The 7 Best Sectional Couch Covers Reviewed

Last Updated May 24, 2022

Have you invested in the perfect sectional couch for your home, only to find the pets or kids have left marks and stains on your next couch? Or are you looking to give your sectional couch a new lease of life after some years of wear and tear? The best sectional couch cover act as furniture protectors from stains, paw prints, and the impact of general use.

A new sectional couch cover can give your sofa some extra years of life while protecting the surface from dog hair, muddy hand or paw prints, and general stains. There are a few things to consider when purchasing the best sectional couch covers, from ensuring the size is the right fit for your couch to assessing whether a snug or throw style fit will better suit your design plans.

Best Sectional Couch Covers

Here are seven sectional couch cover reviews to help you assess what the best choice for your home might be:

1. L Shape Sectional Sofa Cover for Chaise Lounge

The microfiber luxury quilt promises comfort and quality, adding a level of sophistication and protection to your sofa. The couch cover comes in 3 different sizes: small, large and extra-large, so be sure to measure your sectional beforehand. With six different colours to choose from, you can protect your couch while keeping your living area stylish.

Made with 100% microfiber polyester, this couch cover is water-resistant and pet-proof while providing maximum comfort. Live easy knowing that your couch is going to last longer. The slipcover is equipped with slip-resistant discs to keep it in place and a reversible design to accommodate left or right-angled sectionals.

2. L Shape Lounge Cover Thick Soft Velvet

Made with plush velvet fabric, this premium seat cover is fantastic for its thickness and durability. Thanks to the thick elastic loops on the bottom, the fabric is extra soft and stretchy to fit your couch with no slip comfortably. To secure your covers, just tuck them in, and they’re ready to go. Breathable fabric is essential for keeping your sofa ventilated and fresh underneath. This sofa slipcover protects from stains, wear, and tear while giving your furniture a new appearance. This sofa slipcover protects from stains, wear, and tear while giving your furniture a fresh appearance.


3. Geometric Pattern Sofa

Spice up your home decor by giving your couch this amazing brand-new look. The vivid colours and patterned design will give any bland area a burst of life. The elastic fabric is flexible and comes in several sizes to fit the smallest sofa, loveseat, corner sofa or 4-piece sectional; whatever type of sofa you have, there is a cover for you. As each unit is sold separately, you can mix and match couch cushion covers to create a new design for your home. It’s suitable for all sofa types and has little to no installation time.

4. Subrtex 2pcs L-Shaped Couch Cover

If you need to transform an old couch without breaking the bank, this is perfect for you. This unique design includes two individual sectional sofa pieces, the sofa and the chaise lounge. Made to be highly stretchy, durable, and easy to install. Simply drape the couch with the furniture covers and use the provided foam strips to tuck in the corners to create a form-fitting and seamless cover design. Subrtex promises high-quality sofa protection; you and your guests will enjoy lounging without worrying about spills or tears on your sofa.

5. ISSUNTEX Sectional Couch Covers

This is a great seat cushion cover set if you’re looking for a throw-style design. This will protect your sofa from the spilling, staining, and tearing of constant use. With a triple layer of faux suede and foam, this is guaranteed to keep your sofa looking new for longer. The Issuntex Sectional cover is thick and resistant to water, pet hair, and scratching. And while you are moving around or lounging around on your sofa, your sofa cover will stay in place without slipping or sliding off the cushions with the help of foam pipes. The design is reversible to fit a left or right chaise perfectly.

6. TAOCOCO Couch Slipcover L Shape Sofa Cover

This is similar to the Issuntex Sectional Couch Covers in style but with improved slip resistance for a slightly higher price. The Taococo Sectional cover is equipped with adjustable straps to keep your cover in place all day.

Foam strips keep the cushions fitted while the three-layered fabric protects your sofa from daily accidents. The high-quality, premium microfiber polyester fabric keeps your cushions soft and comfortable. With three sizes and different colours, this isn’t just a practical but stylish piece. If you have children and pets, this is the best option.

7. Easy-Going Super Soft Plush Couch Cover

This is multi-functionality at its best. These go beyond mere sectional couch covers and instead can be used as floor mats too. The microfiber luxury quilt promises comfort and quality, adding a level of sophistication and protection to your sofa. The sizing comes in small, large, and extra-large to accommodate the size of your sectional couch.

This is a great seat and cushion cover set if you’re looking for a throw-style design. It also covers functionality and design, as the style can transform your couch, recliner, or sofa set. Breathable fabric is essential for keeping your sofa ventilated. They also incorporate anti-slip fabric into the back panel of the cover to secure your sectional couch cover and avoid slippage.

Sectional Couch Cover Installation

This video demonstrates how to install a cover on a sectional couch properly:

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