How To Clean Pee Out Of A Mattress The Easy Way

Last Updated April 04, 2022

Most of your time in the house is spent on the mattress and that is why you need to keep it clean all the time. You will need to regularly clean it in order to reduce allergens in your bedroom, keeping it fresh and new for many years.

It is important that, when the mattress is messed up with spills and pees, you clean it as soon as possible to prevent molds from growing or stains from setting. Cleaning a mattress is not a difficult thing to do and all you need is just some basic cleaning ingredients and tools. 

You will need to spot test a small area before you do your entire mattress. Mattresses such as pillow top mattress or foam mattress might be harder to clean. Depending on the material of your mattress, the process of taking out the pee might vary. What I am about to suggest is what I used and it worked for me. I used it on a spring mattress and it just worked well for.


  • Water
  • Enzyme cleaner
  • Clean cloth
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Dish soap
  • A spoon for stirring
  • Old toothbrush
  • Empty spray bottle
  • Baking soda
  • Essential oil of choice
  • Sifter
  • Wide brushes to clean the top of the mattress
  • A long upholstery nozzle for cleaning sides, corners, edges, cracks, and piping

What To Do Before Cleaning The Mattress

  • You will need to strip the bed by removing all the decorations and pillows from the bed. When you remove the pillow, remove the pillowcases and throw them into the laundry basket. The blankets can be folded and ensure that items around the bed are removed and stored in different parts of the room, away from the place you are going to clean the mattress from.
  • Strip the linen which is covering the mattress like the fitted sheet, top sheet, and any protector for the mattress if there is any and throw the fabrics into the laundry basket.
  • Wash the linen and beddings in the washing machine as you clean the mattress. That way, at the end of the day, you will have a clean and fresh bed to sleep on.

Steps On Cleaning And Deodorizing The Mattress

Apart from the pee, you will need to do a thorough wash of your mattress to make it fresh and clean to use again. Here are the steps to follow to achieve that.

#1. Vacuum

Before cleaning the mattress, you will need to vacuum it in order to remove dust, mites, hair, dead skin, and whatever debris that might be present on it. You can use a wide brush to vacuum the top of the mattress. To get into the cracks, sides, corners, edges, and pipings, you will need to use a long upholstery nozzle. The brushes and nozzle should be clean before you start cleaning the mattress.

#2. Address Fresh Spills

Work on the fresh spills and if the pee is fresh, work on it too at this juncture. This can be done by using a clean damp cloth with cold water. The spill can be blotted with a damp cloth. Avoid scrubbing and rubbing because this could just push it inside the mattress. Blot until all the excess liquid is absorbed.

#3. Spot Clean Stains

Using liquid dish soap one tablespoon, and 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, you can clean this. Stir the mixture using a spoon to create suds. Using an old toothbrush, dip in the suds and then scrub the sud into the areas where the stains are on the mattress. Ensure that you wipe away the excessive cleaner using a damp clean cloth. This solution will be able to move any type of stain from drinks, food, dirt like the pee and many others.
In case you are handling a foam mattress, you will need to use a very small portion of cleaner due to the fact that, they are the type of mattresses which are not supposed to come in contact with water; they are never supposed to be wet. 

#4. Clean Biological Stains, Including The Pee Stains Using An Enzyme Cleaner

You will need to use an enzyme cleaner to remove pee stains and other biological stains. Spray it on a clean cloth and then blot the stain with the cloth to saturate it. Leave it there for about 15 minutes. The area should then be blotted to remove the stain from the area. The cloth you are using to blot should be damp with cold water.

Avoid spraying the liquid directly onto the mattress as they aren’t designed to get wet more so, the foam mattress. So to treat the stain, use little stain remover on the mattress.
The use of the enzyme cleaner is to break down the proteins in the pee, blood, vomit, sweat, and other biological stains. This method can also be used to treat oil and grease stains. 

#5. Application Of Baking Soda

Once you are done with cleaning the stains, you can then deodorize and clean the whole mattress. Sprinkle baking soda over the entire mattress surface. This will give your mattress a fresh smell, especially if you add some essential oil before you sprinkle the baking soda. Apply it evenly using a sifter.

#6. Baking Soda To Be Left For Some Time In Order To Absorb Any Odor Of The Pee

Give the baking soda some time so that it can absorb any odor in case there is any. You can give it at least 30 minutes as this will give it time to absorb smells, break down acids, and absorb any liquid left over from your spot cleaning. If you are not in a hurry, you can leave it there for several hours because the more it stays, the more it cleans.

#7. Vacuum It Again

After the absorption is done, you will need to vacuum the mattress again in order to remove the baking soda. This will help you to get liquids, acids, and odors which the baking soda has absorbed. To cover the top of the mattress, use the brush with the nozzle to get into the cracks, corners, piping, and seams.

#8. Let The Mattress Air

Once you are done with the last vacuuming, you can then air the mattress to ensure that any liquid which might have absorbed itself in the mattress, dries up. Moisture could be trapped in the mattress which could eventually lead to mold in the future.

If it is warm, you can open the windows in the room so that fresh air enters to dry the mattress. You can also open curtains and drapes to allow the sunshine’s UV rays to help in killing molds and bacteria on the mattress and eliminate odors.

For a fast dry, you can take the mattress outside to dry.


Don’t let the pee on your mattress make sleeping on it a nightmare. Ensure that, you follow the above steps to keep your mattress clean and fresh for use for a longer time. Night time should be comfortable and enjoyable and not one that is full of bad odors courtesy of dirt.

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