The Best Cheap Memory Foam Mattresses in Australia

Last Updated August 21, 2023

Buying a mattress is a very personal decision, but one thing almost everyone wants from a mattress is one with body-cradling comfort that relieves pressure on your joints and bones.

Enter memory foam mattresses. These popular mattresses were made for people who want a mattress to relieve pressure and provide a quality night’s sleep. If you constantly waking up with back pain and you’re not currently sleeping on a memory foam mattress, it’s time to get yourself a new memory foam mattress.

The good news is memory foam mattresses don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, there are several low-cost memory foam mattresses in the Aussie market that will provide your body with the ache-free sleep you crave.

And, lucky for you we’ve researched to find the best low-cost memory foam mattresses on the market – no matter what your budget, there’s one for every sleeper.

3 Top Cheap Memory Foam Mattresses in Australia

Ecosa – $1,150 (Queen)

As one of the most well-known mattress in a box products in Australia, the memory foam Ecosa mattress offers pretty good value for money. Its drawing card is its unique feature that allows you to adjust the firmness to suit your needs, with three tiers available. Whatever firmness you prefer, the Ecosa mattress can cater to it, which is a real bonus.

In terms of cost, the Ecosa mattress comes in on a medium price range scale. It is priced pretty consistently against similar products in the bed-in-a-box industry, but you also have the unique benefits of being able to adjust the mattress to your firmness liking.

Considering the unique features of the Ecosa, we actually think the pricing is pretty bang on for value. The Ecosa mattress starts at $800 for a single and goes all the way up to a super king for $1,650.


The Ecosa mattress starts with a Tencel and polyester cover that can be removed and washed, which sits over a waterproof ‘inner cover’ that is designed to keep the Ecosa the mattress waterproof and dust mite-free. You can remove the waterproof cover if you want. The Tencel and waterproof covers sit over multiple foam comfort layers that include a ‘G-7 Gel Memory Foam’ and an ‘ECO-Tex Memory Foam’. The Ecosa mattress also has pincore holes, which allow air to flow freely through all layers of the mattress, which is especially ideal for hot sleepers.

What truly makes the Ecosa mattress a winner is the specialised cover materials. The inner cover is made of a German-engineered micro-filament fibre. With the tiny filaments, this fabric is 100% waterproof and protects the foam layers from 99% of dust mites. It’s also nice and breathable. Around this layer is a removable double-knitted polyester cover, which uses high-quality fabric for breathability and flexibility.

Emma Comfort – $1,299 (Queen)

Founded in Germany in 2015, the Emma mattress has made waves across the globe – 21 countries to be exact – and is an award-winning triple-layered foam mattress. It offers exceptional value for money – especially for those on a budget. It’s incredibly comfortable while also providing fantastic support for all sleeping positions. The Emma is a great choice for sleepers who want superior quality in foam design that’s made to relieve pressure and minimise partner disturbance. The Emma Original mattress has been tried and tested in Europe with multiple awards won (in fact, it’s the most awarded mattress in Europe).

However, while the Emma Original mattress was Emma’s flagship product, that mattress has been recently phased out and the Emma Comfort has been created as its replacement. The Emma comfort was designed after 2 years of feedback from the best-selling Emma Original mattress.

The Emma Comfort is designed and dedicated for Australian sleepers. The Emma Comfort has two layers (whereas the Emma Original had three layers).

Fresh Air Comfort Cover

The elastic Fresh Air cover hugs the Emma Comfort perfectly and prevents your mattress from sliding. The white top is made from a climate control fiber that regulates humidity and keeps moisture away. The grey bottom ensures perfect air circulation, so you breathe easy all night long.

Airgocell® Foam

The ultra-comfy Airgocell® layer is point-elastic which allows one area of your mattress to compress without impacting the rest. If you share a bed with someone who moves while they sleep, you won’t feel a thing. Airgocell® foam is also moisture-wicking to keep your sleep nice and dry.

HRX Foam

The supportive HRX Foam layer is made with special zoning technology for proper hip, shoulder, and spinal alignment. This innovative foam helps your mattress contour perfectly to your individual body shape. The foams’ open pores enhance breathability, so you sleep cool and fresh.


New Koala – $1,050 (Queen)

As the name suggests, the New Koala Mattress is an upgrade to the highly popular original Koala mattress which came out in 2015. It is one of Australia’s most popular foam mattresses in a box that’s eco-friendly and non-toxic. Similar to Ecosa and Sleeping Duck, a great feature of the New Koala is the ability to change the firmness pressure to suit your individual needs. The New Koala mattress is the basic model in Koala’s new mattress range, which also includes the Calm As mattress and the Soul Mate mattress.

Construction of the New Koala mattress

The New Koala Mattress comes in 2 main parts – a comfort layer and a base layer. The separate comfort layer is 7cm deep and uses a cover made from Polyester (65%) and Tencel Lyocell fabric (35%). This cover has been designed for moisture absorption and breathability.

This outer cover encases a double-sided Kloudcell comfort layer made from Polyurethane foam. This layer is what gives you the option to choose between a ‘medium-firm’ feel or a ‘firm’ feel.

Finally, the New Koala Mattress uses a 3-zone, high density support layer on the bottom. This section contains antimicrobial additives to help stop the growth of bacteria and mould.It’s also worth mentioning that the New Koala Mattress is the first mattress to be fully GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) certified, which relates to human health, non-toxicity, and environmental impacts.

Guidelines for Buying Low-Cost Memory Foam Mattresses

Buying a mattress is an important decision. Even budget memory foam mattresses can still set you back several hundred dollars. So, we’ve put together some quick guidelines for you to consider when shopping for a cheap memory foam mattress. Check it out below.

Different Types of Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses can be split into three types: traditional, open-cell and gel. However, many modern memory foam mattresses actually incorporate all three of these categories. Let’s dive a little deeper into each. 


Traditional memory foam mattresses were the first memory foam mattress to hit the market. Traditional memory foam is engineered to mould to your body as we mentioned above. However, one issue with traditional memory foam is that it has a tendency to retain heat, which isn’t good news for people who already sleep hot. That’s why open-cell and gel memory foam mattresses were created, to combat this problem. 


Open-cell memory foam is made of the same materials as traditional memory foam, but with a different internal structure. Open-cell memory foam mattresses have internal pockets (or, “open cells”) that allow for ventilation and airflow throughout the mattress, which helps spread heat evenly. This creates a great cooling effect that most sleepers need to get a good night’s sleep. 


The third most common type of memory foam mattress is gel memory foam. This is when gels are added to the mattress by pumping gel-based microbeads into the foam. These microbeads create pockets similar to that in open-cell mattresses. Instead of simply letting air through the mattress, these gels actively absorb and release heat from your body.

Memory Foam Mattress FAQs

What is memory foam?

Let’s start with the basics. The main component of memory foam is a polymer called polyurethane. OK yeah, but what is that? Basically, it’s a common and versatile plastic substance that can produce a wide range of materials and products like mattresses and couches, insulation, paints, primers, spray foam, and even car parts… we weren’t lying when we said it’s versatile!

Memory foam is a “viscoelastic” polyurethane foam, or low-resistance polyurethane foam (LRPu). It is created by adding different compounds and additives to polyurethane, which can change depending on the type of foam created. Sounds complex and science-y, but essentially these chemicals affect the two crucial qualities of memory foam: viscosity and elasticity.

In terms of memory foam mattresses then, surely each one is the same then, right? Well, no. Different brands have different ways they add chemicals to the foam and processes to create the foam. This results in very varying looking, feeling and durability of memory foam mattresses. 

Memory Foam Mattress Pros and Cons


  • Provides pressure relief by contouring to the body and using body heat and pressure to conform to your individual shape. 
  • Reduces pain and discomfort by distributing weight and taking stress off common pressure points.
  • Promotes spinal alignment and provides lumbar support by responding to the natural curve of the body.
  • Hypoallergenic – thanks to its dense structure, memory foam mattresses are less likely to attract and accumulate dust mites, mould and other common irritants.  
  • Reduces motion transfer which is ideal for couples 
  • Quiet – memory foam mattresses are known for being quiet, which is not only ideal for sex but also if you don’t want the typical squeak and groan that comes with leaving bed. 


  • Heat retention – although modern memory foam mattresses are designed to not retain as much heat, the way memory foam mattresses are designed means they inherently get warmer than other types of mattresses. 
  • Price Point can be costly, especially if you buy a high-quality memory foam mattress 
  • A stuck feeling – some people suggest they feel stuck in memory foam mattresses or “sucked in”, making it hard to move during the night.
  • Firmness is an issue for some people who prefer a softer mattress as memory foam is quite firm. However, many modern memory foam mattresses come with the ability to adjust firmness based on your individual needs.

Is a cheap memory foam mattress less comfortable than an expensive one?

Nope. And at the end of the day, mattress comfort is a very personal and subjective thing. Not all memory foam mattresses perform the same, but that’s what’s great about purchasing a mattress in a box. You typically get 100+ nights to test if it’s right for you. If not, you can request a refund and continue your search to find the perfect mattress.

Is memory foam a good option for any type of sleeper?

Absolutely! Everyone can benefit from a memory foam mattress from back sleepers, side sleepers, or even stomach sleepers. The mattress moulds to your body so whatever position you sleep in, you’ll find memory foam mattress will comfortably cradle your body and relieve pressure.

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Ally Burnie Head Dreamer Ally Burnie
Journalist, presenter and host based in Sydney with a passion for cooking, outdoor adventures, hiking, humanitarianism, and travel.


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