Noa Mattress Review

Last Updated October 05, 2023
Noa Mattress Review



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You typically have a sore back sleeping
You want an eco-friendly mattress
You want a comfortable hybrid mattress

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You don’t love a bulky design
You prefer a soft, comfort layer
You want traditional memory foam
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Why we love the Noa:

A hybrid mattress that blends latex, cooling gel memory foam and supportive pocket springs that’s excellent value for money.

Is the Noa mattress good?

The Noa Mattress sits in the middle of the Noa’s mattress range (which also includes Noa Lite and Noa Luxe). It is an affordable hybrid mattress developed by Canadian company Noa Home.

The Noa mattress is universally enjoyed, with pocket springs and premium certified foams. The Noa mattress offers a good combination of comfort and support, especially coupled with value for money. 

How does the Noa mattress feel?

The Noa mattress is a universally comfortable mattress that’s ideal for all sleeping positions and body types. If we’re looking at a firmness scale of 1-10, the Noa mattress would be somewhere around the 7 (not too hard, not too soft!) With its signature pocket spring system, sleepers receive great spinal support.

Meanwhile, it also offers great motion isolation, so partner disturbance is kept to a minimum. Thanks to its natural latex foam and memory foam layer, the Noa mattress provides excellent medium-firm pressure relief. 

While people who are used to a softer mattress might require a short adjustment period, overall the Noa mattress provides a healthier, longer sleep that works with your body – not against it – for the long term.

Overall, the Noa mattress offers a comfortable and smooth pressure relief no matter what your sleeping position of choice, and whether you’re sleeping alone or with a partner.  


With the Noa, you get a medium-firm feel. Thanks to the quality of the materials, most sleepers will find it very comfortable and supportive. The natural latex and memory foam provides a strong hold, while you also get a gentle push back from the support layer of springs.


If you suffer from any kind of spinal aggravation, you’ll love the Noa thanks to its layers and the firmness specifications. Particularly, the Noa Luxe mattress with its 5 ergonomic support zones will assist with proper spinal alignment, while minimising partner disturbance.


The pocket springs allow for excellent airflow and breathability, making this an ideal mattress for hot and neutral sleepers. Meanwhile, the TENCEL, latex, and gel memory foam work together with the airy coil layers to remove heat from the surface.

How much is the Noa mattress? 

King single $899

How is the Noa mattress constructed? 

As with all hybrid mattresses, the Noa mattress is constructed from three primary layers. Where the Noa differs, however, is the order of these primary layers and the materials used. 

The upper layer of the Noa has a natural latex foam made from rubber trees, featuring an organic and bounce-like feel. Due to its eco-friendly material, it’s naturally hypoallergenic and keeps you cool throughout the night. 

Next is the internal layer of gel-infused memory foam. This layer is less responsive and offers great pressure relief by allowing your body to gently sink in. Additionally, the layer of gel is supposed to prevent heat from building up, which is ideal for hot sleepers

Finally, the base layer consists of a thin transitional foam layer, which aids you in easing into the pocket steel springs support. The spring coils are individually wrapped, which ultimately lessens motion transfer and noise. 

Covering the mattress is a Tencel fabric cover made from wood and cellulose, which features a naturally smooth feeling and an extra layer of comfort under the sheets. 

Sleeper type

Thanks to its spring pockets, the Noa mattress offers great spinal support and can accommodate sleepers of all styles and sizes. 

side sleeper

Side sleepers will probably get the most out of the Noa mattress due to the responsive foams and gentle pushback support and softness. This allows the body to fully relax into the mattress without sinking in.

back sleeper

The pocket springs offer some strength to the foam layers, making it an ideal mattress for back sleepers. Meanwhile, the layers keep your spine in neutral alignment and avoid putting excess pressure on your lower back.

combo sleeper

Because the Noa is so responsive, switching positions takes no effort, making this bed suitable for combo sleepers. This will help you get a more restful sleep because the process of moving from back to stomach to side requires a lot less energy on your part than say with a standard memory foam mattress.

How much weight can the Noa mattress hold? 

The Noa mattress has a total maximum weight limit of 300kg. Therefore, if your body type is on the larger side, or your combined weight with your sleeping partner is over 300kg, we would not recommend the Noa mattress. 

Is the Noa mattress good for couples? 

Is the Noa mattress good?

The Noa mattress is the ideal mattress for couples for several reasons. Most importantly, a layer of adaptive REACH certified transition foam provides excellent motion isolation to localise your sleeping partner’s movements to keep you from waking up. 

Edge support – Noa has excellent edge support and outshines its all-foam competitors. This is because of the pocket springs and latex that makes the surface of the bed spring back faster.

Partner disturbance – Generally, better edge support means extra partner disturbance. However, Noa counteracts this problem by using a memory foam layer underneath the latex. The foam helps transfer movement throughout the mattress, and to give you some context.

You will find the Noa to be a significant upgrade in the partner distance rating compared to a traditional spring bed. This is because of the design, and the pocket spring coils wrapped individually to reduce vibrations.

Edge support & motion isolation 

Edge support & motion isolation 

The Noa mattress has a 9cm thick layer of high density foam around its perimeter, which acts as a barrier from any contact with the individually pocketed steel springs, a feature found in high-end mattresses. Meanwhile, its individually wrapped spring coils lessen motion transfer and noise. 

Dimensions & weight 

Single82 x 188 cm25 kg
King Single107 x 203 cm25 kg
Double138 x 188 cm36 kg
Queen153 x 203 cm44 kg
King183 x 203 cm55 kg
All Noa mattresses are 28cm in height.


Free delivery across Australia in 1-10 business days.

Noa Lite

Noa Lite is the budget-friendly version of the Noa mattress, while still retaining the comfort of the traditional Noa. The Noa Lite is 3cm thinner than the Noa, making it 25cm. It has 4 comfort layers encased in the high-end cover. The layers are the same apart from the top latex layer has been removed.

Noa Luxe 

Sitting on the premium and eco-friendly side, the Noa Luxe is 31cm thick with 6 comfort and support layers encased in the high-end cover. The extra layers are the micro-coils that expand and contract in response to the pressure of your body. The bamboo charcoal latex is an eco-friendly material that is fragrance-free, allergen-free, and non-toxic. The porous structure of the Noa Luxe makes it absorb excess moisture and repel odour.

Final verdict after 30 sleeps 

I’m a big fan of hybrid mattresses – I love a very soft mattress. That’s why I was keen to see how I’d go with the Noa as a “medium firm” hybrid mattress. The first couple nights of sleep it took me a while to fall asleep as I was a bit restless on a firmer mattress (at least, firmer than I’m used to). However over the course of 30 days I really began to enjoy sleeping on the Noa and quickly got used to the extra firmness and support it provided. 

Noa mattress comparisons 

What we love about the Noa mattress and how it compares to its hybrid competitors is that it offers three different mattresses at different price points. While the pricier Luxe mattress has a bunch of premium add-ons (like charcoal bamboo latex and micro-coils) most customers are happy with the Original Noa mattress.

There’s also the ultra-budget Lite Noa mattress for those who want an even more affordable (but comfortable) mattress. The most similar mattress on the market to the Noa would be the Eva, and where the Noa really differs is that by most customer reviews, the Noa is slightly softer than the Eva. 

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