How good is the Ecosa mattress?

As one of the most well-known mattress in a box products in Australia, the memory foam Ecosa mattress offers pretty good value for money. Its drawing card is its unique feature that allows you to adjust the firmness to suit your needs, with three tiers available. Whatever firmness you prefer, the Ecosa mattress can cater to it, which is a real bonus.

‍The Ecosa mattress placed in a bedroom –

How does the Ecosa mattress feel?

The standard Ecosa mattress comes with a medium pressure option, which is how all Ecosa mattresses are shipped. It’s easier to get a firmer mattress by swapping the layers or flipping the mattress. The layers include a G-7 Gel Memory Foam on top, the ECO-Tex Memory Foam in the middle, and then the Ergonomic Support Foam on the bottom. The medium-firm option comes with the ECO-Tex Memory Foam on top, then the G-7 Gel Memory Foam, and the Ergonomic Support Foam. The firm pressure option comes with a configuration of the Ergonomic Support Foam on top, followed by the G-7 Gel Memory Foam, and then the ECO-Tex Memory Foam.

The customisation feature makes the Ecosa mattress work for most sleepers, but typically back and side sleepers will enjoy it the most as the foam supports the natural curve of the body, with a comfort layer offering cushioning for pressure points. Many customers suggest they wake up with less back pain and neck stiffness.

The medium version, as you can imagine, is the softest of all three. It still feels relatively firm, but at the same time allows your body to comfortably sink into it. For people who enjoy a balance between soft and firm, you’ll love the feel of the Ecosa.

In terms of mattress bounce, due to its density, it doesn’t respond to natural sleep movements as well as innerspring mattresses. That’s why for the most part, it’s definitely ideal for people who enjoy a mattress that’s on the firmer side.


If you choose the firmest settings, it might as well be one of the firmest mattresses on the market, making it perfect for people who prefer a hard mattress


Many people suggest the Ecosa mattress greatly helps relieve back pain, which is likely due to its specifications and how well it cradles the spine for all body shapes and types.


One of the great benefits of the Ecosa mattress is its ability to facilitate cooling. With the open cell and gel memory foam surface layers, this mattress will sleep cool for nearly everyone – so hot sleepers and neutral sleepers alike will love it.

How much is the Ecosa mattress?

In terms of cost, the Ecosa mattress comes in on a medium price range scale. It is priced pretty consistently against similar products in the bed-in-a-box industry, but you also have the unique benefits of being able to adjust the mattress to your firmness liking. It wouldn’t be considered a budget tier mattress, but it’s also not a luxury tier bed.

However, considering the unique features of the Ecosa, we actually think the pricing is pretty bang on for value. The Ecosa mattress starts at $799 for a single and goes all the way up to a super king for $1,499. Here’s the price break-down by other sizes:

Long Single$849
King Single$899
Super King$1,499

Ecosa mattress construction

Obviously, you cannot slice and dice your Ecosa mattress (well, you could, but that’d be silly), so we’ve done it for you. Here’s what it looks like on the inside:

The Ecosa mattress starts with a Tencel and polyester cover that can be removed and washed, which sits over a waterproof ‘inner cover’ that is designed to keep the Ecosa mattress waterproof and dust mite-free. You can remove the waterproof cover if you want. The Tencel and waterproof covers sit over multiple foam comfort layers that include a ‘G-7 Gel Memory Foam’ and an ‘ECO-Tex Memory Foam’. The Ecosa mattress also has pincore holes, which allow air to flow freely through all layers of the mattress, which is especially ideal for hot sleepers.

What truly makes the Ecosa mattress a winner is the specialised cover materials. The inner cover is made of a German-engineered micro-filament fibre. With the tiny filaments, this fabric is 100% waterproof and protects the foam layers from 99% of dust mites. It’s also nice and breathable. Around this layer is a removable double-knitted polyester cover, which uses high-quality fabric for breathability and flexibility.

Ecosa Queen Size Mattress layer construction –

Ecosa mattress customisation features

The special feature of the Ecosa mattress is its firmness customisation. How this works is you unzip the outer covers of the mattress and rearrange the foam layers to give it a medium, medium-firm or firm feel. The foam layers aren’t right, so it’s best if you have two people to do this.

Ecosa mattress customisation features


What we love about the Ecosa mattress is that with proper care, the Ecosa mattress can last up to 15 years. To keep it working for you, always rotate the mattress every so often to prevent sag and wear and tear.

Sleeper type analysis

The Ecosa mattress will support up to a total of 300kg, or 150kg per sleeper. Here’s how it feels for side, front and back sleepers

side sleeper

Overall, the Ecosa mattress is an excellent option for sleepers who typically sleep on their back or side. Generally, these sleepers prefer a firmer mattress, which the Ecosa delivers in spades.

back sleeper

Overall, the Ecosa mattress is an excellent option for sleepers who typically sleep on their back or side. Generally, these sleepers prefer a firmer mattress, which the Ecosa delivers in spades.

front sleeper

We think front sleepers will be fine on this mattress. While overall it is quite a firm mattress, whatever firmness option you choose you’ll find you do slowly sink into the mattress, and the top layers do a good job of cradling your neck, shoulders and hips.

combo sleeper

The Ecosa is ideal for all sleeper types, so it would suit combo sleepers as well. However, for those who do move around a lot you might find it requires a bit of extra effort on your part to switch positions, but this is pretty standard with memory foam mattresses.

Is the Ecosa good for couples?

Overall, the Ecosa mattress is decent for couples, but might not be the right mattress if you have a particularly unsettled/restless sleeper in the bed. Partner disturbance isn’t significant, but it’s definitely still present and more noticeable than other competitor mattresses.

Is the Ecosa good for couples

Dimensions & weight

Single92 x 188cm21kg
Long Single92 x 203cm23kg
King Single107 x 203cm26kg
Double138 x 188cm30kg
Queen153 x 203cm35kg
King183 x 203cm42kg
Super King203x203cm50kg

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Edge support & motion isolation

Edge support from the Ecosa mattress sits within the normal limits of a foam mattress. Basically, if you sit on the edge of a memory foam mattress you will sink in slightly. All foam compresses with weight, and the Ecosa mattress does not have the inner springs to rebound you. In terms of motion isolation, it’s not as good as innerspring or hybrid mattresses.


Ecosa offers free delivery on all mattresses to all areas, with same-day delivery available for metro areas.

Final verdict after 30 sleeps

As someone who typically opts for a softer mattress, I was interested to see how I felt sleeping on the Ecosa mattress. It took a few nights to get used to a slightly firmer mattress (I kept it in the standard ‘medium’ firmness the mattress is shipped in) but 30 days on and I can confidently say my body has moulded really well to the mattress and I’ve had consistently good nights’ sleep. I typically sleep alone, but the nights my partner joined me (and he is a restless sleeper), I was thankfully undisturbed by him moving around. And, as someone who often suffers from back and neck pain, this has been greatly reduced after a month of sleeping on the Ecosa mattress.

Ecosa comparisons

How does the Ecosa mattress sit in the market? Well, it’s one of the most popular foam mattresses on the market, it’s hard to beat. Its biggest competitor would be the New Koala. The most significant difference would be that even in the softest setting, Ecosa is firmer than the New Koala. That’s why we’d recommend the Ecosa for stomach sleepers, or sleepers looking for a more supportive mattress. Meanwhile, the Ecosa also has a 15-year warranty compared to the New Koala’s 10-year warranty.

Inflatable mattress

If you’re looking for temporary accommodation for guests, or need a portable sleeping place, you should take a look at air mattresses. You can sleep on an air mattress for a couple of weeks quite comfortably, however, prolonged use of such a mattress will affect the health of your back in a negative way.

Advantages of an air mattress:

  • Mobility. If you often move from place to place or temporarily rent an unfurnished apartment while waiting for moving into your own place, an air mattress can do you good service. However, it may not always be for a long time, since it is very easy to damage it.
  • The bed can simply be deflated and put into the closet. You can use it for a party, for example.
  • The simplest air mattress will cost you about 20 USD, more expensive models will cost about +/-100 USD.

Disadvantages of an air mattress:

  1. It does not provide the necessary support for the spine, so after a while, you may experience back and neck pain, and poor sleep. Among those who have been using inflatable mattresses for a long time, very few are satisfied. The rest complain of pain and a bad mood in the morning.
  2. The mattress is easy to damage, especially if you have animals at home. One joyful jump of a cat can put your sleeping place in disrepair. Over time, microscopic holes appear in the mattress (most often at the fastening points of individual air chambers). You will not be able to find exactly where the air comes out from, and by morning you might wake up almost on the floor.
  3. It is uncomfortable to sleep together with someone on an air mattress. When one is tossing or turning over, the other is going to feel all these movements.
  4. An air mattress is a good temporary solution, especially if you sleep on it alone. But do not take it as a long-term option.