You need to rotate the mattress and flip them regularly so that, sagging is prevented in the areas where you tend to sleep more often. But with modern technology incorporated in the designs of mattresses, there is no need to flip the mattress over to keep it in shape. But still, rotating the mattress can prolong its lifespan. Doing the rotation on your own can prove to be difficult and tiresome, but with new techniques and tricks, you will need not to worry about buying a new mattress due to sagging. You will be able to know how to rotate a mattress the easy way.

Step By Step Way To Rotate Your Mattress 

If you follow the below steps, you will be able to prolong the life of your mattress through rotating it the easy way without making the whole process difficult and cumbersome.

1. Caring For Your Mattress Safely And Consistently

  • Check your mattress instructions: When you buy a mattress, it comes with mattress instructions. So if your mattress has an instruction that you don’t need to flip it, then adhere to that. But if it doesn’t have, then you will need to flip the mattress regularly in order to increase its life expectancy. There are mattresses which come with a top with a pillow and thus, they are not intended for flipping, but all you can do it is to rotate it. If the pillow is not uniform, you will need to check the direction of the pillow because it might not need a rotation at all.
    If for some reason, the mattress doesn’t have a tag with the instructions, check the instructions online so that you know how to take care of your mattress. All you need is the size of the mattress, the manufacturer, and the search engine will give you all you need to know
  • Make flipping and rotation reminders if need be: Depending on the type of mattress, you might only need to rotate it two times in a year. Others will need to be rotated more regularly like after every three months. And for you to remember this, you will need to put a reminder on an index card, fixed on your bed.
  • Attach the reminders to your bed: For easy access and to know which side needs to be rotated or flipped, you will need to attach it to your bed. One should be on your foot and the other on the head of the bed. Give the tag stability by pinning it firmly. Mark the dates on your calendar and put reminders on your phone in order to keep track of the maintenance of your mattress.
  • Make sure that the area is cleared of any breakables: The area around your bed should be cleared of breakables so that, when you are doing the rotation or flipping, you don’t end up breaking anything. Move away from your cups, glasses, heaters, lamps and any other thing you deem to be breakable.
  • Reposition your bed if need be: If you don’t have a buffer or heard board between the wall and the bed, then you will need to reposition your bed. This is because, while rotating or flipping your bed, you could cause damage by jostling the frame of the bed into the wall. You will need to move the bed away from the wall by sliding it some distance.

2. Prolonging The Life Of Your Mattress

It is possible for the life of the mattress to prolong the mattress life through rotation and flipping. This can be done by doing the following:

  • Strip your bed: To do the flipping of your mattress while rotating will need you to remove the sheets and other beddings as they will get pinned beneath the bed while you are doing it. Even if you are only rotating, there is a possibility that the sheets will be entangled and catch your bed frame, making it next to impossible for you to get your mattress grip. To make the process more comfortable and easy, you will need to strip your bed of everything, including any mattress encasements, or mattress protectors.
  • Position your mattress: You will need to pull your mattress away from the wall, the headboard, or the bed frame head. King sized beds, beds with footboards and poster beds will require you to first lift the mattress bottom in order to pull it away from the headboard and the rest of the footboard. It is only after you do that, that you will be able to helicopter your mattress around in your frame or box spring. By one corner, you will then be able to grasp your mattress, dragging it to enable the bottom to face to either the right or left side. 
  • Complete your rotation: To complete your rotation, you will need to grasp the mattress again by the corner and slide it to the bottom to take it to its new place at the head of the bed. Once it is in the right position, you will make some small adjustments to enable it to be centered completely, or unless you need to flip it. Once you have rotated your mattress, flip needing mattress will need that you turn it over.
  • Flip your mattress if need be: There will be a need for your mattress to be flipped once in a while. To do this, you will need to pull it to either side of your bed so that a half of it hangs off your frame or box springs. The overhanging side is then taken and lifted until the mattress is standing straight. You will then have to lower the end, which is tall is on the opposite side of the bed. If you are doing end over end flipping, you will have to pull and prop your mattress on the head-footboard and then later, raise the overhanging side, lowering it to the mattress bottom takes the place of the top and vice versa.


If you follow the above steps and guidelines, you will be able to flip and rotate your mattress, giving it an extension of life so that, it doesn’t sag in and it gives you service. Through it, you will be able to save money in terms of maintaining a saggy mattress or buying a replacement, because, the mattress will stay intact for quite a long time.