleep quality. Its newest mattress released in early 2023 – the Emma Zero Gravity mattress – is arguably one of its best. A six-layer hybrid mattress, the Emma Zero Gravity provides exceptional pressure relief and a supportive, comfortable sleeping experience. The advanced technology, thoughtful design, and unmatched support of the Emma Zero Gravity mattress ensure ultimate restfulness, and its ultra-breathable construction, featuring tiny air capsules and AirGrid, helps regulate body temperature throughout the night.

Who’s Going to Love The Emma Zero Gravity Mattress

  • You value superior comfort: The Emma Zero Gravity mattress features advanced pressure relief technology that ensures proper support for your body, regardless of your sleeping position. This can lead to a more comfortable and restful night’s sleep.
  • You sleep with a partner (or dog): The mattress’s Airgocell and AirGrid layers help to isolate movement and minimise disturbances caused by a partner’s movement during sleep. This can be especially beneficial for couples who have different sleeping patterns.
  • You need a cooling mattress: The Emma Zero Gravity mattress is designed to regulate temperature and prevent overheating, thanks to its breathable construction and cooling materials.

Who Should Consider Alternatives To The Emma Zero Gravity Mattress

  • You want a budget mattress: Even with Emma’s aggressive discount strategy, the Zero Gravity is one of the more expensive mattresses on the market.
  • You need a mattress ASAP: At the time of writing, there is a 10-11 week delay on the Emma Zero Gravity mattress due to high demand.

The Emma Zero Gravity Mattress Firmness & Feel

Designed for the typical sleeper, this Emma Zero Gravity mattress offers a medium-firm feel, ranking a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. It offers excellent weight distribution, keeping your spine in proper alignment with excellent overall support.

The mattress is responsive and easily responds to your movements, especially if you change positions a lot during the night. It also effectively cradles your hips and shoulders no matter what sleeping position you’re in. Meanwhile, the reinforced side walls of the mattress provide excellent edge support, making it easy to get in and out of bed.

Emma Zero Gravity Mattress Construction

1. A cover that’s super easy to clean

The Emma cover is soft-to-touch, making it very comfortable to lie on. It is breathable and also completely removable, making it easy to wash.

2. The foam that regulates temperature

Our groundbreaking Point Elastic Airgocell® technology enhances breathability and regulates temperature by absorbing and then evaporating sweat so that rising temperatures won’t disturb your sleep.

3. The comfortable layer that relieves pressure

A new hyper-elastic technology called AirGrid® that instantly adapts to movement and provides rebounding comfort so that your pressure points feel cradled by the mattress.

4. The foam layer that adapts to movement

This ergonomically designed foam layer adapts to your body and optimally distributes body pressure, allowing you to sleep comfortably regardless of your build or sleeping position.

5. Multi-zone pocket springs

This pocket spring structure provides multi-zone dynamic adjustment to the body. When you change sleeping position, the optimal air transfer drives excess heat and moisture away from the body.

6. The base foam that keeps your spine aligned

HRX stands for High Resiliency Extra. Providing sufficient counter pressure, this layer is designed to keep your spine evenly aligned for maximum relief, rest and recovery – in any sleeping position.

Is The Emma Zero Gravity Mattress Cooling?

The Emma Zero Gravity mattress provides exceptional temperature regulation. You won’t sleep too hot or too cold during the night thanks to its custom-made foam layers that provide cooling effects throughout the night. Additionally, the AirGrid design helps the mattress breathe and dissipate heat away from your body.

The bed’s multi-zone pocket springs also allow optimal airflow, preventing the buildup of excess heat and moisture. The combination of these features with the cover results in an optimal sleeping surface that doesn’t trap heat or leave you feeling chilly overnight.

How Is The Edge Support Of The Emma Zero Gravity Mattress

The Emma Zero Gravity mattress excels in providing excellent edge support, which is a crucial aspect of any mattress. With edge-to-edge support foam around the grid and pocket spring layers, you can sit or sleep near the edges without the fear of rolling off.

This feature also gives the mattress overall stability, making it ideal for couples sharing a bed. Furthermore, the reinforced edge support prevents sagging around the perimeter, which can stretch out the lifespan of the mattress. This means you won’t have to worry about replacing it prematurely.

How Is The Responsiveness Of The Emma Zero Gravity Mattress?

The mattress’s zoned pocket springs provide a comfortable level of responsiveness, without causing excessive bounce. Also, the various foam layers of the mattress strike a perfect balance between offering support and responding to your body’s movements. This combination creates a sensation of feeling like you’re sleeping with zero gravity!

Motion Isolation: Is It Good For Those Who Share A Bed?

The Emma Zero Gravity mattress boasts unparalleled comfort and outstanding motion isolation, thanks to its well-established Airgocell technology and the innovative AirGrid layer. This feature is particularly beneficial for couples who share a bed and don’t want to be disturbed by their partner’s movements during sleep. Additionally, the mattress includes an extra transition foam layer that sits above the pocket springs, serving as a buffer to reduce any disturbances caused by movement.

How Much Does The Emma Zero Gravity Mattress Cost?

While this mattress boasts the latest technology, it comes at a premium price compared to others in the market. Currently, it only comes in three sizes, but it is possible that more sizes will be added in the future. The Double size starts at $3,979, while the King size goes for $4,869 at retail prices. However, Emma has an aggressive discount strategy, typically offering 50% or more discounts, so you can likely purchase it for less. As of writing, the Double size is available for $1,790. For more pricing information on available sizes, refer to the table below.

King Single$3,609
King $4,869 

Shipping & Unboxing Of The Emma Zero Gravity Mattress

Delivery is free Australia-wide and the Emma Zero Gravity Mattress will arrive at your doorstep in a box. Delivery times vary based on your region.

At the time of writing, there is a 10-11 week wait time for the Emma Zero Gravity Mattress due to high demand.

Once it arrives, it’s easy to remove from its packaging, and we recommend having two people available to unpack it. The mattress comes with a cutting tool to assist with this process.

Unpacking the mattress should only take 5-10 minutes. It’s recommended to let the mattress decompress for 24 hours before sleeping on it.

Emma Zero Gravity Mattress Warranty Information

Within the first 10 years of ownership, the manufacturer will repair or replace the mattress for free if any issues arise with its construction, materials, or craftsmanship. This warranty provides assurance and peace of mind for those investing in a high-quality mattress for better sleep comfort.

Emma Zero Gravity Trial Period & Returns

Emma Zero Gravity comes with a 100 night trial. If you don’t love the mattress after 100 nights, you can receive a full refund.

My Review After 30 Sleeps

I think I’ve found a new favourite. As a memory foam mattress user, I was worried about how I’d fare on the Emma Zero Gravity, especially considering it’s a medium firm mattress (I’m used to firm). However, I felt incredibly supported and comfortable across my 30 nights of sleep. My body weight felt supported and pressure was evenly distributed, meaning no waking up with a sore back. I found lying on my side, back and stomach to be comfortable, but particularly lying on the side. Overall, an excellent mattress, even if you’re used to a firmer one like me, you’ll feel greatly supported by this innovative and quality hybrid mattress.

Final Verdict

It can be a daunting task to find the perfect mattress that suits your needs. However, the Emma Zero Gravity mattress stands out from the rest due to its unique features and exceptional comfort level.

One of its standout features is its pressure relief technology, ensuring proper support for your body in any sleeping position. The mattress also regulates temperature and has high breathability levels, providing a cool and restful sleep experience. All in all, the Emma Zero Gravity mattress delivers ultimate comfort and support for a peaceful night’s rest.

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Mattress type
Shipping location
Fastest Delivery
10-11 weeks
Warranty period
10 years
100 nights
Price (RRP)
$4,329.00 (currently $1,948.05)
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