Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress Review

Last Updated October 05, 2023
Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress Review



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Why we love Emma:

Comfortable and affordable, the Emma Diamond Hybrid mixes the best of both foam and spring technology to make one epic hybrid mattress.

Looking for an affordable hybrid mattress? The Emma Diamond Hybrid might be the one for you. The Emma Diamond Hybrid is Emma’s premium mattress and it’s a big jump up in price from the Emma Comfort – I’m talking $1000 more at $2,199 for a Queen.

You might be thinking “Over $2k? That’s not that affordable!” However, what’s great about Emma is for some the mattresses always have insane discounts – I’m talking 40-45% off. Then there are extra sales/discounts you can get on top of that

Who’s Going to Love The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress

Who’s Going to Love The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress

The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress as the name suggests is a hybrid mattress, meaning that it contains a combination of foam layers and springs in one mattress.

You’ll love the Emma Diamond Hybrid mattress if:

  • You enjoy a warmer mattress
  • You like a slightly softer mattress
  • You’re seeking a very responsive mattress

Who Should Consider Alternatives To The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress

Some reasons you might want to consider alternatives to the Emma Diamond Hybrid mattress include:

  • You prefer to sleep cool
  • You like a firmer, all foam mattress
  • You’re after a budget mattress

The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress Firmness

The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress Firmness

In terms of firmness, it’s softer than the Emma Comfort and is marketed as a medium-soft, about a 6/10 on the firmness scale.

Is Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress Good For Larger (100kg+) People?

The Emma mattress is suitable for individuals who weigh up to 130 kgs or couples who weigh up to 260 kgs. Therefore, if you are someone with a larger body type, the Emma Diamond Hybrid mattress might not be best suited for you.

What Does The Emma Diamond Hybrid Feel Like?

The layers in the Emma Diamond are designed to help spread  the pressure load in the mattress and helps evenly distribute your weight, allowing you to sleep comfortably regardless of your build or sleeping position.

It’s certainly a comfortable bed, and quite a lot softer than other mattresses in a box I’ve tested.

Is The Emma Diamond Hybrid Cooling?

The technology used in this mattress is designed to help you achieve and maintain a regulated body temperature throughout the night.

The top layer of the mattress features foam technology infused with graphite particles and a graphite coating underneath, which are supposed to work together to constantly dissipate excess heat.

In terms of the mattress actually worked to regulate my body temperature, I can’t say it did the job very effectively. I woke up noticably warm during the night (in late Autumn, mind you).

So, if you’re a hot sleeper and you find the Diamond Hybrid isn’t cooling enough for you, the good news is you can just take advantage of Emma’s 100-day free trial to send it back.

How Is The Edge Support Of The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress?

If edge support is important to you (especially if you struggle getting out of bed), the hybrid certainly offers more support than the Emma Comfort thanks to its spring core.

How Is The Responsiveness Of The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress?

Being a hybrid mattress, the responsiveness of the Emma Diamond Hybrid is pretty high. It passed the “jumping on the bed with a glass of water test”, but when my friend got into the bed with me I did feel it a lot more than say an all foam mattress.

Being a combo sleeper, however, I found that due to its responsiveness I was able to change positions a lot more easily during the night.

Motion Isolation: Is It Good For Those Who Share A Bed?

When compared to an all foam mattress, the Emma Diamond Hybrid is noticeably not as good as isolating motion, but it’s not terrible. If you prefer a little bit of a bouncier bed that still absorbs motion decently, you’ll find the Emma Diamond Hybrid is pretty good for couples.

Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress Construction

The Emma Diamond Hybrid has five layers:

Climate-regulating and elastic cover

On top is a breathable, removable, and washable cover designed to help facilitate heat dissipation of the Diamond Degree graphite foam.

Diamond Degree® graphite foam

What Emma has dubbed ‘Diamond Degree graphite foam’ this next layer is infused with diamond and graphite particles, which is supposed to quickly dissipates excess heat away.

The foam’s low rolling-resistance is also mean to take less effort from your body when you toss and turn during sleep.

Adaptive comfort foam

This ergonomically designed foam layer adapts to your body and distributes body pressure, allowing you to sleep comfortably regardless of your build or sleeping position (back, side, stomach).

Pocket springs

This is what gives the mattress it’s more responsive feel – the individually encased steel pocket springs provide dynamic body adaptation and breathability over a standard foam mattress.

HRX foam

Finally comes a supportive base foam layer.

How Much Does The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress Cost?

King single $1,999
Double $2,199

Shipping & Unboxing Of The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress

Emma offers free delivery on all mattresses to all areas, with delivery taking between 0-7 days depending on the time of order and where you live.

Orders placed before 10 am on weekdays are eligible for same-day delivery (between 2-6 pm) in the metro areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Otherwise you will receive your mattress within 1-3 business days depending on your proximity to Emma’s warehouses.

What I love about Emma is the handy plastic cutter it comes with to more easily unroll the mattress. Emma has the best cutter of all the mattresses-in-a-box (which is only Emma and Ecosa to be fair!)

It’s also 32kg (Queen), so quite a lot lighter than similiar mattress in a box products. You could unpack and unroll by yourself, but I’d always recommending getting a friend to help if possible.

The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress only needs a few hours to expand to its actual size after unpacking. When it has completely expanded, it is ready to be slept on.

Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress Warranty Information

What Is Covered

Each Emma Mattress comes with a 10 year warranty on the dimensional stability and durability of the mattress core. This warranty is valid from the date you receive your new Emma Comfort Mattress, and is valid for the first 10 years of use.

The warranty covers:

  • Any permanent sags or dips that occur within your mattress despite correct usage.
  • Any cracks or hollows in the foam of your mattress. These need to be reported within the first 6 months of receiving your mattress to be identified as a manufacturing fault and the onus of checking the product is with the purchaser.
  • The mattress not inflating to the correct size once removed from its vacuum packaging.
  • Cover damage, including damaged zip or faulty stitching resulting from improper manufacturing.

What Isn’t Covered

Emma’s warranty information on its website doesn’t specifically detail what isn’t covered, but it can be assumed it’d be the standard – so things like normal wear and tear, or faults caused by using the mattress not in its intended manner wouldn’t be covered.

Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress Trial Period & Returns

Once your new Emma Mattress arrives, you will have 100 nights to decide whether or not it’s the perfect mattress for you. If you like it, you simply keep it.

If your Emma Mattress is not the right fit for you, you’re able to return it by contacting the Emma team via email and they will collect and take it away for free and provide a full refund.

Addressing Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress Complaints

My personal complaint about the Emma Diamond Hybrid mattress is that it sleeps quite hot. After just a few hours of sleeping on it (during the cooler months too), I woke up incredibly hot. It’s similar to the Emma Comfort in that regard.

Other common customer complaints (as seen on Product Review) include poor customer service and delivery taking a lot longer than expected (sometimes 2+ weeks).

Emma Diamond Hybrid vs Emma Comfort

Apart from the large price difference, I’d say the main difference between Emma Comfort and Emmay Diamond Hybrid is the firmness level. Both mattresses had decent motion isolation, and both were comfortable to sleep on. 

I personally found the Emma Diamond more comfortable, as the Emma Comfort was a little too firm for me.  I also would say I woke up feeling a little stiffer on the Comfort versus the Hybrid. 

It’s worth mentioning both mattresses have a recommended max weight of 130kg per person, or 260kg combined, which might not be ideal if you’re a heavier person or sleep with a partner that is above 130kg. After looking at the mattress and how thin it is in comparison to similar brands, I’d say for heavier folks, it might not be the perfect fit. 

Deciding between the Emma Comfort and Emma Diamond Hybrid really comes down to two things: one, your budget and two, whether you prefer a firmer or softer mattress. On a budget and want a firmer mattress? Choose Emma Comfort. Ok to splash a bit of cash and like a softer mattress? The Diamond Hybrid is for you. 

Final Verdict

If you’re after a hybrid mattress that’s good value for money, the Emma Diamond Hybrid might be just the ticket. And when coupled with the fact it’s almost always on sale, you’re likely to snag a good deal in the process.

Mattress type
Memory foam
Shipping location
Fastest Delivery
Same day
Warranty period
10 years
100 nights
Price (RRP)
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