Why do we use pillows? You will need a pillow in order to support your spine and neck in order to be comfortable. How many pillows should you sleep on in order to achieve this?

Depending on whether you are a side sleeper or not, the number of pillows for comfortability varies from person to person.

For side sleepers, one pillow under your head, and one between your legs is typically ideal.

For back sleepers, one to two pillows behind your head is recommended, with one behind your knees for extra comfort.

Benefits Of A Pillow

  • It protects the head
  • It helps to stabilize your head
  • It feels soothing against your skin
  • Helps to alleviate snoring issues
  • Fits natural curves of the body

So if you choose the best pillow for your body, you will be able to get the above core benefits. But in case you make the wrong choice, then you will encounter an inferior sleeping experience. You will need to understand these benefits so that you can get the most out of them.

How Does It Affect Your Health?

Your health while asleep is normally influenced by your cervical alignment. The way you align your pillow is important to your support in sleep postures. Remember that, your spine is what the central nervous system requires for support and whatever is going around you need to travel through it. When you compromise it, then you will have to work hard in order to get comfort, affecting your future mental and physical abilities.

Tips For Using Pillows

1. Understand Your Sleeping Position

It is important to understand your sleeping position during the night. You should know whether you sleep on your stomach, on your back, or on your side. Everyone has their own sleeping pattern and that is fine. You will need to choose a pillow depending on your pattern. If you are not sure of your sleeping position, you will not be in a position to choose the right pillow for yourself.

2. Only Rest Head And Neck On The Pillow

The work of the pillow is to make sure that your neck and head are protected and stabilized. Don’t you dare put your shoulders on the pillow too, because that is where most people get it wrong? You find them resting the entire top half of their body on the pillow and wonder why they feel uncomfortable. The curve of the body doesn’t allow for such positioning and you will need to adhere to this.

Scoot down and ensure that, only the neck and the head are on the pillow while the rest of the body is on the mattress.

3. Find Balance

Ensure that you assess how your body reacts to different settings. If you are a smart sleeper, you will be able to test various configurations to see the option which is best suitable for you. People find it hard to give each option a chance and if that is you, you are likely going to be uncomfortable in your sleep.

According to some studies, it has been found out that, you can enhance your night time in bed by ensuring that you adjust to your pillow. Sleep experts believe that it is the best change you can make if you are not sleeping well at night.

What Are The Pillow Goals In Relation To Sleep Postures?

Everyone has their own sleep postures that are comfortable. There are those who sleep in one position throughout the night while others will shift from one position to the next. Discomfort could be the reason why you would find someone changing positions of sleeping at night. Your goal will likely be to get something that will support your body in such a way that the discomfort is done away with. When you have uninterrupted night, you will wake up well refreshed and the pillow could just do the trick.

How Does The Pillow Assist When You Are A Back Sleeper?

If you are a back sleeper, then you will have a great advantage due to the fact that, your spine is held in the most natural way which is very relaxing. Your pillow goal will mostly be to have one which will allow your head to be able to rest naturally, which is in line with your shoulder and level with your spine. You will also need proper support beneath your neck in order to allow the soft tissue to relax and avoid causing neck pain and to avoid lower back strain.

Pillow choice: As a back sleeper, you will need a thin pillow support which will provide enough lift to hold the head between the shoulder and the rest of the spine. In case the pillow is high, it will fit the head and cause a lot of discomfort to the spine. Apart from the airways being compromised and snoring being complicated, it is going to create stress to the lower back and the neck.

When the pillow is soft or too thin, it will allow your head to fall too far back. This way, the airways are also compromised and will create stress on the back and the neck. For the neck to be well supported and the upper soft tissue of the upper back and neck to relax, you will need to ensure that the pillow has enough filling.
Most popular pillows you can buy to provide a firm but responsive support includes buckwheat, shredded foam or memory foam.

How To Use A Pillow As A Stomach Sleeper

You will be at a distinct disadvantage if you are a stomach sleeper as compared to other postures and it is impossible for you to keep your spine aligned since you are forced to turn from side to side in order to keep airways clear. So your pillow goal will be to have one that is a nonlifting in order to alleviate the pressure on your back which you are likely to experience through your hips.

Pillow choice: If you are a side stomach sleeper, I would advise that you don’t use a pillow at all because this will allow the spine to lay as flat as possible. But if you feel uncomfortable to sleep minus a pillow at all, then you will need to get one. When choosing, you will need to remember that, the head needs to be as flat as possible and allow for a support that allows for cushioning of the ear and head as well as the top of your shoulders.

The most popular pillows you can choose from including shredded memory foam fills, or down and feather. You can also try thin memory foam pillows which are pad like in shape and feel.

How To Use A Pillow As A Side Sleeper

Most people tend to be side sleepers and that is why most retailers making pillows tend to cater to this group. It is the most awkward position to support but could be healthier overall due to most products taking this as the main sleeping position when making their products. When you look for a pillow, you will need one that can fill the gap left under the neck and hold your head level between the vertical placement of your shoulder.

Pillow choice: You will have to get going with a thicker pillow that will be able to keep the head in place and on the same level with the shoulders, but at the same time, provide a thickness that will ensure that there is no space left under the neck For the pressure of the shoulder against the side of the pillow, they will need to be malleable. Based on personal preference, you can use pillows of any feel. Shredded foam and feather can be the best due to the fact that, they can form into a specific feel and support. The memory foam will be able to provide enough and contour to fit the head weight and provide head support.

Pregnant Sleepers And Pillows

If you are pregnant, it will be best if you use body pillows. During pregnancy, as a pregnant mother, you will have to deal with a lot of discomfort pains and aches. A supportive body pillow will be able to assist you on your sides while other pillows propped beneath the knees, behind the back, and below the stomach will provide extra support. For good blood flow and fetal health, it is recommended to side sleep when pregnant.

What Of If You Are A Multiple Pillow User?

In case you are a multiple pillow user, you can get as many as you like, as long as you don’t use two at the same time under your head.
If you are a stomach sleeper, you can place one pillow beneath the hip to take the pressure off the lower back and allow the spine to a better level out using a good soft or thin contouring pillow.

If you are a back sleeper, you can put one beneath the knees to help lengthen your spine and take the pressure off the lower back. You can also roll a pillow and place it under the neck to get added support.
In case you are a side sleeper, you can benefit from using multiple pillows by placing them between the knees. This will help the hips and help you to keep your spine aligned.

It will also be important in case you have issues with pressure points . Using pillows that are malleable and soft which are not too thick, but which will make you happy as per your preference will be best. 


If you are still wondering how many pillows you need to sleep comfortably, I think I can answer in the affirmative that, it is only one. That is what you should have beneath your head in order to have a comfortable sleep. Any other pillow should be used anywhere else but not beneath your head.

Get started in figuring out the best pillow with the right requirements. If necessary, you are going to enjoy your sleep by using just a single pillow so long as you have gotten the right one for your requirements and needs. If you are ignoring this, you might find that, with a comfortable mattress minus a quality pillow, you will still find it difficult to sleep.