The 7 Best Sleeper Sofas Reviewed

Last Updated May 20, 2022

Two of the main reasons to buy a sleeper sofa are a guest bed or saving space in a tiny home. The third reason is that you want one! No matter what reason you wish to purchase a sleeper sofa, you still want a strong, durable, and highly rated sofa. We did all of the research to save you time and money.

The reason you need to purchase the sofa may change which option you choose. You need to figure out if it needs to go into an office, a living room, a tiny home, or somewhere altogether different. Measuring is the most important aspect, followed by style and colour. Check out the multiple different mattress styles and decide which works best for your needs.

From extra large modern to small enough for a tiny house, we have a wide selection of the seven best options. We also found a wide range of styles to fit every home or look you are trying to attain. You can set your home up with a spare bed that will not take up all of your space. Please read below for more information about what to look for in a bed and check the question section. Time to shop!

Best Sleeper Sofas

These are our picks for the best sleeper sofas:

1. Laze 3 Seater Futon

Before you get into the comfort and versatility this sofa provides, it is important to state that this is a very stylish piece. This couch fits into almost any style. If you prefer modern, transitional, traditional, contemporary, or rustic, this couch can come in and tie it all together. For its size and minimalistic style, it can fit into your living room, office or bedroom.

This is a great option if you need an extra bed for guests. Not only is it a super comfortable couch with plush, tufted seating, but it also opens up into a double bed so that it can be a great space-saving option. It can also make for great sleepovers. Your overnight guests will thank you.

What the reviews say:

Very versatile as it fits perfectly into a small bedroom without taking up too much space. Relatively easy to assemble, looks great, very happy with it

Louise T., April 2022 –

Perfect addition to my daughter’s bedroom for when friends sleepover. Equally comfortable as a lounge and as a bed.

Glenn R., January 2020 –

2. Artiss Sofa Bed Lounge Set

The Artiss Sofa Bed is a multifunctional piece available at a fantastic price. It is very stylish with a modern minimalist flair with thick cushioned upholstery on pine legs. The cushion is covered with breathable linen fabric. The two removable armrests on either side can function as pillows when you open up the sofa into a comfortable day bed.

This three seater has a three recline backrest for lounging or lying down and a middle backrest that can pull out to reveal cupholders. So if you are the type that loves to watch TV or lounge with a snack, this is the sofa for you.

What the reviews say:

Great sofa. Comfortable and versatile. I’ve been using it every day since I got it. Would recommend it.

Zhexing, February 2022 –

Very nice product easy to assemble, Colour is a nice light grey for the price worth it

Colin Menzies, November 2021-

3. Kip 3 Seater Futon

Small spaces can now provide a convertible sofa, sleeper, and lounger all in one with a contemporary style. The Kip 3 Seater Futon is a versatile sofa with three positions: upright, mid recline or flat for regular sitting, lounging or sleeping. The design is minimalistic with clean lines and smooth denim upholstery and can make for extra sleeping space for overnight guests.

Though this sofa does not have built-in armrests, you can throw in pillows with fun colours to add an extra flair to this already beautiful piece. And if you don’t like this mattress at the end of the day, this retailer offers a 30-day change of mind policy so you can return it hassle-free.

What the reviews say:

The futon was exactly what we wanted and easy to assemble

Mr B., February 2022 –

Great sofa, it’s comfortable and slim-lined, my old one was bulky and uncomfortable. My dog won’t stay off it lol

Mrs K., January 2021 –

4. Jupiter Sofa Bed

This is similar to the Laze 3 Seater with contemporary tufted cushions and stilt legs. The Jupiter Sofa bed is a stylish couch great for small spaces with an easy fold-out mechanism to transform into a comfortable tufted double bed. For extra cushioning, throw on a mattress topper, and you have a comfy bed for a great night’s sleep for you or your guests.

It is covered in a durable and breathable linen fabric and high-density cushioning for maximum comfort through the night. Available in black and grey, so if you are looking for a neutral colour to add to your collection without disrupting your overall aesthetic, this is the one for you.

What the reviews say:

This sofa bed is fantastic, love it

Raelene, October 2020 –

5. DukeLiving Billy 2 Seater Sofa Bed

Feel at home on this multifunctional sofa that should be a staple in your living room, home office or bedroom. The double-seater can be adjusted to seat four people in a chaise lounge style or into a double foam mattress. As a budget-friendly space-saving solution, this can help you transform any living space. Made with plush but firm seat cushions and covered in linen, this was designed to deliver in both style and durability.

It is available in charcoal and beige, both neutral colours that blend right in with any living area.

What the reviews say:

It was easy to assemble and is exactly as pictured. Isn’t too heavy and isn’t awkward to move around. Very comfortable too.

Patricia, August 2021 –

Changing up my son’s study to give him an extra bed for his friends to crash on when they stay over. Cannot comment on the quality at this point, only had it a few weeks, but very happy with the design and ease of use… The ordering and delivery of this item were amazing, quick and efficient and we got what we ordered… When I was notified that the Duke Living sofa was to be delivered within 5 days of ordering I thought it was spam. Couldn’t be happier

Stephen, November 2021 –

6. Olsen Fabric Daybed with Trundle

This is a unique piece. While it serves as a bed frame, it also functions as a tuxedo style sofa, lounge or bed with a trundle for an extra mattress. The high-quality wood frame is sturdy and made out of plywood, padded with a tufted foam back cushion and covered in linen. The seating is 90cm deep, so this could be an excellent bed for lounging and reading. The trundle underneath is hidden by a handrail and can be conveniently wheeled out to reveal another bed underneath for guests.

Although this unit requires two single mattresses for the main top and trundle, they are not inclusive. We found two that will fit right in for your optimal comfort. The DukeLiving Essentials Innerspring Mattress (Single) is a super affordable Bonnel spring mattress with a 10-year warranty. If you can afford something more high end, the E-Living Cool Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress is your next bet.

What the reviews say:

Looks great, comfortable, Perfect for kids’ bedroom. I’m 7 months pregnant and assembled this bed with no issues, very easy to assemble which was beneficial for me. Definitely value for money.

Elle, March 2021 –

Delivery time was within a week, easy to assemble, great to look at with the beds being a great size for comfort. Absolutely pleased with this deal.

Jane, June 2019 –

7. 5 Seater Sectional Corner Sofa Bed

This article focused on 2 to 3 seaters, but this modular sofa is an excellent option for people with more room to spare. The sleeper sectional has a modern style with clean lines and tufted upholstery. The cushions come in grey or black with a white or matching wood frame. While as a sofa, this is a super comfy five-seater with square arms, when transformed into a flatbed, the couch section forms a double bed while the chaise lounge reclines into a single bed, making this the perfect furniture for fun sleepovers.


What the reviews say:

We were so happy with our new couch/futon! Shipping was quick, and it was easy to assemble. The colour is great and the fabric is of good quality. The kids especially love that it reclines to different levels for comfort and being able to lay them down is perfect for movie nights and when their friends stay over!

Sharon, October 2021 –

Received my lounge today. Very happy with it. Nice and comfortable. Very friendly delivery company. Thank you

Anonymous, August 2020 –

Considerations for Sleeper Sofas

Color & Style

The colour of your couch can change the entire room. If you get a sofa with a bold colour, it may become a focal point and draw all eyes away from other parts of a room. Style matters too. If you have a room full of modern furniture and add a traditional style sofa, you may find the new sofa becomes an eyesore.

Check your space and decide what style you want and colour too. You may need to adjust your choice if you find the right style but in the wrong colour or vice versa. Either way, you don’t want to buy the couch and find out it’s not what you wanted after spending the money and setting it up in your home.

Location & Size

Another essential factor in picking a sofa sleeper is where it’s going and how much space you have available. Remember the golden rule when it comes to everything to do with homes, measure twice! Measure the space you have for a sofa in both an upright position and as a sleeper sofa.

You also need to decide where the couch will go before buying it! Trust me; it doesn’t work well to buy a couch and try to figure out later if it fits. If you find you don’t have the space but do want a particular sofa, you can rearrange the room or remove other furniture to make space.


Before purchasing, you should also consider function. Sleeper sofas are meant to switch from a couch by day to a bed by night, but some are easier to maneuver. If you live in a tiny house and need to convert the sofa into a bed every night, then you may want one that doesn’t have a built-in mattress that requires set-up every night.

If you need a sofa that converts into a bed only on the occasion of a guest visiting, you may want to lean toward one with a mattress and preferably a memory foam. Memory foam can be thinner and still offer a ton of comfort – it feels like a giant marshmallow cloud – whereas the older styles aren’t often comfortable past the first year.

Questions About Best Sleeper Sofas

What are the most common sleeper sofa problems?

Some older styles use a metal bar in the middle of the mattress, which can cause serious discomfort. Newer styles use a trampoline deck, which reduces the need for a bar but can cause sagging. Neither option is perfect, but you may want to try out both to see which you find more comfortable. The other option is to pick a sofa that uses the built-in cushion as the mattress, which is often extremely comfortable but sometimes smaller and harder to put sheets on.

Will a sleeper sofa support the weight of two people?

Most sofa sleepers can easily accommodate a minimum of 300 pounds, which equates to around 150 per person. If you have a larger guest staying, you may need to consider providing two sleeping options so as not to overtax your furniture and reduce your couch’s lifetime. You may want to consider keeping an air mattress in your closet if this is an issue for you.

Can I fold up the couch with the bedding still on?

It can but not well. Sleeper sofas are designed to fold up without bedding, and the bedding on the couch will not fold properly and could cause issues. While it’s a pain, you should take the bedding off before turning it back into a sofa.

The Final Verdict

The most versatile option on this list is the Laze 3 Seater Futon, and it has high ratings and fabulous benefits. First, it’s faux linen that is easy to maintain and coordinates with practically anything. Second, it’s beautiful and generously sized. Now you can have guests overnight even without a dedicated guest room!

If you need some inspiration for other good space-saving furniture and sleeper sofas, check out this video:

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