What size sheets fits a futon?

Last Updated April 01, 2022

Futons are available in a range of sizes. It can be challenging to find the right sheet size for your sofa bed when you go shopping. In most cases, sheets meant for standard mattresses fit a futon without trouble. However, the mattress thickness is what you want to look out for.

So, if you are wondering what size sheets fit your mattress, this post will give you a good idea of what to buy!

What’s the Right Sheet Fit for Your Futon?

To know the appropriate sheet size for a sofa bed, we will consider the different types of futon mattresses in the market. Industry standard sizes for conventional mattresses like full, twin, and queen also apply when it comes to futons, so you might want to keep this mind when choosing sheets.

Twin Size

Typically, a twin size futon measures 39” by 75”. In most cases, this type is paired with an ottoman chair to make for an awesome place to relax. Select sheets that will match the mentioned dimensions of a twin bed mattress for the ideal fit.

Full Size

A full futon size is a more commonly used option for both sofas and platform beds because of its large size. It can also be a great choice when guests drop by unannounced. The standard full-size futon is 54” by 75”, and has the same length as a twin futon. This will also suit a bi-fold couch frame easily.

Queen Size Futon

This is another type of futon mattress you can find. This measures 60” by 80” and is a tad longer and wider than a full mattress. Because of this, it makes the perfect choice to place on a platform bed. You can also try the queen size futons on a bi-fold frame if you want to make your couch more comfortable.

King Size

These are the largest futons available, although they aren’t commonly used as standard mattresses. They come with dimensions of 76” by 80”, which leaves you with plenty of surface to sit and lay on. The huge dimensions of a California king makes it difficult to operate. If you put it on a platform bed, you’ll have 16” of width that will be hanging. 

How to Buy the Right Sheets for Futon

Now that you’re familiar with the various sizes of futons available, it should be easier to select the right size sheets for your mattress. The following tips will prove crucial when shopping for the perfect fit of futon bedding:

Measure the Depth

The length and width aren’t the only measurements that should concern you when buying sheets. You want to check the depth of the sheet, and this measurement is usually listed as “loft” on the package. The loft of the sheet can be measured by starting at the bottom of its surface.

Remember that you’ll need an extra 2” on your futon’s loft for the sheet to stretch to its sides. For instance, if the mattress is 6” deep, add 2 more inches so that the sheet fits your futon size perfectly.

Consider the Material of the Sheet

There is a variety of materials used to make bedding for futon. These range from fabrics like cotton, suede, vinyl, etc. and each offers a unique feel. You should consider the texture of the futon cover and decide if it’s the right feel for your futon.

Choose a durable fabric if you have pets or kids in your household and inspect the colors and design of the sheets to match the décor of your space.

Buy Several Sheet Sets

It never hurts to get an extra sheet or two when shopping for a cover for your futon. Consider that you’ll need to wash the sheet when it gets stained. You might even want to change the colors and patterns just to give the sofa bed and your space a fresh breath of air.


Will a Full Fitted Sheet Fit a Futon?

A fitted sheet will suit a futon when used as a bed but the fit will be slightly off when the sofa mattress is transformed into a seat.

Is a Futon Mattress the Same Size as a Full Size Bed?

A full size bed measures 54” by 75” whereas a full mattress is around the same length. This means it fit perfectly on full bed sizes.

Will a twin sheet fit a futon?

Most standard sheets designed for beds can also be used on a futon mattress. A twin-sheet measures 39” by 75”.

Final Thought

Buying the right futon sheets allows you to feel comfortable when you relax on your sofa bed. It also prevents unnecessary tearing and damage whenever you’re using the sofa bed. The guide above should help you to know what size sheets fit a futon. 

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