Have you invested in the perfect sectional couch for your home, only to find the pets or kids have left marks and stains on your next couch? Or are you looking to give your sectional couch a new lease of life after some years of wear and tear? The best sectional couch cover is essential for protecting your furniture from stains, paw prints, and the impact of general use.

A new sectional couch cover can give your sofa some extra years of life while simultaneously protecting the surface from dog hair, muddy hand or paw prints, and general stains. There are a few things to consider when purchasing the best sectional couch covers, from ensuring the size is the right fit for your sofa, to assessing whether a snug or throw style fit will better suit your design plans.

Here are seven sectional couch cover reviews to help you assess what the best choice for your home might be.

Best Sectional Couch Covers

1. Easy-Going Sofa Slipcover

Why is the design great? The Easy-Going comes in eight different colors, which are all varied, so you’re bound to find a color that you love. It is also fully reversible and can accommodate a left or right-angled sectional sofa. The microfiber luxury quilt promises comfort and quality, adding a level of sophistication and protection to your sofa. The sizing comes in a small, large, and extra-large to accommodate the size of your sectional couch.

What makes it so useful? Microfiber is the dream fabric for covering your couch, as it is super absorbent and should mop up those pesky spills and avoid potential stains. It is fitted to your sofa, so you can see the sectional design you paid for and prevent potential slips from running kids, pets, or rampaging family members. To top it off, it is fully machine washable, so you can let it take the mess and then keep it fresh and clean for the next family visit. It also has foam rollers to slot in between armrests and seating or the back and the front of the seat to avoid slippage.

What’s good about it? The foam rollers prevent slippage, but you can also simply tuck the covers in to hold them in place. The best sectional couch covers also have microfiber as they absorb seven times more than the standard material and are also extremely easy to clean. They incorporate the added element of comfort and offer added protection to your sofa.

Some cons: With 4.4 out of 5, this product ranks highly. However, although it claims to be water-resistant, the material absorbs spills but doesn’t necessarily wholly protect the sofa, so don’t expect your sofa to be fully protected from the peskiest of red wine or coffee stains.

2. WOMACO L Shape Sofa Cover

Why is the design great? This is a two-part sectional couch cover, so it will fit snugly around both arms of the L-shaped design without you feeling like you’re wrestling with it. There are also an ambitious five different sizes depending on the seating of your sofa, and 16 different color options. You can choose a color and even texture that fits in with the aesthetic of your home from luxurious velvet to a pretty dandelion design.

What makes it so useful? Firstly it’s 8% spandex, so it’s super stretchy and can fit snugly against your sofa cushions. It stretches over them so you won’t be able to tell if its a sectional couch cover or the original cushion cover itself. Secondly, you can give your sofa and even room a whole new lease of life with the quirky design options. It’s machine washable and an excellent barrier to a dog, baby, or general-life related stain.

What’s good about it? There’s a 100% money-back guarantee if one of the multiple sizes or choices doesn’t fit you. They also refund if the color isn’t what you want, so you can make sure you get the right design and color scheme for revitalizing your living room.

Some cons: The main negative point is that the material is extremely thin and snags, so seams tend to split. On the positive side, if this is an issue you can return the product for a full refund.

3. SAFETYON Sand Sofa Slipcover

Why is the design great? The color scheme is six different designs, in darker tones, which lends itself well to hiding stains. This sofa cover is also strapless and also slip-free, and the bottom of the cover is elasticated, so you don’t have to adjust the cover continually. The bottom of the cover is elasticated, allowing for movement without jeopardizing the position of the cushion.

What makes it so useful? The anti-mite free cleansing and creation of this sofa slipcover help reassure that the material is irritant free and child and pet-friendly. The slip-free material also means you, your pets, and your kids can lounge all over the design without you worrying about stains or pet hair getting through the cover. The stretchy two-part fabric also accommodates no-arm rest or double armrest sofas, as well as right and left L-shapes.

What’s good about it? The convenient design goes straight over the cushions and the frame, so you don’t have to worry about wrangling several pieces into submission several times a week. The added benefit is that even the best sectional couch covers don’t always mention comfort, but this couch cover delivers on enhancing the comfort level of a sofa. The colors compliment most homes with their subtle design, so it will also lengthen the life of your sofa for several more years to come.

Some cons: The straps pop out during fitting, and some parts of the material drape while others are tautly stretched, suggesting the sizes might not accurately match what you’re purchasing.

4. CHUN YI Sectional Sofa Slipcover

Why is the design great? With a mind-boggling 18 different colors to choose from, you’re bound to find one that complements your existing home. The elastic fabric is flexible and also soft for added comfort, to help you fit it to the armrests and chaise. The material is also cold machine washable, so you can keep it clean after a month of gathering stains for your sofa.

What makes it so useful? Chun Yi wants to be as accommodating as possible, and offer to review a picture of your sofa before you buy. They also welcome questions about existing sofa sizes or shapes and try to make sure you’re purchasing the right product for you. With excellent customer service and 18 different colors, it’s bound to make the overall purchasing experience more straightforward as a result.

What’s good about it? It’s easy to clean and fit, which makes it one of the most highly ranked Amazon reviews in this list. It’s also durable, too, so you’ll be getting your money’s worth out of the purchase as it does what it claims to and lasts for a long time. The comfort level and quality are also high, giving your sofa a new lease of life while simultaneously protecting from any potential pet or child-related stains or spillages.

Some cons: The sizing seems to come up as too big in some cases, so the material looks a little bunched up. This might mean that the cover doesn’t always fit in place or secure properly.

5. Deep Dream Sectional Sofa Cover

Why is the design great? This is a great seat and cushion cover set if you’re looking for a throw-style design. It also covers both functionality and design, as the style can really revitalize your couch. In fact, it compliments your sofa with the color cut-through on the back cushions. It comes in 15 colors, with a serious choice of sizing or purchase options for you to select. The high quality crystal velvet is breathable, durable and soft. The pieces are all sold individually, saving on cost if you don’t need the full set.

Why is this so useful? Breathable fabric is essential for keeping your sofa ventilated, and they also incorporate silicon rubber into the back panel of the cover to secure your sectional couch cover and avoid slippage. Perfect for avoiding using rollers or having to secure your covers. Just tuck them in, and they’re ready to go. The seller is also very active on the questions page and makes an effort to answer any customer inquiries ahead of purchase.

What’s good about it? The design actually utilises your pre-existing sofa surface. The comfort level is also extremely high, so it can definitely enhance the life of your sofa while still protecting from pesky paw or handprints. It’s also a snug fit, so you don’t have to worry about problems fitting the covers.

Some cons: With some parts of the sofa exposed, it’s not going to protect your entire sofa fully, and if you want to cover the entire couch to give it a new lease of life, some parts of the back cushion and legs are exposed. Ordering pieces separately can be frustrating. But with 75% positive reviews, this is one of the best sectional couch covers on the list.

6. OstepDecor Couch Cover

Why is the design great? This is multi-functionality at its best. These go beyond mere sectional couch covers and instead can be used as floor mats too. As each unit is sold separately, you can also mix and match cushion covers to create a new design for your home. It’s suitable for all sofa types and has little to no installation time. The design, like the Deep Dream, is intended to enhance your existing sofa design as the legs and the back of the seat is very slightly exposed.

Why is this so useful? The silicon rubber helps reduce cover slippage and fit the covers in place. It’s even suitable for leather, which is excellent as the design could lend itself well to leather furniture. The flexibility of the usage also means that if you buy a new sofa and no longer need covers, you can still use these in your home as a rug or mat after it’s life as a sectional couch cover is done.

What’s good about it? The neutral color palette is ideal for all furniture colors and types, and it protects your sofa while still adding comfort. They also stay securely in place even while being bombarded by bustling dogs and kids. The quality level is high, too, so you feel like you’re getting a good value for money.

Some cons: The covers are small and independently ordered, so they do not cover the whole sofa (as with the Deep Dream). The back cover has a tendency to slip on some couches.

7. Sofa Shield

Why is the design great? This unique design is created by individual sectional sofa pieces, including the corner, the sofa, and the loveseat. The designs are also fully reversible with two distinct colors on either side so you can alter the design with your style preference. Twenty-three double-sided designs mean there’ll always be something to match the color tones in your home. They also come with a fully adjustable strap, so they are more flexible than the fixed banding traditionally used.

Why is it so useful? Sofa Shield is patent protected and promises superior quality and sofa protection. The adjustable straps also make the covers easier to secure, so you can keep your sofa safer for longer. You also have the beauty of two designs in one, so if you get bored of one side, you can simply reverse it rather than purchasing a completely new cover.

What’s good about it? The seller offers a lifetime warranty on the product and will happily consider customer requests from outside the standard return time. The quality of the material is also very plush and is very thoughtfully designed, so fully covers the corner of the sectional sofa, when sometimes even the best sectional couch covers tend to overlook this.

Some cons: The sectional corner does not accommodate curved sectionals, and like many strappable sectional couch covers, the belt doesn’t always ensure the covers do not pop-off.

Sectional Couch Cover Installation

This video demonstrates how to properly install a cover on a sectional couch: