The 4 Best Mattresses For Tall People

Last Updated August 19, 2023

Us Aussies aren’t particularly tall folk. With the average man teetering on 5 ft 9″ and the average woman hovering around 5 ft 3″, it’s safe to say we wouldn’t win any height award competitions. However, that’s not to say there aren’t some blessedly tall walking amongst us (I’m talking well over 6 feet).

However, extra tall people are the minority here, making life a little difficult, especially when shopping for a mattress. A Double mattress is on average, 188cm long (which is 6 ft 1″), while a Queen mattress is roughly 203cm long (6 ft 6″). So you can see, if you happen to be on the taller side, you’re already ruled out of the typical Double mattress size and would need to go for a Queen or King mattress.

But length isn’t the only thing to take into consideration – there’s also the height of the mattress you need to think about. Not all mattress heights are created equal. The standard mattress height, or average mattress height, is 8-to-12 inches; however, these days it’s common to find 14, 16, and even 18-inch mattresses. 

Of course, you need consider your bed frame, but that’s another problem for another day. Today, we’re helping you figure out the best mattress for you as a tall Aussie who just wants a mattress that fits your long legs. Let’s get stuck in!

Australian Bed Sizes

Before we dive into it, let’s look at typical Aussie bed sizes for reference. Australian mattress sizes are unique and not the same as US or UK bed sizes. Mattresses come in single, king single, double, queen and king.

However, some brands also offer long single beds and super king mattresses as well. As mentioned before, mattress thickness or height also varies from mattress brand to brand, and safe to say the taller you are, the higher off the ground you want your mattress.

Cot Mattress69 cm x 130 cm
Single Mattress92 cm x 188 cm
Long Single92 cm x 203 cm
King Single107 cm x 203 cm
Double Mattress138 cm x 188 cm
Queen Mattress153 cm x 203 cm
King Mattress183 cm x 203 cm
Super King203 cm x 203 cm

Mattresses for Tall People Buying Guide


You’ll find that an average bed height usually tends to be roughly 24 inches (60cm) off from the floor. This is when you take into consideration the bed frame and mattress together. Ideally, when you sit on your bed, you should be able to put your feet flat on the floor and your legs should be at a 90-degree angle. If you find your knees are above your hips when sitting, then it’s high time (get it?) you find a taller bed.

Does it matter if you’re tall and you have a low bed? Actually, yes. If you try to jump out of a bed that’s too low, you could possibly have more back pain and joint problems than you bargained for – as such, finding a mattress that’s the right height for you is vital.


You’re a tall person – you probably wouldn’t be reading this article if you weren’t. And, it’s only natural that you want a mattress that is also tall (or long). The bed must be longer than your body, otherwise, you’ll be in a situation where your feet hang off the bed, which isn’t fun for anyone. Queen, King or Super King beds are ideal because they’re typically around 6 ft 6″. If you’re taller than this, you’ll probably need to talk to a specialist manufacturer to get a custom-made mattress to fit your long legs.

Types of Mattresses

There are all sorts of different kinds of mattresses out there to choose from, all with their own pros and cons. Primarily, you have memory foam, innerspring, latex and hybrid options. 

Memory Foam 

Possibly one of the most popular types of mattresses, memory foam mattresses are made up of all-foam and feature one or more layers of memory foam. Memory foam is designed to respond uniquely to your body’s weight, shape and temperature to provide a serious “hugging” feel. Memory foam mattresses are incredibly supportive and offer a cradling sleep surface that moves in ways that are designed to relieve pressure points. This for many people results in a deeper sleep, while waking up with fewer aches and pains. It is also an excellent mattress for motion isolation, which is especially good for couples. 


Hybrid mattresses are a mix of layers comprised of both foam and spring. Hybrid mattresses are very versatile and work for most kinds of sleepers and sleeping positions. Many hybrid mattresses on the market feature pocket coils that are designed to support pressure points along the spine while at the same time offering a bouncy feeling, which makes it easier for restless sleepers to change positions during the night. The foam layers on top of the springs act as a comfort layer. 


Latex mattresses are naturally elastic, so they’re popular for people who enjoy a responsive and bouncy mattress. While it doesn’t have the same pressure-relieving properties of memory foam, latex mattresses do help align the spine and alleviate pressure points. The perforated holes in a latex mattress also make it ideal for airflow, ensuring a cool night’s sleep. 


The innerspring mattress is probably the most basic and affordable mattress on the market – and the most traditional. This mattress type features a main layer of intertwined springs to keep its form, plus a thin layer of foam on either side of the springs for comfort. Innerspring mattresses do not offer much support, and little to no motion isolation. 

Mattress Layers

The amount of layers in a mattress will largely determine the amount of support you will get when lying on the mattress. It also contributes to the soft or firmness of the mattress, as well as the overall height of the mattress.

Generally, the more layers there are the softer the mattress will be. On the other hand, if there are fewer layers, the mattress will be firmer. The kind of material used can also contribute to the supportiveness of the mattress, and memory foam is usually ideal for support. 

In short, the slimmer the mattress, the less support you will get and the less durability. Thicker mattresses are also more supportive.

Edge Support

Edge support probably isn’t something most people consider when buying a mattress, but it’s actually a vital component. It prevents sag over time around the entire bed, meaning you won’t end up sleeping on just one side. Good, stable edges also support the mattress structure, keeping the mattress construction and components intact and making it a more durable bed that’ll last you years.

The 4 Best Mattresses for Tall People

1. Onebed

The Onebed brand is great for tall people because its range comes in three different heights: 8″ (20cm), 10″(25cm) and 12″(30cm). Not to mention it’s extremely budget friendly with the Onebed X 12″) coming in at $1,099 for a Queen or $1,199 for a King – added bonus! Using a combination of foams and latex, Onebed also has a customisation feature that allows you to choose from three different firmness levels to suit your preference.

Read more about the Onebed mattress here.

2. Ecosa

What makes Ecosa a great mattress for tall people is that it comes in extra sizes such as long single (perfect for when you don’t have much room in your bedroom and don’t sleep with a partner) and a super king size as well for people who do have the extra room. In terms of mattress height, all of Ecosa’s mattresses are 25cm tall, which is about 10″ in thickness, making it a decent height for tall humans. Another benefit of the Ecosa is that it can hold a combined weight of 600kg and therefore, it should be able to very comfortably hold the weight of most sleepers and a partner.

Read more about the Ecosa mattress here.


3. Ergoflex 5G

The Ergoflex 5G is a 9-inch thick high-density memory foam bed with three main layers wrapped in a Tencel fabric: a 9cm visco-elastic memory foam comfort layer, then a 5 cm temperature regulating corrugated layer, and 9cm high-resilience foam support core. Where tall people will benefit from the Ergoflex 5G is the fact it comes in a long single – so if you need a narrow bed but one that’s still long enough to accommodate your height, it’s the perfect bed for you.

The Ergoflex 5G mattress also has good edge support, especially in comparison to other memory foam mattresses. What makes it above average is its transient and supportive base layer. The top memory foam layer compresses under bodyweight, yet the bottom two layers provide strong resistance to prevent too much sinking along the edges of the mattress.

Read more about the Ergoflex 5G mattress here.

4. Sleeping Duck Mach II

The Sleeping Duck Mach II is one of the most popular mattress-in-a-box brands, and it’s great for tall people, too. It’s one of the thickest mattress-in-a-box brands on the market with all of its mattresses being 31cm thick, which is certainly an ideal height for tall folk. While it wouldn’t be classified as a budget mattress by any means, it certainly makes up for the bigger price tag in features, comfort and customisation.

Featuring a customisable, modular foam layer that can be adjusted in 12 separate areas (6 on each side of the bed), the Sleeping Duck mattress goes above and beyond in its customisation capabilities – from whether you want a medium or firm overall, with a soft, medium or extra-firm micro-setting. What’s even better is that you can have a different level of firmness to your sleeping partner, which is a truly unique feature of the Sleeping Duck. Ideal for front, side, back or combo sleepers, there’s not much not to love about the Sleeping Duck.

Read more about the Sleeping Duck mattress here.

So, Which Mattress is Best for Tall People?

All of the mattresses listed above would be a good option for people who are tall – at the end of the day it comes down to personal preference and what you need in terms of material, budget, customisation levels and so on. If you need help deciding, get in touch with one of your helpful sleep experts today!

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Ally Burnie Head Dreamer Ally Burnie
Journalist, presenter and host based in Sydney with a passion for cooking, outdoor adventures, hiking, humanitarianism, and travel.


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