Macoda Mattress Review (2023)

Last Updated October 05, 2023
Macoda Mattress Review (2023)



The Highlights

An ultra-soft, cloud-like mattress
Great for side sleepers
Flipabble to customise to your firmness needs

Take Note

Might be too soft for stomach or back sleepers
It doesn’t come with handles
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Why We Love the Macoda Mattress:

The Macoda mattress boasts six ultra-supportive layers and a five zone support system, which work together to provide targeted pressure relief. This customizable and hybrid mattress includes a bamboo and polyester top layer, pocket springs for added comfort, and responsive latex cushioning. The Macoda mattress also comes with a 100-night trial period and offers free delivery, as well as full refunds on returns.

Why We Love the Macoda Mattress:

Who’s Going to Love The Macoda Mattress

  • You love an ultra-soft mattress: The Macoda mattress is designed to provide a soft-medium level of comfort, with multiple layers of foam and latex that offer a plush feel without sacrificing support. Many customers report feeling like they’re sleeping on a cloud, with pressure relief and reduced joint pain.
  • You want to be able to customise your mattress: The Macoda mattress comes with three interchangeable foam layers, allowing customers to adjust the firmness and feel of the mattress to their liking. This makes it easier to find the perfect level of support for your sleeping style and preferences.
  • You sleep hot: With a combination of latex and gel-infused memory foam, the Macoda mattress is designed to sleep cool, even during hot summer nights. Many customers report feeling cooler and more comfortable than with other mattresses.

Who Should Consider Alternatives To The Macoda Mattress

  • You like a firm mattress: Even on its firmest setting, the Macoda mattress is still a very soft mattress (5/10 on the firmness scale). If you prefer a firm mattress, you might not enjoy the Macoda.
  • You’re after a budget mattress: While the Macoda is less expensive than many high-end mattresses, it is still pricier than some budget options. Some customers may find it difficult to justify the cost.

The Macoda Mattress Firmness & Feel

The Macoda mattress is exceptionally comfortable and plush – literally feels like sleeping on a cloud. The Macoda mattress comes with a default configuration where the latex layer is on top, which we found to be the softest and most comfortable. For those who want to experiment, the memory foam on top feels more bouncy, while the support foam on top feels denser.

Despite the differences in configuration, we didn’t notice many variations in the level of firmness. The mattress is ideal for side sleepers but can also accommodate back and stomach sleepers, although this will depend on personal preference. All three configurations are quite soft, about a 5/10 on the firmness scale (with 10 being the firmest).

Despite its cushiony feel, the five-zone support system targets the body’s major pressure points and provides optimal support, eliminating the sinking sensation commonly associated with soft mattresses. Other customers have reported waking up without any joint pains, thanks to the mattress’s premium latex layer and gel-infused memory foam layer, which provide temperature regulation and pressure relief.

Macoda Mattress Construction

1. Top cover

The top layer is composed of two sublayers – a soft and breathable bamboo fabric and a hypoallergenic polyester layer that prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and dust mites. If desired, the top layer is removable for a different feel, although it cannot be machine-washed.

2. Latex layer

The second layer is made of natural latex, providing a bouncy feel and temperature regulation. The flexible construction of this layer allows for free movement and partner disturbance prevention.

3. Gel infused memory foam layer

The third layer is a gel-infused memory foam that efficiently eliminates heat while providing pressure relief zones for essential joints.

4. High-density support layer

The fourth layer is a high-density support layer made of adaptive memory foam that cradles the body and promotes proper spinal alignment for a restful sleep.

5. Pocket spring layer

The fifth layer consists of hundreds of individual pocket springs that create a strong and supportive base for the mattress.

6. Edge support

The sixth layer features thick edge support to maintain a level surface and prevent drooping edges.

Is The Macoda Mattress Cooling?

Thanks to its layers of latex and gel-infused memory foam, the Macoda mattress is pretty good at regulating temperature and keeping you sleeper cool throughout the night.

How Is The Edge Support Of The Macoda Mattress

To ensure an even sleeping surface, the Macoda mattress features thick edge support. Unlike many soft mattresses that have edges that droop or compress under pressure, the Macoda mattress remains stable and supportive even when you sit on the edge.

How Is The Responsiveness Of The Macoda Mattress?

How Is The Responsiveness Of The Macoda Mattress?

The Macoda mattress is designed with a soft-medium firmness rating, which means it offers a balance of both softness and support. While it provides a comfortable plush feel, it is still responsive to the body’s movements, which can be attributed to the buoyant latex layer.

This layer is constructed with natural latex, which is known for its bouncy and responsive nature. It is highly flexible, allowing for ease of movement, which is essential for sleepers who tend to change positions throughout the night

Motion Isolation: Is It Good For Those Who Share A Bed?

As someone who tosses and turns quite a bit, with a partner who is the same (plus a giant Labrador sharing the bed as well), I can confidently say motion isolation on the Macoda is decent. I could still feel my partner and dog moving, but I am a light sleeper. A foundation of hundreds of independent pocket springs is supposed to prevent motion transfer across the mattress.

How Much Does The Macoda Mattress Cost?

King Single$850
King $1,250 

Shipping & Unboxing Of The Macoda Mattress

Delivery is free Australia-wide and the Macoda Mattress will arrive at your doorstep in a box. Delivery times vary based on your region – check out delivery details below.

Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane:

2-4 business days.

Canberra, Perth & Adelaide:

3-10 business days.


5-10 business days. Some locations may experience longer shipping times.

Northern Territory & Tasmania:

7+ business days. Remote areas will experience significantly longer shipping times.

Although the Macoda Mattress is easy to remove from its packaging, we recommend having two people available to unpack it. The mattress comes with a cutting tool to assist with this process.

The mattress comes with a product booklet and a cutting tool, and unpacking the mattress should only take 5-10 minutes. It’s recommended to let the mattress decompress for 24 hours before sleeping on it.

Macoda Mattress Warranty Information

The Macoda mattress comes with a 10 year warranty that covers springs, foams, fabrics, seams and stitches.

Macoda Trial Period & Returns

Macoda comes with a 100 night trial. If you don’t love the mattress after 100 nights, you can receive a full refund.

My Review After 30 Sleeps

As someone who used to enjoy a soft mattress (but now sleeps on a firm memory foam mattress), I found sleeping on the Macoda a welcomed change. It kind of felt like sleeping in a hotel bed for 30 nights! I did find towards the end of the month I was waking up a bit stiff and sore, but I’d say that’s because my body has adjusted to the feel of a firm mattress. If you love a soft mattress and have no issues with stiffness or back pain, you’ll absolutely love the Macoda.

Final Verdict

The Macoda mattress is a comfortable and supportive choice for a good night’s sleep. With its multiple layers of natural latex, gel-infused memory foam, and high-density support foam, it provides pressure relief and temperature regulation for uninterrupted sleep. The mattress is also customisable, allowing users to switch the layers for a different feel. Overall, the Macoda mattress is a great choice for those looking for a soft-medium mattress with good support and comfort.

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Mattress type
Shipping location
Fastest Delivery
2 days (Syd, Melb & Bris)
Warranty period
10 years
100 nights
Price (RRP)
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