How To get a Newborn Baby to Sleep in a Crib

Last Updated April 04, 2022

For most newborns, you will find that they prefer to get most of their sleep in your arms. There is a reason why you should devote most of your time to select the right crib for your baby. The main reason is that that is where you want your baby to spend most of their time during the night. But you will find that most of the time, the baby will be crying in the crib instead of sleeping. You might be forced to drive around aimlessly or hold the baby in your arms for quite a long time before they fall asleep.
If that describes your situation, then no need to give up on your baby crib. It is the safest place for your newborn to recharge and that is the place you will be able to teach them the art of sleeping. After 6 months, it becomes hard to change bad sleeping habits. But in case you didn’t do it and your baby is now older, no need to sweat, just know that easing her into the crib will need more patience.

There are other factors that will make the baby be uncomfortable in the crib. Most of them are acquired due habits you will form when the baby is born and how you train them to sleep. If you are a victim of the below habits, I have suggested solutions to the same so that you can be able to wean your baby comfortably to the crib.

Things To Consider

  • Making the crib mom-like
  • Swaddle
  • Sleep Sack
  • Limit distractions
  • Get into a habit
  • Try white noise
  • Stick with the routine

Option One: Babies Who Love Dozing Off Only In Your Own Arms

Newborns understand the world in a different way; in a sensory fashion and that is why, when you are holding them, they find your softness and warmth to be more soothing. According to research, it is believed that a baby can tell if it is being held by its own parents or someone else. They know how mommy feels like and how she smells and that is how you fall into their trap and it might make it impossible to put the baby in the crib.

Solution: If the baby likes dozing off only in your own arms, then the solution is to ensure that the crib has a feeling of a mother. One of the reasons why the baby gets irritated when you initiate them from your arms to the crib is that there is a sudden change as far as temperature is concerned . The bed is cold while your body is warm. But as much as you want to make the crib warm, never place a pillow or a blanket in your baby’s crib because they will increase the risk of suffocation.
If your baby is under 3 month, you will need to feed them, swaddle and ease them into the crib. The swaddle will smell like you. But if your baby is above the swaddle, then you can try the sleep sack. But if it resists, then you can try standing next to the crib for a few minutes with your hand on their tummy to soothe, but don’t pick them. This will confuse the baby.

Option Two: Babies Who Only Sleep When In Their Infant Carrier.

If your baby is that type who loves sleeping in an infant carrier, you will need to ask yourself why they love it in there. Maybe there is something more soothing. Remember while in the carrier, there is the chest to chest contact between you and the baby; kangaroo care. It is one of the best care that babies love in addition to your warmth and the smell of your body and the motion of walking around. If the baby has reflux, staying in an upright position also helps in keeping the stomach acid down as opposed to sleeping down.

Solution: Weaning such a baby off the carrier to the crib during sleep time will involve a few tears which will be worth in the long run. Start doing it during bedtime. Put them down in the crib when she is awake but sleepy then try checking on them as frequently as possible; an interval of ten minutes is not bad. Your goal here is to ensure that the baby falls asleep on their crib mattress, on their own. When you have won them during bedtime, try it during the day for one nap with the others as usual.

Optionh Three: Babies Who Only Sleep When On A Car Seat Or Swing

Why do you think that your baby can only sleep while on a swing or a car seat? Remember they both involve motion which is similar to what they felt when they were in your belly.

Solution: You will have to start by eliminating the motion. You can put them on a stroller without having to stroll it. Put them on a swing without having to swing it. Buckle them on the car seat but don’t drive around. When they are used to that, put them in the crib when they start rubbing their eyes but not sleepy yet. It’s a process which will need your patience. Try these steps when you are ready and ensure that you are consistent. If you start changing the routine, it will confuse the baby and make the whole process to be longer than necessary.

Things To Do To Make The Newborn Sleep

Immediately after delivery and you are released from the hospital, it will be important to start a bedtime routine. When you establish one from the moment the baby comes home, it will be easy to make them sleep. Let me take you through some of the dos and don’ts.

1.Limit Distractions

Just like you, babies would like to wind down and thus, you will need to start switching gears like reducing the light, minimizing on the noise when it is approaching bedtime.

2.Get Into A Habit

You can choose a habit to do when you want the baby to sleep like a book or bath every night. If feeding is included in the routine, ensure you start with it so that, the baby doesn’t rely on it in order to sleep. When the baby is drowsy, and about to sleep, but not yet asleep, put them in the crib.

3.Try White Noise

Though a simple machine, it will be comforting to the baby and you will not have to wake up at night again.

4.Stick With It

Ensure you form a routine and stick to it. Put the baby to sleep at the same time every day and in the same place each night. If you are on vacation or on holiday and you are thrown off schedule, you need not worry. When you get back home, ensure that you get back on track as soon as possible.

Steps To Getting Newborn To Sleep In A Crib

Babies having spent in their mother’s womb for nine months are used to sleeping in a cozy place. To ensure that a baby sleeps in its crib will offer you a good night sleep enabling you to be able to get through easy the following day. With time and determination, you will be able to help your baby fall asleep in its own crib.

Here are the steps to follow ( source ): 

Step 1

You will need to wait until your baby shows signs of readiness to sleep before you put them in the crib. If you happen to put them when they are playful and active, or not tired, they will only be agitated more. Signs of being ready to sleep include rubbing their eyes, yawning, and drifting in and out of an early stage of sleep. If the baby shows such signs, it will be easier for them to fall asleep peacefully in their crib because they are already tired.

Step 2

You will need to put the crib in your bedroom so that the baby can feel your presence. The baby is not scared about sleeping in the crib, but about where their parents are as they sleep. If the crib is in your bedroom, they will be able to recognize that you are there with them at nighttime, and they will feel comfortable, making it easier for them to fall asleep.

Step 3

You can use mobiles, darkness and soft music to comfort the baby. Don’t you ever put stuffed animals in the crib as they could suffocate them?

Step 4

From time to time, go and check on the baby especially if it cries. Comfort them in the crib without having to pick them and then go back to your own bed. This way, they will learn to sleep in the crib without you. You will need to be consistent in your behavior when getting the baby to fall asleep. Even though it might seem rude to walk away from a crying baby, this approach emphasizes that the baby will soon adapt and learn that, when in the crib, it is time to sleep.


You have learned about the different things that can make it impossible for the baby to sleep in the crib and how to overcome them. Hope you have found the article to be informative and thus, utilize the steps in order to make your baby start sleeping in the crib on their own without your presence. 

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