The 7 Best Down Pillows Reviewed

Last Updated May 21, 2022

The right pillow not only helps you to sleep well but helps you wake up refreshed. Pillows have the very important job of cradling your head and keeping your neck aligned with your spine for optimal support. Down pillows may be exactly what you are looking for to get a better night’s sleep.

Down pillows cost a little more, but you also get some options to reduce costs and save money. Some newer pillows come with a down alternative, which would be a great option for people with allergies, especially for those people who are allergic to goose or duck feathers.

You don’t need to feel overwhelmed when shopping for down pillows because we did all the hours and hours or research for you to save you time and money so you can get a great night’s sleep faster. Find your pillow now and find out why people love down pillows.

Why Use a Down Pillow?

Down pillows are lightweight fluffy pillows made with feathers gotten from the underbelly of animals, especially geese, swans, and ducks. They are made with materials that provide comfort and protection in the body of animals.  The underbelly of animals like geese, swans, and ducks are naturally soft and fluffy with antibacterial and anti-allergic properties.

Even though down pillows are more expensive compared to feather pillows, they are much fluffier, softer, and offer superior comfort. This kind of pillow will mould to your head’s shape irrespective of the position in which you sleep. These all-natural pillows are an excellent choice for individuals who notice that their heads become too warm at night, as this pillow will give room for airflow through it, thereby keeping the head cool.

We know the importance of quality sleep and comfort, and we have put together this collection containing down pillows from the best sources with the best deals, remarkable quality, and durable warranty. As you follow through this article, you’ll find the suggestions here helpful while on your quest to get the quality sleep that you deserve.

Best Down Pillows

The best types of down pillows are the ones made of pure and comfortable material available at very affordable prices which guarantee comfort and lushness.

This list we have put together will offer you the hottest choices available on the market. It’s like spoon-feeding you with so much goodness at a go. A good choice of down pillows should offer:

  • Comfort.
  • Affordability and low expenses.
  • Richness in material.
  • Durability.
  • Class and.
  • Style.

As you go further you’ll find out exactly what we’re talking about:

1. Giselle bedding pillow goose feather down pillows (Twin pack standard hotel size)

What’s good?
These pillows are luxurious and comfortable to sleep on
They are good for aged people with frequent back and neck aches when they wake
To take note
The cotton cover is not attractive because it has a high absorbency threshold. This can lead to allergies and/or breakouts arising from a build-up of sweat and oil

Imagine being plunged into the middle of a soft and white pool of fluffiness. This Australian goodness will engulf you with a richness of fluffy goodness, mild firmness, and warmth. Made of 95% feather and 5% goose down, it combines the strength of feathers and the softness of down to give the perfect sensation when you lay on it. With an exaggerated sense of comfort, these pillows just make you question the need for some key habits like waking up in the morning.

There is a fair balance between the comfort, softness, and firmness that these down and feather pillows provide. However, it could pass as a firm pillow when it gets down to comparing them with other feather pillows. The feathers are recruited for support and durability while the down is soft and offers comfort once your back hits the bed.

These pillows are buffed with 1kg of fluff and are 22cm thick. With a dimension of 75×50cm, it could fit a standard pillowcase. They are recommended for good head and neck support and can be used in all kinds of sleeping positions, even though it proves more beneficial to back sleepers.

They come vacuum packaged and enclosed in a 100% cotton cover which is about 2.5cm wall cover. They just engulf you almost like memory foam pillows would and adjust to the shape of your head and neck, creating a cavern for your head. Their down content is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic so it won’t lead to any hypersensitivity reaction.

What the reviews say:

Huge, soft, and luxurious.

AS, February 2020,

Soo comfortable, I know where I’ll be buying my future pillows!!

MR, October 2020,

2. Sheraton Luxury Goose Feather and Down Surround Pillow – White

What’s good?
It can be classified as medium-firm and it gives adequate support.
The cotton shell is machine washable.
To take note
It is comfy at first but it then gets too prickly and sharp.

The Sheraton luxury goose and down pillow is always a statement maker in every home and a valuable asset for sleeping culture. It is lightweight and breathable, which accounts for the rejuvenating freshness that accompanies this pillow. This pillow can be gotten anywhere in Australia.

When considering aesthetics, this Sheraton Manchester luxury goose feather and down surround pillow doesn’t come short of magnificence. It is a white goose-down pillow housing a white duck feather in its core. This architectural design maintains a firm and soft consistency for users. It is very convenient for side sleepers.

With a 70×45cm (L×W) dimension, it is fit for any standard-sized bed and would even do better on a king-sized mattress. It is a regular-sized pillow suitable for younger persons as well as the aged. The goodness of this feather pillow cannot be ignored — its duck feather core offers flexibility. It is soft and supportive. While its goose-down surround is for premium softness.

This pillow comes packed in a cotton shell (cotton Japara) which is smooth and guarantees durability. The white colour it comes with accentuates the value it provides, bringing style and posh into the picture. Not only does it beautify your bed space, it also throws in comfort and serenity to give a big bubbly feeling of welcome anytime you come home.

What the reviews say:

Great for someone who likes two pillows as they sink quite a bit but very comfy.

JB, October 2021,

Excellent quality soft feather and down pillow. I’ve tried so many other latex pillows for my neck and have gone back to feather and down. So comfortable

YH, June 2021,

3. Royal Comfort 1000 GSM Goose Pillow Twin Pack

What’s good?
They are great European pillows used to prevent sore necks.
They are great European pillows used to prevent sore necks. Delivery is fast and they’re available at very affordable prices.
To take note
They might not be firm enough for people who just started using soft pillows.

These twin high-quality natural fibre goose feather pillows plus 1000 GSM pillows are made for the comfort that they provide. Owning these twin-set pillows only means better nights, a luxurious and cosy night’s sleep, and sweet dreams. It is worth finding out.

The goose filling of the pillows are responsible for the soft and welcoming compacted feel around the head when you lay on it. No doubt that calms you almost as soon as you close your eyes, making difficulty sleeping and “counting sheep” a thing of the past.

They are bed pillows with a standard pillow firmness that cajoles your senses and lures you into a deep sleep with their fluffy exterior. They guarantee the superiority that the best pillows offer.

These pillows boast of a high quality 233 thread count cotton cover encasing a 95% soft white goose feather and 5% premium white goose down with a dimension of 50×75×10cm (W×L×D). These light feather fill pillows are breathable and allow moisture and vapour to permeate them.

What the reviews say:

Bought this on a whim for my spare room but they are now my kids’ pillows and they love them and won’t sleep without them.

JD, April 2021,

Comfy and not too firm

AM, April 2019,

4. Downia Silver Collection 85% White Goose Down and Feather Soft Pillow

What’s good?
It is very versatile and can adjust to your frame.
Despite its rich quality, it is very affordable.
To take note
You might need a support pillow if you like a firm fluff.

How would you love a pillow with a fill power that combines 85% white goose down and 15% goose feather? The goose feather provides firm support to the side of the neck and back. It is great for front sleepers and back sleepers. It is not age-restrictive, even children can use it comfortably.

It has a dimension of 45×70cm which is sizable enough to serve its purpose. The fluff is versatile and it adjusts to the frame of your head and hugs your neck in a good way. There’s no way you’d get a sore neck from sleeping on this.

This down pillow preserves the European tradition of down-filled pillows and is doing a good job. Most homes in Australia are in awe of the comfort this pillow brings. It is a keeper for every home.

It is encased in 280-thread count cotton down proof fabric with an outer gusset to maximise softness and loft. It should be aired before use. It is machine washable on gentle machine cycles or hand washed in mild detergent. However, dry cleaning, bleaching, ironing, or steaming is prohibited.

What the reviews say:

These pillows are so comfortable and extremely versatile. They adapt to whatever position I choose to sleep in. Be warned though… once you’ve used these pillows you won’t be able to settle for anything of lesser quality.

Judy smiles, February 2022,

5. Puradown 30% Duck Down Standard Pillow

What’s good?
It is very versatile and can adjust to your frame.
Despite its rich quality, it is very affordable.
To take note
You might need a support pillow if you like a firm fluff.

This pillow is quite the sensation in Australia. A combination of 30% White duck down and 70% duck feather fill, this Australian pillow was made for the most alluring sleep session. It is a duck-down pillow that adjusts perfectly when you hit the bed.

It is not a large-size pillow, it is of a standard size and can be used in a king-size bed. If you are someone who travels about, You could afford to take it with you as it is not too bulky. It measures 45×62×10b(L×B×D).

I know you wouldn’t mind a 100% Japara cotton casing. It has a consistency of soft to medium feel. It is a delicate item hence not machine washable lest it gets ruined. Only dry clean is allowed but it also isn’t tumble-dryable. It can also be air-dried

What the reviews say:

Pillows are great! Economical without taking away the comfort. Delivery is very prompt. Thank you T & W.

Helen, July 2021,

Wonderfully comfortable and high-quality pillow for the price.

Melissa, February

6. Heritage Ultimate Feather 85/15 White Goose Down and Feather Pillow

What’s good?
It is very affordable for the quality it provides.
It stays in shape even after using it for a while.
To take note
It is not compressed enough, it might be a little loose.

This stylish piece of comforting pillow comes with a symphony of two materials — goose down and feather. It offers plump firmness given by 15% goose feather core and a fluffier 85% goose down.

It has an aesthetically pleasing design, a white cotton sateen cover that radiates beauty in the room. The goose down is placed in the top and bottom position of the pillow surrounding the firm goose feather core.

It offers great neck support by providing superior softness and comfort that is rare with regular latex pillows. It is then completed with an ultra-fresh treatment for antibacterial defence. This is great for preventing the growth of allergens.


  • Finely piped edges.
  • Medium support.
  • Goose feather core.
  • Ultra-Fresh treated fabric.

What the reviews say:

Very comfortable and durable. Great quality for the price. Comparable to Sheridan pillows. Stays in shape, post-use. Extremely happy with the purchase.

Bianca, February 2022,

Greatly filled pillows, with a quality cover. I have found these to be quite full, and am hoping they compress a bit more for my neck.

Kaylzone, February 2022,

7. Downtime Ultimate Siberian Goose Down Standard Pillow

What’s good?
It offers luxury, comfort, and style.
Its stylish silk pillowcase adorns the room and soothes the skin.
To take note
Its maintenance might be too demanding to own.

With the finest supply of Siberian goose down & feathers that was created using the softest and fluffiest part of the goose and feathers plucked from the healthiest regions of a Siberian goose, this pillow was made.

It contains 600g of Siberian goose down fill and feather and is encased in a silk pillowcase that gives the smooth feeling and calming sensation sent to your highest centres. This feeling of tranquillity helps you fall into effortless sleep.

Care Instructions

  • Do not bleach.
  • Fluff up and air frequently.
  • Warm dry clean or hand washing is best.
  • Dry thoroughly as soon as washed without delay.
  • It should be dried on a line.
  • Use pillow protectors if necessary.

What reviewers say:

These pillows are by far the absolute best pillow purchase I had ever made. Incredibly comfortable and soft, it feels like I’m sleeping on a cloud compared to other pillows.

Amanda, August 2021,

Great product and would recommend it to my friends and family.

Jason, May 2021,

Down Pillow Purchasing Guide

Before purchasing a pillow, make sure you know what you are looking for to make an educated purchase. You already know you want a down pillow, but there are a few other factors to consider before making your purchase. Take a look at the important factors to consider before making your final selection above.

Type of Down

First, let’s talk about fill power. This refers to the amount of space per ounce down will cover inside the pillow. The higher the number, the more clusters of down you get, and the longer the pillow will last. The range is usually around 600 to 800, with 700 as a standard for more firmness and support.

If you want a softer pillow, look for around 600 fill power for a more plush pillow. Most of the options on this list are 700 fill power for both a cloud-like feeling and support for the neck and spine. For an extra firm but also long-lasting pillow, you might want to consider 800 fill power for a pillow that will last decades without flattening out.

Next, let’s talk about down, which comes in three types, duck, goose, or alternative. The latter refers to non-down filling and isn’t really down at all, so you will not find any on our list. The majority of down pillows use goose down as they produce large clusters of fluff to fill pillows and the material lasts a long time. If you need to save money, then you can look for duck down as it’s still a great quality but cheaper with a large supply available.


A quality down pillow comes with a mixture of goose down and small feathers and a high fill power. It also includes a high thread count cotton cover. With this combination, you get a durable pillow you can fluff and re-fluff for many years.

Feathers may seem weak, but down itself along with feathers lasts longer than alternative pillow fill and provides a longer-lasting pillow, so you have already made the right choice for a pillow. However, pillows with down cost more as they take more effort to acquire, especially in a humane manner.


A quality down pillow uses cotton for the cover instead of microfiber. Cotton is easier to wash, retains its softness, and is easier to treat if stained. Also, cotton with a high thread count keeps the fill inside and is less likely to start poking out. It’s always recommended to get a pillow protector to ensure the longevity of the pillow and to protect your investment, especially as even the oils from your face can cause damage to the down.

Support & Comfort

Down pillows use both down (the softest part of a birds covering that doesn’t have the stem) and feathers (has a stem or quill) to provide both structure and comfort. The down acts as the softness for the cloud-like feeling while the features with sturdy little stems act as the support system for down pillows.

Alternately, feather pillows only use the feathers while down uses both. The down tends to help the pillows stay fluffy longer than a pillow with just feathers, which in turn provides you with a more cosy pillow that won’t flatten early.


If you have an allergy to ducks, geese, or to feathers, do not get a down pillow. Also, dust mites can be an issue for down-filled pillows, and if you have an allergy, you may want to consider a memory foam pillow or at least not a down. As these pillows are made from natural animal products, they can attract mites. Many companies sterilise the pillows to make them more hypoallergenic, but at the very least, you should use a protective cover before sleeping with a down pillow and allergies.

Questions About Down Feather Pillows

Are down-filled pillows better than other pillows?

No two people want or need the exact same thing. Also, some people are allergic to different materials and cannot choose from all types of pillows. Therefore, no pillow is exactly perfect, and each comes with its own pros and cons list.

The best benefit of down is a natural material and all-cotton covers. They tend to last for years, and the clusters of feathers can shift around well for correct spine and neck alignment. The only way to know which is right for you is to try out several pillows and find what makes your head happy.

If you want to know the difference between down and feather pillows, this video explains it:

Does a down pillow work best for a side, stomach, or back sleeper?

Stomach sleepers may do better with a more supportive pillow like memory foam while side sleepers and back sleepers may enjoy down feathers better. Side sleepers need firm and thick, while back sleepers need flatter more supportive pillows for their neck. Stomach sleepers should opt for softer, thinner pillows.

Do down pillows run hot or cold?

Down pillows tend to run cooler, especially compared to foam pillows. However, cotton warms with your body temperature, so at some point in the night, the pillow will be on the warmer side. For people who tend to overheat a lot in the night, you may want to consider a gel or cooling pillow, but overall a down pillow should fill your needs.

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