The 5 Best Cooling Sheets Reviewed

Last Updated May 21, 2022

There’s no denying Aussie summers can be absolutely scorching. No matter where in this sunburnt country you live, chances are you have sweated through countless hot nights. Now of course a good air conditioner can do wonders in keeping you cool but have you ever considered how your sheets could also help keep the heat at bay and the night sweats to a minimum? Modern sheet sets are a marvellous thing, so much so that there are sheets designed to keep you cool at night. So say goodbye to tossing and turning and waking up in a sweat. We’ve compiled our top list of the best sheet sets to keep you cool all summer (and year-round) long.

Cooling Sheets Buying Guide

Before we get to the list, there are a few things to take into consideration when buying cooling sheet sets.


Sheets come in several materials, but the most common are cotton, microfiber or polyester, bamboo, and linen. Cotton wrinkles but offers the best airflow and breathability. However, it does adapt to your body’s temperature. Furthermore, polyester sheets (also called microfiber) don’t breathe, which can lead to sweating (but it doesn’t wrinkle).

Bamboo is silky soft and breathable. It naturally wicks away moisture, which helps to dissipate sweat while sleeping. Linen is the most breathable material and one of the absolute best options for cooling sheets, but it wrinkles and can cost quite a bit more.

Tencel is another option for sheets, and it is similar to rayon, which is used to make a lot of clothing nowadays. This fabric requires a lot of human manipulation to make, including energy and chemicals. Tencel, however, uses fewer chemicals and toxins to turn recycled ingredients into sheets. It’s a super soft fabric that drapes beautifully without wrinkling and holds colour very well. Also, it’s very breathable, but it’s not an eco-friendly option.


Most cooling sheets come in solid colours. If you want patterned sheets, you may want to consider choosing cotton sheets as microfiber and polyester sheets do not breathe well and cause sweating. Your best bet is to choose sheets with a versatile colour designed to be cooling, and then get patterned bedding, if that’s important to you.

Other Bedding

As for bedding, cooling sheets aren’t going to do you much good if you have a think duvet and other blankets. Try to look for breathable cotton blankets instead of thick blankets for your bed. Also, instead of a heavy-duty comforter, consider a thin bedspread to keep your bed even cooler.

Washing Sheets

Washing sheets is pretty simple and don’t require a lot of extra care. The best bet is to wash the sheets separately on low heat and dry them the same way. Make sure to do an extra rinse cycle to reduce as much soap residue, which can clog sheets and make them less breathable.

The Best Cooling Sheets

Alright so without further ado, these are our picks for the best cooling sheets:

1. Ecosa Bamboo Bedding (Queen $240)

Ecosa’s Bamboo Sheets are hypoallergenic, antibacterial and made using eco-conscious processes. Less moisture forms on the surface of the duvet, creating tough conditions for bacteria to develop. This makes the duvet naturally anti-bacterial. The Ecosa Bamboo SHeets are made of sateen weave for extra silky smoothness, delivering breathability and cooling properties without weighing you down with thread count.

2. Home Republic Bamboo Cotton Sheets (Queen $299)

The silky-smooth blend of cotton and bamboo creates some serious breathability ensuring you get a good night’s sleep. The fabric also regulates body temperature so while it’s the ideal cooling sheet for summer, it can also be used year-round and keep your body temperature in winter. It is certainly a worthwhile investment!

3. Bed Threads’ Flax Linen Sheet Set (Queen $280)

Buttery soft, pre-washed and designed to last, popular online brand Bed Thread’s 100% French flax linen sheet set includes two pillowcases, a flat sheet and a fitted sheet. Perfect for those who prefer to sleep without a duvet cover, or simply love a layered linen-clad bed. The thing about linen is it only gets better over time; the more you use and wash it, the softer and more comfortable it gets. Linen is also anti-static, anti-bacterial and naturally temperature-regulating to help keep you cool all night long.

4. Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Sheet Set (Queen $268)

Ettitude’s sustainable CleanBamboo™ fabric is a silky-soft, sateen weave that’s smooth and comfortable against your skin. Made with 100% organic bamboo, the sheets have a cooling effect – breathable weave cools and adjusts for a comfortable sleep. The sheet sets are also hypoallergenic, free from harmful chemicals and ideal for sensitive skin. Ettitude also offer a 30-day trial and free delivery over $150 so you can try out their bamboo sheets with peace of mind.

5. Sleeping Duck Tencel Sheets (Queen $150)

Made from TENCEL™ fibres, the Sleeping Duck sheets create a luxurious, soft and comfortable sleeping experience. Using a sateen weave with a heavy gauge eucalyptus fibre, the SD sheets maintain the perfect sleep temperature. This is because TENCEL™ fibres typically absorb moisture more efficiently than cotton. When your body sweats at night, the sheets wick away humidity and heat from your immediate area.

FAQs About Cooling Sheets

What else can I do to keep myself cool at night?

The best options for staying cool at night include using less bedding, having thinner bedding, and using an aircon or a fan. At all costs, avoid microfiber as it keeps you warmer at night. You could also consider getting a cooling mattress too as your mattress can have a lot to do with your level of comfort in many areas, including temperature. If a new mattress isn’t in the budget, you can try out a cooling mattress topper instead.

Should I be concerned about thread count?

Thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical thread lines per square inch. The higher the thread count, the more thread per inch and the softer the sheets. Also, higher counts also mean stronger and more durable sheets that won’t wear out quickly. Most sheet sets offer a thread count between 250 to 400, which provides comfort and softness. Some sheets boast much higher numbers but are often lower quality threads. Stick to around 400 for the best quality or 300 for more breathability and softness combined.

Are natural or organic sheets more cooling than traditional options?

Organic or natural sheets use less synthetic materials, pesticides, and fertilisers to make, which can definitely lead to better quality sheets. However, they aren’t necessarily cooler sheets, although cotton is definitely cooler than polyester blends. Organic sheets do mean you will get protected better for your skin and healthier for breathing too, at least for the first couple of washes.

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