There’s nothing more comforting than stretching your body on the massive frame of a recliner chair! Unfortunately, if you’re tall and big-bodied, the feeling might be quite different when you attempt to sit on a standard recliner.

It is not only a tight squeeze to try and fit in one but your head is usually left hanging over the head and neck support while getting up from a chair lying so close to the ground can be a tricky and frustrating maneuver.

But how can you be blamed when all recliners are designed for the average-sized man?

Not quite!

You can actually find recliner seat brands that would be the perfect fit for your oversize frame.

In a hurry? After 48 hours of research our top Oversized Recliner is…

Our test winner after 48 hours of intense research and going through hundreds of customer reviews is the Lane Stallion Big Man Comfort King Recliner Chair. This oversize recliner boasts an enormous weight capacity of 500 pounds, which is just perfect for a tall and big man. It has a sturdy frame with plush padding and other premium-quality features. The Lane Stallion is just what you need in a reclining chair designed for big body individuals. 

Let us now take a quick look at our top choices for the best tall guy recliners in the table below:

Choosing a Tall Person Recliner – Buying Guide

No recliner chair is perfect for everybody. Even for a tall person, you’ll need to sit down and consider a range of aspects to find the ideal product. Generally, the following are features that you should prioritize when shopping for an oversized recliner:


Recliners come in all shapes and sizes; some are no bigger than your average armchair whereas others can be large and spacious enough to act as a mini love nest that can easily seat two people. When searching for a tall guy recliner, you have to pay close attention to the dimensions of the seat.

That being said, the recliner you choose should have a wide seat and a long back to be the ideal fit for a big individual. The best way to pick the right size is to sit in the chair and get the actual feel before buying it. This also means that you need to be extra careful about the measurements when buying the recliner seat online.  


Naturally, a big person will exert more stress on a chair and subject it to a faster rate of wear and tear. As such, you want to look for a reclining chair with a sturdy frame that can withstand the immense weight sitting on it. Materials such as steel, iron, and hardwood make the toughest frame constructions.

Additionally, the upholstery used on the recliner will determine how long you use the chair before it loses its “fresh” look. You want to find a tough cover fabric such as leather, that will not easily scratch or tear.

The fabric further affects the appearance, as well as the ease of maintenance of the chair down the line. Microsuede and microfiber are considered to offer premium quality, although they won’t last as long as genuine leather.

Weight Limit

Even though they are designed for large and tall individuals, all chairs come with a weight limit of some kind. You must find out the maximum weight that the chair can hold before taking it back home. You don’t want to damage your brand-new recliner after a few days of use just because you overlooked this essential feature.


Typically, comfort will come down to the structure, as well as the cover material used on the recliner. Different fabrics will offer a different feel when you sit on them, as well as a unique level of comfort. You’ll also need to check the amount of padding and cushioning in the back and seat for optimal neck and lumbar support. 

For instance, microfiber is a popular fabric for people looking for enhanced comfort. It is also stain-resistant, making it a viable choice if you have pets and little kids in the household.


Buying a recliner can have huge monetary implications; it does help to secure your investment in the long term. A good way to do this would be to buy from a manufacturer that offers a warranty. Remember that not all recliner brands come with warranties, so you want to make sure that the chair you eventually buy has a protection plan going forward.

Recliner Type

There are different types of recliners available in the market. These have unique reclining mechanisms and each comes with their benefits and disadvantages. In most cases, you may have to choose between rocker, massage, and wall hugger recliners.

Having said that, the perfect choice for you might come down to personal preferences as to how you want the seat to recline and maybe the amount of free space you have back home.

Extra Features

Aside from the basic functions that you’ll find in a typical recliner (to recline, footrest, plush padding for comfort, etc.), some recliner chairs are fitted with additional features that enhance the experience of sitting or lying on the chair for a tall guy. For instance, you might find a chair with storage space, USB ports, or remote control to save you the trouble of manual operation.

Some will even have cup holders to free up your busy hands when you want to read your favorite novel as you enjoy the quality relaxation time. All these are useful features you can look for when shopping for a new recliner.


The cost is always a big issue when contemplating about buying a product, and recliners (especially those meant for big and tall persons) can carry a petty hefty price tag. It’s never a good idea to spend more than you comfortably can. Therefore, you’ll want to establish a budget before falling for a recliner that’s beyond your means.

Best Tall Guy Recliners – Individual Reviews

1.  Lane Stallion Big Man Comfort King Recliner Chair

The Lane Stallion King Recliner is the pinnacle of luxurious tall man recliners and that is why it is our top pick for the best big man recliners you can find. It has an enormous weight capacity to go with a massive structure that will provide support to any larger individual. 

For a long time, Lane Furniture has produced premium tall people recliners, but with the Stallion Comfort King, the stakes have been raised to deliver one of the best-oversized recliners in the market. 

With overall dimensions of 44 by 40 by 48 inches, this is one gigantic piece of furniture. The large frame ensures that the chair can easily accommodate people as tall as 6’8”. Its all-out weight capacity is a whopping 500 lbs, which is more than any of the oversized recliners we will review.

This is made possible by a heavy-duty steel frame that can comfortably hold big and tall people for long periods. The Stallion King comes with a remarkably tall backrest to enhance support for your neck, upper back, and lower back. Standing at 48 inches, you won’t have to worry about straining your long spine. 

The seat is designed with extra-wide chaise padding to make for weight adjustment and soft support. Extra padded arms, back, and seat keeps the chair smooth at all times so that you can cozy up to it whenever you want to ensure maximum comfort. The cotton/polyester upholstery blend results in a snug and aesthetically well-rounded design. 

One of the best features on the Lane Stallion recliner is its rare ability to transform from a chair to a mattress. When you fully recline it, it will have the length of a king-sized mattress, allowing you to gradually fall into a deep snooze. This is a good example of how the manufacturer has adapted to the changing needs of the customer.

Another baffling feature is that for a large recliner, Lane Furniture has used some innovative space-saving technology to ensure that you don’t overstuff your home with this chair. The Stallion King features a forward-reclining mechanism that allows you to install it just inches away from the wall. 

An easy-access lever and an effortless pop-out footrest ensure that you get to enjoy the smooth operation of the reclining mechanism as you seek to attain your ideal position of comfort on this rocker recliner.


  • Plush padding
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Massive weight capacity
  • Easy-to-access lever
  • Amazing full reclining position
  • Space-saving recline feature
  • Extra-tall backrest


  • Quite heavy

2.  CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair

As far as comfort and convenience are concerned, this remarkable power lift recliner delivers what very few other models do. It will grab your attention with its subtle design and satisfy you with its array of high-quality features. It is just what you want in a recliner designed for a tall man.

The CAMNOV Power Lift recliner measures 40 by 30 by 37 inches, with a seat that rises 20.5 inches high. This ensures that there is enough room to accommodate an oversized individual easily. The chair is as tough as they come, thanks to a heavy-duty metal frame and base design, which provides the needed steadiness.

It can hold as much as 300 pounds of user weight without showing the faintest sign of instability. However, the strong construction of the chair adds to the overall weight, leaving you with a 190-pound recliner. This means you’d be wise to find a permanent position in your home to set it up.

Using this recliner can be summed up in a single phrase – extreme comfort. The high back and seat feature thick padding, with an overstuffed pillow style to make for maximum relaxation. The high-grade antiskid upholstery not only adds to the durability and comfort but also enhances safety when laying on the recliner. 

This power recliner is extremely easy to assemble, as well as operate. It will take you less than ten minutes to fully install it, and a simple two-button remote control ensures that you’ll have no qualms changing the recline and lifting mechanisms of the chair to achieve your comfort zone. 

A side pocket on the chair has been conveniently included so that you can keep the remote control and free up your hands as you enjoy the cozy feel of the recliner. The pocket is large enough to store extra items such as a newspaper just in case you want to keep up with the latest world affairs.

A smooth and stable recline mechanism on the chair allows you to experiment with different angles of comfort. This is powered by a single motor that has been built to last. 

My only grievance on the CAMNOV Power lift chair is in the low armrests. They are almost at the same level as the seat, so you can imagine how awkward it can be when a tall person with long arms sit on it. 

It’s a good thing that you get a 1-year warranty when you purchase this remarkable recliner to cover you against any manufacturer’s flaws and material defects that arise within that duration.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Cozy overstuffed cushions
  • Smooth recline mechanism
  • Nice overall design
  • User-friendly remote control


  • Low armrests

3.  Christopher Knight Home 296468 Harbor Gliding Recliner Chair

The Harbor Gliding Recliner from Christopher Knight is the perfect installation for your living room or media room. It boasts a charming design that will add a touch of elegance to your home décor, to go with a superior comfort level that your body has been yearning for.

This stylish recliner comprises 43.30″D x 39.37″W x 39.37″H dimensions, which provide the perfect capacity for any oversized individual to cozy up and enjoy some deserved downtime. Its high backrest, along with a rising footrest enables your backbone to align comfortably while easing pressure on your dangling feet.

This recliner is constructed using a rubberwood frame that, apart from being environmentally friendly, is also durable and promises to serve you diligently for years to come. 

The frame results in a decent overall chair weight of around 95 lbs, which shouldn’t be too much to move around the house every once in a while.

Plush foam stuffing on the back and seat will bring a whole new meaning to relaxation. It is the perfect choice for a huge man with a bad back looking to get a break from the nudging pain. The bonded leather upholstery is easy on the touch and has a high level of durability.

It is also extremely easy to clean and wipe off any spills, meaning you’ll have an easy time caring for the recliner down the line. Assembly is required once you receive the recliner, but don’t be put off by this. The chair comes in one box with three pieces that effortlessly slide right into one another; it will only take you as little as two minutes to set it up!

On the downside, there have been reports of slight defects that customers noticed after purchasing the recliners, which can be attributed to skewed quality control. Other than that, this old-school styled recliner promises to bring a classic vibe to your space.


  • Nice design
  • Plush foam cushioning
  • Easily assembled
  • Sleek glider recline motion


  • Manufacturer’s defects
  • Bonded leather may be a little stiff

4.  Ashley Furniture Signature Design 

If you are not in a position to spend carelessly on recliners, the Ashley Furniture Signature Design is the lowest cost option on our list. Nevertheless, the manufacturer has an impressive reputation for producing high-quality recliners, and this Ludden rocker recliner is no exception.

The seat is generously sized, with dimensions of 40 by 43 by 43 inches. This provides ample room for a tall man to stretch out and relax their beat down bodies after a long day. An all-metal construction featuring a metal drop-in unitized seat box results in a strong and stable frame to give you the durability you desire.

The rocker chair weighs in at just under 100 pounds, which should not be a big problem if you want to move around the house. It requires about 12 inches of space from the wall to fully recline.

This wonderful chair will bring a fresh breath of air to your space with its immaculate design. It has a rich finish with visible puckered stitching that any guest will appreciate. Plush padding on the seat, back, and arms provide the perfect environment for that afternoon siesta after a tedious morning.

Ashley Furniture has used polyester upholstery on this recliner, which offers a great deal of durability without sacrificing softness. Its high-grade semi-soft cushion cores (as well as pillow-top arms) add to the comforting experience of this exciting recliner.

The chair comes with a smooth rocking motion and a recline mechanism with infinite positions to ensure that you achieve your perfect comfort zone. An easy-to-use push button allows you to manually operate the recliner as you look to ease the stress on your back.

Generally, the Ashley Furniture Signature Design has a contemporary outlook that will blend effortlessly into your home. It is available in various exciting colors, including blue and sand, that you can match with the color scheme in your space. The chair is delivered in two boxes and requires easy assembly to get it ready for use.

However, some customers have complained that it can be a little difficult to set the recline function back down, so this is something you might want to watch out for.


  • Extremely comfortable chair
  • Nice overall design
  • Great value for money
  • Strong all-metal construction
  • Smooth rocking motion and reclining feature


  • Setting the chair back down can be a challenge

5.  Homelegance Laurelton 43″ Microfiber Glider Recliner 

Homelegance is a leading brand when it comes to the manufacture of recliners, popular for producing some remarkable products. You can expect the same level of quality from this Laurelton model, which comes with the features to offer you maximum comfort and relaxation.

This recliner measures 43 by 40 by 40 inches, providing ample capacity to comfortably accommodate the biggest of men. This also means that you should spare a generous amount of space in your home if you plan on purchasing this model.

The chair is constructed using a combination of plywood, poplar wood, and plush microfiber to give you a durable frame that can sustain continuous pressure without disintegrating or causing discomfort. It is just the accessory you need to relax your joints when you get back home from work.

Weighing in at 97 pounds, this love seat can comfortably hold the weight of a 250-pound man. It is covered in a dark brown microfiber fabric with a semi-soft textured surface to provide the sensation of high comfort. The anti-slip texture of the fabric also enhances safety when using the recliner.

You’ll also like the huge arms and back padding that complement the plush seat for the ultimate lumbar support. Pair this with an easy-to-use lever action that enables the chair to easily recline into your preferred comfort zone. The chair can lean back quite far, to an almost horizontal position and the great thing about this is that it maintains the position once reclined and doesn’t creep up back to its upright angle.

The footrest also rises to ensure that your feet get a taste of relaxation. This standard glide chair is very easy to assemble; you can do it all alone in a matter of minutes. This is made possible by a precise instructional manual that comes in the product package. 

Something you might not like about this recliner is that the side lever for the footrest lift mechanism can be a tad stiff when you use it for the first time. However, it gets easier the more you continue operating it. Also, the backrest seems to be slightly shorter for very tall people.


  • Easy to operate
  • Soft and comfortable upholstery
  • Functional reclining feature
  • Nice color options
  • Generous seating 


  • Stiff footrest lift mechanism
  • Seat cushion is a quite firm
  • Shorter backrest

6.  Divano Roma Furniture Classic and Traditional Bonded Leather Recliner Loveseat 

If you are looking for a recliner with enough capacity to cuddle up with your better half, this leather two-seater from Divano Roma will perfectly fit the profile. It is not only easy on the eye but also comes with a superior level of comfort to help you on those stress-filled days.

This amazing loveseat has a weight capacity of about 300 pounds, which should be enough to accommodate any big guy. It measures 42 by 38.5 by 39.4 inches, with a 22-inch wide seat; that allows you to comfortably stretch out your bigger-than-average frame. 

The recliner is slightly heavy at 125 pounds, so you’ll need an extra pair of hands when you need to change its position in the house. Overall, the chair will look great in your space, thanks to its contemporary design and a distinct look.

It boasts a soft bonded leather upholstery with a cute matte finish that adds a touch of class to any space. Overstuffed cushions on the back and seat provide much-needed comfort whereas the soft purple curves result in a perfect contour for enhanced support.

The real leather fabric cover has been made from quality low-emitting materials that abide by the compliance standards for a healthy home. Its non-stick surface ensures that it doesn’t get easily stained by sweat or other liquid spills. This makes it easy to clean and care for down the line.

To recline to your favorite comfort zone, a simple pull on the chair’s lever will effortlessly engage the recline mechanism. Although the chair will require some minor assembly, you don’t necessarily need the help of a professional to get it done.

With the help of an in-depth instructional manual that is provided, you’ll be able to put the Divano Loveseat together in less than ten minutes.

On the downside, the nice-looking leather on the Divano Roma recliner doesn’t seem to last. In most of the customer reviews I’ve come across this was the biggest complain. For example, one user complained that the seams started to separate and fall off in a little over a year.

You might want to check on this inconvenience, especially if you’re looking for something that will serve you for years. Luckily, the manufacturer has responsive customer support that will timely reply to any inquiries or grievances you might have.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Ample space for two
  • Comfortable memory foam cushions
  • Overstuffed design for the ultimate relaxation
  • Nice overall design
  • Simple recline mechanism


  • Faux leather does not last long

7.  Catnapper Teddy Bear Chaise Recliner Color: Saddle 

The Catnapper Teddy Bear Chaise Recliner is a good example of why you should always test the feel of a chair before deciding to buy. What you see is not necessarily what you get. As far as softness goes, the manufacturer has crossed the limits, especially for a big and tall man looking for something sturdy.

This chair features a strong frame construction with a steel seat box paired with heavy-duty 8-gauge sinuous no-sag springs for enhanced support and durability. It can carry a maximum of 300 pounds, which is a great capacity for any large individual out there. 

It has dimensions of 42 by 40 by 43 inches, which should be big enough to accommodate a large man. However. Its low overall weight; 35 pounds, can make you question the level of stability you are getting from this oversized recliner. 

The seat is constructed with pocketed coils that have been encased in high-density foam and topped with a layer of cool gel-infused memory foam for maximum comfort. The armrests consist of fiber-filled cushions with the perfect height to relax your arms. 

According to the manufacturer, this huge man recliner features an easy-to-operate reclining mechanism, although some customers have alluded to its dysfunction. Metal mending plates have been used to boost the strength of the mechanism so that any faults are kept at bay. 

The Teddy Bear Chaise Recliner is upholstered in 100% polyester material which, unfortunately, cannot be cleaned using liquid cleaners. You can choose among three different recline mechanisms, including rocker recliner, swivel glider, and wall hugger. The chair will need about 6 inches of back clearance to fully recline. 

The biggest issue on this recliner is that the materials used are not premium quality, and the overall style of the chair is not up to standard. This is especially true when you consider the overpriced cost of the seat. It is little wonder that most reviews you read on Amazon are generally negative.


  • Minor assembly required
  • Lightweight
  • Plush memory foam cushions with fiber padding
  • Microfiber upholstery


  • Low-quality materials
  • Fabric is too soft 
  • Unstable frame construction
  • Overpriced

Best Oversized Recliner On The Market – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Most Comfortable Recliner on the Market?

There are numerous brands and models of recliners that you can find today. All these come with unique details and features that are designed to offer you the ultimate comfort. However, if you are searching for extremely comfortable recliners, the following brands of recliners will leave you extremely pleased:

Should Feet Hang Over the Recliner?

Ideally, your feet should not be dangling in the air (when seated, not reclined) and not touching the ground. However, they shouldn’t also be too low on the ground so that your heels go beyond where they’re supposed to rest as you’ll be putting extra strain on them. 

Your feet should rest flat on the ground to create plenty of knee and back support. This will also allow for optimal blood circulation in your legs and feet.

What is a Half Recliner?

A half recliner refers to an extra-wide recliner chair, which some people also call an oversized recliner. These seats and generally luxurious and more comfortable compared to the average recliner. They are typically better suited for a big person, although anybody will feel comfortable in the chair. 

How Much do Oversized Recliners Cost?

A decent oversized recliner chair will, on average, cost you around $500. This will last you a couple of years and offer you a respectable comfort level. If you have more cash to spare on these luxurious seats, a $1000+ range will reward you with more lush features and enhance the whole experience.

However, you can still find a few recliner models that are selling for under $300. These only come with basic features and have nothing more to offer. Most of these chairs will have the same function at every price level.

The difference in quality comes when you consider the types of materials used in the construction and the durability they come with. Although a recliner model might appear cheap and functional, chances are it will start to disintegrate after a few years of regular use. 

It is always advisable to spend that extra dime on the initial investment so that you won’t have to repair or replace your recliner seat in a decade. 


You have every reason to find a recliner seat to install in your house. After all, we spend a great deal of time at home either sitting or lying down. So why not make the most of this downtime by finding a chair that offers the ultimate relaxation you so much deserve? 

This is especially crucial for a tall or big guy who might struggle with finding comfort in the standard sofas we use at home. The ideal tall guy recliner will support your back and neck while providing the comfort to last you for years to come. 

The above review of the best oversize reclining chairs should give you a good idea of the hottest offerings in the market today!