Newentor Hesperis Mattress Review (2023)

Last Updated June 28, 2023
Newentor Hesperis Mattress Review (2023)



The Highlights

3 different levels of customisation
Cooling and breathable
Choose between two mattress heights

Take Note

Edge support is slightly lacking
Responsiveness is low
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Why We Love Newentor Hesperis:

The Newentor Hesperis Mattress is a budget-friendly memory foam mattress that boasts a unique customisation feature, enabling you to choose the firmness level that suits you best. Coming in 7 sizes (including a long single and super king), and the ability to choose between 22cm and 18cm in height, this mattress is a great option for those who are looking for a highly customisable mattress without the big price-tag that often comes with such mattresses. With fast and free delivery, 120 night trial and 10 year warranty, we’d definitely recommend giving the Newntot Hesperis a try. This review is based on the 22cm mattress.

Who’s Going to Love The Newentor Hesperis Mattress

  • You want customisable firmness: The mattress has a customisation feature that allows you to adjust the firmness to your liking by rearranging the foam layers.
  • You’re a combo sleeper: The mattress comes in three different firmness options, each of which is designed to suit all sleeping positions (side, back, and stomach sleepers).
  • You need good spinal support: The Newentor Hesperis offers great spinal support which is ideal for sleepers who suffer from back pain or related issues.

Who Should Consider Alternatives To The Newentor Hesperis Mattress

  • You want a responsive bed: Due to its foam construction, the mattress lacks the natural bounce and responsiveness of traditional innerspring mattresses, which may make it less suitable for changing sleep positions or intimate activities.
  • You want simple customisation: Adjusting the firmness level of the mattress requires removing and rearranging foam layers, which can be a bit of a hassle and may require some patience and effort.

The Newentor Hesperis Mattress Firmness & Feel

The Newentor Hesperis Mattress boasts two kinds of customisation features – height and firmness. You can choose between 18cm, or 22cm in height, and then you can rearrange the mattress in a medium, medium-firm or firm configuration. To do this, you just need to unzip the outer cover and rearrange the foam layers. However, once the main outer cover is unzipped, the foam layers need to be removed from a thinner fabric sleeve, which can be somewhat of a hassle and take longer to do. Other customisable mattresses that aren’t as fiddly include the Ecosa, Koala Calm As Mattress, the Macoda Mattress, and Sleeping Duck mattress.

In terms of feel, the medium configuration of the Newentor Hesperis Mattress (the blue, gel-visco memory foam on top), feels dense and spongy. While it absorbs body weight smoothly, its level of comfort may not be suitable for everyone, especially if you prefer something firmer. We rated the medium configuration a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the firmest.

The medium-firm configuration (with white, high-density Q-stretch foam on top), doesn’t feel as spongy as the medium configuration and does not distribute body weight as evenly. However, with a 7 out of 10 firmness, we think it’ll suit most sleeping positions.

The firm configuration (yellow, highly elastic comfort foam on top), feels dense and hard and would be suitable for most back sleepers and stomach sleepers, but side sleepers might find it a little too firm being an 8 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

All firmness configurations provided good spinal support and felt firm to the touch. However, due to its foam construction, the Newentor Hesperis Mattress may not have the same natural bounce and responsiveness as innerspring mattresses, making it potentially less suitable for people who change sleeping positions frequently.

Meanwhile, the mattress features cutting-edge technology that divides it into 7 ergonomic zones, each designed to provide precise support for different pressure points on your body. These zones cover your head, shoulders, waist, hips, thighs, lower legs, and feet, allowing your spine to stretch naturally and promoting better sleep posture. The mattresses are
symmetrical and can be turned over to keep the mattress lasting longer.

Newentor Hesperis Mattress Construction

The Newentor Hesperis mattress is made up of 5 layers.

1. Natural Coconut Cover

The mattress cover contains a coconut and bamboo fibre textile, which is skin-friendly, antibacterial and anti-mite. The cover is breathable and cooling and can be machine washed to keep it fresh.

2. Gel-Visco Memory Foam 4cm

The soft and comfortable memory gel offers great pressure relief, with Newentor claiming it can lower skin temperature by 1.5-2℃.

3. High-Density Q-Stretch Foam 2cm

The high-density Q-stretch foam gives a soft and cushioning feel, while helping support the spine as you sleep.

4. Highly Elastic Comfort Foam 16cm

With the unique ergonomic cutting process, this layer precisely supports the 7-zone pressure point of your body to keep your spine in a natural curve.

5. Anti-Slip Bottom

This mattress will stay in place thanks to a grippy backing material, so no need to worry about it slipping on your bed frame as you move during the night.

Is The Newentor Hesperis Mattress Cooling?

The Newentor Hesperis Mattress is designed to be cooling. The top layer of the mattress is made up of cooling gel-infused memory foam that helps regulate the temperature of the mattress surface. The gel in the memory foam is designed to dissipate heat away from your body, helping to keep you cool while you sleep. Additionally, the coconut and bamboo fibre cover is breathable, allowing for better air circulation and further enhancing the cooling properties of the mattress. Overall, the Newentor Hesperis Mattress is a great choice for people who tend to sleep hot and want a cool and comfortable night’s sleep.

How Is The Edge Support Of The Newentor Hesperis Mattress?

The edge support of the Newentor Hesperis Mattress is somewhat lacking and is not as sturdy as some other mattresses in its class. While it is designed to provide adequate support throughout the entire surface of the mattress, some customers have reported a slight sinking sensation near the edges.

How Is The Responsiveness Of The Newentor Hesperis Mattress?

Compared to innerspring mattresses, the Newentor Hesperis Mattress may lack some of the natural bounce and responsiveness. As a result, you may find that switching sleep positions or engaging in intimate activities may be more challenging than on other types of mattresses.

Motion Isolation: Is It Good For Those Who Share A Bed?

On the plus side, a lack of responsiveness provides strong motion isolation, making it an ideal choice for couples who share a bed. This means that any movements made by one person on the bed are absorbed by the mattress, minimising the transfer of motion across the surface of the bed. As a result, you are less likely to be disturbed by your partner’s movements during the night, which can lead to a more restful and uninterrupted sleep.

How Much Does The Newentor Hesperis Mattress Cost?

The Newentor Hesperis comes in at a great price point, retailing for $1,080 for a Queen. However, Newentor Hesperis also has an aggressive discount strategy, typically offering 50% or more discounts, so you can likely purchase it for less. As of writing, the Queen Newentor Hesperis is priced at $540 (50% off). For more pricing information on available sizes, refer to the table below.

Long Single$820 
King Single$880
Double $980
King $1,180
Super King $1,280

Is Newentor Hesperis Mattress Good For Larger (100kg+) People?

There’s no clear answer on the Newentor Hesperis website as to how much weight it holds, but considering the Newentor Hesperis is a light-weight foam mattress, heavier people (100kg+) may find an inner-spring mattress more comfortable and supportive

Shipping & Unboxing Of The Newentor Hesperis Mattress

Delivery is free Australia-wide and the Newentor Hesperis Mattress will arrive at your doorstep in a box. Delivery times vary based on your region, but the fastest delivery time is 2 business days.

Although the Newentor Hesperis Mattress is easy to remove from its packaging, we recommend having two people available to unpack it. The mattress comes with a product booklet and a cutting tool, and unpacking the mattress should only take 5-10 minutes. It’s recommended to let the mattress decompress for 24 hours before sleeping on it.

Newentor Hesperis Mattress Warranty Information

Every Newentor Hesperis mattress comes with a 10 year warranty that covers springs, foams, fabrics, seams and stitches.

Newentor Hesperis Trial Period & Returns

The Newentor Hesperis comes with a 10 night trial. If you don’t love the mattress after 120 nights, you can receive a full refund. Simply contact Newentor within the first 120 days of receiving your order to arrange a full refund.

My Review After 30 Sleeps

As someone who is used to sleeping on a memory foam mattress, I had no issues adjusting to the Newentor Hesperis over the course of the month. I started with the medium configuration, and sleeping on my side was definitely the most comfortable. However, it was not so great for responsiveness. I then moved to the medium-firm, which made sleeping on my stomach nice and comfortable. Finally, the firm configuration was great for back-sleeping and for motion isolation – I didn’t feel my partner or dog moving throughout the night. As a budget mattress, I did feel a difference in quality, but was still able to get a month’s worth of good night’s sleep in.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Newentor Hesperis mattress is a solid mattress for people who want the convenience of being able to customise their mattress, without the price tag that often comes with such a feature. No matter your sleeping position, you should be able to find a firmness configuration that suits you.

However, the limited bounce and responsiveness of the mattress, as well as the need for patience and effort to adjust the firmness level, may make it less appealing for some people. If you would like to know more about this mattress visit

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Mattress type
Memory foam
Shipping location
Fastest Delivery
2 day
Warranty period
10 years
10 nights
Price (RRP)
$1,080 (currently $540)
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