A good night’s sleep is essential to your overall health. It’s when we’re asleep that our bodies carry out all the vital repair and maintenance necessary to keep us healthy and happy. A good night’s sleep helps to repair muscle tissue that’s damaged in exercise helping it to grow back stronger and leaner. It helps our bodies to patch up all the scuffs and scrapes that we pick up throughout the day. It helps to keep our immune system in top top shape so it can fight off the bugs and infections we encounter regularly.

And a good night’s sleep needs a comfortable bed with the right sheets on it. We all know the importance of a good mattress to give our bones, muscles and joints the support they need, yet fewer of us give as much consideration to our choice in sheets. But the right sheets can help you to remain comfortable throughout the night and maintain an optimal body temperature with less chance of waking up during or feeling sweaty and uncomfortable in the morning due to overheating. And for the most comfortable and luxurious night’s sleep, it has to be Egyptian Cotton.

Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Here we’ll look at 7 of the best Egyptian cotton sheets and what makes them so special so you can make the right choice for your bedroom and your personal needs…

1. THREAD SPREAD 1000-Thread-Count

With a luxuriously high thread count and available in a wide range of colors, these sheets by Thread Spread are a great example of why you should choose Egyptian cotton. Cool and delicate in feel yet extremely hard wearing, the anti-pilling fibers on these sheets are designed to look great for years to come while also providing superior comfort. They are made from 100% natural cotton and tested to be 100% chemical free making them perfect for even those with highly sensitive skin.

Made with fade resistant eco-dyes the colors will always look bright, vivid and lustrous no matter how often you wash it, and with every wash the threads will get even softer without compromising their durability.

The soft satine weave is designed to give a subtly shimmering appearance like silk or satin, while still giving you the strength and comfort that we all expect from Egyptian Cotton.

For those who insist on ethics and sustainability- these sheets are 100% ethically made and for every unit purchased, Thread Spread donates $1 to the education of the underprivileged, so you can do good while feeling good as you turn in for the night.

All in all these are an excellent example of everything that’s great about Egyptian Cotton sheets, while also allowing you to do some good for a worthy cause with your purchase.

These sheets are available in Queen, King and California King sizes.

2. Comfy Sheets 1000 Thread Count

No matter what size your bed or what color scheme your bedroom, you’ll be able to make these luxurious 1000 thread Egyption Cotton sheets at home in your bedroom. Available in all kinds of sizes including Twin, Queen, King and California King these sheets also come in a huge range of colors from unassuming whites and grays to bold royal blue, vivid burgundy or sage green.

The full length elastic sheet makes for a universal fit while the outstanding thread count ensures that your sheets will continue to look good as new for years to come, without damage or loss of lustre caused by general wear.

These sheets are individually tailored as you can see the attention to detail that goes into every sheet, with luxurious detailed hem lining. The generously long staples are guaranteed anti-pilling and the sheets have a subtle satine effect to lend them a beautiful shimmer in the sunlight which complements their luxurious feel.

Although these sheets come in a wide variety of colors they are treated with the highest quality eco-friendly dyes to prevent color fading no matter how many times you wash these sheets.

These sheets by Comfy Sheets represent the highest standard of Egyptian Cotton bedding, yet the price point is surprisingly affordable considering their quality and the years of use that you’ll get from them. What’s more, the brand also offers their own guarantee so you can sleep easy with 100% peace of mind.

3. URBANHUT 1000 Thread Count

Sources in Egypt and manufactured to the highest standards in India, these sheets from URBANHUT are a great example of the luxurious look and feel of Egyptian Cotton. Their generous 1000 threat count makes them as durable and hard wearing as they are luxuriously comfortable. Likewise, their liong staples mean that no matter how often you use or wash these sheets they’ll only get softer with no degradation in quality, loss of integrity or visual fading of colors.

Speaking of colors, URBANHUT’s sheets have a subtle but eclectic palette encompassing silvery grays, royal blues, subtle ivory or pure brilliant white. The quality of these sheets is certified by OKEO-TEX, guaranteeing both comfort and safety for even the most sensitive skin types.

For those who prize sustainability and ecological awareness in the brands they buy from, these sheets offer a range of reassurances. Everything from the sourcing to the manufacturing of these cotton sheets has been done to high ecological standards. 100% of the production is facilitated by 100% renewable windmill energy and 99% of the water used is purified and recycled by biological and RO methods. Manufacturing facilities use a Rainwater Harvesting system with a capacity of Over 3 Million liters storage per annum and Heat Recovery systems allow for greater energy efficiency.

These sheets are available in Queen and King sizes and pillow cases are also available.

4. Bluemoon 1000 Thread Count

Another luxury Egyptian Cotton sheet, this entry from Bluemoon will help you to feel like you’re always staying in a luxurious 5 star hotel. That’s because the brand rigorously tests their sheets against those of luxury hotels from all over the world and is constantly refining their formula for the perfect sheet.

With a new weave that was recently improved in 2019 the brand is confident enough to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. These industry-leading sheets are individually inspected to ensure the highest quality and the robust thread counts and long staples ensure that they can be washed time after time without unsightly pilling or color fading.

The ultra fine weave of this sheet is highly breathable yet extremely robust and is made from 100% sustainably sourced materials and manufactured in environmentally friendly, socially responsible facilities.

These sheets are available in a wide range of colors including burgundy, taupe, silver gray, teal and (of course) pure white. They come in a range of sizes including, Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King.


Specially woven and manufactured to the highest standards, these sheets from the Chateau Home Collection have an impressive 800 thread count and are made to be machine washable and easy care despite offering a highly luxurious look and feel.

These ultra-soft sheets are made from 100% responsibly sourced Egyptian Cotton and are rigorously tested to ensure that they offer great breathability and absorption of moisture, yet offer outstanding durability and stress resistance so you’ll get that hotel-perfect look and feel for much longer.

These sheets have a sensational range of colors including Sepia Rose, Sea Foam, Granite Gray, Ivory, Dark Denim, Charcoal and of course Pure Brilliant White to name but a few. All made with 100% eco-friendly color fast dyes which are engineered to be fade resistant across multiple washes and yet represent a minimal ecological impact. Good news for the eco-conscious consumer.

These sheets are also manufactured in an OEKO-TEX certified facility meaning that they are 100% safe for the whole family and have been rigorously tested to ensure that they are completely free of over 100 harmful chemicals and substances.

Available in Full, Queen, King and California King, these sheets offer outstanding quality at a highly competitive price point. Perfect for those considering buying their first ever Egyptian Cotton sheets.

6. Kemberly Home Collection 800 Thread Count

Crisp and luxurious in look and feel, these wonderful sheets from Kemberly Home Collection are manufactured using the highest standards of quality control and precision craftsmanship- individually inspected to ensure peace of mind and outstanding value.

The classic tailored look with deep pockets gives these sheets the appearance you’d expect from a luxury hotel in your very own home, and their extremely diverse color palette means that they’ll be at home in virtually any bedroom design aesthetic. As well as the typical whites and grays, these sheets are available in subtle Transparent Yellow, warm Wheat, gentle Taupe and vold Lilac to name but a few. The satine weave offers shimmering softness from the first time it’s slept on and for years to come no mater how often you wash these sheets.

Made with premium elastic, these sheets are designed to fit snugly with a range of mattresses up to 18” in thickness and these sheets are available in Full, Queen, King and California King sizes to ensure that you’ll always get a good fit no matter what you’re sleeping on.

The brand also offers a 100% risk-free guarantee so you can buy knowing that you can always return the product if you are not completely satisfied.

An outstanding sheet at an appealing price point!

7. Mayfair Linen 600 Thread Count

Although these sheets offer a lower thread count than other entries on this list, this offering from Mayfair Linen still demonstrates sensational quality at a price to suit any budget.

Manufactured from 100% combed compact yarn, these sheets are made to the highest standard and feature the same subtle satine finish to give a delightfully gentle sheen no matter how many times they’re washed. This light and soft fabric is specially designed to avoid pilling and provide years of reliable wear. All while still being completely hypo-allergenic and highly breathable so they can be enjoyed by even those with the most sensitive skin.

These sheets are available in a modest range of subtle colors yet there’s still something to suit all tastes from whites, grays and sky blues to a bolder burgundy or gentle blush. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King and California King, there’s a sheet for everyone here at an extremely affordable price point.

Like other entries on this list, these sheets are 100% guaranteed so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Why choose Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian Cotton is the gold standard of cotton sheets. Widely used in quality hotels throughout the world, this fabric is made from the fibers of cotton plants that grow along the Nile valley in Egypt. Highly prized for its breathability, Egyptian cotton allows the skin to get access to the air it needs to prevent you from feeling sticky or sweaty as you sleep. Moreover, Egyptian cotton sheets are well known for their exceptional durability. The tight weave of the fabric makes them more durable than other kinds of cotton sheets, and the long staples (fibers) in Egyptian cotton towels make them the most lustrous yet hard wearing on the market. So your sheets look brand new for longer. Egyptian cotton sheets typically have a much higher thread count than other cotton sheets. Thread count is widely regarded as the key indicator of a sheet’s quality, and this is the key to their comfort and durability. Finally, because of the long fibers used in the making of Egyptian cotton sheets, there is little or no lint produced during wear, washing and drying. This means that users don’t experience the unsightly pilling that can not only cause the sheet to look less attractive but can also compromise its comfort.

Egyptian Cotton sheets are an investment. Sure, they may not be the cheapest sheets on the market, but their comparatively high thread count, durability and breathability mean that when washed regularly and properly cared for, your Egyptian Cotton sheets will give you years of blissful comfort while you sleep.

For more information about Egyptian cotton, watch this video:


If you’ve spent too long sweating under low quality or poorly manufactured bedding it’s time to treat yourself to the blissfully cool night’s sleep that comes with a 100% Egyptian Cotton sheet.