If you have a smaller bedroom and want a new bed with built-in storage to compensate for the lack, then you have come to the right place. Over time, furniture makers have found new and inventive ways to create multi-use furniture and use previously ignored space to help consumers fit more into small spaces. The invention of memory foam mattresses has also changed the layout of bed and provided more space because box springs have been replaced with considerably thinner slat frames.

Whether you need storage for shoes or clothes, or want a place to put linens due to a lack of a linen closet, the options on this list will help you get your living space organized without adding more furniture or clutter to your room. Instead, use the space you already have in a better way and turn it into invaluable storage space. Now you don’t even need to do the hours of research yourself as we have done so for you.

Finally, not only did we find beds with storage but also with style. No one wants an ugly bed bringing down their flow, which is why we found beautiful beds with built-in storage, so you know you are buying a bed that will improve your space in multiple ways. Start saving space now with a storage bed. We found all of the best options in several sizes to work for kids, dorms, parents, or most other living spaces.

Best Storage Beds

These are our picks for the best storage beds:

1. Atlantic Furniture Mission Bed

The Atlantic Furniture Mission Bed makes the perfect bed for a memory foam mattress in either a guest room or even the master bedroom with a fabulous price and built-in storage. It comes with two large storage drawers on one side of the bed, making it perfect for storing linens, pillows, clothing, memorabilia, or anything else you need or don’t currently have space for in your room.

Even better, the bed doesn’t have a high footboard making this a great option for taller individuals to sleep and stretch out completely thanks to the flat panel footboard. Moreover, the bed also comes in the traditional sizes, including twin through king and twin xl for taller teenagers. The bed is also designed for durability with sustainably sourced solid hardwood and a non-toxic finish in either gray or white.

The bed has a modern appearance with a timeless slat design on the headboard. It also uses a wooden slat design to hold up the mattress with extra feet for added stability. The queen size measures 82.5 x 64.6 x 50 inches and room for two more drawers added on the other side or storage baskets, giving you more space-saving options. Although it would have made more sense to add in drawers on the other side, the brand allows you more options instead.

2. DHP Cambridge Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed

If you need more space than you can get from a couple of drawers, how about a bed with extreme storage? This bed offers space under the mattress giving you a bed size space to store all of the clutter in your room. It’s easy to use just pull up the bed and gain just under 62.5 x 85.5 x 42.5 inches of space for shoes, clothing, crafts, or items you don’t use often.

The innovative bed comes to you from the Dorel Home Products company, and they show up on our list twice because of their innovative products that use space effectively. They also do so with attractive beds ready to enhance your bedroom or guest room with rich decor. With this bed, you get options, a low price, and a sturdy piece of furniture ready to last for decades.

First, though, pick from twin, full, queen, or king-size, although we will be discussing the queen size. You can also pick from several color options for the upholstered bed, including black or brown faux leather, gray velvet or linen. Unfortunately, not all color options are available in all sizes. The bed also has tufting to help keep the bed looking beautiful for years to come.

Last of all, the storage bed not only adds practical space back into your home, but it does so with ease of use. You don’t need to expend a lot of energy to access the storage area under the mattress, thanks to a gas lift mechanism. The queen bed measures 79.5 x 56.5 x 42.5 inches and can support a whopping 600 pounds making it perfect for almost anyone.

3. Danxee Wood Bed Captain’s Bed with Trundle Bed and Storage Drawers

Children’s bedroom runs small as more space is dedicated to master suites thanks to the invention of HOA’s. To save on space when bedrooms run so small you can only fit in a bed, tiny dresser, and a toy box, try the Danxee Wood Bed Captain’s Bed with Trundle Bed and Storage Drawers and store clothing in the bed and have space for a sleepover too!

As the bed has both a built-in trundle and drawers under the trundle to use all possible storage and still not take up valuable floor space. The three drawers offer enough space to store shoes, clothing, toys, or even bed sheets depending on your needs. Even better, the bed is made with solid wood, meaning the low price is an even better value.

Pick from four finishes for the wood bed, including a rich walnut, deep espresso, modern gray, or versatile white. Whether you have two kids who need to share space or have frequent little guests, this twin bed can give everyone a space for the night and then push the bed in and give the kids back a place to build Lego creations. Also, it’s easy to assemble and comes with all of the necessary hardware and instructions to start functioning faster.

Finally, the bed measures 78.27 x 41.93 x 35.83 inches and comes in a gorgeous mission design for a timeless bed. The bed doesn’t require a box spring as it has supportive slats ready for a foam mattress. All this and it can easily hold 300 pounds thanks to the solid wood construction.

4. Meridian Furniture Bliss Contemporary Velvet Upholstered Bed

For the ultimate luxury, the Meridian Furniture Bliss Contemporary Velvet Upholstered Bed gives you a place to sleep fit for royalty with storage to boot! It comes in twin, full, queen, and king size and offers so much storage you might not be able to fill it all! The bed has tufted velvet compartments surrounding the entire bed for storage and sitting. It also has the advantage of providing legroom for taller people.

The bed fits snuggly inside the storage frame and headboard with full slats, so you do not need a box spring. Next, the bed comes in several sizes, including twin, full, queen, and king. It also comes in gray, black, navy blue, and a creamy white. The king-size bed measures 96 x 98 x 60.5 and weighs 243 pounds, which allows the bed to support 400 pounds.

What you really want to know is about the storage. It goes around the entire bed, which does take up space but hides items you want out of sight right where you get on and off the bed on both sides. Also, it has storage built-in at the end of the bed. With so much storage built-in, you can actually afford to use your space for the large king-size bed for extra sleeping room. Store linen, clothes, books, or anything else you need and don’t compromise on sleeping space with rail and footboard storage space.

However, the bed may be more difficult to get out of with the thick sides and footboard. If you have back or feet issues, you may want to find a different bed. Otherwise, this high opulent headboard and full surround velvet tufting turn your bedroom into a haven with everything you don’t want seen out of sight but still accessible.

5. DHP Rose Upholstered Platform Bed with Under Bed Storage

Dorel Home Products makes several beds with storage as stated above, and their second-best option if you don’t like the one above is the Rose Upholstered Platform Bed with Under Bed Storage. Not only does the bed come with options but also four thick drawers on wheels on one side. Now storage is just a quick roll away and rolls back under the bed and out of sight.

You get several options with the bed, including the size with twin, full, queen, and king sizes available. The bed also comes in gray, black, and cream and in either linen or velvet with tufting for aesthetics. We focused on the queen size for this review as it’s perfect for a guest room or a kids room. Like the other bed above, it comes with wooden slats, so you don’t need a box spring as it’s the box spring that steals bed storage space!

Four drawers on wheels give you enough space to serve as a dresser, for linens, or as junk drawers to store unsightly mess. Legs under the frame help to support the 64.5 x 86 x 38-inch frame and take up less space in your room than necessary. The best part is the bed can support up to 500 pounds making it great for heavier set people. Now you can have an elegant bed and storage without compromising.

6. DG Casa Cosmo Upholstered Platform Bed Frame Base with Storage Drawers

The only reason the DG Casa Cosmo Upholstered Platform Bed Frame Base with Storage Drawers is lower on the list is because it only comes in a queen size, but otherwise, it offers so many advantages including four built-in drawers on wheels. What’s different about this bed is the drawers are a little smaller and fit into the footboard with one drawer on each side. There is no open space, either for a more elegant appearance.

First, though, you need to pick between gray and beige to coordinate with either a warm or cool color scheme. The rich linen only surrounds the bottom of the bed as this is a platform bed, so no headboard or footboard to take away wall space or foot room. It also has wooden legs on the four corners for added support and elegance while adding to the ease of rolling out your new storage drawers.

You don’t need a box spring with this bed as it comes with wooden slats for support. The bed measures 84.5 x 62.5 x 14 inches to work with your current mattress. Also, the bed comes with a one-year limited warranty to guarantee your mid-price purchase. You can add headboard separately if you want one too.

7. South Shore Flexible Platform Bed with Baskets

Although this bed only comes in a twin size, it’s extremely affordable and comes with unique storage qualities to save you both space and money. The South Shore Flexible Platform Bed with Baskets is also not solid wood, but the laminated particleboard bed comes with cubbies all around the bed for added storage space perfect for children and teenagers.

Store toys, books, and more all around the edges of the bed with the bed sitting right on top without the need for a box spring, although the flat surface on top means you can use a box spring if you need. With nine compartments surrounding the bed, you have a place to store plenty of items without adding extra furniture to an already full room or a small room.

The bed measures 76.8 x 41 x 12.8 and can support 250 pounds. It does take some work to assemble and requires two adults and tools, both of which are not provided. Finally, it comes in white without a headboard but does come with two storage bins available. Add in a few more bins for added aesthetics. Give your kids a place to store all of the stuff, even if they have to share a room or have limited space available.

8. Donco Kids Louver Modular Low Loft Bed Combo

Another fabulous bed for kids is the Donco Kids Louver Modular Low Loft Bed Combo because it offers both drawers and bookshelves on two sides. Now you can actually keep your kid’s room clean with so much storage! While the dresser and the books shelves aren’t built into the loft bed, they do fit right into the frame so you can use them together or separately to suit your purposes.

Although this is a loft bed, it sits lower to the ground and comes fully surrounded rails to keep kids from falling out. The twin bed comes with wooden slats, so you don’t need to use a box spring and take up more unnecessary space. Also, the bed is made with crafted pine wood in an antique gray or white to work with any space and decor.

Finally, the bed measures 78x 42 x 44 inches and can hold over 200 pounds. It has a ladder three-step ladder, three deep drawers and two books shelves with two shelves each. Take back space in your child’s room to have more room for toys, especially in a smaller room or a shared bedroom.

9. Memomad Bali Storage Platform Bed with Drawers

While this bed is one of the most expensive on the list, it offers way more storage and comes with a unique design. The Memomad Bali Storage Platform Bed with Drawers has so much more than drawers and comes with the possibility of endless options. Pick from twin, queen, or king-size and also from a rich red caramel color or versatile white.

The bed has 6 drawers, 4 shelves, 3 compartments, and 2 pullout shelves. That’s a lot of space to store all of your belongings! From clothes, to books, baskets, or anything else you want out of sight and some that you do want in sight, this bed will help you achieve your goal. It also provides an amazingly comfortable place to sleep. All this and you still get attention to detail with synthetic leather handles on the drawers and rounded edges for comfort and trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

With a platform bed, you don’t get a headboard or a footboard clogging up your space. It even has a little pullout on the side to serve as a mini end table to save your even more space in a smaller bedroom. You can truly optimize your space as you can also store stuff like suitcases under the bed frame as well!
Even better, the bed holds a total of 880 pounds on the thick wooden slats under your memory foam or regular mattress. While it’s not made out of solid wood, it offers strength and measures 82.7 x 79 x 16.2 inches. You can also add a headboard to the bed, too, if the design alone doesn’t work for you. Trust, though, you will love all of the space this bed provides.

10. Modus Furniture Simple Platform Storage Bed

If a twin size bed may not be big enough for your needs. Enter the Modus Furniture Simple Platform Storage Bed as it comes in full, queen, or king-size for bigger spaces. Moreover, this bed offers four drawers with two on either side, although it doesn’t come with a trundle for sleepovers. Take back valuable space in your room or just add more room for your growing shoe collection!

The platform bed doesn’t have a headboard or footboard, making it a great option for taller people or those who don’t want a ton of extra space. Instead, the bed uses a slat system with 12 solid wood slats and a center splat. This is perfect for holding a memory foam mattress and still leaving storage space without a boxspring stealing space.

The tropical mahogany wood veneer adds a beautiful modern appeal to any room. Next, it has metal to metal bed rail fittings to allow for easy assembly and a bed with long life as does the solid wood. The mid-range price allows this to fit in many budgets, and it can hold up to 236 pounds on the queen size, which isn’t enough for two larger adults, which is the only reason it’s lower on the list. Otherwise, the bed is near perfect and measures 84 x 63 x 14, which is perfect for a queen mattress.

Buying Guide for Storage Beds

Storage beds help you to organize your life and save space in the process. Before picking, take a few things into consideration first to make the best possible decision for your home. Take a look.

Type of Storage

Most storage comes with drawers or shelves around the bed, but a few allow you the option for large amounts of storage under the main portion of the bed. Either way, storage beds let you keep all of your stuff without taking up massive amounts of space by constantly having to declutter or add more furniture to store everything.

However, the best benefits of storage beds are for smaller rooms or homes that need a little boost in the storage department. Tiny homes or apartments need to utilize every space available, and why not start with under your bed! As most beds no longer use a box spring, you can find inventive ways to utilize every inch of your room without sacrificing style.

Size of Bed

Another advantage of a storage bed is it may give you more space for a larger bed. If you currently have a full size but want a queen, get rid of a dresser and get a storage bed to get the room for the clothes you need and still get more sleeping room. As always, measure before you buy and make sure you have enough room for the storage bed of your choice.

How to Use Storage Space Effectively

Before buying a bed, make sure the bed you want offers the storage space you need, or you may find yourself searching for more storage before the bed even has sheets! Maximize your space by knowing what you have and how you want it stored. Do you want some items displayed and others hidden? Make sure that in addition to the current furniture and the new potential bed, you will be able to display or store your items in an aesthetic manner for a beautiful and peaceful sleeping space.


Another aspect of any piece of furniture is style. Do not choose a bed you don’t find attractive even if it has the storage function you need. If you don’t like it, you won’t enjoy it and won’t sleep as well in the room. Find a bed that suits your specific design intentions to get the best value for your money and your perfect oasis.


One of the benefits of a storage bed is they provide extra sturdiness to hold up not just you but also the items you are storing. If you buy a bed and find it not to be sturdy, then return it immediately. You would never want to sleep on a bed and have it collapse with your on it!

Remember also, to check how much weight your bed can support to help calculate if it’s large enough for the person or people who will sleep on it at night. Solid wood and metal are much sturdier than other prefab materials. Sadly, most storage beds do not come in full metal yet.

Questions About Storage Beds

Are there other advantages to a storage bed?

One of the great advantages of a storage bed is they take up more space under the bed, so neither dust or other items can get under them. No more trying to vacuum or sweep under the bed or using a broom to try and push something that rolled under the bed back out! Almost always, storage beds also eliminate the need for a boxspring, also meaning you can save some money and finally try out that memory foam mattress you’ve been eyeing.

What are the disadvantages of a storage bed?

The main issues with storage beds are moving it later and the potential for unsightly clutter. If you can keep the items on open storage uncluttered, then you can eliminate one problem. As for moving the bed, it’s best to be very sure where you want it before setting up to avoid the problem of moving it all together.

Will I sleep comfortably on a storage bed?

Yes, if you have a good mattress. It’s what you put on the frame that makes the bed comfortable, not the frame itself. However, an unsteady frame would make it uncomfortable as no one wants to wobble in their sleep, and if they do, we suggest a waterbed.

Final Thoughts About Storage Beds

Our favorite storage bed is the beautiful Atlantic Furniture Mission Bed because it comes with the storage you need, the beauty you want, and transforms into a cozy haven. It also comes in almost every size on the market and doesn’t need a boxspring. If you can pick definitely choose this solid wood bed for its durability, elegance, and of course, added storage space to eliminate clutter.

If you don’t have the money to spend on a storage bed, or would rather build one yourself, this video shows you how to make a DIY storage bed: