You may have already heard of Nectar, Purple, and Casper being that they are some of the biggest names in mattresses for sleep comfort. 

And seeing that they have some of the most sought after mattresses around, it makes sense to compare them with each other to see which one is best.  So that’s what we’re going to do here.

They each have their own advantages, and things that make them unique.  The Nectar mattress for example has medical grade memory foam. 

The Purple mattress is also made with memory foam but is also naturally antimicrobial, and the Casper memory foam mattress is designed to provide pressure relief.

You may be thinking – we’ll they’re all made with memory foam, so how different could they be?  Well, you’ll be surprised!

What we’re going to do now is to look at each one individually (specifically the queen size versions) and conduct a very thorough review of each.  The article also includes links for each mattress so you can check the price once you’ve finished reading (or even while you’re still reading if you’re curious).

In particular we’re going to look at and compare the mattress layers, the firmness of each of the mattresses, and their edge support.  Then we’ll summarise towards the end with an overall comparison and recap (feel free to scroll straight down to this section for a quicker answer) and you should, by the end know, which of the 3 mattresses would be the best pick for you (and your partner if you have one).

We’ve also tagged our own conclusion on at the end, but of course the decision as to what mattress to get will rest with you.  And if you delve into the details we’re about to provide you with, you should most certainly have all the information you need to make the best possible purchase decision.

Nectar Vs. Purple Vs. Casper

1. Nectar Queen Mattress

This mattress from Nectar is a great option for sleepers who change their sleeping position through the night.  And it’s also really good if you’re sleeping next to a fidgety light sleeper or a late sleeper – you won’t be disturbed as they move around before settling down for the night.

So your next question is “How exactly can the mattress achieve that?”.  

We mentioned in our introduction that the Nectar mattress uses memory foam, but what makes it different to your more typical memory foam mattresses is that it’s hyper elastic.  What this means is that the mattress has no real motion transfer when any weight is placed or removed from a point on the mattress.  This phenomenon is known as movement isolation.  

In fact you can even set a mug of coffee on this mattress without it tipping or spilling – the movement isolation is that good.  (Not that we’re encouraging you to set drinks on it!)

Going back to the memory foam itself, it does a really good job of conforming to your body’s position when you first settle, and it has a gentle firmness to it which does a great job of taking any pain out of the main pressure points, such as the shoulders and hips for side sleepers.

To get into the specifics, the mattress has a firmness rating of 5.5 to 7, which is said to be the ideal medium firmness.  For back sleepers, this firmness means that there’s not too much weight on the body’s pressure points such as the head and buttox, but it does help to keep the spine aligned.

We think it has a perfect balance between softness and firmness, and whether you’re sleeping (or trying to sleep) on your back, belly or side, you should feel super comfy.

The base layer of the mattress is quite thick, providing an excellent foundation and support for the remaining layers on top.  The middle layer is just over an inch thick, and is what gives it a little responsiveness, so it can adjust to a sleeper’s changing position.  The upper layer meanwhile has the special medical grade memory foam which really makes it snug.

With regards to the mattress’s edge support, the upper memory foam layer of the mattress does tend to roll ever so slightly as you roll toward the edge, and whilst the top layer sinks a little, the supporting layers underneath will remain firmly in place.

The queen version of the mattress is available with 2 matching pillows, for a fuller experience of the memory foam’s effect.

In terms of the mattress temperature, it’s neither too hot nor too cold, so there’s less chance of having your sleep disturbed from being too hot and sweaty.

And if all that wasn’t enough, you also get a full year trial of the mattress and a lifetime product guarantee.  Lifetime!

What we like about it:

  • Perfect balance of softness and firmness
  • Supportive memory foam, great for pressure points
  • Excellent movement isolation, move without disturbing your partner

What we don’t like about it:

  • May need 2 people to set the mattress up

2. Purple Queen Mattress

This queen mattress from Purple is just perfect for people who suffer with back pain – it can really do wonders.

For those who sleep on their back, the mattress does a fantastic job keeping your spine aligned, minimizing the stain on those more sensitive pressure points, whilst also supporting the rest of the body.  

And without the weight and pressure you would normally feel trying to sleep on a more traditional mattress, you’ll certainly notice the difference and be able to drift away far more comfortably.

So, here’s the lowdown on how the mattress works.  The Purple mattress has a polyurethane base layer which is what gives it its strength and support.  The middle layer meanwhile creates a transition between the other two layers by adding a layer of softness atop the strong base layer.  But it’s the upper layer that really makes a difference, as it features a special hyper elastic grid.  

This hyper elastic grid has a number of different benefits.  Again it’s a memory foam mattress and provides real support as you rest, yet is still dynamic enough to adjust to the shape and movement of your body.

But better yet this hyper elastic grid offers much more airflow than what you’d get with a more traditional memory foam mattress.  This can be a real game changer for some sleepers.  

Normally a memory foam mattress would be notorious for trapping too much heat, but not so with the Purple mattress.  The special grid in the top layer of the mattress ensures that air flows through sufficiently to really disperse your body heating, keeping you feeling cool throughout the night.

But that’s not it’s only stand out feature.  The Purple mattress is naturally antimicrobial.  Now this is a great plus because you can never stick a mattress into a washing machine.  Over time, like it or not, a mattress can absorb quite a lot of sweat, bacteria, dust and dirt, even with a bed sheet in place.  

But when you have a mattress with antimicrobial properties in place, you can rest more easily knowing that your mattress can actively fight against bacteria and other microbes to help keep it as hygienic as can be, no matter what.

As for the mattress’s firmness, it’s elastic grid both stretches and supports.  For more lightweight people it can feel quite firm compared to a standard mattress.  For a heavier person on the other hand it doesn’t feel quite as firm, and it will have a more medium firm feel to it.

With regards to edge support, there is adequate support there, but unfortunately it does lose some edge support gradually over time.  The upper layer will dip a little if you sit on the edge, but if you were laid down and rolled toward the edge you won’t feel like you’re about to fall off.

Normally a traditional mattress would last you between 7 and 10 years, while a memory foam mattress is designed to last about 8 to 10 years.  But the Purple mattress is quite special in that it’s built to last up to an additional 10 years.  In other words it will potentially last twice as long as competing mattresses.  So, you can be sure to get your money’s worth out of it.

There’s also a 100 night trial available on this mattress, which we would advise that you take advantage of if you’re interested.

What we like about it:

  • Hyper elastic grid to keep you feeling nice and cool
  • Provides excellent spine support and alignment
  • Built to last with an excellent product lifespan

What we don’t like about it:

  • It has a kind of new-product smell when it first arrives, and it takes longer than we’d like to properly dissipate

3. Casper Queen Mattress

Now, this is the everybody mattress, however light or heavy the sleeper they will all find a decent level of firmness and comfort.

I say this because while a particularly lightweight person may find a mattress quite hard, a larger heavier person might find the same mattress too soft.  But you don’t really get this problem with the Casper mattress.  You get the same support and comfort regardless of your weight or size.

It also offers great back support and even if you suffer with lower pain, the mattress will perfectly support your hips and give plenty of much needed relief.

But that’s not all.  The Casper mattress also offers excellent edge support.  Know how you sometimes can slide off a mattress while you sti to put your shoes and socks on?  Not with the Casper mattress.  Don’t get us wrong, there is of course some sloping, but you’ll barely notice it at all.  And this edge support is even better when the weight is more evenly spread.  Edge support as good as this is actually a rare find in memory foam mattresses.

In terms of the mattress layers, the Casper mattress also has several.  First there’s the very supportive base layer.  Then it is the middle layer that adds the extra support for the sleeper’s hips and shoulders.  And finally at the top, there’s the layer of memory foam which is designed to conform to the shape of your body, giving it that much coveted snug comfort, but with a nice responsiveness.

The other thing we like about this matter, is that it doesn’t take any time to “wear in” or take any time to adapt to your body’s weight, shape and position.  The mattress’s memory foam will take to your body straight away on the very first night of sleeping in it.

And setting it up is a breeze too.  It will reach its full size very shortly after you unpack it, not like some other mattresses you can get when you order them online.  Better yet you don’t get that lingering new-product smell with it either.  Basically you can enjoy this mattress from the word go.

And if all that’s not enough, it also comes complete with a really good warranty to boot.

What we like about it:

  • Provides great back, hip and spine support
  • Very firm edge support, so you won’t roll or slide off
  • Quick, easy and more pleasant to set up

What we don’t like about it:

  • We wish it was a little cooler to sleep in, it can be rather warm

Quick Overall Comparison and Recap

So, they’re all basically really good, reliable, memory foam mattresses.  But they certainly have their differences.  Each of them are better suited to different kinds of sleepers in terms of, for example, position they sleep in, how hot or cold they can get, how big and heavy they might be, and whether they need any extra support for their pressure points.

In terms of their price point, they tend to rank fairly similarly, so in order to best judge which might be the right one for you (and your partner if you have one) you should judge each mattress by its merits and what it has to offer rather than simply going for the cheapest one, provided of course that you can happily afford to do so.

So, let’s quickly go over the highlights of each of the 3 mattresses.

So, the Nectar mattress first of all is really great for those who move around a lot in the night.   

This is because this mattress has incomparable motion isolation, which in everyday terms basically means that if one would-be sleeper moves around a lot through the course of the night, the movement will not disturb the other sleeper.  (Unfortunately however that doesn’t mean to say that any noises will not disturb you.)  And it’s great for multi-position sleepers too.

What makes the Purple mattress stand out however, is how it’s hyper elastic grid allows better air flow, ensuring that the sleeper/s can keep that much cooler through the night than they would do in a more traditional mattress. 

But that’s not all, the Purple mattress is also naturally antimicrobial, which makes it a much more cleaner and hygienic option than its counterparts.  

Where the Casper mattress stands out however is in just how supportive it is.  With the Casper mattress even people with bad lower back pain can have that pain eased, and drift softly away into a good night’s sleep.

Furthermore, the Casper mattress also offers far superior edge support than its counterparts, so not only are you less likely to roll and slide off the bed during the night, but when you’re sat on the edge, getting dressed or whatever, you’re less likely to slide off then too.     


OK, so if you haven’t already surmised which ones sounds like it could be the best possible choice of mattress for you (and your partner if you have one), here’s what we think.

We can’t really put our hand on heart and simply say that any one of these mattresses is any better than the other.  At the risk of repeating ourselves, we’ll say again, each of the mattresses has their merits and advantages.

Each mattress suits different individuals.  The Nectar mattress is best where one or both of you are light sleepers that like to toss and turn in the night.  The Purple mattress is best for those who sometimes sweat a little through the night.  And the Casper mattress on the other hand is a great choice for sleepers with back pain (provided they sleep on their back).

We would argue that all of the above mattresses are really good value for money, offering plenty of bang for your buck.