Eva Premium Adapt Mattress Review (2023)

Last Updated June 28, 2023
Eva Premium Adapt Mattress Review (2023)



The Highlights

Customisable mattress with 3 firmness settings
Great for all types of sleepers
Half and half firmness levels for couples

Take Note

On the pricier side
Edge support could be better
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Why We Love the Eva Premium Adapt:

The Eva product range has a new addition, the Premium Adapt Mattress (formerly the Eva Mattress Plus), which joins the popular Comfort Classic Mattress and the Eva Timber Bed Frame. With three adjustable firmness settings, including the ability to customise each side of your mattress (ideal for couples but an extra $200) the Eva is a great option for sleepers who like flexibility and want a really personalised sleeping experience.

Who’s Going to Love The Eva Premium Adapt Mattress

  • ou want a customisable mattress: The Eva Premium Adapt can be configured in a medium, medium-firm or firm setting for the ultimate customisation. 
  • You and your partner enjoy different firmness levels: Order the Eva in a half-half configuration if you sleep with a partner who likes a different firmness level to you. 
  • You’re a side, back or front sleeper: Thanks to its adjustable firmness, the Eva Premium Adapt is ideal for all sleeper types. 

Who Should Consider Alternatives To The Eva Premium Adapt Mattress

  • You want a budget mattress: While not the most expensive mattress on the market, you can find mattresses that are less expensive or have a better discount. 
  • You need strong edge support: Edge support is OK on this mattress, but certainly not the strongest. 

The Eva Premium Adapt Mattress Firmness & Feel

The Premium Adapt Mattress can be configured in three different firmness levels, and each configuration has a distinct feel. The medium-soft option is comfortable and supportive, absorbing body weight well and providing a spongy, foamy feel. We’d rate is a 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale (with 10 being the most firm). This firmness level would be best suited to side sleepers.  

The medium configuration feels slightly firmer and more responsive than the medium-soft option and is ideal for side and back sleepers. We rated this configuration a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. 

The Eva Premium Adapt Mattress Firmness & Feel

Lastly, the firm option has a dense, firm feel with some slight dipping, so it possibly doesn’t distribute body weight as easily as the other setting. We’d rate it a 7.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale and suggest this setting for back and stomach sleepers. back sleepers, but may also be suitable for some side and front sleepers.

The 5-zone pocket spring system provides stable and reliable spinal support and can accommodate people of all sizes, with a weight capacity of up to 400kgs. The mattress is also highly responsive, making it easy to change sleeping positions without any trouble.

Eva Premium Adapt Mattress Construction

The Premium Adapt Mattress starts with a durable CoolMax fabric cover, which can be easily removed and machine-washed. This cover is well-ventilated, promoting airflow and regulating temperature during sleep.

Underneath the cover, the main comfort layer consists of air memory foam, MDI foam, and cloud foam, which provide exceptional comfort and pressure relief. This comfort layer is adjustable by flipping it over and repositioning it, allowing you to customise the mattress’s firmness level.

The second part of the comfort layer is a high resilience density foam support layer that enhances support and helps maintain the mattress’s shape. Like the comfort layer, the support layer can also be repositioned to adjust the firmness level of the mattress.

Beneath these layers is a 5-zone pocket spring system made up of reinforced steel springs that provide maximum back support. The spring system is surrounded by a dense foam encasement that strengthens edge support, enhancing the mattress’s overall durability and stability.

Eva Premium Adapt Mattress Customisation

The Eva Premium Adapt can be customised to your firmness preference by switching the layers of the mattress. The mattress offers three firmness options: medium-soft, medium, and firm.

The mattress comes in the default configuration of medium-soft, with the comfort layer sitting on top of the support layer and the blue-coloured foam facing up. To switch to the medium firmness level, simply flip the top comfort layer over so that the marble green-coloured foam faces up.

Eva Premium Adapt Mattress Customisation

Creating the firm configuration requires a few more steps and is slightly more complex than adjusting from medium-soft to medium. To create the firm option, you need to remove the support layer from its grey fabric cover and place the comfort layer into this casing. After zipping it up, position the support layer on top of the comfort layer with the marble green-coloured foam facing up.

Similar to Sleeping Duck, the Premium Adapt mattress can also be ordered in a half-half configuration, allowing double the customisation. This means if you like a medium-soft setting but your partner prefers firm, you can tailor the mattress to suit your needs. This configuration costs an extra $200.

Also, if the firmness still isn’t right, you can get in touch with Eva and they’ll send you extra foam layers. There is a minimum 30 days between new layer requests to make sure you’ve had time to test each layer.

Is The Eva Premium Adapt Cooling?

The top layer fabric of the Premium Adapt Mattress is a carefully designed feature that aims to provide optimal temperature regulation for a comfortable sleep experience. This CoolMax is well-ventilated which is necessary for facilitating air flow and helping to regulate body temperature during sleep.

How Is The Edge Support Of The Eva Premium Adapt Mattress

The construction of the Premium Adapt Mattress is of high quality. The foam edge encasement provides good edge support, and as anticipated, the edge support was firmer when using the firm configuration.

An impressive feature of the Premium Adapt Mattress is the use of ‘vegan leather’ handles, located at the head and base of the mattress. These handles are positioned in an uncommon way (usually handles are located on the sides of the mattress), but they are noticeably sturdy and well-crafted.

How Is The Responsiveness Of The Eva Premium Adapt Mattress?

The Eva Premium Adapt Mattress responds seamlessly to typical sleep movements, making it highly responsive and adaptable to your needs. You shouldn’t experience any difficulties in changing sleep positions or engaging in intimate activities.

Is Eva Premium Adapt Mattress Good For Larger (100kg+) People?

Considering the mattress can hold 400kg, we feel confident saying this is a mattress suitable for most people. However, if you and your partner weigh more than 400kg combined, it might be worthwhile considering another mattress. The Ecosa, for example, can handle up to 600kg of combined weight. 

Motion Isolation: Is It Good For Those Who Share A Bed?

Motion Isolation: Is It Good For Those Who Share A Bed?

Sleeping with a partner and dog, I could detect partner disturbance during the night but it wasn’t too bad. For most people (I’m a light sleeper), you probably won’t feel much partner disturbance.

How Much Does The Eva Premium Adapt Mattress Cost?

The Eva Premium Adapt comes in at a great price point, retailing for $1,640 for a Queen. However, Eva also offers some decent discounts year round, so you can likely purchase it for less. As of writing, the Queen Premium Adapt is priced at $1,540 ($100 off). For more pricing information on available sizes, refer to the table below.

Double $1,300
King $1,950

Shipping & Unboxing Of The Eva Premium Adapt Mattress

Delivery is free Australia-wide (except the NT)  and the Eva Premium Adapt Mattress will arrive at your doorstep in a box. Delivery times vary based on your region, but the fastest delivery time is 1 business day. 

Metro areas (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth):

Premium Adapt Mattress orders placed on a business day before 4pm will be delivered the next business day. Alternatively, you can select your preferred delivery date at checkout.

Non metro areas:

Dispatch within 24 hours

Expected delivery time: 1-8 business days

VIC, NSW, SA, ACT: 3-5 business days

QLD: 4-5 business days

WA: 5-7 business days

TAS: 7-10 business days


Although the Eva Premium Adapt Mattress is easy to remove from its packaging, we recommend having two people available to unpack it. The box came with wheels for easier manoeuvrability, which we appreciated. 

The mattress comes with a product booklet and a cutting tool, and unpacking the mattress should only take 5-10 minutes. It’s recommended to let the mattress decompress for 24 hours before sleeping on it. 

Eva Mattress Warranty Information

Every Eva mattress comes with a 10 year warranty that covers springs, foams, fabrics, seams and stitches.

Eva Trial Period & Returns

The Eva Premium Adapt mattress comes with a 1 year trial. If you don’t love the mattress after 365 nights of sleeping on it, you can receive a full refund. Returning the mattress is free and easy. 

My Review After 30 Sleeps

I actually really enjoyed sleeping on the Eva Premium Adapt. It might be one of my favourite mattresses to date. I ordered half and half because my partner and I enjoy different firmnesses. He slept on the firm setting, while I slept on the medium-firm setting. There was a noticeable difference between the two, but not a huge difference between the medium and medium-firm. Overall, I slept really well on the Eva and felt supported in all the right places. 

Final Verdict

While Eva doesn’t have as aggressive of a discount strategy as similar brands and products, it still comes in at a respectable price point. Its half-half customisation is a real selling point too. With a market-leading one year trial, you really have nothing to lose. If you want to know more about Eva Premium Adapt visit emma-sleep.com.au.

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