Do you have frequent overnight guests? Already have an excellent frame, but you know that a futon is only as good as its mattress?

Well, you’ve come to the right place because here, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular models circulating the market and try to find the best full size futon mattress the money can buy.

What Is a Full Size Futon Mattress?

The mattresses differ from one another in many different ways. One of the most important specs we use to set them apart is, of course, their size.

A full size mattress usually refers to the mattress with the width of 54 inches (137 centimeters), length of 75 inches (190 centimeters) and thickness somewhere between 8 to 10 inches (20-25 centimeters).

Not quite suitable for sleeping in pairs like queen-size futon mattresses or twin-size futon mattresses, but the biggest singles-sleeper variety you can find on the market.

The benefits of full size futon mattresses

Multipurpose fun

Do you like to sleep on the floor or you prefer a rock-solid frame below your back?

You need a bed or a couch? Or maybe even a sofa? It really doesn’t matter. The best futon mattresses cover all these options. They also make a space-saving and style-agnostic addition to any kind of space ranging from offices to bedrooms, so it’s safe to say you won’t find a more versatile bedding solution.

They are very comfortable

Futon mattresses were always been frowned upon by many purists for their supposed lack of comfort.

It’s time to shatter some stereotypes because modern futons and mattresses are really small feats of design wonder. Firm, durable, and a joy to sleep on.Of course, they still can’t fully compete with full-fledged beds, but if you need somewhere to sleep for a night or two, the best futons will knock you out of the park.

Futon mattresses are healthy for your back

Sleeping on the flow always seems like a thing we do from necessity rather than some particularly good and sensible reason.

But, did you know that this setup is actually healthier for your back than the soft mattresses you can simply sink into? Sleeping on the mattress that is spread directly on the floor can improve your posture, help you replenish energy and even relieve your back pain.

Something for everyone

We already mentioned that futons and futon mattresses are pretty style agnostic. If that’s not versatile enough for you, you’ll be glad to know that they come in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, materials, and coverings.

Whether you are buying a unit for your mountain lodge or your streamlined downtown apartment, you won’t have any problem finding the design that suits your taste.

Affordable and durable

Finally, it should be mentioned that futon mattresses make a very worthwhile purchase.

Coming at a very affordable price, durable foam and spring units that are well maintained and protected with decorative covers will be able to survive years and years without getting damaged or losing their form.

Also, keep in mind that futons can be used both as beds and couches and that you can simply take the mattress off and do whatever crosses your mind with it, so you’re essentially buying three things at once.

Talk about the bang for the buck, huh?

A couple of things you should consider before buying a full size futon mattress

Materials matter

The level of enjoyment you’ll get out of your mattress will largely depend on its construction and your personal preferences. Let’s quickly cover the first mention:

  • Cotton and foam – Most affordable variety. Due to the fact they are usually very thin, they are only good for sitting and occasional sleeping.
  • Innerspring/Coil  – Strong and durable, innerspring mattresses provide optimal comfort and support. They also breathe very well so you won’t experience extensive overnight heating.
  • Memory foam – Made out of latex and polyester, memory foam perfectly adapts to the sleeper position making it probably the most comfortable material on the list. They are, however, usually very thick and heat up rather quickly.

Sleeping position

And now, let’s talk about the personal preferences.

As a rule of the thumb, if you sleep on your side, you should strongly consider buying a softer mattress, so that your shoulders and hips can comfortably sink below. In this case the mattress should  adjusts to the shape of your body rather than vice versa.

The sleepers that like to spend their nights on the back on or the stomach will require firmer mattresses that are capable of keeping their bodies in a straight position and providing sufficient neck support.

What are you buying it for?

If you are going to use your mattress only occasionally, you can get away with a thinner cotton-filled unit.

On the other hand, the mattresses that are going to be used on a nightly basis should feature coil filling, durable covers and be at least 6 inches thick.

Best Full Size Futon Mattresses

1. Leather 5000 Series Futon Mattresses

Wow, talk about sheer full size futon heaven.

Seriously, this mattress has everything in store.

Let’s start with the construction. Here, you can find high-density innerspring foam that should have no problem keeping your body straight, even if you’ve packed a couple of pounds over the holidays.

This reasonably strong core is wrapped into the beautiful and pretty durable leather fabric that make this mattress look way classier than it actually costs. It is also good to know that this fabric comes in five different colors, so you ought to find your pick even if you are not in love with the stock saddle variety.

Throw into equation no-slip back panel that can keep the mattress in place even on smooth floor surfaces like laminate and you’ll get a firm and beautiful piece of furniture that has no problem standing out from the competition.

Of course, there are some minor gripes. The full-size leather-clad mattress might just be a bit of overkill for some people regardless of the color it comes in.

Also, leather has never been the most pleasant material to sleep on, but this issue can be easily remedied with a cover.

Still, in spite of these small inherent problems, Leather 5000 offers rock-solid performance and back support that are very hard to match.


  • Spacious and stylish
  • Non-slip back panel
  • Strong back support
  • High-density innerspring foam


  • Inherent leather issues

2. Mozaic Full Size 8-inch Gel Futon Mattress

Memory foam is a very interesting mattress material. On the one hand, a lot of people will appreciate how quickly the foam forms to comfort their bodies. On the other, restless sleepers may find them too constraining.

Keeping these construction constraints Mozaic’s first entry in this short roundup is an excellent mattress, just a couple of steps short from greatness.

As for the positives, dual sided memory foam does a great job of providing strong, but still pleasant overnight support. Even if you put it on a sturdy metallic frame, you’ll get more than a couple of nights of enjoyment out of it.

Also, even though the core feels very durable, the mattress easily folds into couch position and stays there. Throw into the equation a choice of eight available colors and you’ll get a very nice package indeed.

Unfortunately, there are some complaints but they are not too severe.

Once you unpack the mattress, you’ll need a couple of days to get rid of the horrible factory smell. Furthermore, the cotton fabric the foam is frapped in is not amongst the most durable on the market – be sure to use a quality cover.


  • Two layers of memory foam
  • Beautiful and versatile
  • A lot of color options to choose from
  • Very comfortable


  • The mattress smells of paint
  • The cotton upholstery could be stronger

3. Mozaic 10-Inch Suede Gel Pocket Coil Futon Mattress

Mozaic’s second contender for the title of the best full size cotton mattress is a curious beast.

On the paper, the manufacturer has put a lot of effort to address some of the problems the previous mattress had.

For instance, this time, we’ve got the pocket coils supporting the layer of memory foam which was a design choice intended to grace the mattress with the best of both worlds.

In reality, though, the difference is not that noticeable. At least not to warrant the thickness of whole 10 inches that, combined with the strong core, makes mattress surprisingly hard to fold.

And then, there is the polyester upholstery which is all but pleasant to sleep on.

Still, you do get strong back support, combined with the perks of memory foam, a bunch of colors to choose from (seriously, even the pickiest customers ought to find something pleasing), and the surprising inclusion of cooling gel that makes the nights that more pleasant.

What we’re left at the end is a mattress that’s all over the place, but still does enough things good (some of them way above the average) to warrant your attention.


  • Solid back support
  • A layer of memory foam
  • Smart inclusion of cooling gel
  • A wide variety of color options


  • Hard to fold
  • Polyester upholstery
  • Slight scent

4. DHP 6″ Microfiber Futon Mattress

If the previous mattress was guilty of trying too hard (without much clear direction), this one is guilty of not trying enough. Don’t get us wrong, the solid building blocks are there, but they are not implemented all that well.

For instance, the core of the mattress is made from spring coiled frame combined with pocket coils which all work independently to provide the optimal back support. The problem is that they are not of the best quality.

According to customer reports, the purchased units never expanded to their intended size of 6 inches but rather remained stuck at 4 inches. Although that’s not always the case keep in mind that purchasing this mattress is a bit of gamble.

Polyester upholstery, although very easy to clean and maintain is not that exciting either.
Still, if you get your mattress to expand to its intended size, you’ll discover that sleeping on it is rather pleasant.

Also, no matter which one of the two varieties you opt for (black of indigo blue) you’ll get a very nice and stylish addition to your room.

In the end, DHP’s product could be easiest described as flawed. Pleasant and good-looking, but severely flawed.


  • The mattress looks the part
  • The spring/coil mechanism is well-intended
  • Strong support


  • Poor craftsmanship
  • Polyester upholstery

5. Magshion 6 Inch Futon Mattress

And for the very end we have a product that is not that bad, but seriously fails in comparison with other contenders on this list. Even the DHP’s mattress offers something exciting to sink your teeth into (of course, if it ever expands to six inches).

Magshion’s product, on the other hand, is probably the most by-the-numbers futon mattress you can imagine. However, being bland and uninspired doesn’t mean being without any merits.

For instance, the problem of back support – the bane of all futon mattresses – is addressed in a surprisingly elegant manner. The ten inches of cotton filling is compressed to only six.

The final outcome is a bit bouncy, but hey – as long as it works who are we to complain.

But there are some flaws as well. Once again, we see the return of polyester upholstery – a material no one particularly cheers for.

Also, as much as we are in favor of cotton, we have to admit that spending too much time on the mattress will cause the filling to spread and we can predict this problem getting only more serious as the time goes by.

Still, you can find some fun here in short bursts.


  • Nice cotton core
  • Pleasant to use in short bursts
  • Easy to maintain


  • The core spreads out after prolonged use
  • Sub-par upholstery
  • That smell
  • As uninspired as it gets

The Final Word

Finally, it’s time to pass the verdict, and as you’d expected Leather 5000 Series Futon Mattresses easily took the crown.

It’s just a perfect storm of great building blocks made even better by being put together. It looks classy, feels very solid and has very few flaws.

For us, that’s more than enough to recommend the mattress to anyone who wants to buy a beautiful and incredibly practical piece of furniture.

And sleep the sleep of the just without any remorse…