Two of the main reasons to buy a sleeper sofa are as a guest bed or to save space in a tiny home. The third reason is because you want one! No matter what reason you want to purchase a sleeper sofa, you still want a strong, durable, and highly rated sofa. We did all of the research to save you time and money.

The reason you need to purchase the sofa may change which option you choose. You need to figure out if it needs to go into an office, a living room, a tiny home, or somewhere altogether different. Measuring is the most important aspect, followed by style and color. Check out the multiple different styles of mattress and decide which works best for your needs.

From extra large modern to small enough for a tiny house, we have a wide selection of the ten best options. We also found a wide range of styles to fit every home or look you are trying to attain. Now you can set your home up with a spare bed that will not take all of your space. Make sure to read below for more information about what to look for in a bed and check the question section too. Time to shop!

Best Sleeper Sofas

These are our picks for the best sleeper sofas:

1. Emerald Home Slumber Black Sleeper Sofa

Although the brand is Emerald, this faux leather sleeper sofa comes in either brown or black. You can also choose from full or queen size to make this beautiful couch the perfect addition to your home. Don’t try to move this sofa on your own, though, as it weighs 171 pounds! Trust me, though, that’s the only downfall.

The slumber sleeper sofa includes a 4-inch gel foam mattress, which means your guests will sleep extremely well. When you use the piece as a sleeper, the foam mattress lays on top of a trampoline deck, which means no bar in the back to annoy your guests. Make sure the kids don’t see this, or they will want to jump on the deck!

Always measure before you buy, and to make your life easier, the size of this couch is 78.7 in length, 36.6 in width, and 36.2 in height. It’s a moderately sized sofa ready to hold a queen size mattress so two guests can sleep on the couch or two adults can enjoy the couch. What’s even better is you don’t have to do anything to put the couch together but attach the legs and put it in the right place.

Moreover, the couch fits into just about any style. Whether you prefer modern, transitional, traditional, contemporary, or rustic, this couch can work with your look. If you give a couple of years, it can even be shabby chic! It has clean lines with additional stitching for added appeal. Last of all, it has two cushions in the back and on the seat with thin arms to take up minimal space, and you don’t have to remove the back cushions to set up the bed.

2. Mechali Products Furniture Sofa Sleeper Convertible into Lounger

Small spaces can now provide a convertible sofa, sleeper, and lounger all in one with a modern meets classic style. The Mechali Sofa Sleeper measures 73.2 x 38 x 38 to take up less space and still provide tons of function. As a bed, the sofa measures 73.2 x 78.3 x 20, which is large enough for two people but compact enough to not steal all the space in a room.

You don’t need a mattress for this sofa as the front panel pulls out. Leave it there to use as a lounger for your feet or pull the pad up to turn into a bed by also pushing the back cushions back to a flat position. Although, if the padding doesn’t offer enough comfort, you could always add in a memory foam mattress topper for a top-notch night of sleep for your guests.

Included with the sofa are two pillows to go along with the foam cushions, so you don’t even need to store extra pillows. Even better, you can pick your size from a twin-sized chair, full-sized sofa, or a queen-sized sofa. You don’t need to find a place to store seat cushions, but you do need to figure out how to use a fitted sheet on the uniquely designed gray couch.

Finally, not assembly required, which is music to most people’s ears! Make sure to pull the sofa six-inches away from the wall to turn into a bed. The bed can support up to 300 pounds, and the queen size weighs a whopping 166 pounds. Now, if the company could add some color options and make it with memory foam, it would be perfect for tiny spaces.

3. American Furniture Classics Sedona Sofa

The American Furniture Classics Sedona Sofa is flat out gorgeous. It’s a classic style ready to fit into a lodge, coordinate with rustic decor, or any other style except maybe modern with its rich touches and easy appeal. The only downfall to this breathtaking bed is the exorbitant price, but if you can afford it, this sofa will increase the value of your home while creating a guest sleeping space in the process.

With the Sedona sofa, you get a three cushioned sofa that turns into a roomy bed on a trampoline frame. The rounded arms use hammered nails for added style and rounded feet for support. Leather-look microfiber adds to appearance and function as it’s much easier to clean and maintain. Of course, all of this is on a solid wood frame for top quality and support.

If you don’t like memory foam, then you will love that the supportive 4-inch inner coil queen-sized mattress with a Leggett & Platt mechanism for pulling the bed out. As a couch, this item measures 88 x 36 x 37-inches with a substantial weight of 165 pounds. Consider before purchasing if you have large dogs as removing fur and scratch marks might be quite difficult.

4. Porter Designs Serena Sofabed

If you want a sofa to snug upon to watch TV or read a book, you need the Porter Designs Serena Sofa-bed. It’s the perfect amount of squishy cushions and modern design with a built-in bed to boot! The only real problem with this couch is the lack of color choices, as this only comes in a sable gray color in a poly blend fabric. Although, it comes with tons of extra decking to camouflage lines for a sleek look.

Speaking of cushion, the Serena comes with a seriously serene amount of foam with 1.8 pounds paired with pocketed coils for both durability and support. To add to the durability and strength, double-linked sinuous s-spring steel construction for the seating area. Each cushion comes with zippers in case you need to re-fluff the foam or need to wash the fabric.

Next, you can pull out the inside mattress for a full-sized bed for guests. As a couch, this measures 73 x 35 x 38 inches and weighs 157 pounds. You won’t be able to move this heavy-duty couch alone! Also, the only assembly you have to do is add on the legs. For a little bonus, the sofa comes with two accent pillows, which guests can uses when sleeping too to coordinate with the standard coil mattress.

5. Novogratz Tallulah Memory Foam Futon

Are you looking for a classic vintage design? You need the Novogratz, which comes with several options to suit many needs, including an this futon styled couch, a day bed, and a chair (it doesn’t turn into a bed but acts as an accent and extra seating option to coordinate with the other pieces). We love the futon because it acts like a couch and turns into a bed big enough for two in just a few movements.

Let’s discuss just how beautiful this couch is before moving on to function. The couch has gorgeous velvet covering comfortable memory foam with tufted arms and backs and smooth seat cushions built-in. No loose change getting lost in this couch! It also has size smooth wood legs to match the wood frame. One of the most important parts of a piece of furniture is the color, and with this couch, you can pick dark blue, gray, dark green, light green, yellow, or pale pink.

Moving onto function, you cannot go wrong with this couch! Not only does the high-density foam and memory foam cradle your body for complete comfort, but you can also use the chair as a lounger or a bed. The seats can go partially back to work as a lounger or keep pushing to make a flat surface. With so many options, this would be a great addition to a tiny home, a media room, an office, or anywhere else you can imagine.

Finally, no mattress to pull out, nor do you need to move the coffee table or anything else to set up this comfortable sleeping space. It measures 83 inches in length, 33.5 inches in width, and 32.5 inches in height when used as a couch and as a bed it measures 73 x 44 x 17.5. As it can support 600 pounds, you can pile anyone onto this couch for a good night’s sleep.

6. Rivet Revolve Modern Upholstered Sofa Couch

Go modern with the Rivet Resolve Modern Upholstered Sofa Couch. It’s streamlined with modern bold edges and wooden legs for a classic look. If you like the denim colored sofa bed, you can coordinate the rest of your living room or space with a loveseat, sectional, sofa, or chair to match the sofa couch.

The comfortable couch comes with gorgeous stain-resistant polyester fabric to add to the aesthetic. Lift the removable bottom cushions to reach the full-sized bed underneath. At 36.6 x 69.7 x 35.4 inches, this sofa enhances your home without stealing all of your space. It’s built on a solid wood frame with beech wood legs, and the latter is all you need to install!

If, for whatever reason, you don’t like the couch, you can return it for free in the first 30 days, and it comes with a 1-year warranty. Don’t try to move it yourself as it ways a little over 150 pounds, which allows you to put over 400 pounds on the couch comfortably. Now you can have comfort, beauty, and function.

7. Stone & Beam Kristin Mid-Century Wood-Framed Sleeper Sofa

With the Stone & Beam Kristen Mid-Century Sleeper, you get a classically designed sofa, and they have a few different options to fill your living room with coordinating pieces. As for sleepers, you can pick the lovely two cushions 76-inch sleeper or a chair and a half 55-inch sleeper. Pick from several neutral colors, too, including navy, sand, stone, azure, and charcoal, to work with any decor and fit seamlessly into your living space.

When you need a place to sit, keep the foam-padded cushions on the hardwood frame. Turn this into a queen-size bed, take off the cushions and the bed frame for guests to spend the night. They can get a comfortable night’s sleep. Although, this is an inner coil mattress that you may want to change out for a more comfortable sleeping space.

The couch measures 76 x 37 x 37.5, which makes it small enough to fit where you need from your living room to a bedroom. It comes with performance fabric on a solid-wood frame with poly-Dacron foam filling for the cushions and the back. Also, the couch as sewn-in detailing along the front for a little more elegance. Rounded arms also add to the casual design of the sofa.

Lastly, the best part of this couch is you don’t have to assemble anything. It cleans easily, but you may want to scotch guard if you have pets or kids. If, for whatever reason, you don’t like the couch, you can return for free in the first 30 days, and it comes with a three-year warranty. The couch can support up to 300 pounds and weighs about 70 pounds.

8. Loveseat Sleeper with Memory Foam Mattress

If you need to save on space, try the 57-inch Loveseat Sleeper by Professional Deals. The size is ideal for a single sleeper or a tiny home, as this has such a small footprint. It’s elegant, too, with clean lines and slightly rounded arms in a dark gray color. Use it as a couch, too, as it’s super plush and comfortable.

You do need to assemble but do not need to grab your toolbox as it’s easy to put together. That’s not a lot of work to get upholstery grade woven polyester couch with a plywood frame construction with faux wood legs. If you like the sleeper, pair it with the 72.5-inch apartment sofa to complete your room.

The best part, though, is the memory foam mattress for your guests, unless you want them to leave faster. Memory foam makes any bed more comfortable. To set up, pull the cushions off and pull out the mattress frame with the mattress on top, then you are ready for sheets. As a couch, the tiny sofa can support two people sitting, and it’s perfect for tiny living.

9. Serta SA-AVO-JB-Set Dream Convertible Seville Sofa with Storage

Serta is well-known for quality sleep products, and they got a little creative with the Seville Sofa. The stylish couch blends modern with tradition with a tufted genuine bonded leather and rounded arms with golden hammered nails. You can have it all with this sofa as it comes with three functions.

First, the couch functions as a regular couch, which can comfortably seat up to three depending on the size of the people. Second, it can serve as a lounger by release the back cushion halfway. Third, recline the back cushion completely and turn it into a bed with the seating area. You don’t have to pull out a trampoline frame or worry about a mattress as the couch comes with both coils and memory foam for a long life and complete comfort.

Although this couch measures big at 85.4 x 34.8 x 33.7 when upright, it has built-in storage underneath to store items, which makes this an excellent option for tiny living with a place to store linens. When it’s folded out as a bed, the measurements adjust to 85.4 x 44.1 x 33.7 to turn into a full-size bed for up to two people. Finally, the sofa has a wood frame, base, and wood legs to which can support over 500 pounds and only weighs 74.8 pounds meaning you can move it around as needed.

10. Christies Home Living Tracey Sofa Bed

The Christies Home Living Tracey Sofa Bed looks like a recliner couch, and if you decide to buy the matching love seat, it is a recliner! You can turn this set into a sectional if you like. The full-sized, three-cushion couch pulls out into a sofa bed, though for this sectioned cushioned comfy couch.

The fabric is 100% polyester, which makes this not the best option for those living in hotter climates. At 39 x 86 x 41 inches, this sofa can support a queen size mattress, which is included. You do need to do some light assembly, but this couch will increase the comfort and guest space in your home. When it’s a couch, it can accommodate three people sitting comfortably with the three different sections.

Next, the sofa weighs 194 pounds that can support any weight you decide to put on the bed. Just remove the cushions and pull out the bed frame to make the couch into a bed. Finally, although this couch offers both comfort, versatility, durability, not everyone will like the chocolate color or the two sectioned cushions on the high back. The sofa looks like it’s leftover from the nineties, but no judgment as everyone has different tastes.

Considerations for Sleeper Sofas

Color & Style

The color of your couch can change the entire room. If you get a couch with a bold color, it may become a focal point and draw all eyes away from other parts of a room. Style matters too. If you have a room full of modern furniture and you add in a traditional style sofa you may find the new sofa becomes an eyesore.

Check your space and decide what style you want and color too. You may need to adjust your choice if you find the right style but in the wrong color or vise versa. Either way, you don’t want to buy the couch and find out it’s not what you wanted after spending the money and setting it up in your home.

Location & Size

Another important factor to picking a sofa sleeper is where it’s going and how big a space you have available. Remember the golden rule of everything to do with homes, measure twice! Measure the space you have for a couch in the upright position and also the space for the sofa set up as a sleeper sofa.

You also need to decide where the couch will go before you buy! Trust me, it doesn’t work well to buy a couch and try to figure out later if it will fit. If you find you don’t have the space but do want a particular couch, you can rearrange the room or remove other furniture to make space.


Before purchasing, you should also consider function. Yes, sleeper sofa’s are meant to switch from a couch by day to a bed by night, but some are easier to maneuver. If you live in a tiny house and need to convert the sofa into a bed every night, then you may want one that doesn’t have a built-in mattress that requires set up every night.

If instead, you need a sofa that converts into a bed only on the occasion of a guest visiting, you may want to lean toward one with a mattress and preferably a memory foam. Memory foam can be thinner and still offer a ton of comfort – it feels like a giant marshmallow cloud – whereas the older styles aren’t often comfortable past the first year.

Questions About Best Sleeper Sofas

What are the most common sleeper sofa problems?

Some older styles use a metal bar in the middle of the mattress, which can cause serious discomfort. Newer styles use a trampoline deck, which reduces the need for a bar but can cause sagging. Neither option is perfect, but you may want to try out both to see which you find more comfortable. The other option is to pick a sofa that uses the built-in cushion as the mattress, which are often extremely comfortable but some times a little smaller and harder to put sheets on.

Will a sleeper sofa support the weight of two people?

Most sofa sleepers can easily accommodate a minimum of 300 pounds, which equates to around 150 per person. If you have a larger guest staying, you may need to consider providing two sleeping options so as not to overtax your furniture and reduce your couch’s lifetime. You may want to consider keeping an air mattress in your closet if this is an issue for you.

Can I fold up the couch with the bedding still on?

It can but not well. Sleeper sofas are designed to fold up without bedding, and with the bedding on the couch will not fold properly and could caused issues. While it’s a pain, you should take the bedding off before turning it back into a sofa.


The most versatile option on this list is the Emerald Home Slumber Sleeper Sofa, and it has high ratings along with fabulous benefits. First, it’s faux leather that is easy to clean and coordinates with practically anything. Second, it’s beautiful and generously sized. Third, this couch comes with a 4-inch gel foam mattress so your guests will be comfortable all night long. Now you can have guests overnight even without a dedicated guest room!

If you need some inspiration for other good space saving furniture and sleeper sofas, check out this video: