The right pillow not only helps you to sleep well but helps you wake up refreshed. Pillows have the very important job of cradling your head and keeping your neck aligned with your spine for optimal support. Down pillows may be exactly what you are looking for to get a better night’s sleep.

Down pillows cost a little more, but you also get some options to reduce costs and save money. Some newer pillows come with down alternative, which would be a great option for people with allergies, especially for those people who are allergic to goose or duck feathers.

You don’t need to feel overwhelmed when shopping for down pillows because we did all the hours and hours or research for you to save you time and money so you can get a great nights sleep faster. Find your pillow now and find out why people love down pillows.

Best Down Pillows

These are our picks for the best down pillows:

1. Continental Bedding Hungarian White Goose Down Pillow

The Continental Bedding Good Down Pillows are made of 100% Hungarian White Goose Down on the inside and cotton on the outside. They make the top of our list for their high-ratings, and high-quality pillow made right here in America. With this set, you get two pillows ready to help you get an excellent night’s sleep.

Pick from three different sizes, standard, queen, or king, to fit any bed you might have in your home. The queen size pillows measure 10 x 30 inches and come filled with 700 fill power for definite goose down coverage. Even better, the company complies with RDS certification to ensure all the down come from unharmed geese. If you want down, but you don’t want animals to suffer, these are your pillow of choice.

Twenty-six ounces of down (that’s a few pounds!) provide superior loft and tons of comfort for a slightly firm and plump pillow. It’s like laying your head down on a cloud! The company also takes great strides in allergen control with a breathable, hypoallergenic cover made of high-end 300 thread count Egyptian cotton. Use standard or queen-sized pillowcases and turn your bedroom into an oasis.

Finally, the only downfall is the high price but worth it for high-quality bedding. Think about it, you use a pillow every single day for around eight hours, and they have the important job of keeping your spine aligned. It’s worth the money to provide quality sleep and allow your body to relax and revive yourself for a new day completely.

2. APSMILE Goose Down Pillow for Sleeping -100% Organic Cotton

For a low-cost pillow, try the ApSmile Goose Down Pillow that offers tons of value but loses ranking because the pillow only has 5% down and 95% goose feather to cut on cost. However, since this can put the highly-rated pillow into the price range for many people, making them a viable option for those looking for a medium support pillow. Don’t worry, you won’t feel the feathers overly much either if that’s a concern.

The cover offers luxury with 100% organic cotton. It’s a natural, soft, breathable, skin-friendly pillow ready to last for decades. Although, this is a single pillow, not a two-pack but still budget-friendly. It’s filled with 650 fill-power of soft goose down and fill so sensitive sleepers can Get a neck supporting pillow for a restful night of sleep.

Next, the pillow comes with a cotton storage bag if you plan on using this pillow only for guests and need to store the pillow in-between visits. The pillow also comes with guarantees and certifications to ensure it’s clean, organic, odorless, hypoallergenic, and earth-friendly. It’s not the best choice for stomach sleepers but works great for back or side sleepers.

3. L LOVSOUL Hungarian Goose Down Pillow

Fans of Egyptian Cotton will adore the L Lovsoul Hungarian Goose Down Pillow. Not just any Egyptian cotton but 1200 thread count meaning this pillow will last for eons or at least a decade or two. The pillow provides a balance of softness and firmness with support for the neck and head ready to help side and back sleepers get a better night of sleep. You can sleep on a plush cloud of down and wake up refreshed and ready for a new day.

You do have a few choices to make, including a queen 1-pack or 2-pack or a pinch pleat pillow in one or two packs. Although, sensitive sleepers may not want the pleated pillow because the lines may annoy them while they rest. No matter which pillow you pick, you can return it in 30 days if you find its not the right fit for you.

Caring for the pillow isn’t as simple as the others as it’s best to dry clean it, but you can get a pillow protector to put on it before you put on the pillowcase for added protection. As it comes with a unique three-chamber design, it won’t clump as much and will provide leveled support. Added feathers help to provide firmness for support.

4. Royal Hotel Abripedic Soft Goose Down Pillow

Have you ever gone to a hotel and managed to get brand new pillows? That’s the Royal Hotel Abripedic Down Pillow; hotel quality pillows read to sleep a head comfortably for years before needing replacement. Pick your size from queen or king and in one pack or two packs to get the number of pillows you need.

Honestly, the only downfall of these pillows is they need to be dry cleaned, so make sure to purchase a pillow protector to protect your investment. Otherwise, you get a 100% cotton 600 thread count luxury goose down pillows ready to satisfy your head and neck. Even better, the pillows have a 75% down ratio and 25% smaller feathers for both comfort and support.

Next, the pillow uses silky piping around the edges for both luxury and to beauty providing the pillow with a clean finish. The goose down comes purified, so even the most sensitive sleepers can enjoy the pillow and feel like royalty. They run soft too, so if you need a more supportive pillow, you may need two or try a firmer pillow. Fluff the pillow in the dryer when needed. Find out why customers love these pillows.

5. Zingsleep Goose Down Pillow

The Zingsleep Goose Down Pillows are very much like the set of pillows above but with a slightly lower price, but you can pick from the standard size or queen depending on your needs. Furthermore, the pillows include 100% Egyptian cotton covers made with 1200 thread count for optimal luxury. Moreover, the pillow comes with three chambers to keep the pillow from clumping and to provide neck support.

With this pillow, you get fifteen percent goose down and eighty-five percent feathers for both a cloud-like feeling and yet still supported. The pillow comes vacuum sealed, ready to puff back out in a couple of hours. You will need to do a little manual fluffing to ensure the full volume. They also come with a slight odor as these are goose feathers after all, and birds come with an odor which proves the green environmental protection.

Finally, this set of pillows comes with high ratings and warnings of thievery! Your family and friends my like the pillows so much others may want to keep them for their very own. Get the support and comfort you need from this hypoallergenic pillow for your best night’s sleep.

6. NP Luxury White Goose Down Pillow

Enjoy luxury in your bedroom because you deserve it and trust us, the NP Luxury White Goose Down Pillows will help you feel like royalty with 15% down and 85% small feathers to give you both much-needed support for your head, neck, shoulders, and spine. Meanwhile, it still provides tons of comfort and cushion for a luxurious experience.

The covers of the pillows come with 100% Egyptian cotton with 1200 thread count for a superb amount of softness and a long life. Inside the pillow, find a unique chamber filled with down, followed by a layer of feathers for both comfort and strength. It’s the perfect pillow for back, side, and stomach sleepers ready to improve their sleeping hours.
Lastly, the material offers both health, and it’s hypoallergenic with several certifications guaranteeing the quality of your purchase. Try out the pillow for a month, and if you don’t like it, you can get a full refund. Washing is easy as you can pop it in the washing and drying machine or take it to the dry cleaners as recommended.

7. LUOSIFEN Down Feather Pillows (Set of 2)

Luosifen offers affordable down feather pillows in sets of two with a fill weight of 45 ounces each for impeccable comfort. With 100% Egyptian cotton, you get softness and structure ready to last for years. The pillow comes with two queen size options with now other sizes available. If you have a king-sized bed, these are not the pillows for you.

However, if you need queen size, these quality pillows offer value and high-caliber sleep for you or for guests. The pillows come with a three-chamber design with down in the top and bottom layer and small feathers sandwiched between. Thanks to the unique design, you can flip the pillow over as needed for extra comfort. A little elasticity comes built-in to help the pillow retain its shape after each use.

Moreover, the pillow is completely free of chemical fiber content to avoid smells and reduce allergens. Before you buy the pillows, it’s washed, sterilized, and ready to provide breathable tranquility. The pillow offers medium-firmness with high density perfect for back or side sleepers. Try the pillow for a month to find out if its the right fit for you.

8. Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Pillow

Egyptian Bedding makes Goose Down Pillows in both queen and king size options with high ratings guaranteeing a spot on our list. Like a few of the others, this company recognizes the importance of 100% Egyptian cotton for the covers. As the whole world seems to be shifting to microfiber polyester for bedding, you can still rely on a goose down for quality cotton. Also, this is made of 1200 thread count for years of longevity and baby-soft fabric to cradle your head.

The pillow comes with a unique ratio of 80% down and 20% small feathers for a softer pillow ready to add just a bit of firmness for structure. It’s an excellent choice for back, stomach, or side sleepers as it’s filled with 750 fill power and 50 ounces of down and feather. You will get optimal support for your neck and spine too.

Last of all, the pillow comes with down-proof stitching to keep the cushioning inside the pillow. It’s also hypoallergenic to allow those with allergies a great night’s sleep too. You may need to deal with a bit of smell first. Let the pillow air out overnight and toss in the dry to re-fluff the pillow. It only comes with one pillow but for a low price.

9. TEMPUR-Home Medium-Soft Down Pillow

Tempur-Pedic maybe be known for their memory foam, but they too understand the quality of down and giving their customers options. They created a king-sized down pillow with supreme support and an innovative design. With two seams on the side, you get a dedicated shape to cradle you into a wonderful night of sleep.

Using adaptive Tempur material in the heart of the pillow, you get enhanced support for a refreshing night of sleep and to retain its shape consistently. The pillow is made to last for years to come as it’s easy to wash. Just remove the 500 thread-count cotton pillow cover when you are ready to wash it in the machine. It provides medium softness to work with stomach, back or side sleepers.

A five-year limited warranty protects your investment, which is necessary as the pillow comes with a high price tag. You get the best of both worlds with innovative technology and down to provide an unbeatable night of sleep. A layer of foam helps you to get a unique pillow ready to help you get the best night of sleep in your life.

10. Ubauba Goose Down Pillows for Sleeping 2 Pack

Some pillows have a single seam on the sides to provide a standard pillow ready to serve well. The Ubauba Pillow Pack has extra fabric and seams around the sides of the pillow to keep the pillow’s shape longer. It comes with a 100% cotton cover, and it’s filled with downy feathers for a lightweight and breathable pillow ready to help you sleep.

No odors and it’s hypoallergenic goose down and feather to keep away allergies. Even better, it has three layers covering the feathers with layers of microfiber to maintain their shape and give you the best of two worlds wrapped up in one pillow. This also keeps the feathers and down form escaping from the shell.

Moreover, the pillow comes with an ergonomic design and thickness to help promote a healthy neck and spine alignment. The pillow arrives compressed and will take a few hours to bounce back to its correct shape. Pick from standard, queen, or king-size and enjoys a squeezable pillow with beautiful hemlines. Finally, you can wash the pillows whenever you need for a clean sleeping space.

Down Pillow Purchasing Guide

Before purchasing a pillow, make sure you know what you are looking for to make an educated purchase. You already know you want a down pillow, but there are a few other factors to consider before making your purchase. Take a look at the important factors to consider before making your final selection above.

Type of Down

First, let’s talk about fill power. This refers to the amount of space per ounce down will cover inside the pillow. The higher the number, the more clusters of down you get, and the longer the pillow will last. The range is usually around 600 to 800, with 700 as a standard for more firmness and support.

If you want a softer pillow, look for around 600 fill power for a more plush pillow. Most of the options on this list are 700 fill power for both a cloud-like feeling and support for the neck and spine. For an extra firm but also long-lasting pillow, you might want to consider 800 fill power for a pillow that will last decades without flattening out.

Next, let’s talk about down, which comes in three types, duck, goose, or alternative. The latter refers to non-down filling and isn’t really down at all, so you will not find any on our list. The majority of down pillows use goose down as they produce large clusters of fluff to fill pillows and the material lasts a long time. If you need to save money, then you can look for duck down as it’s still a great quality but cheaper with a large supply available.


A quality down pillow comes with a mixture goose down and small feathers and a high fill power. It also includes a high thread count cotton cover. With this combination, you get a durable pillow you can fluff and re-fluff for many years.

Feathers may seem weak, but down itself along with feathers lasts longer than alternative pillow fill and provides a longer-lasting pillow, so you have already made the right choice for a pillow. However, pillows with down cost more as they take more effort to acquire, especially in a humane manner.


A quality down pillow uses cotton for the cover instead of microfiber. Cotton is easier to wash, retains its softness, and is easier to treat if stained. Also, cotton with a high thread count keeps the fill inside and less likely to start poking out. It’s always recommended to get a pillow protector to ensure the longevity of the pillow and to protect your investment, especially as even the oils from your face can cause damage to the down.

Support & Comfort

Down pillows use both down (the softest part of a birds covering that doesn’t have the stem) and feathers (has a stem or quill) to provide both structure and comfort. The down acts as the softness for the cloud-like feeling while the features with sturdy little stems act as the support system for down pillows.

Alternately, feather pillows only use the feathers while down uses both. The down tends to help the pillows stay fluffy longer than then a pillow with just feathers, which in turn provides you a more cozy pillow that won’t flatten early.


If you have an allergy to ducks, geese, or to feathers, do not get a down pillow. Also, dust mites can be an issue for down-filled pillows, and if you have an allergy, you may want to consider a memory foam pillow or at least not a down. As these pillows are made from natural animal products, they can attract mites. Many companies sterilize the pillows to make the more hypoallergenic, but at the very least, you should use a protective cover before sleeping with a down pillow and allergies.

Questions About Down Feather Pillows

Are down-filled pillows better than other pillows?

No two people want or need the exact same thing. Also, some people are allergic to different materials and cannot choose from all types of pillows. Therefore, no pillow is exactly perfect, and each comes with its own pros and cons list.

The best benefit of down is a natural material and all-cotton covers. They tend to last for years, and the clusters of feathers can shift around well for correct spine and neck alignment. The only way to know which is right for you is to try out several pillows and find what makes your head happy.

If you want to know the difference between down and feather pillows, this video explains it:

Does a down pillow work best for a side, stomach, or back sleeper?

Stomach sleepers may do better with a more supportive pillow like a memory foam while side sleepers and back sleepers may enjoy down feather better. Side sleepers need firm and thick, while back sleepers need flatter more supportive pillows for their neck. Stomach sleepers should opt for softer, thinner pillows.

Do down pillows run hot or cold?

Down pillows tend to run cooler, especially compared to foam pillows. However, cotton warms with your body temperature, so at some point in the night, the pillow will be on the warmer side. For people who tend to overheat a lot in the night, you may want to consider a gel or cooling pillow, but overall a down pillow should fill your needs.

Wrapping Up About Down Feather Pillows

If you are still having problems deciding which down feather pillow to pick, try the Continental Bedding Good Down Pillow as it comes with 100% Hungarian White Goose Down inside a cotton cover. It also comes in all sizes, meaning you can get exactly what you need for your bedroom. The pillow also comes with the optimal fill power of 700 for structure and comfort. Give it a try and sleep well now!