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Last Updated August 18, 2023

There are many things that can ruin a good night’s sleep: a wriggly partner, too much noise outside, too many lattes throughout the day… the list goes on. Another common but often underrepresented issue when it comes to getting a good night’s rest is sleeping too hot.

Overheating is a common problem, which can make it difficult to fall asleep or even make you wake up in a sweat. Either way, overheating can create major sleep disruptions and leave you feeling tired and irritable the next day. While there are many causes for sleeping hot, there are also plenty of solutions to help you – so don’t fret! 

And, did you know one of the biggest culprits for causing people to sleep hot is their mattress? From the type of mattress to the firmness of the mattress, there are many facets that go into building a mattress – with some offering better cooling properties and technologies than others. In this buying guide, we’ll cover some of the common causes for sleeping hot, how to fix them, and how to find the best mattress for getting a cool, and restful night’s sleep. 

What Causes People to Sleep Hot?

Do you sleep hot and don’t know why? There are plenty of reasons you may be sleeping hot including your mattress, the climate you live in, room temperature or even underlying health conditions. In Australia, our summers are certainly hot and humid, with some parts of the country experiencing hot and humid weather year-round. So, it’s especially important for Aussies who typically sleep hot to find the right mattress to fight the Australian climate. Here are some other culprits that cause people to sleep hot: 

Tight Mattress Layers

If your mattress material is pressed tight up against your skin, this limits your body’s ability to breathe, which invariably causes you to become hotter. Meanwhile, airflow is impacted when you sink into a mattress because it conforms around your body and traps heat onto the mattress material – again – making you much hotter. Loose mattress layers are best because they allow more airflow, which ultimately helps cool your body and keep you nice and temperate. 

Mattress Firmness

Firmness can affect how hot you sleep. This is because people tend to “sink” more on a softer mattress, which can cause heat to become trapped when it creates a skin-tight impression and restricts air circulation. Meanwhile, firm mattresses don’t conform with the body so heavily, which can provide cooler airflow. 

Mattress Heat Retention

Different mattresses have different properties, with some mattress types known to retain heat. Typically, soft polyfoams and memory foams are known for their heat retention properties. On the other hand, innerspring, steel coils, and latex are known to offer more airflow. However, many mattresses these days (like memory foam mattresses) have incorporated cooling technologies into the design to help with airflow and provide a much cooler sleep. 


The bedding you use can also play a role in how hot you sleep. The wrong type of sheets, doonas and pillowcases will stop even the most breathable and cooling mattress from providing airflow. There are different types of bedding you can buy that contain cooling properties (like linen and bamboo bedding), which can be a good choice for people who sleep particularly hot.

Room Temperature

According to Australia’s Sleep Health Foundation, research shows people sleep best when the room temperature is between 17-19 degrees Celsius. This can easily be achieved if you have an AC, but if not, opening up a window or using a fan can also help cool down your room and provide a better night’s rest. 

Your Weight

Perhaps not a factor you’ve thought about, but your weight can affect how hot you sleep. The more you weigh, the more you retain and emit heat. And, heavier people tend to sink further into a mattress, which results in more trapped heat. That’s why most heavier people opt for a firmer mattress.

Does Your Mattress Affect Your Body Temperature?

Is your mattress causing you to sleep hot? Quite possible. The reality is the mattress you sleep on can greatly affect your temperature as you sleep. A study even proved different mattress construction and designs can induce overheating while sleeping. 

The texture of a mattress can also play a part in influencing your body temperature. Softer mattresses can create more heat because it lets you sink more into the mattress, causing heat to get trapped between you and the mattress. Firm mattresses are less likely to allow you to sink into the mattress, which gives more room for air to flow on your skin. However, this is not the case for all firm mattresses, just like not all soft mattresses or memory foam mattresses trap heat. The truth is, there are many factors at play (like your weight and whether you sleep with a partner). 

OK, so when all is said and done, what is the best mattress for hot sleepers? 

The Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers

For the most part, you want to look for a cooling mattress that allows plenty of airflow. A proper cooling mattress includes the proper type, material, covers, and more. These are some of the best on the market in Australia: 

Noa Mattress

Best Value

Noa Mattress

Mattress type: Hybrid

Warranty period: 15 years

Can you try before you buy?: 100 night trial

Price (Queen): $1,099

The Noa is a hybrid mattress that blends latex, cooling gel memory foam and supportive pocket springs that’s excellent value for money. The pocket springs allow for excellent airflow and breathability, making this an ideal mattress for hot and neutral sleepers. Meanwhile, the TENCEL, latex, and gel memory foam work together with the airy coil layers to remove heat from the surface.

The upper layer of the Noa has a natural latex foam made from rubber trees, featuring an organic and bounce-like feel. Due to its eco-friendly material, it’s naturally hypoallergenic and keeps you cool throughout the night. It also has an internal layer of gel-infused memory foam. This layer is less responsive and offers great pressure relief by allowing your body to gently sink in. Additionally, the layer of gel is supposed to prevent heat from building up, which is ideal for hot sleepers.

What the reviews say:

“I’ve been sleeping on my Noa mattress for over a year now and it’s as good as the day it arrived. It’s firm but not hard, supportive and comfortable and I love it! My neck and shoulder issues aren’t as troublesome as they were on my previous, very expensive, mattress and my sleep quality has improved. It’s not hot either.”

Annette, July 2021,

“Good quality mattress for the price. I have owned this for about 3 months now and it is supportive for my back. It does get a little hot at night as I expected for mattress in a box however that is not an issue for me.”

Eina, February 2021,

Read more about the Noa mattress here.

Best Luxury

Ergoflex 5G

Best Luxury

Mattress type: Memory foam

Warranty period: 10 years

Can you try before you buy?: 30 night trial

Price (Queen): $1,529

While Ergoflex might not be the most well-known or popular mattress-in-a-box product for hot sleepers, it certainly should be. It’s one of the highest-quality memory foam mattresses on the market, and arguably the most comfortable and cooling. The Ergoflex 5G has a specially engineered Cool-Sleep airflow layer at its core. This helps maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature by preventing warmth from building up within the mattress. However, it can get a little warm in especially hot climates, so that should be taken into consideration.

What the reviews say: 

“I have had my Ergoflex Mattress now for a few weeks and have found that this mattress has stopped my body from heating up. Is very comfortable and would recommend this mattress to anyone who sleeps hot”

Rosalind, January 2021,

“If you run hot this won’t be the mattress for you. I have had only a couple nights in peak summer when I could feel a genuine hot spot where I was laying.”

Christian, Feburary 2021,

Read more about the Ergoflex 5G mattress here.

Best Foam


Best Foam

Mattress type: Memory foam

Warranty period: 15 years

Can you try before you buy?: 100 night trial

Price (Queen): $1,099

As one of the most well-known mattress in a box products in Australia, the memory foam Ecosa mattress offers pretty good value for money. One of the great benefits of the Ecosa mattress is its ability to facilitate cooling. With the open cell and gel memory foam surface layers, this mattress will sleep cool for nearly everyone – so hot sleepers and neutral sleepers alike will love it. The Ecosa is equipped with three adjustable firmness layers – including a G-7 memory foam layer that stabilises temperature. Aside from gel infusions, it also has a sophisticated air tunnel system with pin holes design that allows air to flow freely throughout the mattress.

What the reviews say: 

“I had never slept through the night and have trouble going to sleep. With the Ecosa, I go straight to sleep, never hot or cold, don’t toss and turn. Amazing mattress. So glad I didn’t buy the more expensive companies one. This is perfect for me and didn’t break the bank.”

Paula, December 2020,

“Straight away I found the mattress really hard. I like a firm mattress but this was way too hard. I gave it a good go but couldn’t get used to it. I was waking up every day with sore shoulders which stopped as soon as I bought another mattress. And it was really hot and sweaty on warm nights.”

Jan, February 2020,

Read more about the Ecosa mattress here.

Best Hybrid

Sleeping Duck

Best Hybrid

Mattress type: Hybrid

Warranty period: 10 years

Can you try before you buy?: 100 night trial

Price (Queen): $1,649

The Sleeping Duck Mattress is one of the most well-known and universally loved mattresses in Australia. As with most hybrid mattresses, the SD offers great temperature relief throughout the night thanks to its BreatheTech cover made from naturally cooling bamboo. Meanwhile, the pocket springs allow for sufficient airflow resulting in a cool and comfortable sleep.

What the reviews say: 

“I was concerned it would be hot as I am at an age of hot flushes. It has not been hot at all but I made sure I have low thread count sheets, nothing stored under the bed for airflow and a heat-regulating mattress protector. We’ve had the mattress for two months and I’ve not had one hot night. I’m sleeping much better and am no longer waking with hip or back pain. I’m very pleased with our purchase.”

Kes, January 2021,

“Best mattress I ever had to sleep on, one of the best customer service anyone could ever expect. However not suitable at all for hot sleeper as I could feel very hot even in winter (unimaginable in the coming summer), that’s the only reason I had to return this product.”

Aman, June 2021,

Read more about the Sleeping Duck mattress here.

Final Verdict

For a budget mattress, I’d say the Noa really packs a punch in terms of providing cooling relief for hot sleepers. If you have more room in the budget, you could upgrade to the Noa Luxe (Queen RRP $1,199), which is 31cm thick with 6 comfort and support layers encased in the high-end cover.

The extra layers are the micro-coils that expand and contract in response to the pressure of your body. The bamboo charcoal latex is an eco-friendly material that is fragrance-free, allergen-free, and non-toxic. The porous structure of the Noa Luxe makes it absorb excess moisture and heat and repels odour at the same time.

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Ally Burnie Head Dreamer Ally Burnie
Journalist, presenter and host based in Sydney with a passion for cooking, outdoor adventures, hiking, humanitarianism, and travel.

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