Best Best Recliner for Back Pain

Last Updated May 27, 2022

Old age tends to bring a myriad of health conditions with it, and one of the most common among them is back problems. If you have any spine-related issues, a routine activity such as sitting on a chair can become your worst nightmare.

Luckily, recliners were designed to eliminate this struggle!

These unique recliner chairs help ease the strain on your back and spine by enabling you to find the best sitting angle, and providing additional headrest and footrest for when you want to put your feet up.

This is just what you need to take the weight of those aching joints!

But given the countless number of recliner chairs being sold today, finding the best one for your body requirements can be a real hassle. So, to save you the trouble, we have compiled a the list of best recliner choices available to back pain sufferers.

Below, we review the best recliners for back pain and highlight the most desirable features to help narrow down your scope of choices.

In a hurry? The Best Recliner Chair For Back Pain Is…

After a few days of research, countless customer feedback analysis, and testing more than 50 products, our top pick for the best recliner for back pain is the Artiss Lift Heated Electric Massage Recliner

Its 8-point heated massage offers great massages all over your body while you relax. That and many other desirable features that give you the best value for your money.

Recliners For Back Pain – Comparison Table

Take a quick look at the following table we’ve come up with to summarise our top 3 best recliner list for back pain:

Artiss Lift Heated Electric Massage Recliner Chair – Best Overall

Artiss Recliner Electric Massage Chair -Close Second

Artiss Recliner PU Leather Armchair – Best Affordable Option

Recliners for Back Pain – Buying Guide

The market for recliners is huge, and the search for the product that will soothe your painful lower back could be quite demanding and intimidating. Let’s solve this problem by learning what’s important to look for in a recliner for back pain, and comparing the top products on the market – all in one place!

What to look for?

There are several factors worth considering before acquiring the best recliner chair to reduce the discomfort in your back and ease that neck and back pain that has been nagging you. Whether the leg rest or the material used in its build, these features will find you the best recliner for your condition and improve your sitting position.

These essential elements of recliners are explained below:


Generally, recliner seats weigh more than the standard chairs, and this is because of the additional features such as a swivel base, steel construction, extended footrest, etc. that serve to enhance the level of support within the recliner. Few buyers take the time to consider the weight of their would-be recliner chairs, but the trouble begins when you want to move houses.

Suppose you are not planning to install the recliner chair permanently in a certain space inside your house. In that case, it is recommended that you go for a recliner which you can easily move around the house or haul when the time comes to move to another neighbourhood.

The weight of the recliner will also influence the maximum user weight that it can support. For heavier individuals, you want to choose a seat that will comfortably accommodate your weight without breaking down after repeated use.


Generally, recliner seats weigh more than the standard chairs, and this is because of the additional features such as a swivel base, steel construction, extended footrest, etc. that serve to enhance the level of support within the recliner. Few buyers take the time to consider the weight of their would-be recliner chairs, but the trouble begins when you want to move houses.

If you are not planning to install the recliner permanently in a certain space inside your house, as most people do, it is recommended that you go for a seat you can easily move around the house or haul when the time comes to move to another neighborhood.

Weight will also influence the maximum user weight that the recliner chair can support. For the heavier-bodied individuals, you want to choose a seat that will comfortably accommodate your weight without breaking down even after repeated use.

Cover Material

When searching for the best recliner for back pain, another crucial aspect to look into is the type of material that has been used to construct the recliner. Remember that recliners are primarily designed to offer comfort and pain relief, so this is something you want to look out for.

Manufacturers use an array of materials on the seat fabrics, including polyester, faux, and real leather chair recliners, with each offering a different feeling when you sit on them. The best choice will depend on your preferences and what you are looking for in the chosen recliner for back pain.

Think about what you prefer on your ordinary home chairs before choosing the recliner material. For instance, do you feel that bonded leather keeps you cool in the hot summer months and gets very cold when the winter season comes around? Or does the material causes you to overheat in summer but keeps you warm in the cold months?

Some manufacturers address this by including breathable air leather in the leather recliner chairs, allowing you to remain fresh and easy to clean in summer, and during winter. Ultimately, the choice of a recliner will zero down to personal preferences, but it is worth considering that the latest recliner brands use a combination of fabrics on their chairs.

You also want to check how easy the material is to clean and how much goes into maintaining it in the long term. This is especially important if you have small children or pets in your household. The perfect chair for you will tick all the necessary boxes, make you feel comfortable, and help you alleviate your back pain.


Buying a perfect recliner chair is a huge investment that requires that you get something that offers the best value for your money. An excellent way of ensuring high value is to assess the warranty terms that come with the recliner for back pain before deciding to buy.

Remember that the recliner chair you purchase will be exposed to possible faults and problems over time; whether it is the reclining function, headrest, massage and heat, footrest lift, or swivel mechanism, you want an assurance that your retailer will help you sort them out when the time comes. This is exactly what warranties are offered for, and the longer the warranty, the better.

Furthermore, if you buy a recliner chair that involves specific electronic functions, such as massage and heating features, you can rest assured that your retailer will fix the issues for you in case they malfunction or fail to work entirely. This also adds to the durability of the recliner.

Extra Features

The visual appeal of a recliner chair is one of the leading considerations that people make before purchasing the chair. Traditionally, recliners have been viewed as old-fashioned products meant for people in their sunset years, and most were designed to match this concept.

However, with people of all ages taking a keen interest in recliners today, more features have been added to the reclining chair designs to fit users of all ages experiencing back, legs and neck pain. Things such as a lift footrest, massage, gravity, headrest features, and airbags are being included to enhance their comfort.

Additionally, you want to know in advance where the gravity recliner you intend to buy is going to sit inside your home. If you are going to buy a reclining chair with a footrest, you must check if there is enough room in front and behind the chair to fully access the reclining feature offered.

This will require an open space with tables, cupboards, or other chairs out the way. Be sure to examine the size of the chair in a fully opened position. This way, you won’t be shocked to realise that the designated space for the power recliner inside your home doesn’t allow for the full reclining of the chair.

Users can also find a coupled recliner with heating functions meant for families being sold today, which can make a great gift to surprise your loved ones with. Other massage chairs feature cup holders, as well as extra-large armrests to satisfy the varying needs of modern consumers.

Best Recliners For Back Pain

1. Artiss Lift Heated Electric Massage Recliner Chair

What’s good?
Easy configurations to assemble for anybody
Swift and perfect recliner action
Easy to maintain
To take note
Occupies space
Heavy to move

This lift chair is a perfect piece of furniture for lounge suites. Its adjustable headrest and footrest get into your desired position for a fantastic relaxing and soothing massage. Each time you spend in this recliner, you can say goodbye to aches around the lumbar, stiff muscles, sore necks, and general body pain. That also allows your TV shows and home theatre.

With this leather recliner, you can cut back on the cost of hiring a masseuse, thanks to its 8-point heated massage. That allows you to enjoy a masseur-like massage without leaving the comfort of your living room. The sophisticated leather upholstery of this recliner and luxurious padded seating make it a great addition to your wishlists.


What the reviews say:

“Bought Two chairs. They were easy to put together (my son did it) very comfortable. Thank you.”

April 2020,

“Chair is great value works well, comfortable and has a powerful yet silent lift motor. Excellent service, Near impeccable communication and clearly values customer satisfaction greatly, quick to address any concerns you might have highly recommended.”

September 2021,

2. Artiss Recliner Electric Massage Chair

What’s good?
Feels comfortable on the skin
Richly padded to support the body
Exquisite and attractive design
Requires little effort to operate
To take note
It might be too heavy to move.
Not easy to maintain, especially if you have children.

If you need a perfect gift for your elderly, this electric recliner is your best shot. Being a high-quality fabric recliner, anybody with a sensitive body or skin will find it comfy. However, it may be hard to maintain over time.

With its 2-point heating function and 8-point massage, the chaise lounge enables calming massages all over the body, especially the sensitive areas. The adjustable headrests are fully padded to support your head, shoulder and lumbar region while you tilt to different angles during your free time.

In addition, the recliner armchair boasts a sturdy metal frame base that allows a weight capacity of up to 180kg. The double cup holders and two large side pockets offer everything you need at your arm’s length. Plus, the remote of the recliner sofa delivers all functions on a platter of gold.

What the reviews say:

“Looove this chair! Delivery was quick, super comfy and relaxing…”

September, 2021,

“Absolutely happy with the purchase. The communication was top notch and they couldn’t do enough to help. I will definitely recommend this company. Thank you again”

October, 2020,

3. Artiss Black Leather Single Recliner Chair

What’s good?
Quality material
Great design
Accommodates all body types
Easy to assemble
To take note
Some people might find the high-density foam is too stiff.
It takes some energy to manually kickback the footrest.

Enjoy the luxury of a first-class experience right within your small spaces, home offices with Artiss’ ottomans. The single recliner is cushioned in high-density foam and covered in smooth and luxurious faux leather for enhanced durability. With the chair’s comfortable upright sitting position, you can be lost in chats or conversations with friends.

When you aren’t sitting to chat, you can adjust the backrest and footrest to recline to any angle to watch your favourite TV show in the living room, watch the sunset, or read a magazine. Regardless of your tilt position, you can trust that the three padded zones will support your head and back. The Artiss recliner chair fits any location, be it your living room or lounge suites, although it may swallow up some small spaces. However, that isn’t enough to compromise your convenience.

4. Artiss Recliner PU Leather Armchair

What’s good?
Sleek design
Easy to assemble and move
To take note
It doesn’t accommodate all body sizes.

If you need another affordable Artiss product with similar great features, you should check out this reclining chair. The chaise lounge boasts an adjustable recliner that allows you to sit back and enjoy beautiful views or lay flat for a nap like our first pick. The material is made of sophisticated PU leather for enhanced durability.

While it doesn’t possess a three padded support for your back and head, its thick and soft cushion bedding relieves your aching joints. The sleek design helps you manage your small spaces while adding an aesthetic to your living room. One of the downsides of the chair seems to be the size which makes it difficult for some people to use it.

What the reviews say:

“Product arrived very quickly, was easy to assemble and good value.”

Ned, Mar, 2021,

“Fantastic value for money chair, excellent quality, very comfortable.”

Andrew, Sep, 2020,

5. Muren Recliner Remmarn Light Grey

What’s good?
Minimalist design
Feels soft and comfortable on the body.
Easy to assemble and lift.
To take note
It is not ideal for tall adults and seniors
It requires effort to recline
It has limited reclining positions

Muren’s perfect recliner armchair is an excellent addition to your living room furniture and small apartment. The fabric recliner boasts a minimalist design adjustable to three different positions. All you need is to use your back to press against the adjustable backrest, which lowers and lifts the footstool to raise your legs. Its inbuilt footstool also provides balance for the recliner to make you stable on any terrain. You may, however, find the pull-out sleeper chair simple-looking for its price. Also, it doesn’t seem ideal for elders and individuals who are recuperating.


What the reviews say:

“What a fantastic chair , very easy to assemble , cushions are firm and supportive , yet very comfortable , in full recline its a great spot to nap”

Cameron, January, 2022,

“Great cinema chair. A bigger range on colour upholstery would be nice.”

Stephanie, June, 2021,

Buy online from

6. Brosa Calypso Electric Recliner

What’s good?
Easy to assemble
Easy to maintain
You can quickly move it from one location to another.
Softly-padded foam for comfort
To take note
It has no remote control.
It is expensive.

If you seek a plush-looking and petite sofa bed electric recliner, the Calypso chaise lounge is your answer. The recliner armchair boasts a full reclining motion. Its sleek and dramatically-shaped design adds a lovely touch of aesthetics to your living room, study room and extended suites.

The lift chair ensures you have the luxury of a minimalist without compromising the essential functions of a typical fabric recliner. Although it doesn’t possess high-density foam or overly puffed upholstery, its softly-padded backrest and armrest get you into your desired position while you relax. Thanks to its moisture repellent fabric, minor spills have nothing on this recliner as a quick wipe will clean it.

This sleeper chair may feel different if you like to use a remote control. That’s because the control button is neatly tucked away between the cushions. Nonetheless, this recliner armchair will fall nothing short of your expectation.

What the reviews say:

“The girls who answered my questions and took the order were very friendly and helpful. It was just an easy and hassle free purchase. I found your company on line when looking for recliners. I recently had knee surgery and was after a chair to be comfortable in, and found exactly what I needed. It’s so comfortable and easy to operate. Plus the design is beautiful… neat and stylish. I didn’t want a big bulky recliner and was delighted to find these chairs at Brosa. I absolutely love my recliner!”

Pam D, October, 2020,

“Goods arrived when expected. Chat assistant on assembly instruction line was very helpful and online instructions were easy to follow. For an electric recliner chair, my product is not too big and bulky looking in my living room.”

Jeanette, March, 2021,

7. Brosa Arden Electric Recliner

What’s good?
Minimalist and sleek design
Easy to assemble and move from one location.
Maximum support
To take note
It’s not ideal for taller adults.
It’s expensive compared to other recliners.
It’s not easy to maintain over a long time.

The Arden sofa bed is your best bet if you need a lift chair with a soft, snug and mildly firm texture but don’t want to trade off aesthetic and style. The recliner lounge provides a moderate comfort level with subtle support for your lumbar region and other aching joints. Its neat lines and finesse finish makes this fabric recliner an elegant addition to your small apartment.

Thanks to its swift recliner action buttons, the chair bed is always ready to slide you into your favourite relaxing mode gently. All you need is to access the buttons tucked away under the foam mattress at your fingertips. The recliner is upholstered in a moisture repellent fabric, so spills and dirt have no control. With a 10-year warranty, you can trust buying this futon is a worthy investment.

What the reviews say:

“Good quality products and service”

James, April, 2021,

“Good service. Well priced”

Sandy, April, 2021,

Buy online from

8. Brosa Sloan Electric Recliner

What’s good?
Attractive design
Easy to assemble
Easy to operate
Light to lift from one location to another.
To take note
It is expensive.

This electric recliner adds beauty to your home decor while delivering high-quality functions to ease your sore back, legs, hips and waist. The lounge chair possesses a sleek design and combines it with a smooth glide function which offers different relaxing positions with the click of a button. Being a high-quality convertible chair, you can either raise your feet or go into full recline while you enjoy your favourite TV show or past time with family members. Another good news about this sofa bed is that it comes with 10 years warranty. That way, you don’t have to worry about degeneration anytime soon.

Final Verdict

When it comes to choosing the right recliner for back pain, the sheer number of options available to you in the market will have your head spinning. However, the main takeaway from out review today is that you should find the best reclining chair model that fits your body size and shape, offers great lumbar support, relieves the back pain and has the most desirable headrest functions, dimensions, and reclining gravity feature. It’s even possible to get a wall-hugging recliners that you can set up in an RV! I believe this review will help you narrow down your choices when you finally go out shopping for the best recliner chair for back pain. Leave a reply if you have any potential questions or thoughts to share!
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