The 7 Best Wedge Pillows Reviewed

Last Updated May 19, 2022

A wedge pillow is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It is a specially made pillow that has one thin edge and one edge that is thicker, giving it a wedge shape.

There are many reasons why a good wedge pillow is important, and they are being used by athletes as they offer a greater level of comfort. They offer more support to your body when you are sleeping and are useful when it comes to helping back pain and injuries. They also help with sleep apnea and heartburn too. Anyway, here are some key reasons why you would want a wedge-shaped pillow:

  • Much better level of comfort over ordinary pillows.
  • It helps control the blood pressure of your entire body as they improve the body shape that supports all arteries and veins.
  • Helps with varicose veins by helping with blood circulation problems. This means that it also helps people who suffer from swollen feet and assists in their recovery of this. It can help with tired muscles. It helps prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) too.
  • It can support healthy blood flow.
  • It helps treat acid reflux – the shape of the pillow means that acid from the stomach cannot rise so far and burn your oesophagal lining.
  • It reduces pressure in the airways.
  • It is a remedy for that annoying habit of snoring.
  • It is a help in the prevention of nightmare asthma.
  • It supports the spine, backbones, and helps relieve sufferers of back pain. The wedge works by providing support to the lumbar and cervical vertebrae. This means that it has the effect of relieving strain and pain on the back. If you position a bed wedge under your knees, it can help relieve you of lower back pain.
  • It can assist sufferers of a cough and post-nasal drip. It does this because sleeping on a wedge gives the upper body enough elevation to stop mucus from dripping down the throat and pooling there, causing an issue for sleep and on waking up. This problem can cause an awful cough too, but the pillow prevents this.
  • If you watch television in bed or read, it offers you support for these activities.
  • There are many different materials that a wedge-shaped pillow can be made of, including feather, memory foam, latex, shredded memory foam, and polyester.
  • They also come in many different sizes. It’s all about finding the best type and size for you.

With so many health benefits, it’s clear that investing in a wedge-shaped pillow is a good idea. Even if you do not have any of the issues above, the pillow can be a preventative measure for the wise.

Best Wedge Pillows

1. Machine W -Adjustable 9&12 Inch Folding Memory Foam – Adjustable 9&12 Inch Folding Memory Foam

This Bed Wedge is made with the finest form of polyester material that is breathable, light, and bouncy. Made of memory foam and polyester, it combines its high adjustable power with the lushness that polyester offers – this is a dangerously good combination to exist and it almost feels too good to be true.

This piece of treasure is foldable and can be adjusted to suit any kind of sleeper, whether you’re a back sleeper or a side sleeper. It is especially great for side sleepers. If you’re someone who likes to lean when you sit, this memory foam bed wedge will serve you.

You don’t have to worry about the size of this wedge, it is just perfect in size. It measures about 22” wide and 12” deep and easily fits beds. It is versatile in its use. There are many positions you could adjust it to based on what activity you’re performing.

Also, this pillow has health benefits for anyone that uses it. Whether for prescription or personal use, it provides relief from certain symptoms such as snoring, sleep apnea, and back pain, and it also relieves heartburn. It is recommended for people with GERD as it elevates the upper body and can be used by pregnant women. Even though it is not as preferred as body pillows, it still offers relief.

2. Luxdream Adjustable Wedge Pillow with Cool Gel Memory Foam

With a 61cm height and 63 cm width, it is big enough to accommodate just about anyone. It is made of 5cm cool gel memory foam and can be adjusted to a height of 30cm, 20cm, or 10cm. It is encased in a bamboo natural cover. It is eco-friendly with antibacterial, anti-allergic, and anti-dust mite features.

These features make it last longer and are suitable for people with sensitive skin. The cool feeling of gel memory foam is an exciting prospect to look forward to.

You can use this pillow to serve different purposes like backrest, leg rest, knee prop, and leg elevation. Good thing it can be adjusted to the height you desire. It is also machine washable.

3. Giselle Bedding Wedge Pillow With Neck & Back Support

We believe this will be the end of your search for firm, comforting back support. This pillow made with the finest memory and highly resilient foam base encased in a washable cover is everything you desire. If you like to read a lot and get cramped up in your back, then you shouldn’t think twice about getting this.

4. Luxdream 2pcs Foam Bed Wedge Pillow and Headrest with Breathable Bamboo Cover

This 2pcs pillow comes with a versatile headrest made of memory foam – can be used beneath the neck, knee, or anywhere you need it.

It is a perfect blend of high-density foam and memory foam to improve its softness, firmness, and durability. The headrest is about 49×21×11cm, while the pillow is 76×59×34cm with a lightweight measurement of 3.25kg.

It has an internal cover made of 100% polyester and an external bamboo-knitted cover. The Bamboo Cover keeps away allergens, dust mites, and bacteria and promotes effortless cleaning. You don’t have to break your back maintaining this, it is machine washable.

5. Giselle Bedding Memory Foam Wedge Pillow Cushion Neck Back Support Waterproof BU  

If what you need is a multipurpose 3-in-1 bed wedge support pillow with awesome back support, then this is for you. This pillow was made with 1” cool gel memory foam and high-density resilient base foam to provide your back with the support it needs.

It can accommodate your body with a size measuring 62×64×30cm. It offers great support for joints and can be used for back, pillow, and pad support. It also provides a backup for legs.

It comes with a removable waterproof cover which is 100% made of polyester. This helps it stay dry and fresh.

6. Giselle Bedding Foam Wedge Back Support Pillow 

Infused with cool gel memory foam and high-density resilient base foam, it provides firm support for the back. It is not restrictive in its use, it is 3-in-1 multipurpose equipment for back support when sleeping and sitting, leg rest, leg raise, and more creative ways of using it you could come up with.

It comes with a breathable removable cover made of natural bamboo. The Bamboo Cover is resistant to allergens and dust mites. It is very eco-friendly with antibacterial, anti-allergic properties.

Getting this will give you a pillow, back cushion, and pad support.

7. Kӧlbs Bed Wedge Pillow with Memory Foam Top

This pillow made with a memory foam top layer is super comfortable and very stylish. If you’re all about aesthetics and comfort, then this pillow will appeal to you. It is available in 2 heights — 7.5 inches and 12 inches.

Its Jacquard-styled pillowcase can be removed and washed so as to maintain a fresh feel. It is machine washable, so it doesn’t need extra work. However, the giver is made of polyester. This pillow is ideal for GERD, heartburn, acid reflux and other medical conditions. You will also need it for snoring and sleep apnea. It has a lot of health benefits.

It is ideal for the elevation of the leg, head, and foot. Definitely guarantees your sleeping comfort.

Final Verdict

going to know which height, for example, best suits you is to try one. Every single one of the pillows will help you with back pain and breathing issues while providing you with comfort. However, if you are one to get hot at night, it may be best for you to choose one of the wedges with the specialist bamboo cover for a restful night. If you want something with a little extra than the Luxdream adjustable wedge pillow would be a superb choice as it has that gel foam, which makes it unique. Nevertheless, if you do suffer from any of the conditions discussed, then you would be wise to invest in any one of these products.

If you suffer from pain while sleeping, a wedge pillow can help. Watch this video to see how a wedge pillow can help improve your sleep posture:

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