Ever thought of gathering up the young ones, bundling them into an RV, and setting out on a camping trip as a family? If you haven’t, maybe you should consider it as it makes for one of the most exciting moments you could ever have with your loved ones.

But there is one problem! Recreational vehicles come with limited space and the environment inside might not be set out to offer the comfort you want during a distant trip. Given that you’ll be seated for the most part of the ride, the seating becomes a crucial factor.

One great way of addressing this small inconvenience is by installing a nice set of wall hugger RV chairs!

These are stable, soft, and durable and; if you play your cards right, chances are you’ll end up getting maximum relaxation from these remarkable installations. Unlike standard recliner chairs, RV recliner wall huggers are compact enough to comfortably fit in your vehicle without compromising on the level of comfort.

However, finding the ideal RV recliners to install in your vehicle can be a tough ask when you consider the endless number of brands and styles of RV recliners in the market today. And it doesn’t help if you don’t know the best features to look for.

That’s why we’ve taken the initiative to review some of the leading wall hugger rv recliners currently available. This way, you’ll have an easy time when you decide to upgrade the interior of your recreational vehicle.

In a hurry? After 10 hours of research our top RV Recliner is…

After 20 hours of in-depth research and going through hundreds of customer reviews, our winner is the Two RecPro Charles SGR Swivel Glider RV Recliners. These seats come in a charming design with easy-to-clean and comfortable fake leather upholstery to offer you the ultimate relaxation time. Its reclining mechanism is also easy to operate.

Consider the table below for a glimpse of our picks for the review of the best RV recliner wall huggers for 2020 .

What is the Best Wall Hugger Recliner? – Buying Guide

Finding the right model of a recliner chair to fit in your RV can be quite confusing, especially when you consider the numerous designs that you can find in the market. Furthermore, you still have to factor in the layout of the vehicle, as well as your own preferences to find a recliner chair that you desire the most.

While some people would prefer a single single-seater recliner, others feel that a two-seater or three-seater is more appropriate for family adventures. Whichever your preference, there are a few essential features that you should prioritize in a potential recliner chair that will offer the most value.


Considering just how long you’ll be sitting during the RV trip; this is easily the most crucial aspect in an RV chair. You want to find a recliner that offers you the highest level of comfort, and for the long term. This will mean that you assess the layout of the chair and the feel on your spine, back, and neck when you sit down on it.

If possible, make a point of testing the chairs before you decide to buy, just to be sure. What you see being advertised on TV might be different from the feeling you get when you get to test the product.


When you think that these chairs are exclusively made to fit the small confines of an RV, it does help to have a recliner that is adaptable. This simply means that it should possess features that make it more mobile and easier to haul onto or remove from the RV. As such, be sure to look at factors such as the size, weight, and presence of wheels, etc. There is no fun in trying to load a wide and heavy recliner into an RV!


If you are the kind of person that appreciates style and being fashionable, then you can’t overlook the design of the RV recliner you’re about to buy. The RV furniture you have is no different from what you have at home, so you want to find something that will complement the décor of your RV’s interior and blend in effortlessly with existing color schemes.

A beautifully designed recliner enhances the appearance of your RV and makes the journey more exciting.


The depth of your pockets will obviously determine the kind of recliner that you settle for. These chairs come in a range of quality, from cheap and decently priced designs to premium quality recliners that will cost you an arm and a leg. The most important thing is to find a seat that you’ll be comfortable spending on with the assurance that it will provide the kind of utility you are looking for.


The fabric covering the seat of the reclining the chair, as well as the seat padding, is another thing that you’d want to look into. This may determine the level of comfort and the type of maintenance required. For instance, a leather seat might be perfect if you’re camping in the winter season but can be a burden if you take a trip to a hot destination in the middle of summer.

You have to be smart about the type of material you select. While leather is often deemed king in furniture, this may not always be the case. Depending on the circumstances, some fabrics will be more suitable than others. Remember to review all your options before making the final decision.

Note: Do not expect to get a wall hugger massage chair/recliner which can help with back pain, those require more space and are generally not RV friendly.

Top 5 Wall Hugging RV Recliner Reviewed

1.  Two RecPro Swivel Glider RV Recliner

If you are looking for functionality and sturdiness in an RV recliner, these two RecPro Charles reclining chairs will easily fit the profile. They have been tried and tested, while most customers swear to their durability.

The recliner boasts an ergonomic design with a rich light brown color that will add to the color schemes in your RV. With dimensions of 37 by 30 by 39 inches, the RecPro has a compact profile that you can easily squeeze in tight spaces. It only requires 12” of clearance to recline.

It features long-lasting, machine grade frames that will serve you for years and its easy to clean toffee faux leather ensures that you won’t have a hard time maintaining this recliner. The seat cushion, back, and headrest are lushly padded to offer deserved comfort.

You get an all-metal swivel recliner base to go with a retractable footrest system that offers support to your tired legs. The recliner only weighs 96lbs, so it will be easy to haul from one corner of your RV to another…quite convenient and suitable for elderly folk if they want to set up the recliner themselves.

Finally, these recliners will require just 5 minutes of your time to be fully assembled and be ready for use!

  • Nice compact design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quite comfortable
  • Prompt delivery
  • Not comfortable for tall people

2.  Homelegance Resonance 60″ Bonded Leather Double Reclining Loveseat

The Homelegance double reclining loveseat is a remarkable piece of furniture that will provide a sure way to sit back and unwind after a tiring day. The sofa may not exclusively be designed for RVs, but it will fit naturally into your motor-home and offer the little piece of heaven that you envisioned.

This recliner is made using brown tufted bonded leather, which easily adds to the suave vibe you get from the overall design of the chair. The 62” x 37.5” x 38.5” seat is spacious enough to provide the comfort you and your partner deserve and utilizes an easy-to-operate release mechanism.

The sides of the seat feature faux leather fabric that complements the bonded leather on the seat covers while the high-density form cushioning ensures extreme comfort for your spine and lower back.

The Homelegance Double RV reclining chair only weighs 130lbs, which allows you to move around with relative ease. It is easy to assemble and you get an optional corner wedge that you can use to transform this adaptable recliner into a luxurious sectional.

  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Robust reclining mechanism
  • Comfortable
  • Good value for money
  • Nice design
  • Not comfortable for tall people
  • It only comes in a set of two

3.  RecPro Charles Triple RV Zero Wall Hugger Recliner Set

If you need enough room for three on your RV recliner, the Charles Triple RV reclining chair from RecPro will be perfect for you. This 80” hugger might seem too big to install in your tiny RV space, but the company has made the most of a space-saving design to ensure that you can fit it in the tightest of corners.

It only requires 3” inches of clearance to recline, proving to be quite convenient for your small RV room. The recliner has a charming and laid-back faux leather design with a rich mahogany/black color to match. The fabric is comfortable and easy to wash; you won’t struggle to keep it looking fresh.

The modular design of the RecPro Charles Tripe RV reclining chair is also easy to assemble. It swiftly locks into place with the metallic interlocking base to piece up the sofa together. This comfortable recliner can further be connected to extra modular pieces, putting you in prime position to customize.

Sometimes, bigger is better when it comes to furnishing your recreational vehicle, and it doesn’t get bigger than the Charles Triple RV recliner chair.

  • Easy to clean and install
  • Easy maintenance
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Great overall design
  • Perfect for a camper
  • A little bit heavy

4.  RecPro Charles Double Zero Wall Hugger RV Sofa

When it comes to double RV reclining seats, this is one of the best options you have for a recliner. It comes in a great design that is complemented by a rich black color. This faux leather recliner is durable and easy to clean, it will last for years without losing shape easily.

This chair unit features a modular structure that is easy to assemble and install. Its space-saving design will give you a comfortable time finding a corner in your RV to set it up. It only requires 3” from the wall to fully recline. The chair also weighs around 166lbs, so you’ll need an extra pair of hands to move around if the need arises.

Two recline positions ensure that you find the ideal happy place when you are tired and longing to relax. Plush foam padding on the recliner seat allows you to get the level of comfort that has come to be associated with state-of-the-art recliners.

Overall, this recliner chair will look nice in your RV, thanks to its stylistic flair. It is also available in a range of colors, including black and brown, to ensure that you find a design that best suits your RV décor.

  • Easy to clean and install
  • Easy maintenance
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Great overall design
  • Perfect for a camper
  • A little bit heavy

5.  Flash Furniture Contemporary Palimino Leather RV Chair

If you are in the market for a cost-friendly RV reclining chair, you’ve found the perfect selection in the Contemporary Palimino leather recliner from Flash Furniture. It is the most compact seat on our list of RV chairs and you’ll find it quite convenient to install it in any corner of your RV.

This easy-going recliner only weighs 54lbs; you don’t need an extra pair of hands to move it around. It has a unique design, with an integrated headrest to provide needed support to your tired back. The Palimino leather upholstered recliner features plush arms that allow you to achieve your comfort zone easily.

The chair also comes with a charming ottoman that you can conveniently rest your tired legs on.

Multiple reclining positions ensure that you get the perfect resting position. Finally, the leather upholstery washes up easily and durable enough to maintain its shape after repeated use.

  • Easy to maintain
  • Lightweight
  • Nice compact design
  • Comfortable
  • Easy assembly
  • Budget-friendly
  • Sits low on the ground
  • Not the best quality

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wall hugger recliners?

Wall huggers are reclining chairs that sit up straighter, meaning they can be positioned directly against the wall, allowing the chair to take up much less space in the room. Usually, they have a more limited range of motion, with a resting position that’s easier to get in or out of.

Wall hugger recliners have become a popular installation for RV owners who want to save on space but still enjoy the comfort and luxury of a recliner seat.

How far does a recliner need to be from the wall?

Ideally, there should be at least 4 inches between the recliner and wall behind, if you are acquiring a standard reclining sofa. However, the wall clearance may vary from one model to another.

Some zero-clearance recliners won’t require any space behind, whereas some oversize reclining seats will need at least the recommended 4-inch clearance to comfortably recline. You also want to leave enough space in front of the recliner to allow the footrest to pop up easily without knocking down a coffee table.

What Does Zero-wall Recliner Mean?

This is a reclining seat that needs very little or no space behind the chair to recline. This is because, underneath the chair, there is a gliding mechanism that enables the lower half of the chair to slide forward. This way, the upper side doesn’t have to move for the RV chairs to recline, ensuring that there is an efficient use of space.

These recliners are sometimes referred to as “wallaway recliners” because the chair moves or reclines away from the wall.


With so many RV recliners to choose from, there is no best way to find a choice that will fit seamlessly in your camper. You might have to perform some due diligence and even test some potential candidates to find a model that you won’t regret buying later on.

Luckily, the above recliner chairs review provide you with a viable and convenient choice, especially if you are not ready to follow the long route to finding an RV recliner chair you’ll love .