The 9 Best Storage Beds Reviewed

Last Updated April 29, 2022

If you have a smaller bedroom and want a new bed with built-in storage to compensate for the lack, you have come to the right place. Over time, furniture makers have found new and inventive ways to create multi-use furniture and use previously ignored space to help consumers fit more into small spaces. The invention of memory foam mattresses has also changed the layout of bed and provided more space because box springs have been replaced with considerably thinner slat frames.

Whether you need storage for shoes or clothes, or want a place to put linens due to a lack of a linen closet, the options on this list will help you get your living space organised without adding more furniture or clutter to your room. Instead, use the space you already have in a better way and turn it into invaluable storage space. Now you don’t even need to do the hours of research yourself as we have done so for you.

Finally, not only did we find beds with storage but also with style. No one wants an ugly bed bringing down their flow, which is why we found beautiful beds with built-in storage, so you know you are buying a bed that will improve your space in multiple ways. Start saving space now with a storage bed. We found all of the best options in several sizes to work for kids, dorms, parents, or most other living spaces.

Best Storage Beds

These are our picks for the best storage beds:


This vintage-style platform bed is not only stylish but also very ideal for storing items in its storage spaces. The bedhead makes use of a wingback design, coupled with button tufting. Its discreet storage spaces can be used to store your bed linens, spare cushions, or other items.

What the reviews say:

“This bed is BEAUTIFUL as well as solid and sturdy. The instructions aren’t terrific but they are easy enough to follow and drill your holes when needed. It took a couple of hours but my husband and I managed to build it together and it is my dream princess bed! So comfortable, and clean and the extra drawer space is wonderful. Happy with this purchase, people always compliment our bed when walking past our bedroom – can’t recommend this good quality bed highly enough!”

Katie, Hallet Cove, SA – 31st January 2022,


This bed blends functionality and elegance perfectly. It makes use of a gas lift to easily lift your bed so you can store clothes, books, documents, and private items you might want to keep from plain sight. Its upholstered bed frame will only make your sleeping on your mattress more comfortable and durable. The timeless stylish design will leave your bedroom attractive and full of life.

What the reviews say:

“This is excellent value, and delivery was prompt. It does take a few hours to put together (set aside 4-5), and you need to read the instructions carefully (especially the orientation of the long beams of the mattress base), but I am very happy with it. Solid, with lots of storage space under the slatted mattress base and the gas lift mechanism works perfectly.”

Vaughan Macefield, 3rd June 2020, 

“We got this bed for my toddler’s room, it is a fantastic piece of furniture to have, the storage is amazing, and it has helped to tidy up his room more. And the quality of the bed is great too. Thank you” 


The sturdy bed frame from SONGESAND comes with soft, high legs and profile edges to give your bed a classic shape. It also comes with plenty of storage space at the base of the bed that is perfect for storing duvets, quilts, blankets, and other bed linens. The storage boxes come in different sizes for easy identification of storing items. And these boxes roll out very easily due to the installation of castors on the base. Kids beds, loft beds, sofa beds, drawer beds, and king single beds are just part of the bed size available.

What the reviews say:

“It has a fantastic look and gives more space with the drawers underneath and is so easy to put together.”

Anne M., 20th October 2021,

“A lovely addition to my teen son’s room. Took a bit of elbow grease to put together but is solid and comfortable.”

Lisa, 17th October 2021,


The Megan Queen Gaslift Bedframe is an elegantly simple choice for every bedroom. Features such as channel tufting with smooth rounded edges make this a stylish bed frame that will fit right into your bedroom. Functionality is not forgotten as well as it comes with a gas lift system that lifts easily and reveals a very spacious area for storage. Quality materials are assembled and constructed by only the best makers to give you a long-lasting bed frame.

What the reviews say:

“Good shopping experience on-site. Really good design consultation beforehand. Products are looking great too. It’s a good price, not cheap not too expensive, a great middle-ground of quality and value.” 

Aditi P., 16th April 2021,

“Great service, great communication, amazing delivery & really quick assembly. Love the bed – awesome quality & so much space in the storage section.” 

Bethany C., 1st June 2021,


This bed frame is made with both wood and metal and is padded with high-density foam. It is covered with premium linen fabric and is reinforced with high-quality side railings and a wooden arched slat base. Made with the best Australian craftsmanship.

What the reviews say:

“I thought that for the price it would be cheap but functional. I was pleasantly surprised. I think this bed frame looks great. It is sturdy. It looks good. Great quality. And, was pretty easy to put together. The draws were a bit finicky but, no real problem. Excellent value.”

Charles Pratten, Australia, 28th November 2019, 


This is more than a bed with its added and innovative features like LED lighting (say no more to fumbling in the dark for a light switch), a gas lift system, and padded foam covered with PVC leather. Large and comfortable headboard made for double beds, queen beds, or bunk beds, with spacious storage made easily accessible by a functional gas lift system.

What the reviews say:

“5 stars!!! Excellent quality, Easy to build, Great customer service, and just a perfect item in general. Very happy with this purchase” 

EJ., 30th August 2020,


Constructed with a sturdy steel frame that is reinforced with metal bars and heavy-duty connectors, the bed frame is also padded with high-density foam and upholstered in premium linen fabric for a soft and comfortable touch. The bed frame features a wooden arched slat base that helps to distribute weight evenly across the frame and a centre support strut to provide added stability to the overall structure.

What the reviews say:

“Beautiful!! Daily plaza has the cheapest price for this bed. It looks stunning and luxurious. Communication and shipping were great. Love it!! I recommend.”

MV, 9th September 2021, 


This bedframe from Artiss is of the best quality materials and crafted with the top workmanship around. The bed size is available in double size and comes with ample storage space made accessible with a functional gas lift system.

What the reviews say:

“It was lightweight and very easy to assemble. An excellent bed frame and the gas lift is a great investment!”

GB, 4th December 2019, 

“Amazing product and fast delivery. Great value!! The quality exceeded expectation.”

MG, 1st September 2021, 


Beautifully padded with generous foam and covered in premium faux linen fabric. Strong steel frame with high-grade steel centre rails and arched slat base. But with one easy gas lift of the bed base, the bed frame becomes an instant storage area with acres of space for your bedding essentials. Simply store your extra pillows, bedsheets, cushions, and more in the storage compartment and hide them away for the season. Have more and expand your home storage capacity with just a lift of your hands with the Artiss Nino gas lift bed frame.

Buying Guide for Storage Beds

Storage beds help you to organise your life and save space in the process. Before picking, take a few things into consideration first to make the best possible decision for your home. Take a look.

Type of Storage

Most storage comes with drawers or shelves around the bed, but a few allow you the option for large amounts of storage under the main portion of the bed. Either way, storage beds let you keep all of your stuff without taking up massive amounts of space by constantly having to declutter or add more furniture to store everything.

However, the best benefits of storage beds are for smaller rooms or homes that need a little boost in the storage department. Tiny homes or apartments need to utilise every space available, and why not start with under your bed! As most beds no longer use a box spring, you can find inventive ways to utilise every inch of your room without sacrificing style.

Size of Bed

Another advantage of a storage bed is it may give you more space for a larger bed. If you currently have a full size but want a queen, get rid of a dresser and get a storage bed to get the room for the clothes you need and still get more sleeping room. As always, measure before you buy and make sure you have enough room for the storage bed of your choice.

How to Use Storage Space Effectively

Before buying a bed, make sure the bed you want offers the storage space you need, or you may find yourself searching for more storage before the bed even has sheets! Maximise your space by knowing what you have and how you want it stored. Do you want some items displayed and others hidden? Make sure that in addition to the current furniture and the new potential bed, you will be able to display or store your items in an aesthetic manner for a beautiful and peaceful sleeping space.


Another aspect of any piece of furniture is style. Do not choose a bed you don’t find attractive even if it has the storage function you need. If you don’t like it, you won’t enjoy it and won’t sleep as well in the room. Find a bed that suits your specific design intentions to get the best value for your money and your perfect oasis.


One of the benefits of a storage bed is they provide extra sturdiness to hold up not just you but also the items you are storing. If you buy a bed and find it not to be sturdy, then return it immediately. You would never want to sleep on a bed and have it collapse with you on it!

Remember also, to check how much weight your bed can support to help calculate if it’s large enough for the person or people who will sleep on it at night. Solid wood and metal are much sturdier than other prefab materials. Sadly, most storage beds do not come in full metal yet.

Questions About Storage Beds

Are there other advantages to a storage bed?

One of the great advantages of a storage bed is they take up more space under the bed, so neither dust nor other items can get under them. No more trying to vacuum or sweep under the bed or using a broom to try and push something that rolled under the bed back out! Almost always, storage beds also eliminate the need for a box spring, also meaning you can save some money and finally try out that memory foam mattress you’ve been eyeing.

What are the disadvantages of a storage bed?

The main issues with storage beds are moving them later and the potential for unsightly clutter. If you can keep the items in open storage uncluttered, then you can eliminate one problem. As for moving the bed, it’s best to be very sure where you want it before setting up to avoid the problem of moving it all together.

Will I sleep comfortably on a storage bed?

Yes, if you have a good mattress. It’s what you put on the frame that makes the bed comfortable, not the frame itself. However, an unsteady frame would make it uncomfortable as no one wants to wobble in their sleep, and if they do, we suggest a waterbed.

If you don’t have the money to spend on a storage bed, or would rather build one yourself, this video shows you how to make a DIY storage bed:

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