A good, comfortable, and supportive mattress is paramount for your overall health and wellbeing. We spend up to one-third of our lives in our beds, so choosing which mattress is right for you really is a big decision. Buying a mattress online can be intimidating and frustrating, especially with all of the options and reviews out there today.

Moreover, some of the traditional-style mattresses can cost over $1000 easily. A good mattress will hold your body in a neutral position and supply adequate support. Whether you’re looking to replace your old, warn-out mattress or need to purchase your first ever new mattress, the list we have compiled below will fit any need you have without breaking the bank.

Best Twin Mattresses For Adults

1. Sweetnight Twin Size Gel Mattress

The Sweetnight Twin Size Gel Mattress is made of 65% polyester, 30% viscose, and 5% spandex, measures 39 x 75 x 10 inches, and has a medium-plush feel with firm support and comfort. This 10-inch twin mattress is made of four layers and features zoned gel memory foam to help solve your sleep problems. The first layer is comprised of 2-inch cooling gel-infused memory foam, the second layer is 1-inch ventilated comfort foam, the third layer is made of 4-inch unique three-zoned air-flow open-cell comfort foam, and the fourth layer is a 3-inch super supportive high density base foam.

This patented memory foam mattress keeps your body properly aligned, fully supported, and relieves pressure while keeping you at a comfortable and cool temperature to help those with back pain and sweat issues. This twin mattress for adults showcases an ergonomic alignment for deep sleep with a customizable feel, heat dissipation, and durable support. The mattress is cool to sleep on, there is no partner disturbance, and is bouncy yet supportive. This provides the sleeper with pressure-point relief, head-to-toe comfort, and perfect spinal alignment for your best sleep ever.

Made of cooling gel-infused memory foam that slowly adjusts to your body weight and temperature, this mattress reduces heat directly at the sleep surface. The Sweetnight Twin Size Gel Mattress includes comfort foam with a split three-zone design, with a firmer middle section to ease pressure points and provide balanced support and eliminate motion disturbance. The high-density foam layer provides durability and performance, strengthens edge-to-edge support of the mattress, and resists sagging and sleeper roll-off.

The twin-sized mattress is designed to be flipped, allowing you to sleep on either side. This provides two comfort firmness levels in one mattress. The top side is made of gel memory foam that is perfect for those who like sleeping on a soft, cloud-like mattress, while the bottom side of high-density supportive foam is great for those who like sleeping on a medium-firm mattress. These two sides make this mattress ideal for all sleeping positions, and especially for side sleepers.

You can rest assured that the Sweetnight Twin Size Gel Mattress will provide you with a safe night’s sleep because it is constructed of CertiPUR-US certified foam. This means this twin mattress for adults is made without harmful substances like formaldehyde, mercury, or other heavy metals. The mattress covering is made with breathable rayon cotton fabric that is soft yet supportive, and there are no harmful odors.

This twin mattress for adults is smartly shipped for easy setup. The twin foam mattress is compressed, rolled, and shipped in a box directly to your door. It is easy to move through narrow hallways and staircases. This mattress fits all frames, such as box spring, adjustable, slatted, and even hospital beds. Sweetnight offers a high-quality mattress at a fair price with their Twin Size Gel Mattress and offers a 10 year no risk limited warranty.

The manufacturer recommends allowing 72 hours for your new mattress to reform to its original shape, and they also suggest sleeping on the Sweetnight Twin Size Gel Mattress for a few weeks in order to give your new mattress a chance to “break in” to the way you sleep. The mattress is also available in Full, Queen, and King mattress sizes.

With over 80% 5-star reviews, this mattress is an Amazon customer favorite. One satisfied owner stated that this bed doesn’t put pressure on your joints, supports your body, and allows your muscles to relax for a more restful sleep experience. Numerous buyers of the Sweetnight Twin Size Gel Mattress declared their amazement at how quickly the mattress decompressed and reformed properly. One individual stated that this mattress expanded from about six to seven inches to its fully advertised 10 inches in a couple of seconds.

2. Zinus Extra Firm iCoil Support Plus Mattress

The Twin Zinus Extra Firm iCoil Support Plus Mattress 12-Inch measures 75 x 39 x 12 inches, provides extra firm support, and is made of five layers. The top layer is a soft, knitted jacquard Euro box cover, which is fiber quilted for ultimate cooling comfort. The next layer is a half-inch micro-fiber quilted fabric that covers the third layer made of one and half inch-thick comfort foam. The fourth layer is 2.5 inches of high-density foam to provide you with the best support. The bottom layer of this twin mattress for adults is comprised of a 7.5-inch base layer with over 10% more individually wrapped pocketed coil springs to ensure there is no motion transfer and that the mattress provides pressure relief and support.

Zinus uses only the highest quality of foam in its mattresses. The foam has many features that make this mattress the best choice for allergy and poor sleep sufferers. The Zinus Extra Firm iCoil Support Plus Mattress is Certi-PUR US certified for durability, performance, and content. They have incorporated natural green tea extract into the foam to maintain product freshness, and ActivCharcoal to safely and efficiently reduce odors and absorb moisture. Zinus’ BioFoam is constructed with natural plant oil that replaces some of the traditional petroleum products used in similar mattresses, which makes this mattress a fantastic choice for every sleeper and eliminates many of the issues customers complain about regarding odors being expelled from their new mattresses.

You will be able to unwind and enjoy your sleep experience with the Zinus Extra Firm iCoil Support Plus Mattress. The independent iCoil system offers firm, durable support from hundreds of independent iCoils to minimize motion transfer from a sleeping partner, while maintaining customized spinal alignment. The iCoil system allows for motion separation for undisturbed sleep.

Zinus’ patented compression technology allows this mattress to be efficiently compressed, rolled, and shipped in a box conveniently to your door. The manufacturer offers a worry-free 10-year limited warranty on this mattress. They recommend opening your mattress package within 72 hours of receipt and allowing 48 hours for your new mattress to return to its original, lush shape. This mattress is also available in other sizes, including Full, Queen, and King, and in a 10-inch thickness style as well.

A satisfied owner stated that the mattress supports both him and his wife fine, and after a year of use has no depressions, dips, sags, or other visible problem areas. Another reviewer expressed she was glad to report that also after a year’s time, the sides and edges of the mattress did not sink and were still very supportive while sitting on the edge of the mattress. Even though firmness levels are subjective, every owner of the Zinus Extra Firm iCoil Support Plus Mattress said that this mattress is definitely firm or can even be considered extra firm. So, if you’re looking for a softer feeling mattress, this one may not be the best choice for you.

3. Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Mattress

The Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Twin Mattress 6-Inch measures 75 x 39 x 6 inches, provides soft to medium support with a 6-inch loft, and consists of three layers of foam that are topped by a comfort poly jacquard cover. The first layer of foam is 1-inch memory foam for undisturbed sleep that provides excellent pressure relief. The second layer is a 2-inch thick pressure relief foam that is a soft, ventilated foam for breathability and increased air flow. The bottom layer is formed by a 3-inch high-density base foam for balanced foundation support.

Best Price Mattress provides great sleep with no frills. Loosen up and feel your weight being evenly distributed as the body conforming memory foam of this mattress relieves your pressure points to provide ultimate relaxation. The responsive active suspension of the foam layers will also isolate and reduce motion transfer between you and your sleep partner.

Wake up rejuvenated after sleeping on the body conforming memory foam that relieves your pressure points and maximizes your comfort level to help you get the rest you need. Sleep fresh with the included ventilated soft foam that adds breathability to the mattress and helps prevent heat from being trapped as you sleep.

You can also rest assured knowing the Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Mattress is clean and safe. All of the foams used in this mattress have been Certi-PUR US certified to meet strict guidelines and standards for content, emissions, and durability. The manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty on this mattress, is sold in additional sizes, including Twin XL, Full, Short Queen, Queen, and King, and is also available in 10, 12, and 8-inch mattress thicknesses.

One customer stated that unboxing the mattress was pretty painless, although they mentioned being extremely careful when cutting through the tape and not to cut the mattress. The mattress arrives compressed into a bag that is packed into a box. The mattress will expand after opened, and one buyer was surprised how quickly the mattress expanded into its full size almost instantly. Another owner confirmed the foam is dense enough so that you don’t sink in

4. Olee Sleep Omega Hybrid Mattress

Olee’s vision is to become the premier innovator in the sleep industry by providing the best sleep experience to their customers, and they have achieved this goal with their Olee Sleep Omega Hybrid Mattress. This twin mattress for adults measures 75 x 39 x 10 inches and is composed of five layers for a fully satisfying sleep experience. The mattress is designed to satisfy the need for contoured support of your vertebrae while you sleep.

The top layer is made of a quilted soft material to protect the mattress and its components while remaining soft and comfortable against your body. A 1.5-inch soft memory foam layer absorbs pressure and disperses pressure points and weight on the springs more evenly than traditional mattresses. The DuraCool I-gel layer helps you have a deep and comfortable sleep with no sensitive temperature changes. The high density foam layer reduces heat and the 1-inch Duraflex foam layer provides elasticity and support for all body types.

The 7.5-inch bottom coil layer maintains a firm mattress feel, and the patented Dura pocket springs made of tempered steel independently-encased coils provide long-lasting support. This mattress will conform to the curves of your body creating an equal weight distribution, hence relieving any pressure points along your neck, shoulders, back, and hips. Another advantage of independently-encased coils is the elimination of motion disturbance, so if your partner moves throughout the night, you will never even know that they were there.

The Olee Sleep Omega Hybrid Mattress has been certified and tested by independent accredited laboratories to meet the highest standards of safe and comfortable foam. This mattress is Certi-PUR US certified for quality and contents and provides better breathability and safety. This mattress is also available in Full, Queen, and King mattress sizes. The mattress fits all bed frames, including steel, wood, platform, and traditional box spring frames, and can also be used on a floor.

One customer stated that the mattress fluffed up nice and big in a matter of minutes, but it did take a few hours to expand almost fully. She also affirmed that this mattress is firm but soft at the same time, and her back pain is virtually gone after sleeping on the mattress nightly for about two months. Another reviewer stated that she has been using this mattress for two years and the bed has not lost firmness, there has been no sagging, and that she is still impressed with the quality of this mattress for the price point.

5. LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The LUCID 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress features cooling gel that draws heat away from the body, a medium-firm feel, and is pin core ventilated to allow for additional airflow. The mattress measures 75 x 38 x 10 inches and is made of two layers of specially designed foam with a Tencel cover.

This dual layer mattress combines 2.5-inch gel infused, ventilated memory foam with a 7.5-inch high-density foam base for excellent support with a medium-firm feel. The ventilated design helps to increase airflow through the memory foam layer. The gel infused memory foam regulates temperature while conforming to the body to relieve pressure points and sweating. Responsive open cell memory foam compresses evenly under body weight and conforms to your curves to alleviate common pressure points. The addition of a temperature regulating, moisture controlling Tencel blend fabric cover made of 10% Tencel lyocell and 90% polyester creates a comfortable air layer to the mattress surface that improves the breathability and natural moisture control of your sleep environment.

LUCID has been making mattresses since 2010 and they believe that you deserve to sleep on a mattress that’s made with high quality, durable materials – because life is too short to sleep on the wrong mattress. This memory foam mattress is CertiPUR-US certified for safety and performance and is hypoallergenic. This means the foam has been independently tested for safety of materials used, physical performance, and environmental stewardship. Careful construction of this mattress guarantees no prohibited phthalates, ozone depleters, CFCs, mercury, formaldehyde, or PBDEs are present, and there is a low emission (VOCs) for indoor air quality. This mattress does not contain synthetic or natural latex of any kind, making it a terrific choice for allergy sufferers.

The LUCID 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is compressed, rolled, and shipped in an easy-to-manage box for convenient shipping and simple setup, and easily fits through narrow hallways and staircases. After your mattress arrives, simply take the package into the desired room, remove it from the box and protective wrap, and then watch as it expands.

The manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty that protects the mattress and cover against manufacturer defects, with exceptional quality and time-tested durability that enables a robust product guarantee with one of the longest warranties on the market today.

After two years of sleeping on this mattress, one gratified owner stated there is no issue with sinking in the middle of the bed or dents where each person sleeps. A very pleased customer who was initially not fully satisfied with this mattress shared that the company provided excellent customer service by sending a free mattress topper of their choice to help them be more comfortable, and that the mattress is very nicely made.

How To Make Your Twin Mattress More Comfortable

Many of you may be buying a twin mattress to save money. This video talks about how to make your mattress more comfortable, which can be done without spending a ton: