Do You Need A Boxspring with a Memory Foam Mattress?

Last Updated April 01, 2022

Types Of Foundation Best For Latex Mattresses And Memory Foam

Many people who are buying memory foam and latex mattresses wonder which is the best support base or “foundation” to use with their mattress. The foundation refers to the mechanism or the base which sits underneath a mattress. Both latex and memory foam requires a base which is solid and uniform in order to work properly.

So, do you need a box spring with your memory foam mattress? Here is the answer:
If you have a very old box spring base (10 years or older), it is not recommended to use it as a foundation for your memory foam mattress. However, if you plan to place a memory mattress on a modern box spring, then this can work well as the box spring provides a solid base, and allows your memory mattress to “breathe”.

If you have an old box spring that you are thinking to use, then it is good to read on so that you learn more.
On the market nowadays, you will be able to find two types of foundations for your mattress in the world; foundations and box springs.

  • Foundations have a structure which is more solid and thus, can be a good option for both latex and foam mattress. On top, they have a more solid structure or at times, wood is used which is slotted into the system with a cover.
  • Box spring is normally made from a combination of steel springs and wood which acts as shock absorbers for a mattress of traditional innerspring.

So if you have a box spring that is over 10 years old, they might have offered much with their spring system and thus, not the best to use for your memory foam mattress. But if you have one that is less than 10 years, and it looks that it is still in shape, then you can test it against the springs in several spots to see if it is worth using.

It should have the same consistency in feel in order to be worth. If you find out that it is firm and rigid, with an inch or less then you can still use as a base for your latex or memory foam mattress. If it doesn’t pass that test, then you are better purchasing a new foundation for quality sleep.

Foundations are available in different sizes with typical ones being made of either wood slat and frame of steel and steel frame or zippered cover and a wooden, solid top or even tacked cardboard. This is what is ideal for your latex or memory foam mattress as it is likely to provide a uniform, solid bottom for the foam cores. If you get the wood slat foundation, then you are sorted. It is available at great prices and its assembled height is about ten inches off the floor, making the mattress sit at a nice height off the floor.

Why Use A Box Spring With A Memory Foam Mattress?​

In order for a memory foam mattress to last for a longer time and to be comfortable, it needs to sit on a firm, supportive surface. As long as your box spring or foundation is firm and supportive, you can use it for many years. The box spring does not cause the same problem caused by solid decked platforms: which is not allowing sufficient ventilation to make your mattress breathable.

This is very important because, as you sleep, there is a lot of moisture, which is produced by your body and at the end of it, it will be pooled at the bottom of your mattress if the mattress doesn’t have a good airflow. With time, this will cause mold on the bottom of the mattress, so if you want to go with a solid wooden deck you might want to drill a fair amount at the bottom for a good air flow.

In case of a deck being plastic, I would suggest that you look for another option since I don’t think a solid plastic deck really works with a memory foam bed.

Never try to use a memory foam mattress on the floor as there will be no ventilation. I once tried it and after some time, it was suffering from mold issues. If it is a must you put it on the floor due to lack of another flat surface, then you will need to tip it up on its side after one or two days in order to allow moisture to dissipate, avoiding moisture from forming at the bottom which at the end of the day, leads to so many problems.

Placing A Memory Foam Mattress On A Box Spring

Before you put the mattress on the box spring, make sure that the box spring is in good shape with no slats which are broken. This is because memory foam mattresses are naturally heavy. If you get a good king size memory foam mattress, it will way approximately 120 pounds. So if on top of it, you put the weight of you and your partner combined, around 200 pounds, it makes it a lot for a weak box spring to hold.
An ideal set up for your memory foam mattress would be one that has no broken ends and no sagging. Most foundations are sold by memory foam companies and they are mostly made of hardwood slats which are covered with a fabric. The construction of the foundation is such that, it allows the memory foam mattress on top of it to be breathable due to adequate circulation. Putting a sheet of perforated plywood on top of the box spring is good. A plywood on top will also give it more support to allow even distribution to the memory foam on top of it.


You have several options to use with your box spring to make it more suitable for your memory foam mattress. You can decide to perforate plywood which you can easily get in a hardware store. Make sure the holes are evenly drilled and spread. It should be around ¼ an inch thick to make it be adequate to support your mattress. The memory foam mattress is heavy, the box spring is the best option to use to support it.

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