Best Sleep Number Bed Alternatives Reviewed

Last Updated May 16, 2022

Why do couples choose Sleep Number beds despite the high price? Because no two people sleep alike, even if they share a bed. The advantage of a sleep number bed is two people can have different mattress plushness and adjustments. Now couple preferences don’t have to match but can instead find the exact sleep setup they need.

If the Sleep Number setup sounds perfect, the price doesn’t try some alternative with the same functionality at a lower cost. Find your comfort and let your partner find their comfort without heading to separate bedrooms. These beds can also help cope with spouses who snore or those with injuries to sleep well every night.

We found the seven best options to get you and your partner sleeping soundly together despite different comfort needs. From memory foam to latex mattresses and adjustable bed frames, you can find your perfect bedroom haven for a price you can afford. Stay on after to get answers to your questions.

Best Sleep Number Bed Alternatives

1. Onebed Adjustable Bed Frame

If you want a bed with great remote control, choose the Onebed Adjustable Bed Frame. Start by picking your bed size from single, double, queen, king, or split king. The latter can adjust each mattress individually for a customised night of restful sleep. The split king consists of two separate single bed frames.

This smart bed is packed with features to ensure you’re getting the most out of your bedtime. You can easily adjust the top and bottom of the bed with remote control, making lounging or reading in bed easier. Additionally, the anti-snore and zero gravity function optimises oxygen flow and give you a weightless effect and built-in positions that promote maximum relaxation. There are also customisable controls for the head and the foot of the bed to personalise and save your preferred positions with the memory option. With the split king, you can do all this without bothering your partner on their side of the bed.

The Onebed frame is compatible with most mattresses except airbeds because frequent transitions can cause damage to the airbeds. The Onebed Original 10” is a great mattress to pair with this bed frame. A single bed can offer three different levels of firmness so you can take your pick of the select comfort by simply swapping out the top layer. The first layer is a highly responsive Dunlop latex for medium-firmness. The second layer is 4cm thick memory foam for a soft to medium feel. A firm layer is made of 17cm thick polyurethane foam. Over 2000 customers testify to its comfort, so this could be the bed for you.

2. Sophie Adjustable Beds

Get the Sophie Adjustable Bed for a smart bed with tons of comfort. The set comes in different sizes and offers more customisations. It also comes with the tri-layer 25cm gel-infused memory foam mattresses for the best of both worlds, giving you comfort and support.

The adjustable bed frame features independent head and foot elevations at the touch of a button. You can choose from the pre-set bed positions or customise the frame to your preferred position and save those settings. For an added boost, you can get a whole-body vibration massage to refresh you at any time of the day. The bed also offers under-bed LED lighting, so you don’t have to shuffle around at night for a light switch and USB ports for easy device charging.

Another great reason to consider this set is the mattresses. The cooling gel-infused memory foam is excellent at regulating temperatures and helping your body cool down and fall asleep in any weather. The mattresses are dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic for sensitive users and are also equipped with machine washable covers.

3. Sleep Electric’s Prestige Range of Adjustable Beds

Sleep Electric offers a range of high tech electric beds packed with features to improve your sleep experience and wellness. The prestige range includes wireless remote controlled bed frames and cool gel-infused memory foam for premium sleep.. Gel-infused beds with air chambers increase airflow, so you stay cool all night long, while high-density memory foam distributes weight, relieves pressure points, and minimises partner disturbance, so you don’t have to wake up every time they get in and out of bed.

The base is impressive, with a zero-gravity auto button to boost circulation and relief pressure all over the body. This is a smart bed that also helps to provide spinal cord support to reduce aches and pains. Control the head, foot, flat, and lounge mode at the touch of a button with two wireless remote controls so couples can set the bed without disturbing the other on the split beds. And as a bonus, there is a multispeed massage available with head or foot massage options or both for complete relaxation.

4. Solace Sleep Value Sleep Package

The Solace Sleep package offers the high-quality Allure Mattress and Better Sleep Adjustable Base at a discount. You can choose from several sizes, including long single up to split king. It’s an excellent option for people who need to alleviate pregnancy discomfort, joint or lower back pain, snoring or partners with different sleeping needs.

The head inclines from 0 to 75 degrees, and the foot inclines from 0 to 45 degrees. It’s easy to assemble and takes minutes to set up your bed. With the wireless remote, you get a range of functionality with smooth transitions. Zero gravity and semi fowler positions are built-in with the option to program your favourite positions. Relax conveniently with a vibration massage at the head or foot with a sync option, and fall asleep to a soothing massage with the timer option.

The mattresses are fabulous, making an excellent pair with the adjustable base. You get the best of both worlds as a hybrid mattress with gel memory foam with air chambers and a responsive pocket coil for extra support and comfort. The combination allows the bed to contour around your form with medium firmness, no worries about the mattress being too hard or too soft. The stretch knit cover and softer layers of foam first provide a cushy base, and a thicker layer of pocket coils distribute weight for even support.

5. Dual King Fusion Adjustable Massage Bed

When it comes to comfort and functionality, this takes that cake, but at a slightly higher price point. If you and your partner have different sleep styles, this can grant both your wishes without sacrificing anyone’s comfort.

The head tilt is from 0 to 90 degrees; there is ample leeway to set the elevation to your lounging or health needs. The steel frame is sturdy, and heavy-duty Okin motors provide a smooth, noiseless transition into whatever position you desire at a touch of a button and with minimal partner disturbance.

The height of the bed frame is adjustable to suit your needs, and the wall hugger features make this a great space saver. Timed vibration massages, USB ports, Bluetooth control and LED lights make this the ultimate hi-tech sleep solution.

The mattress follows the trend of amazing functional design. It is cloaked in hypoallergenic bamboo covers that are soft, comfy, durable, and machine washable. The next is a comfort layer with thick ambience foam for contoured support in any sleep position, followed by an active charcoal layer that keeps the bed clean and fresh while getting rid of weird odours. The dual-core is thick and breathable for temperature balancing and proper body alignment. The added value of a 10-year warranty makes this a worthy investment.

6. Peacelily Adjustable Bed Base

This adjustable bed offers personalised comfort without breaking the bank. For the functionality, the price is a steal. From the long single to split king bed, there is a bed for everyone, especially couples with the split range that offers personalisation and no partner disturbance. There are multiple positions built-in for lounging and better sleep quality and relaxation.

The vibration massage packs a punch with nine different options for intensity and speed for optimal comfort and stress relief. Made with all-natural materials, this is comfort in the absence of toxic chemicals. The best mattress to be paired with this is the Peacelily mattress.

The customisable firmness that this offers makes it a smart mattress. Simply swap the latex layers if you want a medium or firm mattress. The mattress is made of non-toxic, durable latex for breathable, cool comfort. The mattress topper is an organic cotton cover and is removable and machine washable with horizontal quilting for added durability. This is extremely affordable while still offering awesome function and comfort.

“The Peacelily bed is easy to set up. The mattress is very comfortable and having both hard and medium firmness in one mattress is a bonus. It comes with a comprehensive range of features (e.g., massage, zero-g) and these work smoothly and efficiently using the remote control. The ordering process was straightforward. The communication from the company was excellent and the bed arrived on time. A great bed and a great company to deal with”—Doug, March 2022

Buying Guide for Sleep Number Bed Alternatives

Take a look at some key features before deciding which combo set best suits your needs.


When it comes to mattresses with an adjustable bed frame, you need to know what works. If one person wants a soft mattress and another wants a firm, you might be better off buying the adjustable frame separate from the mattresses for more options. Also, you need to decide if you want a hybrid mattress with inner springs and memory foam for additional support, memory foam, or latex.

Adjustable Frame

What features you want is the most important factor with an adjustable frame. If you just want the head and feet to go up and down, you don’t need a massive budget. However, if you want fancy settings like zero gravity, massage, and more, you will need to budget more cash.

Remote Control

Not many people consider the remote control when buying an adjustable bed set, but there are several options. Consider if you want a wireless, wired, or phone operated remote control. Wired remotes are often only on one side, comfortably making one person in charge of the settings.

Questions About Sleep Number Bed Alternatives

What is a split king size mattress?

A split king size mattress is a king-size split in half or two twin xl mattresses side by side. It’s a fantastic option to give both people their own adjustable space without compromising on size.

Do I need a box spring for any of these mattresses?

No, you do not need a box spring. Adjustable beds do not work with box springs, and foam beds do not require anything more than a base, which is included with the adjustable frame.

Do any of these mattresses have settings to change the firmness?

No, for a bed with the ability to change firmness levels, you will need to go to a special retailer and budget a large amount of money. The Sven & Son Hybrid Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress and Adjustable Bed comes with a special lumbar bar to mimic this effect.

Final Verdict

No alternative will be as good as an actual sleep number mattress. Check out the official sleep number website to find out where you can get one. For more information on sleep number beds, check out this video:

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