Most people assume that when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, you need to find the perfect mattress. To a large extent, this is true.

If your mattress is too firm, or too bouncy, or just plain uncomfortable, you’ll struggle to get any quality kip. 

But mattresses aren’t the only thing you need to consider, as lots of people find themselves overheating during the night.

This can lead to disturbed sleep, and that leads to… well, let’s just say you don’t want to see any of us in the morning if we don’t get enough beauty rest. 

Cooling blankets have been sweeping the bedroom scene lately as a way to save you from sweating while you sleep.

This is thanks to their anti-heat retention properties, which allow you to get all snuggled up and cozy without worry about waking up in the middle of the night uncomfortably hot.  

They can be made from a number of different breathable materials, and even their construction can influence their cooling capabilities. But just like with a mattress, you’ll want to find a cooling blanket that’s most suited to you and your needs.

Ultimately, this will come down to a personal choice, so our buyer’s guide will explain some of the benefits of sleeping with a cooling blanket and it will walk you through the most important things to consider when choosing which one to buy.

Best Cooling Blankets

If you’re about to drift off to sleep and don’t think you’ll be able to keep your eyes open long enough to read the whole article, see our top pick to find out which cooling blanket we’ve selected as our favorite.

1. Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket

Our top pick is the Elegear cooling blanket, and if you’re looking for a high-quality, versatile product that offers great value for money then look no further.

It’s one of the best performing cooling blankets we’ve found, as the Japanese cold fiber fabric offers advanced Q-max 0.4 cooling technology and is used to absorb heat from the body where it comes into contact with the fabric. 

The top of the blanket is made from 80% special Mica Nylon and 20% polyethylene, and the underside is made with 100% cotton for great moisture absorption if you’re someone who often wakes up drenched in their own sweat.

The breathable, cooling materials mean there’s no need for harmful toxins or chemicals, and this is a blanket for all the family as it comes in 3 different sizes with an option for children. 

It’s easy to care for which means you aren’t likely to shorten the lifespan of this blanket through mistreatment, and it can be simply thrown in the washing machine for ultimate cleaning convenience.

2. ZonLi Cooling Weighted Blanket

The ZonLi cooling weighted blanket is a great example of a dual-functioning blanket that works hard to keep the sleeper cool throughout the night. It comes available in a wide selection of sizes with varying weights, as well as a range of color options.

It’s made from 100% cotton and the weight is provided by hypo-allergenic glass beads which are distributed evenly throughout smaller squares within the blanket’s design. It’s constructed with two layers of microfiber materials to help prevent any glass beads from leaking out of their designated squares.

This cooling blanket also features high-density sewing technology as well as a stronger buckle and 6-8 loops with which you can secure a duvet cover, although this would need to be purchased separately.

The product specifications give detailed information about how to choose which weight option, although a general rule is to opt for a blanket that is between 6-10% of your own body weight.

It’s recommended that you keep this weighted blanket away from any direct source of heat, and although it claims to be washable, a heavy blanket tumbling around your washing machine might not be the best thing for your appliance, so hand-washing is recommended.

Alternatively, a duvet cover over the weighted blanket will protect it and is much easier to wash.

3. Degrees of Comfort Cooling Weighted Blanket

Another weighted blanket on this list is the Degrees of Comfort cooling blanket, which comes in a range of sizes and weight options with a choice of 4 colors. Designed to help you get a full night’s rest, this cooling blanket is great for anyone who’s body temperature runs hot in the night. 

As a brand, Degrees of Comfort has worked together with Coolmax, who has been designing fabrics for customer satisfaction for more than 30 years, in order to create this product with consumer needs as the focus. 

It feels like you’re getting a warm hug from this blanket as it wraps around you due to the heavy compression density which promotes deep pressure stimulation, which in turn helps to reduce your body temperature.

It boasts a 10-point weight distribution instead of the standard 4-8 anchor points offered by other brands, and the nano-ceramic bead technology means this blanket ensures quality comfort as well as cooling capabilities.

Another bonus feature of this weighted cooling blanket is that it includes 2 duvet covers for interchangeable use depending on your preference. Not only does this enhance the performance of your blanket, but it also makes the higher price point seem more justifiable.

4. Dangtop Cooling Blanket

Dangtop has been innovating with bamboo fiber materials for years, and this cooling blanket is perfect for anyone who prefers a more lightweight blanket that will keep you cool through the night. 

Designed with bamboo fiber fabric that is cool to the touch, this is one of the most breathable blankets featured on this list.

If you find other blankets keep you cool at first but gradually get warmer, this blanket is a great choice because it has a high heat capacity to maintain a lower body temperature for longer. 

It’s incredibly soft and the texture of the blanket feels lovely on your skin, but despite being almost silk-like to touch the material is also durable, meaning your blanket should last for a long time if cared for properly.

However, bamboo does have a certain shrinkage rate, so you’ll have to take extra care when washing your blanket. It can be washed on a gentle cycle in the washing machine but hand-washing is recommended to be on the safe side.

You should never dry your Dangtop cooling weighted blanket in a tumble dryer, and avoid letting it dry in direct sunlight.

5. Dangtop Cooling Blanket

Last but not least we have the Syrinx cooling weighted blanket, available in multiple size and weight options with 5 different colors to choose from. 

If you’re someone who tosses and turns regularly throughout the night, this Syrinx blanket is weighed down with non-toxic glass beads, and it makes minimal noise as you move to promote undisturbed sleep so you wake up feeling more refreshed. 

The design features 6 layers of fabric for ultimate breathability, and the beads are evenly distributed due to the separate pockets incorporated into the fabric.

There are 8 loops ensure your blanket is secure and won’t shift around too much in the night, and durable stitching prevents the beads from escaping their pockets. 

Like with other weighted blankets, it’s not recommended for machine washing due to the damage it could cause to your appliance. Instead, a duvet cover is a great way to keep your cooling weighted blanket clean as this can be removed for washing and replaced.

It’s also suggested that you allow this blanket to air dry naturally as it’s not suitable for tumble dryer use.

Cooling Blankets Buying Guide

You might think it strange that there are blankets designed to keep you cool when usually the main purpose of a blanket is to do the opposite and keep you warm, but there are lots of benefits to sleeping with a cooling blanket. 

They are especially loved by naturally warm sleepers, those living in more humid climates, or someone going through menopause, and the rise in demand for cooling blankets that are effective as well as comfortable has led to further advancements in the field of cooling technology. 

When searching for a cooling blanket to buy the main things you’ll want to consider its intended purpose, the type of cooling technology it uses, and what your budget is.

How do they work?

Essentially, cooling blankets work to regulate your body temperature while you sleep to prevent you from overheating during the night.

They can either use special materials which are extra breathable or advanced, cooling technology so you don’t get too hot. 

Is it a want, or a need?

Don’t worry, we’re not trying to discourage you from treating yourself to one of these amazing cooling blankets! We ask only whether it’s a want, or a need, to discern whether you’re buying a cooling blanket for medical purposes. 

If you are, always consult your doctor first. We like to think we know an exceptional amount about cooling blankets, but medical professionals we are not.

Cooling blankets can be used for a range of medical uses, including fever management, brand damage prevention, and localized therapy. However, they’re more often than not used in everyday life by people who tend to overheat at night. 

The best breathable fabrics

The best cooling blankets are typically made from breathable, lightweight materials with strong water-wicking abilities. Without the latter, your blanket may absorb sweat during the night but it will take longer to dry.

Some of the best fabrics for cooling blankets include a combination of the following:

Bamboo: highly absorbent for excellent moisture-wicking ability and cool to the touch. 

Cotton: extremely breathable and durable, cotton helps to regulate body temperature. 

Linen: heat-conducting for good temperature regulation and highly absorbent.

Outlast technology 

Blankets that were manufactured with outlet technology have an inner lining that works to keep you cool.

It was originally developed by NASA when they were searching for materials that were capable of regulating the extreme temperatures found in space, so you can rest assured that this technology is one of the best for cooling blankets

Similar to the way in which ice works to keep your drink cool by absorbing heat from the liquid, the blanket reacts to your body temperature and adjusts itself accordingly using Phase Change Materials (PCM): if your skin is hot, the blanket absorbs the heat. If your skin cools too much, heat will be released.

Weighted cooling blankets

Weighted blankets are another increasingly popular way to improve the quality of your sleep, and you’ll probably have noticed that we included a number of cooling weighted blankets in our list.

This is because they promote good quality sleep in more than just one way – why not kill two birds with one stone?

They use a combination of cooling technology, breathable fabrics, and extra weight to keep the sleeper cool, and they are commonly used by people who suffer from anxiety or for other-stress related reasons. 

Seeing as these are two factors that can contribute to increased body temperature, weighted blankets come with advanced cooling capabilities, which also helps to compensate for their extra weight. 

Typically filled with anything from plastic or glass beads to beans in order to increase the feeling of heaviness, weighted blankets can range between 5 lbs and 25 lbs.

They initiate deep touch pressure stimulation (DTPS) all over the body in order to activate pressure points and encourage the body to produce and release more serotonin, which in turn helps to bring your body temperature back down.

Air cooling (AC) blankets

Probably one of the bulkiest and least streamlined designs for cooling blankets, the air conditioning blanket is another option for keeping cool as you sleep. 

Instead of using fabric cooling technology or design, air conditioning cooling blankets are powered by an electric device that serves the same purpose as a mini air conditioner. The cool air these machines pump into the blanket pockets replaces the air as it warms

These blankets will sometimes require a power source nearby for it to be plugged into, which can be a nuisance, but they’re a great option for couples who don’t share the same sleeping habits, as the air circuits’ design allows for a cooling system on one side, whilst the other side stays warm.


When it comes to regular blankets, most people are of the opinion that bigger is better, as this allows you to wrap yourself up like a human burrito for the ultimate level of coziness. 

Cooling blankets are available in the same size ranges you’d usually find; single, double, queen, king, and extra king-size. It should go without saying that you’re best off choosing a blanket that corresponds to the size of your bed, or there’s the potential for it to get twisted and fall off to one side. 

Bamboo is a material that is prone to shrinkage, so don’t panic if it appears smaller while it’s still wet. Simply hang the material over a hanger or in a ventilated cupboard and it should return to its normal size.

That being said, the utmost care should be taken when washing and drying blankets made with this fabric to retain its original shape. 

It’s also worth noting that weighted blankets often run slightly smaller than regular blankets, as this allows them to better concentrate the weight on your body.

And that’s it!

If you’ve managed to keep your eyes open until this point instead of drifting off and dreaming of your new cooling blanket, congratulations!

You now know everything you need to in order to make the right choice about which cooling blanket is right for you, so why wait another night to enjoy cooler, undisturbed sleep?

Sweet dreams! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep your cooling blanket clean?

Duvet covers are a great way to keep your blanket clean, and these can be easily removed for washing.

How should you wash your cooling blanket? 

This largely depends on what fabric your blanket is made from. Some cooling blankets are suitable for machine washing, but be sure to check the care instructions.

Some materials are best washed by hand even if they say they can be washed using a gentle cycle, as this will extend the lifespan of your blanket.

How do you choose which weight for a weighted cooling blanket? 

It’s recommended that you choose a blanket that is about 10% of your body weight, although some brands offer more detailed guidelines on how to choose the perfectly weighted blanket.