The 7 Best Sleeping Cots Reviewed

Last Updated May 16, 2022

As people opt for vacations a little friendlier to the environment and closer to home, more and more people embrace the outdoors and go camping. While camping is an old and very popular leisure activity, it has undoubtedly gained even more momentum of late and is something that has never been so trendy. Today, with the influx of glamping, more and more festivals each year, and new camping gadgets being available thanks to developing technology, camping has also never been so comfortable.

If you’re going camping this year, having a suitable sleeping cot is essential for a good night’s sleep. You’re already going to be sleeping outside, unable to regulate the temperature and hide from the noise. So you need to treat yourself to a comfortable bed where you can at least lie down on an even surface with no lumps and bumps underneath you. As well as making you comfier and getting you off the uneven floor, sleeping cots will keep you cooler during the summer months.

It’s not just about comfort either. It can also be used as a spare bed at home for when you have guests; they’re not only for the outdoors, you know. The fact that they’re easy to fold up means easy storage for those who live in small apartments with tight space. Sleeping cots can also be lifesaving in some circumstances, making them excellent value for money. But, let’s hope you don’t need one for a dangerous situation but more of a leisurely one like camping or putting up with relatives.

Why Should You Use Sleeping Cots?

Well, they are easy to get in and out of as they are elevated off the ground, so you are not sleeping on the floor and don’t have to bend down so much. They also give you more storage in your tent because you can use the space underneath to store your bag or other personal items.

Then, you are protected from creepy crawlies and any other insects that you don’t want getting in your sleeping bag. Sleeping on the ground can be dangerous for your health, and you could quickly end up with insect bites and skin infections.

A sleeping cot will also keep you cool, as you’re more likely to go camping in the summer months due to the beautiful weather, but this can be detrimental to your sleep as it can get sweltering in a tent. However, when you are sleeping on a cot, you will stay more relaxed during the night and have a more comfortable sleep.

Sleeping cots are a convenient alternative to a bed, and not only that, but they are affordable and durable too.

Best Sleeping Cots

So, to make your camping trip as comfortable as it can get, here are our picks for the best sleeping cots:

Camping Portable Stretcher Single Foldable Folding Bed Recliner Mat

If you are a lover of the outdoors, you must look at this foldable bed recliner. Nothing can be more soothing than a quick nap on this portable yet strong-steel firm bed. Rather than laying on the sand as you tan your skin at the beach, you could enjoy the divine process on your elevated, relaxing abode. You do not have to be caught unstylish even outdoors; the flawless yet straightforward leather work confers a sense of grace on its users. Its impeccable fashionable design also makes this recliner very suitable for use within the home.

The Outdoor Portable Camping Stretcher Bed guarantees euphoric outdoor experiences through its breathable, durable fabric. Even if fluids get spilled on the recliner mat, penetration would be difficult due to the double sewn mat layers. The 18 degrees warped head decompression design encourages undisturbed rest as you do not necessarily need a pillow to sleep comfortably. Unlike some other foldable beds, this camping stretcher is apt for weight-bearing. Its steel tube bed frame was manufactured to take a multi-triangular form; this, together with its link screws and steel reinforcement, enables the bed to support a weight of 160Kg.

Packing for an outdoor adventure need not be an arduous task; you only need to purchase a portable camping recliner. Due to its foldable nature, you could have more space to keep other important equipment and utensils.

MARCHWAY Ultralight Folding Tent Camping Cot Bed

The Marchway ultralight cot bed is suitable for outdoor use and can also function as a suitable indoor bed for a guest. Wishing to lay by the side of your significant other as you spend some romantic moments gazing into the sky? This cot bed has enough space for two. The sturdy support bars and cross rods make holding 275 lbs easy. Despite its fantastic carrying capacity, the foldable cot bed is as ultralight as possible.

With its five cross rods, two support bars, one pillowcase, a bed cloth, and a stuff sack, the cot bed weighs 4.8 lbs. This ultra lightness makes it a dream come true for hikers, campers, adventurers, trekkers e.t.c

When completely packed, the entire bed comes down to a 16.9 x 5.5-inch stuff sack. This is the height of portability; talk about moving your master’s bedroom to camp. This size fits comfortably into a camping bag pack. Even after arriving at camp, the foldable aluminium shock-cord pole frame makes set up and packing up a delightful breeze. This bed is also choicest for most campers because it affords enough space for a thorough night’s rest after an adventure-filled day. The bed is supported by five heavy-duty rods that firmly support the bed making it uniformly smooth for your comfort. The presence of 10 anti-skid feet also helps stabilise the bed preventing wobbling of the bed.

REDCAMP Extra Long Kids Cot for Camping

Ready to give your kids the softest, most esthetic camping cot? Then Redcamp, the most trusted foldable, portable baddie, is the cot for you. Your child would undoubtedly love and get attached to the incredibly soft nature of the cot, and as support for you when this eventually happens, the Redcamp foldable wonder was designed for adaptability in any situation and location. The toddler cot is perfect for lodging your little one in; nap time, travelling, preschool, camping, bedroom, living room, e.t.c. Regardless of your child’s age, size, height, or weight, Redcamp portable cot has been upgraded to meet the need. With an additional two paired legs for stability, a weighty carrying capacity of 286LBS/130KG, and a total unfolding size of 190x67x34cm, every child is catered for.

In case of durability, the kid’s sleeping cot was manufactured off 600D Oxford fabric and recently added 25mm elliptical shape tubes. Kids could get messy and excessively carefree. This is also why the cot comes with 14 sturdy legs and anti-slip feet to ensure stability and prevent injuries. The cot’s unique design also incorporates a side pack capable of holding a water bottle, snacks, bedtime storybooks, flashlights, e.t.c. The toddler cot is unarguably compact, durable, and simple.

Coastrail Outdoor Folding Chaise Lounge Chair

If you wish to forget all of life’s struggles or pass the time in the most relaxing way, then the coast rail chaise lounge chair is just for you. This portable, simple, light-weighted relaxation bundle offers unbeatable convenience for all kinds of outdoor activities. So whether you want some time out at the beach, by the swimming pool, in your garden, or some other marvellous natural terrain, this 28″ broad chaise chair would make the experience more remarkable.

Its four-position recline ability means that you can adjust the sturdy back to multiple sitting and laying positions. You might have had awful experiences with other foldable chairs in the past, but coast rail is guaranteed premium quality; many verified customers agreed to its fantastic build.

The breathable Textilene fabric gives a soft refreshing feel to your stressed bones and cradles your body with its epic elastic suspension system.

You do not have to be hesitant to purchase this chair even if you fear being overweight. As stated by the manufacturer, coast rail holds up to 400 lbs. The sturdy steel frame, tough powder coating, and UV-resistant features attest to its durability.

Lounger Chair Folding Beach Chair

You could easily pick up these light and compact gears whenever you are ready to savour lunch breaks, a camp break, an office break, or simply a romantic evening in the park. When you have just ended a fantastic and tiring day, nothing can be more soothing than the feeling of reclining into this four-position bench chair for a good sleep. These four back and 2-foot positions beach chairs give good balance when sat or laid upon. Its foldable and light-weighted design makes it easily mobile.

The Durable powder-coated steel frame can support up to 225lbs of human weight, meaning that you would have to watch your weight if you would purchase this wonder of a chair. Packed with soft, breathable 600D Oxford fabric, comfort was the goal when this lounger chair was being manufactured. Spanning a length of 6 feet 6 inches and a total size of 193cm(L)x68cm(W), this chair can accommodate even the tallest of persons.

Coleman 2-In-1 Converta Suspension Cot Stretcher/Lounger – White/Black

Coleman converter is the perfect, most suitable bed for multipurpose uses. This bed could come in handy at the beach, park, camp, swimming pool, e.t.c. Like some other beds already discussed here, Coleman is adjustable with four back positions and 2-foot positions, giving varying pleasurable positions to its users. The bed can only hold as much as 225lbs weight so that it can serve as a check for your weight.

Camping Bed Folding Stretcher Light Weight w/ Carry Bag Camp Portable – blue

This camping stretcher is very light weighted and will require very little energy in its movement. It is also very portable, and you could easily move it all across the globe to each of your favourite spots. You could make this stretcher your trustworthy ally in the cause of unforgettable relaxation. It is a great sponsor of fun at fishing events, festivities, camping, family outings etc.

Even when you have an unexpected guest, this stretcher can convey the message of your hospitality to them. A folding size that could easily fit into a camping bag will come in handy when ease of storage is considered. Its size and weight are perfect for light travelling. When it’s time for setting up, even your kids could get the job done. When you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, the camping bed is right out of its box.

Made from premium aluminium tubes and polyester material, the bed is durable and can provide its full support.

Final Verdict

So, if you’re not sure which to go for then, perhaps it’s worth going and trying a few out. Lie on them, have a go at putting them up and taking them down and see how you get on. While it’s no big deal if you choose one that isn’t quite right for you as you can usually send them back and get your money back, it’s far easier just to get it right the first time. If you are going on a camping trip and that is why you need a sleeping cot, then make sure you get it in advance and practice with it a few times before you go. There’s not much worse than being stuck in the middle of nowhere camping, and you can’t put your bed up, or you open it and find out that it’s broken. You know the old boy scout’s saying – always be prepared.

If you want to learn how to make a DIY cot, watch this video:

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