Emma Comfort Mattress Review

Last Updated October 05, 2023
Emma Comfort Mattress Review



The Highlights

You're looking for a warm mattress
You want a budget mattress
You're a side, back or stomach sleeper

Take Note

You prefer a spring mattress
You want to be able to adjust the firmness
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Why we love the Emma Comfort

Founded in Germany in 2015, the Emma mattress has made waves across the globe – 21 countries to be exact – and is an award-winning triple-layered foam mattress. It offers exceptional value for money – especially for those on a budget. It’s incredibly comfortable while also providing fantastic support for all sleeping positions. The Emma is a great choice for sleepers who want superior quality in foam design that’s made to relieve pressure and minimise partner disturbance.

The Emma Original mattress was its flagship product, but as of recently that mattress has been phased out and the Emma Comfort has been created as its replacement. The Emma comfort was designed after 2 years of feedback from the best-selling Emma Original mattress.

Founded in Germany in 2015, the Emma mattress has made waves across the globe – 21 countries to be exact – and is an award-winning triple-layered foam mattress. Emma mattresses are always good value for money due to their aggressive discount strategy which means there is always a sale on.

Who’s Going to Love The Emma Comfort Mattress

  • You like a warm mattress: I found the Emma Comfort to sleep quite warm, so it’s ideal if you’re a cold sleeper and need help staying warm!
  • You want a discounted mattress: Emma seems to always have a good discount going on, so it’s great for bargain hunters!
  • Side, back, or stomach sleeper: The mattress firmness is just right for stomach, side and back sleepers.

Who Should Consider Alternatives To The Emma Comfort Mattress

Who Should Consider Alternatives To The Emma Comfort Mattress
  • You prefer a spring mattress: Being a foam mattress, if you’re used to an soft hybrid mattress, you might find this one a little too firm.
  • You want adjustable firmness: The Emma Comfort isn’t adjustable like similar brands at similar price points (namely Ecosa and Koala).

The Emma Comfort Mattress Firmness

We’d rate the Emma Comfort at a 7/10 on the firmness scale. It’s not the firmest mattress in a box, but if you’re used to spring/hybrid mattresses, you’ll certainly notice the increased firmness of this mattress

Keep in mind that the firmness levels of the Emma mattresses are not adjustable, meaning that you would have to buy a mattress topper to make the bed softer or firmer. If you want a mattress that offers customisable firmness levels, there are other brands at similar price points that offer more customisation. 

Is Emma Comfort Mattress Good For Larger (100kg+) People?

The Emma mattress is suitable for individuals who weigh up to 130 kgs or couples who weigh up to 250 kgs. Therefore, if you are someone with a larger body type, the Emma Comfort mattress might not be best suited for you.

What Does The Emma Comfort Feel Like?

The innovative foam layers of the Emma Comfort offer pressure relief in all the important areas. The top layer gently hugs the protruding parts of your body, while the second, more resilient layer helps with proper weight distribution and support.

Is The Emma Comfort Cooling?

With cool, breathable, and moisture-wicking covers and foams, the Emma Comfort is supposed to keep you cool at night. Personally, however, I did not find I slept cool with the Emma Comfort (and that was during winter, too).

How Is The Edge Support Of The Emma Comfort Mattress?

What Does The Emma Comfort Feel Like?

Foam mattresses aren’t necessarily known for having excellent edge support – unlike their hybrid/spring mattresses counterparts. However, the firm bottom layer of the Emma Comfort does offer pretty decent edge support and stops major sinkage. Still, edge support is not as good as what a spring or hybrid mattress would provide. 

Motion isolation

The Emma Comfort offers great motion isolation thanks to the firm bottom layer working in conjunction with the softer top layer. This creates a great and comfy sleep surface that is both responsive but also isolated. 

How Is The Responsiveness Of The Emma Comfort Mattress?

I’d say the Emma Comfort is quite responsive – certainly more so than the memory foam mattresses – and I found it easy to move from my front, to side to back.

Motion Isolation: Is It Good For Those Who Share A Bed?

The Emma Comfort is a good choice for couples. Despite being bouncier and more resilient than traditional memory foam mattresses, the Emma Comfort offers low motion transfer. It absorbs shock from motion quite well and provides minimal motion transfer. 

Emma Comfort Mattress Construction

The Emma Comfort is designed and dedicated for Australian sleepers. The Emma Comfort has two layers (whereas the Emma Original had three layers)

Fresh Air Comfort Cover

The elastic Fresh Air cover hugs the Emma Comfort perfectly and prevents your mattress from sliding. The white top is made from a climate control fiber that regulates humidity and keeps moisture away. The grey bottom ensures perfect air circulation, so you breathe easy all night long.

Airgocell® Foam

The ultra-comfy Airgocell® layer is point-elastic which allows one area of your mattress to compress without impacting the rest. If you share a bed with someone who moves while they sleep, you won’t feel a thing. Airgocell® foam is also moisture-wicking to keep your sleep nice and dry.

HRX Foam

The supportive HRX Foam layer is made with special zoning technology for proper hip, shoulder, and spinal alignment. This innovative foam helps your mattress contour perfectly to your individual body shape. The foams’ open pores enhance breathability, so you sleep cool and fresh

How Much Does The Emma Comfort Mattress Cost?

King single $1,049
Double $1,249

Shipping & Unboxing Of The Emma Comfort Mattress

Emma offers free delivery on all mattresses to all areas, with delivery taking between 0-7 days depending on the time of order and where you live.

Orders placed before 10 am on weekdays are eligible for same-day delivery (between 2-6 pm) in the metro areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Otherwise you will receive your mattress within 1-3 business days depending on your proximity to Emma’s warehouses.

What I love about Emma is the handy plastic cutter it comes with to more easily unroll the mattress. Emma has the best cutter of all the mattresses-in-a-box (which is only Emma and Ecosa to be fair!)

Emma Comfort Mattress Warranty Information

What Is Covered

Each Emma Mattress comes with a 10 year warranty on the dimensional stability and durability of the mattress core. This warranty is valid from the date you receive your new Emma Comfort Mattress, and is valid for the first 10 years of use.

The warranty covers:

  • Any permanent sags or dips that occur within your mattress despite correct usage.
  • Any cracks or hollows in the foam of your mattress. These need to be reported within the first 6 months of receiving your mattress to be identified as a manufacturing fault and the onus of checking the product is with the purchaser.
  • The mattress not inflating to the correct size once removed from its vacuum packaging.
  • Cover damage, including damaged zip or faulty stitching resulting from improper manufacturing.

What Isn’t Covered

Emma’s warranty information on its website doesn’t specifically detail what isn’t covered, but it can be assumed it’d be the standard – so things like normal wear and tear, or faults caused by using the mattress not in its intended manner wouldn’t be covered.

Emma Comfort Mattress Trial Period & Returns

Once your new Emma Mattress arrives, you will have 100 nights to decide whether or not it’s the perfect mattress for you. If you like it, you simply keep it.

If your Emma Mattress is not the right fit for you, you’re able to return it by contacting the Emma team via email and they will collect and take it away for free and provide a full refund.

Addressing Emma Comfort Mattress Complaints

Some customers have suggested the Emma Comfort is too firm, and have subsequently woken up with aches and pains. However, firmness is subjective, so keep that in mind.

Others have suggested delivery took longer than expected, and customer service could be improved on.

Emma Diamond Hybrid vs Emma Comfort

Apart from the large price difference, I’d say the main difference between Emma Comfort and Emmay Diamond Hybrid is the firmness level. Both mattresses had decent motion isolation, and both were comfortable to sleep on. 

I personally found the Emma Diamond more comfortable, as the Emma Comfort was a little too firm for me.  I also would say I woke up feeling a little stiffer on the Comfort versus the Hybrid. 

It’s worth mentioning both mattresses have a recommended max weight of 130kg per person, or 260kg combined, which might not be ideal if you’re a heavier person or sleep with a partner that is above 130kg. After looking at the mattress and how thin it is in comparison to similar brands, I’d say for heavier folks, it might not be the perfect fit. 

Deciding between the Emma Comfort and Emma Diamond Hybrid really comes down to two things: one, your budget and two, whether you prefer a firmer or softer mattress. On a budget and want a firmer mattress? Choose Emma Comfort. Ok to splash a bit of cash and like a softer mattress? The Diamond Hybrid is for you. 

Final Verdict

Emma recently changed its prices (like many mattress in a box brands) and while I would have previously considered the mattress good value for money, its prices are now on par with the likes of Ecosa and Koala, which overall have much better offerings (namely the ability to customise firmness, which Emma does not have).

The one thing I’ll say about Emma is that they certainly have an aggressive discount strategy, with its mattresses pretty much always being heavily discounted. So in that regard, it’s definitely good value for money and I’d say worth the price.

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