Mattresses wear out over time and need replacements, but that’s not always in the budget.

Yet, you need some extra support for your back because of chronic pain, which is why you need a mattress topper for back pain.

Don’t worry; we are here to help you find the best options so you can finally sleep well.

Mattress toppers come with quite a few options such as size, material, covers, and design, all designed to help you alleviate discomfort. The best options come with memory foam, which conforms to your skin to cradle your body. Toppers can also help to align your spine for improved pressure point distribution.

With so many options, you may not know which to choose, but we do after hours of exhaustive research. From latex to memory foam and down-filled, we found the best of each in all sizes and even a couple of eco-friendly options to help you reduce your back problems and save money.

We go over our top 10 mattress toppers in detail below, but for those in a hurry here are a few of our favorites:

Best Mattress Topper for Back Pain

The good news is there are a lot of options for adding a comfortable layer to your mattress. But that can also be the bad news, because with so many to choose from it is easy to get overwhelmed. To help you separate the cream of the crop, we compared features, owner feedback, and price to offer our picks for the best mattress topper for back pain:

1. INGALIK 3-Inch Pressure-Relieving Bed Topper

With the Ingalik Bed Topper, you can sleep better thanks to a unique blend of gel-infused memory foam. The three-inch topper won’t raise your bed too much; something short girls well appreciate, especially if you have a traditional bed with a box spring and a mattress. A bed topper will raise your bed higher, which can also cause problems for elderly or those with pain such as in their back.

Thankfully, this mattress topper will help to align your spine and relieve discomfort in common pressure points. It also offers comfort paired with eco-friendly materials. No formaldehyde, lead, mercury, or other heavy metals, making it an excellent companion for your bed.

Next, the bed offers breathability and temperature-sensitive properties, so you get a cool refreshing night of sleep. No more waking up tangled in the heat of blankets swallowing you into humid rain forest; just cool, comforting rest. Its also the right option for people who sleep on their back, side, or stomach thanks to the memory foams mold properties.

What you are really looking for is relief from back pain and memory foam delivers. The material can form to the contours of your body, and this one uses an open cell structure for a high-quality material with airflow, support, and relief on your pressure points. Now your spin can stay in a neutral position to relax completely and reduce tension.

Finally, the cover comes with six sides of protection and a 100% bamboo fiber fabric with non-slip plastic granules on the back. This helps to keep the topper in place and free from allergens and dust. Take the cover off to wash and then zip back into place. It comes in twin up to California king, including twin xl.

2. Starcast & Abakan Mattress Topper Extra Thick

If you prefer a mattress topper that slips on like a sheet, you need the Starcast & Abakan Extra Thick 2-Inch Mattress Topper. The cushioned squares come with seams to keep them from moving around and losing their comfort. A special board keeps the top breathable and quiet while retaining its shape without deforming.

With this mattress topper, you can add comfort to a bed up to 21 inches deep thanks to the surrounding elastic. The hotel quality mattress topper uses down alternative instead of memory foam for those who want to avoid the smell and overheating associated with foam.

Memory foam makes provide more comfort for backs, but this one provides support the old fashioned way which many people prefer. It may not provide targeted back support, but the mattress topper does provide a plush place to sleep that can help you relax and sleep better. The comfort alone and absorb pain and help you get a better nights rest without aggravating your back.

All this in a 400 thread count cotton fabric that’s easy to care for by tossing in the machine for a wash. You can toss it in the dryer too. It comes in twin, twin xl, queen, and king sizes. Lastly, the topper comes with a ten-year warranty to show the companies dedication to quality.

3. GREHOME Mattress Topper

For twin, twin xl, and full beds, look no further than the Grehome 2-Inch Mattress Topper. It would have been higher on the list if it came in queen and king sizes. The mattress topper adds a two-inch layer of gel-infused foam to any bed for improved comfort and back support.

Buy this mattress topper for teenagers, kids, college students in dorms, or to improve older mattresses. Also, if you have an adjustable bed with two separate sides, this mattress topper could work for both sides separately. You can also add it to your child’s bed when a guest with back problems comes to visit.

High-density memory foam rebounds to its original shape while the gel-infusion helps to control temperature. All of these features work to provide a medium firmness for contoured support to alleviate pressure points. The mattress also meets all necessary standards for ISO9001 and OEKO-TEX for quality assurance.

Lastly, as with all memory foam comes rolled up to ship compactly and will take a couple of days to fill out fully. It will also come with an odor that can take up to a week to dissipate. It’s ready to help everyone from back, stomach, or side sleepers get a better nights sleep even on an old college dorm mattress.

4. EDILLY 3-Inch Mattress Topper

Looking for luxury? Try the Edilly 3-Inch Mattress Topper. Find your size, including full, queen, king, and California king. The mattress topper will give you both softness and support, even on an older mattress set.

High-quality foam provides support for your head, back, shoulders, neck, hips, legs, and everywhere else. Finally, your spine can relax in a neutral position as this relieves Sven major pressure points to help you take a break from back pain. You can finally wake up rested and ready to greet the day head-on without pain.

The topper comes with a washable knit cover that’s cool and comforting. As the fabric offers high stretch performance, it will move with you for ultimate flexibility, and it also avoids dirt, dust, allergens, and dust mites. This is thanks to CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX certifications to reduce heavy metals and other harmful ingredients.

As it’s foam, you can take the topper anywhere you want or upgrade your bed to reduce pain. It can even go camping with you or anywhere else you travel. Memory foam comes with a long life, but this one comes with an insane 20 year limited warranty which makes the high price worth every penny. The only issue is the mattress topper doesn’t come gel-infused for coolness; if you tend to get cold in the night, this is the topper for you.

5. Polar Sleep 3 Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Polar Sleep offers a Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper to make your life and back more comfortable. What you will really love is the majorly low price and three-inches of gel padding to create a cozy oasis in your bedroom. Forget hotel rooms; your bed will become your happy place even if you have an older mattress.

The only reason the mattress topper isn’t higher on the list is it doesn’t have a cover, which may be great for some people. For others, some need a cover for sanitary reasons. You might want to get a mattress protector as well if you chose this option. However, as the mattress comes with gel beads to prevent heat, a mattress cover may interfere, so choose a thinner one.

As expected with high-quality memory foam, this option is Certipur-US certified and even made with eco-friendly materials for an even better bargain. The three-inches of foam will sculpt itself to the shape of your body and alleviate stress and pain in your body with an open-cell design. Finally, the mattress is slightly smaller than your mattress for an even fit.

6. Abakan Extra Thick Mattress Topper

Here is another option for people who are not into memory foam. The Abakan Extra Thick Mattress Topper with a double border design and tons of filling to fill up 400 thread count cotton. It’s also designed to stay on the bed and not fall off when you move around.

The mattress topper has another advantage, it isn’t waterproof but its water-repellant to protect your investment. It also features 3D quilting with 100% natural cotton with microfiber filling. The topper is soft, breathable, comfortable, and won’t deform with use. It also comes just slightly smaller than your mattress to keep it in line with your bed, so it won’t fall off when adding the sheets.

Add in some anti-skid on the bottom, and you have a near-perfect topper. You can wash the pad in your machine and dry it on low. It comes with a ten-year warranty to showing the company’s commitment to excellence. You can also buy it in any size you need, including twin xl and California king. Now your back can get some much-needed rest after a long day as it cushions your spine for full tension release.

7. Bedsure 2-inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The Bedsure 2-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper comes with an egg crate design and takes up minimal space on your bed but offers targeted support for comfort. It comes in a removable cover with breathability and tons of function. Oh, and it’s made of memory for ultra support and cushioning.

Only one aspect of this topper kept it from the top of our list; it only comes in twin and queen size. Everything else about the topper offers quality and value, including the low price. Three layers keep your bed easy to clean as you can take the topper cover off and throw it in the machine.

Next, the topper is certified by CertiPUR-US to comply with all safety standards and to avoid chemicals. If you don’t like it, you can return it in the first month. You won’t want to return it, though, as it alleviates pressure points and evenly distributes your weight so you can get a great night’s sleep.

You can get firm support ready to help reduce back pain. Also, the bottom has skid-proof material to keep the mattress pad from shifting around your bed and moving. Not only can the topper improve your back pain and quality of sleep, but it can also revive an old mattress set until you can afford a new one or settle on which one you want. Even after you buy a new mattress, you can use this on a guest bed.

8. LSOFT Mattress Pad Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Lsoft offers a low-cost Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper ready to give you the sleep of your dreams. It made the list because of its list of long features, including our favorite, elastic anchors to keep the mattress pad in place. It also comes with a five-year guarantee and a full sixty days of returns if you don’t find it suits your needs.

We think you will like the topper though because of the three-inches of gel-infused memory foam. These work together to help align your spine, relieve back pain, and reduce physical fatigue. Use it to help your back and soften and old hard mattress by prolonging its life until you are ready to buy a new mattress set.

The mattress pad is covered with extra soft jacquard knitted fabric with weaving technology for longevity, elasticity, and breathability. Even better, it’s infused with environmentally friendly and odorless gel to help your body regulate temperature, so you can sleep without overheating.

Finally, the mattress topper comes in twin, twin xl, and full size with a removable cover you can wash in the machine for a quick clean. It’s the perfect option for a dorm, guest bed, child’s bed, or for camping. Where ever you go, you can get targeted back support and relief from pain.

9. EMONIA Mattress Topper

The Emonia Mattress Topper lets you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud no matter how old your mattress is with three-inches of memory foam. Back, side, and stomach sleepers will love the comfort of this covered memory foam mattress topper. It comes with all the bells and whistles you are looking for and a mid-range price that can squeeze into most budgets.

However, the question is, will it relieve back pain, and the answer is yes! The foam contours to your body to provides support to every part of your body while maintaining weight and body temperature. Your spine will stay in a neutral position to reduce tension on pressure points and thereby reduce pain.

The mattress pad comes with certifications from ISPA, CertiPUR-US, and OEKO-TEX to guarantee a quality product free of formaldehyde, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. It also has a 40% bamboo viscose and 60% polyester fabric covered mattress and adopts 3D air fabric technology for breathability while preventing moisture-absorption and odor. The bottom uses anti-slip granules to keep the mattress from shifting around.

Last of all, the mattress topper comes in any size you need. You can toss it in the machine by removing the zippered mattress pad. Get an excellent night of sleep with cloud-like comfort, ready to rid you of back pain.

10. Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper

Instead of down filling or memory foam, Sleep On Latex has made the Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper. It comes in all sizes and gives you the option of 1-inch, 2-inch, and 3-inches of latex foam with a little more bounce and faster response time than memory foam. It comes with tons of holes to provide ventilation and get you a good night’s sleep.

Because of the high response of latex foam, you get targeted sleep and support for your back. It’s also much lighter than memory foam while still helping you to stay cool. Not only will it provide comfort, but it will provide support for years as it’s super durable with all-natural ingredients. The company comes with several seals of approval, ensuring their product has been tested for high-quality.

Depending on your needs, you can pick 1-inch or all the way up to 3-inches for your topper to help reinvigorate an old mattress and get more comfort for your aching back in the process. The mattress supports your back, hips, and everywhere else for proper spine alignment to ease pain. Finally, if you want firm support, then you may only want one inch of latex foam, but if you want softer, you may want to go up in thickness.

Purchasing Guidelines for Mattress Toppers for Back Pain

If you are still unsure of which mattress will work best for you, we compiled essential factors to consider before making your purchase. Take the time to make the best decision before purchasing so you won’t regret your decision. Also, each person has different types of pain and back issues, meaning each person may need a different product.


The main three options for mattress toppers are memory foamlatex, and down-filled.

Memory foam is the best material for back pain because it conforms to your body to relieve pressure, provide support, and distribute weight evenly. No matter what type of injury you have or whether you have spine issues, memory foam can help. Some people do not like memory foam because of the heat it gives out, but some options come gel-infused to reduce the humidity of a memory foam mattress topper.

Latex is lighter weight and a more springy type of foam. Its fast-acting and more elastic than memory foam, which may suit some people better than memory foam. Also, latex uses different ingredients to make the foam that may be a better option for people with specific allergies. It’s also very affordable for more thickness with less cost.

People with latex or foam allergies may need a down-filled mattress topper instead. They are filled with either feathers, micro-fiber, or other non-foam materials to provide plushness to your bed. These style toppers are sewn into squares to prevent all of the inner material from clumping and causing discomfort. They do not offer as much support as foam but do come without odor and allergies and are easier to clean.

The last option is an egg crate design, which helps to provide improved airflow to keep you cool all night long. This style is made out of different types of foam and is very comfortable for hot climates. Some people find this style uncomfortable because of the odd shapes, but with a little bit of time, you will fall in love with the style.

Here is a good YouTube video explaining the difference between latex and memory foam:

Thickness and Density

Mattress toppers usually come in a variety of thicknesses but are mainly between two and three inches. Some extra plush toppers can go as high as four to six inches, but for mattress and box spring sets, the topper can greatly increase the height of the mattress, and this can cause problems for back pain sufferers as climbing up and down on a higher surface can cause a challenge.


In general, a memory foam mattress topper will last longer than a down-filled topper. The foam has the ability to bounce back to its original shape time and time again. While the others will last for a long time, even years, memory foam will consistently last decades.


Most mattress toppers fall into a medium range of firmness to provide both support and cushion. Extra plushness may be the dream but will not help your back as it needs support to keep your spine in the correct alignment. This is why memory foam is such a great option because it keeps your spine in the correct shape with cloud-like support. Also, those with a higher body weight need extra support too because their body will need extra support that a softer mattress topper cannot provide.

Questions About Mattress Toppers for Back Pain

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about mattress toppers and back pain:

I know mattress toppers can help back pain, but can some cause back pain?

If you buy the wrong type for your issue, you can experience back pain. You may also experience back pain when you first try out a new mattress topper as its new, and your body needs time to adjust. You should talk to your doctor if you have severe back pain to help make a better decision for your body.

Will I have a hard time adjusting to a mattress topper?

Everyone is different, but some people do have problems adjusting to the changes a mattress top creates in your normal sleeping situation. If, after two weeks, you still cannot adjust to a mattress topper, you may need to try a new option. Otherwise, give your body time to learn how to find comfort in a different alignment that it has grown accustomed to with your previous setup.

Should I pick a mattress pad based on where my back pain is located?

Mattress toppers come in one shape, flat. It’s the materials that help to relieve back pain, not the shape, which means it will provide equal support to all areas of your body. People with specific locations that need support, you may want to try using pillows for more targeted support, like a memory foam pillow.

Wrapping Up Mattress Toppers for Back Pain

Memory foam mattress toppers like the INGALIK 3-Inch Pressure-Relieving Bed Topper help to correct the alignment of your spine, reduce pressure on your pressure points, and provide medium to firm support for any weight. Even better, memory foam gives you a cloud-like sleep experience so you can wake up rejuvenated.

A mattress topper can extend the life of your bed until you are ready to replace an old mattress set. As mattresses are expensive and toppers are less so, they provide an economical way to improve your back health until you buy another mattress. The options of use are endless, but most importantly, you can finally get a good night of sleep without waking up to back pain.