The 4 Best Stearns & Foster Mattresses Reviewed

Last Updated April 04, 2022

Stearns & Foster has been around for 173 years, and not one has been wasted on subpar products.

One of the brand’s main goals is to maintain its excellent products and services, as well as growing its team of Certified Master Craftsmen.

This team takes pride in their products and puts quality over anything else. 

Among other things, Stearns & Foster are known for their luxurious mattresses.

In fact, their mattresses are one of the main reasons as to why the brand has been able to keep going for so long, so believe us when we say that most of their time and effort goes into designing and innovating their mattresses. 

No two mattresses are the same when it comes to Stearns & Foster, and there is sure to be at least one model that is going to catch your eye.

But are these high-quality mattresses worth the high prices?

Let’s find out together.

Best Stearns & Foster Mattresses

Types of Mattress Available

Stearns & Foster offer four different collections when it comes to their mattresses, each of which offers amazing features for different needs.

No matter what you want the most from your mattress, one of these collections is sure to be your new best friend.

1. Estate Collection

The Estate Collection sets the bar for Stearns & Foster mattresses, and they also set the price point. These may be the least expensive options from Stearns & Foster, but that doesn’t reduce the quality in any way. 

The Indulge Memory Foam keeps you comfortable throughout the night and remains durable for many years, so you don’t have to worry about replacing your mattress anytime soon. The Tencel blend is used to keep you cool throughout the night, offering you a premium night’s sleep. 

Gel foam is also used to relax your joints and take as much pressure off of them as possible. Lastly, the IntelliCoil base offers supreme support for you to prevent your bed from breaking down prematurely. There are two mattresses in this collection.

2. Lux Estate Collection

Think of the Lux Estate Collection as an upgrade to the above option. It is pretty similar to the Estate Collection mattresses, and the only difference is an additional layer within the mattress for extra comfort.

This makes the feel of the mattress incredibly soft and relaxing and ensures that the mattress remains level for longer periods of time. 

The price point for this collection is much higher than the baseline Estate Collection, so you’ll need to determine whether you want to pay a premium price for only one distinct difference.

There is only one mattress included in this collection.

3. Lux Estate Hybrid Collection

Again, the Lux Estate Hybrid Collection is very similar to the two above collections. However, the only difference is that the additional layer that was added onto the Lux Estate Collection is made from foam rather than pillow material.

This adds a firmer feel and more stability to your mattress. 

Now that the top layer is made from foam, you’ll have a more luxurious night’s sleep. If you prefer a firmer feel and want to reap the rewards from a memory foam mattress, this could be the ideal option for you. There is one mattress in this collection and the price is higher than the Lux Estate Collection.

4. Reserve Collection

Finally, the Reserve Collection takes both the Lux Estate Collection and the Lux Estate Hybrid Collection and combines them together.

The top layer is made of a pillow material, but it also includes a layer of foam. Can’t choose between the above two collections? This might be the ideal compromise. 

The Reserve Collection is the most expensive collection and there is currently only one mattress available in this collection.

Stearns & Foster Mattress Buying Guide


Stearns & Foster use a unique construction for all of their mattresses which is one of the reasons why they’re such a highly regarded brand for mattresses.

There are four main layers that are used for all of Stearns & Foster mattresses, which all work together to ensure the most comfortable night’s sleep as possible. 

Let’s take a look at these layers and how they can help you relax and unwind. 


All of the mattresses have a fabric material covering the entire mattress, which is made from Tencel plant fiber. This fiber comes from the eucalyptus plant, which is well known for its relaxing properties. 

The Tencel fabric is soft, stretchy, and easy to work with. The main benefits of the Tencel cover are that it wicks away moisture and offers a great flow of air around your entire body as you sleep. Waking up in the middle of the night roasting hot is a thing of the past with the handy Tencel cover. 

Indulge Memory Foam

Under the Tencel cover is a layer of memory foam which is made by Tempur-Pedic, which is one of the leading memory foam suppliers in America. From this fact alone, you know that you’re going to be getting a comfortable night’s sleep with minimal interruptions. 

The Indulge memory foam reduces as much pressure from your joints as it can to avoid you waking up with aches and pains from the night. You’ll no longer have to dread the morning stiffness, and you can enjoy going to bed again. 

Some of the Stearns & Foster mattresses have Indulge memory foam and others have Indulge HD memory foam. The latter is supposedly more comfortable and offers even more of a luxurious feeling. 

The Estate Rockwell mattress includes Indulge memory foam, as does the Lux Estate Hybrid collection. The Lux Estate and the Reserve collection use Indulge HD memory foam. 

The first mattress in the Estate Collection, the Estate Hurston, does not include this memory foam, but it does regard itself as ‘indulging’. 


The IntelliCoil design is a coil-in-coil design, with a sturdy and firm inner coil and a softer outer coil. This is supposed to give you more support and kickback to prevent the mattress from sagging in overtime. We’ll look more into this later in our review, but that is the aim of the IntelliCoil design. 

Stearns & Foster include 20% more coils than the market average mattresses, so you can be sure that you’ll be sleeping on a more supportive base. There are three variations of the IntelliCoil design – the normal IntelliCoil, IntelliCoil HD, and IntelliCoil Micro. 

The IntelliCoil Micro design is an additional layer of soft, small coils. This adds another layer of support without worrying about weight pushing the mattress down and making it denser than it should be. 

Despite there being softer and firmer coils, they are all made from metal and therefore won’t break down too quickly over time. This is a testament to the length of use that you’ll get out of your Stearns & Foster mattress. 

The Estate Collection uses IntelliCoil design, and the Lux Estate Collection and the Lux Collection Hybrid uses IntelliCoil HD. The Reserve Collection uses IntelliCoil Micro HD for its support system. 


The PrecisionEdge feature on these mattresses allows you to sleep right up to the edge of the mattress. The border is created by high-density coils to ensure that the edges don’t begin to sag over time.

There is not much worse than sleeping at the edge of the bed every night, only to discover that the edges are slowly falling lower and lower. 

Air Vents

All of the Stearns & Foster mattress collections include air vents to ensure that you get a cool night’s sleep. The vents are positioned in the areas where you need them most, so expect a breathable mattress for the foreseeable future. 

The overall construction certainly looks premium and comfortable for the majority of people, and it’s clear to see the benefits you receive with each price jump.

There is not much that we can fault about the construction, and we’d even go as far as to say that Stearns & Foster put on a lot more care and attention to the construction of their mattresses than a lot of other manufacturers. 


Despite the high-quality materials being used for all of the Stearns & Foster mattresses, there are some reviews from users complaining that the mattresses are sagging prematurely. This is a common theme throughout all of the collections, so keep this in mind when you’re looking to buy one of their mattresses. 

If you’re paying a premium price, you want the mattress to be durable and sturdy enough to last for a long time. Having said this, there are also plenty of reviews that praise the durability of the mattresses. This can be difficult for you to make an informed decision on whether or not these mattresses are durable. 

Stearns & Foster does offer a warranty for their mattresses, so there is the opportunity to replace your mattress if you find that the durability is less than desirable. 


There is plenty of customization for all of the mattresses from Stearns & Foster.

You can opt for different sizes and profiles to ensure that you get the optimal mattress for all of your personal needs and preferences. 

Size Availability

There are seven size options to choose from, which are standard sizes available from the majority of mattress manufacturers.

In the order length x width, here are the seven options available:

Twin Long: 79 x 38 inches

Full: 74 x 53 inches

Queen: 79 x 60 inches

King: 79 x 76 inches

CA King: 83 x 72 inches

Split King: 79 x 76 inches (two 79 x 38 inches)

Split CA King: 83 x 72 inches (two 83 x 36 inches)

As you can see above, there is the option to get the King and CA King beds split. This means that the mattresses come in two equal parts vertically. Essentially you will receive two mattresses that work next to one another to make up the large King size. 

Split mattresses are great for couples who like to customize their side of the bed to avoid disturbances while they sleep. Split mattresses are not as common as many people would like them to be amongst mattress manufacturers, so the fact that Stearns & Foster offer this is a great benefit. 

Having said that, one issue that we found is that the split option costs almost $1,000 more than the normal king or king CA mattresses. While we understand that some additional materials would have to be used to create a split mattress, we doubt that it’s worth a substantial increase in the cost. 


You can also customize the feel of your mattress to ensure that you’re going to be as comfortable as possible throughout the night. As we’ve mentioned before, if you’re going to be paying premium prices you’re going to want to get the best possible mattress for your personal needs. 

Luckily for us, Stearns & Foster has thought of everything and given us plenty of customization for the feel of the mattress. Below we’ve detailed all of the options you could choose when purchasing your model. 

Standard Luxury Feel

The Standard Luxury Feel customization is available for all of the mattresses across the four collections. You can choose between the available options with no additional cost. Examples of the feel options are Firm, Cushion Firm, Plush, and Ultra Plush. 

Bear in mind that not all of the mattresses have all of these options, and the majority have three options to choose from. The Reserve Hepburn mattress, despite being the most expensive mattress available, only comes in Firm or Plush. 

Pillow Top Luxury Feel

Now that you’ve had an opportunity to see the standard options for the feels, you might be worried that none of them appeal to you. This might be why Stearns & Foster has added another row of options for luxury feels as well. 

For the Estate Collection, you can choose between a Firm or Plush pillow top. The Lux Estate Collection adds Ultra Plush to these options, and the Reserve Collection only offers a Plush pillow top. The Lux Hybrid Collection does not offer an option of a luxury feeling pillow top and you can only choose from the standard luxury feels. 

It’s worth noting that choosing a pillow top luxury feel adds around $200 to the overall price of the mattress. We don’t think that this is too much of a price jump considering you’ll be getting an additional mattress pillow top. Overall, we like the freedom that you get with choosing your mattress. 


All of the mattresses in Stearns & Foster collections come with a 10-year limited warranty. This means that the manufacturer will replace or repair your mattress if there is any issue with it that occurred from the manufacturing process. 

It states clearly that if you don’t use the correct base or frame with the mattress and this is what causes it to falter, the warranty will be voided. The warranty information on Stearns & Foster website is very clear and straightforward, and we appreciate this fact. 

There is a list of what the warranty does not cover, and every detail of what you can claim under warranty is written out for you to see. The warranty information is very easy to find and not hidden on the website. The fact that Stearns & Foster are so transparent is a clear plus in our opinion. 

What We Loved

There are plenty of things that we like about the Stearns & Foster mattresses, but we’ll condense it down to three points for the sake of time.

The first thing we enjoyed about the mattresses is the clear thought that went into the construction of all of the mattresses. There are clear differences between the price points, so you’re not paying more for minimal changes. 

The next thing that we loved was the warranty and how it is outlined on the Stearns & Foster website. You will be able to know exactly what you can claim under the warranty, and the 10 years is very generous and longer than the market average.

Finally, we also liked how much you could customize the mattress to ensure that you are getting the best model for your sleeping needs. 

What We Didn’t Like

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect and there were a couple of things that we didn’t like as much about the Stearns & Foster mattresses. Firstly, the collections are very small and only contain one or two mattresses.

In fact, the Estate Collection is the only one that houses more than one mattress. We’re unsure of whether these can even be called collections. 

The second qualm that we had with the Stearns & Foster brand is that their website is a little misleading to the reader. When on the Reviews page, you are flooded with 5-star reviews.

This is not uncommon for manufacturers’ websites, but the issue we had is that even when you organize it to ‘Lowest Rated First’, the top reviews are all still 5 stars. 

This shows that Stearns & Foster only includes the best reviews on their website, and gives you the impression that no one has ever had an issue with their mattresses.

However, this is not the case and there are less than 5-star reviews on other websites. The fact that these are ignored on the Stearns & Foster website is very misleading to the potential buyers.

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