Best Mattresses Under $500

Last Updated May 30, 2022

Everyone wants to get proper restful sleep, yet; not everyone has the many dollars required to invest in a quality mattress for those oh-so-sweet dreams. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, which holds true for the sub $500 mattress range.

Usually, the cheaper the mattress, the lower the quality, but if you do your research well, you will find out that there are several mattresses under $500 which you can buy and enjoy your sleep. There are various types of mattresses which you can choose from.

I wrote an in-depth mattress comparison giving you an overview of each of the 7 most common mattress types and the pros and cons of each. I suggest you check it out before purchasing something you plan to sleep on for 8 hours a day. If you just want a short summary, click the drop-down toggle below for a quick comparison.

The 5 Best Mattresses Under $500 

Whether you are looking for a firm, soft, medium-firm, or any mattress that fits your body type, you can find it here. Affordability is the main factor taken into consideration here but other factors such as durability, materials used, comfort, construction, size, style, and design are also put in mind while making this guide. Without further ado, here is a list of the best mattresses that have undergone mattress review and are made with high-quality materials in Australia under the $500 mark.


What’s good?
Comfortable and hypoallergenic
Cooling mattress
Motion transfer is reduced
Offers cushioning for the whole body
To take note
The firmness level may be a bit soft

A Zinus mattress coming in as our number one on the list is not a surprise to anyone. Zinus mattresses are known to be of the best quality. This support innerspring mattress with a padded euro top is made using foam with layers of memory foam of high density to offer support and cushioning for your whole body. It also combines its iCoil technology to reduce motion transfer while sleeping and keep your entire body aligned with its gel memory foam mattress. This bed is guaranteed to leave you waking up recharged and refreshed in the mornings. Experience luxurious sleep on this comfort foam (sleeping on layers of clouds is a close comparison) like you have never had with this product.


What the reviews say:

“This affordable mattress is much more than I expected… it is extremely comfortable and very supportive…. it is well made. I am extremely happy with my purchase… I have not slept so well in over 18 months… it is brilliant” 

CC, August 2020,

“Great price, speedy delivery and so convenient having it sent in a box. Most importantly the mattress is very comfortable. This is the third mattress I’ve bought from Zinus, very happy.”

KM, August 2020,


What’s good?
Nice and firm to sleep on
Suits every body type
Pressure relief
Soft bed
To take note
For some people, the firmness may not appeal to them

Another product from Zinus and this time it is the cloud memory foam mattress. Cloud is in the name of this product because you are going to feel like you are laying on clouds with this awesome bed. The innovation of this foam is evident in its ability to use its layering system to shape itself to the shape of your body to provide support for pressure relief. It also comes with a microfiber quilted cover to make you feel like you are being covered by a wrap of marshmallows. If you are a fan of medium-soft beds then this product is for you. Get the sleep of your dreams with this item from Zinus.


What the reviews say:

“I have been using this mattress now for over 2 weeks, so far so good. I had previously been waking up with back pain daily, but within a few days of using this mattress the pain has stopped!”

ED, October 2020,

“Has arrived early!! Boxed and packaged well. Clear easy-to-follow instructions included. Fabulous quality. Beat out expectations on all fronts!”

KT, October 2020,


What’s good?
Assembly is not required
Fits all body types
To take note
Not so soft

One bed for all, this queen-size mattress from Sleepscape is perfect for every body type. Providing a medium-firm feel to your body, the pocket spring material of this bed will give you the support you need at the right point of your body. It is topped off with a Euro top design to provide that stylish comfort for you.

What the reviews say:

“Super comfy, not too hard/not too soft. Packaging was so easy (in a box with wheels and a handle!) pickup process was a dream. A FANTASTIC experience”

Miss R, March 2022,

“Great value and quality. My daughter loves her new mattress. It’s certainly comfortable.”

Kym T, March 2022,


What’s good?
Easier and quicker to fall asleep
Enhances deep sleep
Easy to unwrap and unroll after delivery
Supports your body to good effect
Comes with edge support
To take note
Its medium-firm feel may not appeal to everyone
Some users reported that it’s quite noisy

Falling asleep has never been quicker and easier with the Sleeptight Queen Mattress. It features globally-renowned Bonnell springs material for innerspring mattresses that will support your body while you are asleep. It also adds additional comfort with its thick foam layer which is great for enhancing deep sleep. Also comes with edge support. Get that much-needed rest with this product. It is a take-home mattress that you can easily unroll and sleep on immediately after delivery.


What the reviews say:

“Cheap, easy to transport (I have a small 4 door hatchback and it fits in the back easily) doesn’t take long to expand, and most importantly my guests said it was comfortable! I have 2 and am looking to purchase a 3rd now!”

Miss T, January 2020,

“Super comfortable! Amazing mattress at a fantastic price.”

M.s G, January 2020,


What’s good?
Relieves back and neck pain
Good lucid sleep
To take note
A bit too soft

Neck and chronic back pains are a thing of the past with the all-New royal sleep mattress. This mattress is dubbed the best hybrid mattress and has arrived to improve your overall sleeping experience and change the way your body feels. With a new and improved 9-zone chiropractic pocket innerspring mattress system combined with 9 different support levels, it will relieve stern and long-lasting back pain. As this mattress comes with a support layer for the distinctive curvature of your body, you will experience relief from aches and stress. The Royal Sleep mattress comes with the perfect degree of firmness due to its high-density foam. The rich luxurious Euro top padding is gentle and soft to the touch to offer you a royal and comfortable sleep during the night. Made of hypoallergenic materials, the Royal Sleep mattress is 99% dust mite resistant and is available in queen-size.

It allocates body weight and removes all disturbances you or your partner might face while sleeping. Handling is also made easier with 4 handles made available on the sides of the bed frame.

What the reviews say:

“This Mattress is perfect and very Comfortable I have had back trouble and do regular exercises but couldn’t get it right and so far since we purchased this mattress, I have felt much improvement so time will tell.”

Brian, November 2021,

“This is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. The quality is excellent and I recommend this “mattress in a box” to everyone.”

Christine, February 2022,

Things To Consider Before Buying A Mattress Under $500

Before you decide that whatever you have set your eyes on is the best for you, it is important to consider some factors or features. The below list will make your search easier as you decide which mattress is best for you.

1. Size, Type, Availability, and Thickness Of The Mattress

This is where you will check the type of mattress, whether you want foam, innerspring, memory foam or hybrid. You will also check on the available size and thickness of the mattress, with most of them ranging between 6 inches and 12 inches in thickness. The basic sizes available in the market include King, Queen, Twin, Double Twin, and Full.

2. Longevity And Durability

When you purchase a mattress, you obviously want one that will last for some time and give you value for your money. There are mattresses where manufacturers offer warranties for even up to 25 years while others are said to last forever. It is up to you to decide if you want to change the mattress after a year or two or if you want a mattress you will stay with forever. You will have to be keen on the workmanship and the materials used to construct the mattress to make sure that, it is of high quality.

3. Comfort And Firmness

This is possible to evaluate, especially if you are shopping in the store, but it can be tricky if you are doing your shopping online. If at the site, you can easily feel the firmness and comfort but if you are doing it online, you will majorly rely on descriptions which you are provided for by the manufacturers and those who have previously used it.

4. Pros and Cons

Checking out the pros and cons of the mattress will make it possible for you to be able to weigh in on the mattress. All the mattress will have their good side and their bad side because everyone has their own features they are looking for in a mattress. Weigh the pros and cons, make sure that the pros outweigh the cons and then decide which mattress is best for you.


That is the end of my long best mattresses under $500 review. I hope that this guide will help you make the best choice of using it as a reference point in case you get stuck during your search for an affordable mattress.

The five recommendations above give you a good starting point in your search and especially if you have no intention of doing more research, you can go ahead and pick one of them. The post is not exhaustive and thus, you are at liberty to research further.

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