The 8 Best Sleeper Chairs Reviewed

Last Updated May 24, 2022

When it comes to our homes, we all want to ensure that we can make them as comfortable as possible. Often the bedroom is the place that we associate the most comfort. After all, that is where we retire for sleep. But, the living room comes in at a close second because after the bedroom, it can be one of the rooms in your home that you spend the most time in.

Socialising with friends, relaxing in the evening, catching up with family, it can all happen there. Sometimes you need to figure out space-saving solutions in other rooms as well in your home, especially when it comes to children’s rooms, play areas or even games rooms where older children or other adults may spend a lot of their time.

However, the one problem that many people have in their homes is the fact that they have limited space. Sometimes you may not have a guest room fit for people to stay in, or you may not have enough room to accommodate everybody. This is when a sleeper chair can come in handy. Some of the situations that you may need a sleeper chair can often be trying to solve a problem. It could be that you need a sleeper chair for your child’s bedroom. Perhaps because they struggle to sleep without your help or need something durable but comfortable to use when playing in their bedroom. Often common children’s chairs can have wooden armrests or back supports which can cause damage to walls if a child is left playing with them.

Sleeper chairs can also become great seating options for when you have additional guests coming over, this might be in your living areas or outside space on a warm day. There are so many uses for a sleeper chair, that you may find that once you invest in one, that you won’t ever see how you managed without one.

There are many different advantages for having a sleeper chair in your home. They can be great for comfort but they can also be worthwhile investments, especially if you work from home. They are great for posture and enable you to feel at ease in your home. Not to mention the emergency situations of needing a place for someone to sleep. You can get them as a recliner as well, so it just adds to the extra benefits out there. But what are the best sleeper chairs that you can get today? Let’s explore some of them below.

Best Sleeper Chairs

1. Artiss Back Leather Recliner Lounge Chair

The first option on our list is not just your basic leather recliner. When you order the Artiss Leather Recliner, you are getting an ultra-soft leather-wrapped seat for an affordable price. This is an elegant lounge chair for days when you fall asleep watching TV, reading, or serving as a daybed. With soft and wide seating, neck, back, and leg support, this is a chair that is super cosy.

What the reviews say:

“If you’re looking for a nice comfy recliner chair at an affordable price that’s easy to clean then these chairs are the way to go. I bought two for two different rooms and am very pleased with them. You don’t need instructions to put these together, the bulk of the chair comes in one piece and all you have to do is screw in the feet and slot in the back.”

Michele Yardley, March 2022.

2. Vonanda Convertible Folding Single Sleeper Chair

This list is all about versatile furniture but one takes the cake. This single-seater sofa bed by Vonada can open into a single bed or fold into an ottoman depending on your immediate needs. This is a great option for space-saving, when it is not in use, store it away as a corner sofa or ottoman. There is no assembly involved and the back cushion can be completely adjustable, making it an excellent option for those that want a little more flexibility with their sleeper chair. The single sleeper is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre and makes it the perfect option for smaller homes or apartments without guest rooms.

What the reviews say:

“We needed an extra bed for guests, but my studio is limited in size. This is the perfect solution. I’ve sat on it several times, and it’s on the firm side but fine. Pulled out, it’ll be firm to lie on but with an egg crate, it’ll be comfy. And not just for a child. My twin sheets fit it. I found a cute pillow and throw, and it looks great as my studio chair! Very sturdy, great design.”

Careynja, March 2020.

3. Artiss Recliner 8-Point Heated Electric Massage Lounge Chair

Another recliner from Artiss, but this one has a special twist. This one has all the benefits of a regular recliner with a massager and 2 point heater. For its price, previous buyers couldn’t help but commend its durability.

What the reviews say: 

“I have had this recliner for almost a year and I still love it! Best purchase I ever made- excellent quality, so comfortable and sturdy.”

Shelli R. McAlpine, January 2021

4. Koala Cushy Sofa Bed

Why get a sofa and a bed separately when you can get two great deals in one foldable package. We have talked about stylish sofas but this might just be the winner. This is a fold-out sofa with three different sizing options from single to queen size without a need for bed frames. This is a fabric sofa bed that is firm but cosy, armed with cushions and extra pillows for added comfort. If you need to save space in a cramped living area or you prefer a modern, minimalist style to your home, this is the couch for you.

What the reviews say: 

“So impressed with the quality of this couch/sofa bed! Quick delivery, simple assembly with no tools needed and it looks really smart in the ink navy colour. My guest room can now be an extra living area most of the time with a super comfortable bed for when we have guests stay. Well done Koala!!”

Amy, March 2022

5. Temple & Webster Aero Single Sofa Bed

If you need a practical solution to limited space and an extra sleeper, this is for you. From a single-seater, this folds out into a flat single bed. Some sleepers may find this chair a little too firm, but that’s nothing a mattress topper can’t solve. Combine that with the added throw pillow and you have a versatile piece for a steal.

What the reviews say: 

“I love this natural colour single sofa bed, it looks great in my office corner, it has the best quality & texture compared to other company products. It’s space safe and easy for an overnight stay or to have an afternoon snooze. If you add a quilted base, sleep for a week, no back pain. This was my third chair bought from T & W. Previous bought 2 grey colours for our holiday place. I love it because of its functionality and the great look from folding to opening as a bed. Delivery was very quick for 2 days only. Thanks, T & W. You won my heart.”

Sandy, December 2021

6. DukeLiving Billy Single Sofa Bed

This versatile sofa should be a staple in your living room, office or lounge. The single-seater can be adjusted into a 2 seater sofa, chaise lounge or foam mattress. As a budget-friendly space-saving solution, this can help you transform any living space. Made with plush but firm cushioning and covered in linen, this was designed to deliver in both style and durability.

What the reviews say: 

“Best price in the market at the time. Delivered in 3 working days. Easy to assemble – just had to attach the legs. Looks good in chair mode. Fabric quality was good and had solid construction. Easy to unfold to a bed, though some strength is required to click the legs in place. I slept on it for 7 nights and it was very comfortable. The padding is very firm and no issues with filling the frame etc. I had a double wool blanket underneath (others have suggested a mattress protector). Better firm than saggy. Exceeded my expectations and I would certainly buy it again.”

Paul, March 2021

7. Ecosa Rio Sofa Bed

Throughout this list, we gave you a lot of single sleepers but Ecosa offers a cosy 2.5 seater or 3 seater couch that transforms into an even cosier queen-sized bed on command. Or rather, a simple lift and pull (basically the same thing). With premium cushioning and upholstery, your guests will be sleeping in comfort on par with luxury. And as an added bonus, every sofa is made with hundreds of recycled plastic.

What the reviews say:

“Beautiful, comfortable, versatile

Sofa is really nice to sit on, or unfolded for snuggles and TV. The 2.5 seater looks perfect for my home office when folded. When unfolded into a bed, it feels like a comfortable double bed and has a good amount of space for me and my partner to lounge on.”

Shanshan Z. March 2022

8. Koala Sofa Bed

This is similar to the Koala cushy sofa but more affordable. This is just as stylish with three different sizes to choose from. Transform any boring living room or lounge into a comfortable bed in seconds. Your guests are not going to want to leave it. With CertiPUR-US® certified polyurethane foam, sleep soundly and sustainably.

What the reviews say:

 “We love our new sofa bed lounge. It’s very firm, but I like it. After sitting on too softer lounges in the past I know the problems that can cause to your back. The Flat White colour is great, like a neutral warm grey fleck. The fabric has a lovely soft feel to it. We haven’t slept on it as a sofa bed as yet but if it is anything like the mattresses I’m sure we will love that too!”

Lissa S., March 2022

Final Verdict

When it comes to finding the right sleeper chair for you, there are so many considerations that you need to make. You need to think about the space in which it is going into, where it will live and also how it might be used for the majority of the time it is in your home. You need to think about the colours and the styles, as well as the sizing and the weight of each sleeper chair.

There are so many of the best sleeper chairs around that you need to ensure that you make the right choice for you and your home. As these types of chairs and be very user-friendly in different rooms of your home, you may find that you could get a lot more use out of the chair than you originally intended. Last of all, many people like the sturdy ness of some chairs and also the fact that material is high quality and durable. Making it easy to maintain and keep clean. This can be especially important when it comes to using the chairs around children or if they are going to have a lot of use over a period of time. Let’s hope the suggestions above and the general feedback will give you a better idea as to which one to go for.

If you are handy and want to build a sleeper chair yourself, this video shows you how to DIY it:

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