Now, if we’re being honest, the average woman would say the best bra is no bra, and we’d be inclined to agree. For some, the moment that they can take off their bra at the end of the day is the best part of their day, and we don’t blame them. Underwire and lace can make modern bras uncomfortable to wear after a while, and even sports bras can have a constricting effect that makes wearing a bra feel more like a prison. For many, the idea of wearing a bra to bed seems counterintuitive. However, for people with larger bra sizes and for those who wake up every few hours to nurse a newborn, the security and comfort provided by a sleep bra are second to none.

Much like everyday bras, sleep bras are there to provide support and help reduce back pain while sleeping. In certain cases, sleep bras are specially designed for nursing, allowing the wearer to easily slip the cup to the side to nurse. What makes a quality sleep bra is its comfort, support, and overall convenience. You wouldn’t want to sleep wearing underwire every night, and a good sleep bra offers you the comfort of your favorite tee shirt in bra form.

We know looking for bras can be a daunting task, which is why we’ve gone ahead and rounded up the best sleep bras on the market, both for nursing and general sleep needs, so you can shop with confidence knowing you’re getting the best bedtime support out there. Without further ado, here are the top seven sleep bras on the market today.

Best Sleep Bras

We’ve chosen the top sleep bras available on the market today based on comfort, materials, sizing, and convenience. We’ve also factored affordability into our choice, as shopping for new bras shouldn’t come with an unreasonable price tag. From that research here are our picks for the best sleep bras:

1. Calvin Klein Women’s Modern Cotton Bralette

Everyone who’s gone bra shopping has heard of Calvin Klein bras, and they are at the top of our list for comfort, support, pricing, and options hands down. With countless colors available, as well as a sizing chart that ranges from extra small to 3XL, you’re sure to find a comfortable sleep bra for you. While not specially designed for nursing, these bras have a low enough neckline to allow easy access, while still offering the support you need.

Each bralette is made with soft, supportive cotton for a breathable fabric that feels like you’re favorite PJ set. The bottom elastic is comfortable and soft, unlike many sports bras available on the market, allowing you to rest easy knowing your bra is held securely in place while you sleep, without any of the uncomfortable pressure lines that come from other bras. These bralettes function as everyday bra options as well, and are fantastic tee-shirt bras, allowing you to wake up and go on those mornings you find yourself sleeping in. By not featuring separate cups like some sleep bras (and regular bras), these bralettes are flexible as far as sizing goes, and are less likely to cause discomfort for sensitive wearers. If you’re looking for the best sleep bra on the market, Calvin Klein has you covered.

2. Sunzel Women’s Cotton Spandex Seamless Sleep Bra for Nursing and Maternity

First, this bra comes in a three-pack, allowing you an incredible deal for the comfort offered. Made with a soft blend of cotton and synthetic materials for added stretch, this sleep bra is specially made for maternity needs but works for anyone looking for added comfort and support while they sleep. The unique crossbody front allows those who are nursing easy access for late-night feedings, without compromising on support throughout the night. Thanks to a set of easily removable pads, this bra can adjust to your unique modesty needs, allowing it to go from a day bra to a sleep bra. The soft bottom band and carefully stitched straps ensure you sleep in perfect comfort, without any of the itchy stitching and lace that makes day bras frustrating to wear.

This sleep bra offers sizes from small to 3XL making it ideal for most sizes, and the customizable nature of the crossbody front allows the bralette to adjust to your size, giving you that added level of comfort. As a bonus, the stretchy design allows for this sleep bra to adjust to different breast sizes, allowing more comfort for those who are nursing or pregnant. If you’re looking for a great sleep bra made to conform to your unique needs, this is a great option for you.

3. Carole Martin Full-Freedom Wireless Comfort Bras

How can you go wrong with a bra called “full-freedom?” This comfort bra marries the support of a traditional bra with the comfort needed in a sleep bra. The unique front closure allows easy access for nursing mothers, while still offering consistent support. Thanks to the unique stretch design of this comfort bra, each size can fit a wide range of cup sizes from AA to DD, with room for adjustment. While some customers may find the front closure slightly uncomfortable when compared with other comfort bras, the easy access and full coverage features make this the perfect bra for anyone looking for either a comfortable day bra or a reliable sleep bra.

The combination of nylon and spandex offers an incredible range of stretch for each of these bras, and the sizing is entirely dependent on your band size (which can be found by using a measuring tape under your breasts). By offering such a flexible range of sizing, this product is ideal for those who are nursing or pregnant, as these bras are developed to change with your body, meaning you can spend less on new bras throughout the process and instead rest in comfort. While the front closure may be a turn off for many customers, this comfort bra is an excellent option for those looking for cup size flexibility as well as reliable support while they sleep.

4. BESTENA Comfort Bra

As far as sizing goes, this is one of the most versatile comfort bras on our list, with sizes ranging up to 4XL. One of the best features of this bra is that it is seamless with wide straps, proving more consistent comfort throughout the entire night. Unlike some of the other bras on our list, this bra comes in one solid piece, making it less than ideal for nursing, but the added comfort provided by the bra itself makes up for the slight inconvenience. This bra is made to transition through the day with you and is developed for sleep, yoga, and even surgery recovery by offering convenient comfort without any of the frustration that comes with traditional bras.

Like many of the other sleep bras on our list, this bra comes with removable pads, so you can adjust the comfort level depending on your unique needs. If you’re looking for a sleep bra that provides comfort and support while also functioning as a day bra should you need it to, this is an incredible option that’s sure to please.

5. Kindred Bravely Extra Soft Organic Cotton Wireless Nursing & Maternity Sleep Bra

If we’ve talked up the versatility and size options of the other sleep bras on this list, Kindred Bravely Extra Soft Sleep Bra takes the cake. This bralette is made with a combination of organic cotton and spandex for comfort and stretch and offers a wide range of sizes that customize for band size and cup size, allowing you to find the most comfortable option for you. This bra is specially designed for nursing and maternity and has a crossbody front that allows for easy access for late-night feedings. The wide straps and low coverage provide added comfort while sleeping, without compromising on support. While this bra doesn’t transition from a sleep bra to a day bra-like many on our list, this combination of wireless support and removable pads makes this a great sleep bra option.

It is worth noting that some customers may experience discomfort with the 10% spandex content, and should use caution if they have especially sensitive skin. There is also the fact that the back of the bra is in one solid piece, similar to a tank top, which may make it hold heat, making it unideal for anyone who struggles with maintaining their temperature during the night. Still, if you are looking for a comfortable sleep bra, the Kindred Bravely Extra Soft Sleep Bra is right up your alley.

6. Amazon Brand – Mae Women’s Modal Everyday Bralette

An Amazon brand product rarely makes it into the top-recommended list, but this bra is ideal for anyone with cup sizes ranging from AA to C. Featuring a thick under band made of comfortable, breathable fabric, this bralette is a great option for anyone looking for added comfort, whether at night or throughout the day. The unique crossed back straps provide support, without digging into your skin, allowing you the support you need without any of the discomforts that can come with traditional bras. It is worth noting that this bra is made with a combination of modal and spandex, giving it a unique combination of comfort and stretch to conform to your body.

While this bra is incredibly comfortable and comes in a wide range of colors, it is worth noting that the cups are on the smaller end of the sizing chart, making it less than ideal for anyone on the busty side of the scale. It is also worth noting that the unified front design makes it a little complicated for anyone who is nursing, meaning it may not be best for maternity needs. Also, some people may find themselves sensitive to modal, meaning they should be cautious when trying out new fabric. Still, if you are looking for a comfortable, flexible style, this is a great bralette for you.

7. Medela Nursing Bra for Sleep and Breastfeeding

The Medela Nursing Bra offers a unique combination of comfort, support, and stretch while being specially designed for those who are nursing and pregnant. This bra features a racerback design for added support, with a crossbody front for easy nursing, no matter what time of day. The unique fabric composition offers comfort throughout the night, while wicking moisture away from the body, helping you regulate your temperature and avoid under breast sweat. Each bra comes with a four-way stretch design for added comfort and support and is made with your changing body in mind. By offering additional support while still prioritizing overall comfort, this bra is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a new sleep bra.

It is worth noting that this bra does rank a little lower on the support side of things, making it less ideal for day-to-day wear, but it is machine washable, making it easy to clean (especially important for the new parent). These bras are made with a combination of nylon and spandex for easy wash and upkeep, but this can cause some sensitivity issues in customers, meaning it’s always best to look into what fabric types work for you before investing. Still, if you’re looking for a comfortable sleep bra or maternity bra, the Medela Nursing Bra is sure to satisfy.

Choosing the Right Sleep Bra for You

When shopping for a sleep bra, there are a few important factors to keep in mind. The first is bra size. Many people wear bra sizes that are too small for their unique body shape, and if it has been over three months since your last fitting, you’ll want to figure out your bra size before making a new purchase. Thankfully, many sleep bras focus on the actual measurable size of your body, rather than cup and band sizes, making it much easier to choose the right bra size for you. Be sure to measure under your breasts, as well as across the widest point of your breasts for the most accurate measurements. It is worth noting that there is a delicate balance between choosing a bra that is too tight, and a bra that is too loose. When choosing between two similar sizes, keep in mind that sleep bras are made to stretch as you wear them, meaning choosing a bra on the smaller side is more advisable than choosing one that is too loose, as you may lose out on proper support.

Another thing to keep in mind when shopping for a sleep bra is the level of support you are looking for. Maternity and nursing bras usually prioritize easy access over support, meaning while they may win out in a comfort contest, they may not give you the support you need. On the other hand, flat across sleeping bras will provide a high level of support, making them ideal for those with larger cup sizes, but they may not be as comfortable as you would want. It’s best to weigh your options and experiment with different styles of sleep bras before making a final investment. That way you can get the best choice for your unique sleep needs.

Another factor to keep in mind is material. For many people, the breasts are one of the more sensitive parts of their body, meaning that it is best to be mindful of the kind of fabrics you are putting on your body. Keep in mind that while natural fabrics tend to be gentler on your body, they have been known to hold in moisture, making them more likely to irritate your body over time. On the other hand, while synthetic fabrics like nylon and spandex offer a wider range of stretch and can help wick moisture away from the body, they have been known to irritate those with sensitive skin. It’s always a good idea to do a fabric test before investing in a sleep bra, either by wearing a tee-shirt made of that material or finding a similar bra type to see how your body reacts. Thankfully, in many cases bra companies have a reasonable return policy, allowing you to swap out sizes and material types depending on what your body needs.

Finally, keep in mind what you like and don’t like in a bra design. Wider straps may offer more support, but they can also cause discomfort in some people. On the other hand, those with smaller breasts may find split front bras don’t offer much coverage, leading to frustration. It’s always a good idea to figure out what works for your unique body before investing in a new sleep bra. The added research is well worth the effort, as a comfortable sleep bra can help revitalize your sleep and help fend off backaches by providing much-needed support.

Should You Be Sleeping in a Bra?

Wondering if a sleep bra is right for you? Check out this quick video on the benefits of wearing a sleep bra for added support, especially for those with a larger cup size.