The Best Sleeping Chairs

Last Updated May 16, 2022

Sleeping chairs are the latest trend in functional household furniture right now. 

They not only provide the comfort of a conventional chair by day but can also be conveniently converted into a bed at night to create extra sleeping space.

This means you won’t have to worry about accommodating that drifter friend who keeps on popping in unannounced! 

Sleeper chairs are a great addition for minimalist individuals who are looking for a clutter-free choice of furniture. And while there are numerous choices in the market, we’ve taken the liberty to select the best fit for you after considering the various models available.

Check out our best sleeping chairs roundup to see how you can add a touch of magic & functionality to your home décor!

Buying the Ideal Sleeping Chair

Before you decide to invest in a sleeper sofa (not to be confused with a sleeper recliner, there are a few factors that need to be considered if you are to end up with the right furniture for your home. These can be summarized into the following simple questions:

1. How will I use the sofa?

You need to know that most sleeping chairs won’t give you the comfort you get from a traditional bed. It is, therefore, important that you think about your planned use for the sofa before buying it. Will you use it as a bed or a sofa?

2. How often will the sleeper sofa be used?

If you are simply going to be using it on special occasions, then you don’t need anything plush. On the other hand, if it’s meant for regular use, you want to find something that can endure the constant use.

3. What is your décor style?

Remember that sleeping chairs come in all shapes and colours, including sizes for very tall or over-sized people. You want to find a design that blends seamlessly into your apartment’s interior. So, be sure to check out the various colour schemes in your space before you go shopping for a chair.

The 8 Best Sleeping Chairs Reviewed

1. Advwin Recliner Electric Leather Lift Chair

If you want to enjoy your chair bed without much physical work, the Advwin electric recliner is your best shot. This ergonomic lounge chair ticks our box in enhanced functionality, comfort, ease of use, and comfort. It serves as the perfect sleeping space, love seat, and guest bed for your living room.

With just one click on its remote, the recliner lift technology can lift you smoothly and safely without putting pressure on your back or knees. That helps you relieve stress and relax better. The convertible chair is your perfect option for relaxing, watching your favourite programme in the living room, reading or sleeping when you have had enough.

Thanks to its storage bags, and two cup holders, you have a safe place to keep your magazines, novels, data cables, etc., without moving an inch from the comfy chair. The chair’s upholstery in faux leather makes for enhanced durability and maintenance. A cloth wipe will get any dirt or liquid stain away in a jiffy.

2. Artiss Luxury Recliner Armchair

This reclining chair gives you the feeling of a VIP in the cinema. When we talk about exceptional aesthetics, Artiss’ lounger comes to mind. Thanks to its high-density foam and upholstery faux leather, you rest assured you are spending on a high-quality futon chair.

Its backrest and footrest are fully equipped to easily recline to different positions without pressure on your body. The additional three support layers and adjustable backrest feature relieve back pain and ensure you have complete control of your comfort. Anyone can enjoy Artiss’ lift chair as it comes with a wide and comfortable seat and armchair.

3. Artiss Luxury Lounge Recliner Chair – Padded PU Black Leather

If you need another of Artiss’ comfy pull-out sleeper chairs with enhanced functionality but a different design, this chaise lounge might offer you the best value. The convertible chair is designed with a premium reclining mechanism that operates smoothly without extra work from you.

Thanks to its upholstery faux leather, you get a durable and soft-to-touch lounger that feels comfortable on the skin. This feature also makes it easy to clean. Body pain can significantly impede your motion, but this lift chair offers you enhanced comfort due to its three padded backrest features. That allows for full head and back support and total body comfort.

Its smooth round legs make it easy for you to move the chair bed from one location to another in your living room. However, the recliner is not ideal for taller adults due to its narrow design. Also, its high-density foam might make it unstable for seniors.

4. Grey Millo Fabric Recliner Armchair

If you need an affordable piece of furniture that feels natural on your body, you should go for this lounge chair. Made with 60% linen and 40% polyester, this lift chair is highly breathable on the skin. Its adjustable backrest mechanism makes it easy to push back and forth when you feel any pressure. It’s also a great addition to the furniture in your living room.

No matter the stress you may have passed through during the day, this chaise lounge offers enough space for you to rest your arm & leg, and a soothing feel on the skin. It is also a perfect fit for pregnant women and people who need to relieve heartburn and back pain. One main disadvantage this convertible chair possesses is that it doesn’t accommodate all body sizes. Nonetheless, you will get great value for your money. You may also need to be careful about getting it stained or wet.

5. Jones Recliner

With Jones’s recliner chair, you can have both functionality and adequate space for other items in your small apartment. The dark-grey fabric material of the recliner adapts easily to your house decor while providing you with total body comfort and leg rest. When you feel a light massage will do it better, this chair’s suede fabric offers your skin the softest and smoothest hand feel. It also reclines easily to any position, so you don’t have to do much work. Despite being spacious for any body type, the sleek design prevents it from looking bulky, making it suitable for any location in your living room.

6. Asta Recline Sleeping Chair

The Asta multifunctional recline chair combines comfort, functionality and fun for you. Its sturdy metal frame allows for flexible rocking and reclining to different positions in your living room or small apartment. That way, you can relax your body and have fun simultaneously.

There is no limit to where you can enjoy this minimalist relaxation as the chair is perfect for your house, home office, and lounge room. Its luxurious padded seat provides ease for your back and hips after a long and stressful workday. Also, the plywood frame accentuates the dark-grey fabric of the cushion, adding a subtle touch to any minimalist’s space.

Unfortunately, many users have complained about its low-quality memory foam. The back pad also flops as it’s not well-attached to the metal frame.

7. Garland Grey Armchair Recliner

Garland recline chair is your perfect pull-out sleeper at any time. It is the right thick but comfy lounger for your evening relaxation. Its grey hue and sleek design blend in effortlessly with any decor you have in place already. Its high-density foam provides appropriate bedding and cosiness for your back, hips, and shoulder pain.

You don’t have to worry about balance with this lift chair, as its metal frame allows for a secure and sturdy structure on any surface. While its adjustable backrest enables you to lie down and put your feet up, its wide arms, high back, and headrest provide ultimate support. The main downside of the ergonomic chaise lounge appears to be its narrow design, making it available for people with only small stature.

8. Advwin Massage Electric Lift Recliner Leather Chair

Here is another Advwin pull-out sleeper chair with additional features for total body comfort, enjoyment, and ease. This lounger uses a TUV-certified motor technology to push the chair up when you want to stand without putting pressure on your back or knees.

Why hire a masseuse when this multifunctional convertible chair has about eight vibration massage nodes for your back, waist, thighs, and legs? All you need is its universal remote to have access to its lifting, heating, and massage features at your fingertips. The sophisticated memory foam seat and a double-layer backrest provide the perfect foundation for a soothing massage experience.

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Final Verdict

If you haven’t drunk from the fountain of life, then you can expect some physical constraints once you get to your sunset years. Fortunately, the right type of reclining chair for the elderly will make things easier for sure. And the good part is – they don’t have to be expensive!

The best cheap recliners for the elders available today are listed above, and each of them has its pros & cons, and unique characteristics that might suit you. You just need to choose.

Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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