The 10 Best Pull-Out Sofa Beds Reviewed

Last Updated May 30, 2022

Sofa beds come in many new and innovative styles, but the pullout sofa beds are the tried and true classic, ready to upgrade any room in your house into a guest bedroom. The options are endless with a sleeper sofa as you only need spare space when a guest comes instead of a dedicated space.

Those who live in tiny homes may find even more functions in a sofa that turns into a bed as they can change their living room into their bedroom or a guest room. Not only are they functional, but some of the theme are quite aesthetically pleasing too. We found the nicest looking and most functional traditional sofa beds to save you the effort of searching.

After hours of exhaustive research, we have the best options for any home or living situation, so anyone can create a new room without dramatically changing the function of their home. You need to find your favourite option below that works best for your available space. If you want more options, you can also check out our article on the most comfortable sofa sleepers.

Best Pull-Out Sofa Beds

These are our picks for the best pull-out sofa beds:

1. Ecosa Rio Sofa Bed

What’s good?
Easy to assemble
To take note
Stains easily

This encompasses both comfort and unparalleled support into one premium sofa bed perfect for sleeping or relaxing. Its ease of use is a great appeal to consumers as no one would want to waste time getting ready to sleep, particularly tired guests. You simply lift and pull out the sofa from the top, and voila! Your sofa bed is ready for sleep. Its sleek design is also an added advantage in the market. This couch is simple to put together and is made from recycled plastics, so not only are you doing yourself a favour, but you’re also helping the world.


2. Koala Cushy Sofa Bed

What’s good?
Very comfortable
Pull-out feature is easy to use
To take note
Not very spacious

Introducing the award-winning sofa bed for the best product in the sofa bed category, The Cushy Sofa Bed. A winner in its own right, the cushy sofa bed exhumes comfort and style. Its soft and pillowy cushions make for a good night’s rest. Metal squeaks and lumpy beds are a thing of the past with this beauty, and its super-fast flip from couch to bed will turn your living room into a guest room within seconds.


3. Drake 3-Seater Sofa Bed

What’s good?
Design that fits any room
To take note
Uses metal spring

Close your eyes, now imagine a bed that combines versatility, style, and comfort. When you open your eyes, you’ll be staring at the Drake 3-Seater Sofa Bed. This bed, with its simple design, is sure to fit any living room and is a good bet to provide you or your guest with a great night’s sleep. It comes with a double-size bed with an in-built spring mattress which puts comfort above anything else.


4. Austin Full Sleeper Modular Sofa with Storage – Storm Grey

What’s good?
All-rounder features and capabilities
Availability of storage area
To take note

This all-rounder sofa bed is the perfect piece of furniture for the modern living room. It is armed with a flexible chaise and storage space for bedding items and the like. This makes this couch not only appealing in versatility but also in space-saving. Two people can conveniently sleep in this sofa bed without worrying about support because it comes with metal legs. It is also very easy to flip out and convert from a sofa to a bed.

5. Tivoli 3-Seater Sofa Bed

What’s good?
Attractive looks and design
Comfy backrest
To take note
Uses metal springs

You simply cannot take your eyes off this dazzling sofa bed. It can easily be termed as the supermodel of all sofa beds. It is a combination of smart design and beauty that will make whatever room it is put in stand out. It’s with thick fluffy cushions and a great backrest that is perfect for sleeping or just lounging.

6. Denver 5-Seater Modular Chaise with Sofa Bed

What’s good?
Large and spacious
Majestic design and beauty
To take note
Cost is on the high side

And now introducing the royalty of sofa beds. This majestic product is an awesome addition to the lounging area/living room. It allows you space and legroom with its deep and thick cushions for sleeping or just simply lazing about. Also, prove its great functionality with the sofa bed neatly folded inside.


7. Stockholm Sofa Bed

What’s good?
Functionality is great
Excellent quality
To take note
Only available in dark grey and light grey

This classy couch is born of Scandinavian excellence and is a great fit for the modern living room. It makes use of stylish designs and top-of-the-line materials/fabrics which makes it a long-lasting product of defined quality and ensures your living room remains timeless. The sofa bed is quick to use and is a testament to its great functionality.


8. Osvald Queen Storage Sofa Bed

What’s good?
Comes with a storage area
Made from the best fibres
To take note
The design is basic

The 3-seater Osvald Queen Storage Sofa Bed is a sofa bed with a chic design that comes with a spacious storage area that is very useful. It converts into a queen-size bed of amazing quality with its comfy cushions and fluffy pillows made from only the best fibres.

9. Koala Sofa Bed

What’s good?
No squeaks
Simple yet attractive design
To take note
Only room for one person

This single sofa bed from Koala eradicates metal squeaks, lumpy mattresses, and discomfort making your night a peaceful and comfortable experience. Your guests might not want to leave after having slept on those comfy pillows.

10. Buffy Beige 3-Seater Velvet Sofa Bed

What’s good?
Aesthetically pleasing design
Upholstery features
To take note
Available in only one colour

This couch employs an aesthetically pleasing look combined with elegance and simplicity. It comes with upholstered cushions for a comfy relaxing time and easy foldability for when you are about to hit the hay. It only makes use of the best quality materials for its consumers and is furniture that would bring that graceful aura to your home.


Considerations for Pull-Out Sofa Beds

Several factors go into the decision-making process when buying a piece of furniture. You need to consider many things like the space the couch will go, the colour you prefer, the size, and of course, comfort. Make your decisions before purchasing to ensure you find the best couch for your needs and do not end up regretting your decision. Take a peek at the factors right here.

Appearance & Size

The colour you choose for your couch can change the feel entire room. A couch with a bold colour can become a focal point while a neutral colour will blend in, and you need to decide which you prefer. You also need a couch that matches your theme. You don’t want a room full of traditional furniture with a modern couch as it could ruin the look of your room.

Colour is another important factor if your house has a ton of grey; a brown couch would not blend. If you are starting from scratch, you need to pick a colour! Either way, don’t buy a couch until you know what you want.

Decide on a size too, and you do this by measuring. You don’t want to buy a queen size couch and find out you only have room for a full-size sleeper. Remember the rule, measure twice, buy once.

Comfort & Quality

When it comes to furniture, nothing is worse than spending a ton of money on a piece and finding out it’s super uncomfortable. Make sure the sofa offers more structure if you need a firm couch. However, if you prefer a plushy pillowy couch, then, look for one with tons of padding. A memory foam mattress will go far in adding comfort.

Next, quality is of the utmost importance for a couch, as you will probably not want to replace it for a couple of decades. We chose the best quality couches with wood frames whenever possible to ensure you find the couch you will own for a very long time. Make sure also to pick a couch with a warranty to avoid any problems if the couch ends up defective as can happen with any item.

Location & Function

Decide where your new sofa bed will go before you buy it. You need to know if the couch will be in your home before you can make any other choice to make the right choice for the right space. Will the couch be in your living room, office, kids’ bedroom, media room, or somewhere else?

Another space you may find yourself needing a sofa bed is in a tiny home or an RV. This could change the function of the furniture as you may need a couch to serve as both your bedroom and your living room or a guest space and living room. You need to decide if you want the sofa to be easy to switch from one to the other. However, a slightly more comfortable bed may work fine for an occasional visitor spending the night.

Questions About Pull-Out Sofa Beds

What’s the best type of mattress for a sofa bed?

The answer is almost always memory foam. More importantly, the thicker the mattress, the more it can cradle your body. Some people prefer other mattresses, which is fine, but do remember memory foam lasts longer, doesn’t need to be flipped, and offers targeted support.

How long will a sofa bed last before I have to replace it?

A good quality sleeper sofa should last a minimum of ten years, but most may last up to two decades, depending on wear and tear. You can expect a shorter life in a living room couch than one in a room not used as often. Try to take care of your sofa by keeping it clean and keeping pets off.

Is a pullout sofa bed better than a futon?

Neither is better, but couches are much more attractive and more comfortable. A futon often makes people think of dorm rooms and youth. While a couch makes people think of comfort and stability. Find the right option for you, and it’s the better option.

Final Verdict

Each sofa bed share one similarity, they have pull-out beds, but otherwise, they are quite different. If you still don’t know which to choose, try the Ecosa Rio sofa bed. This sofa offers a guest bed with the most space possible for guests. Give your guests a room to spread out and sleep comfortably on a massive bed. Even better, the elegant couch offers comfort for sitting too, while improving your space with its gorgeous appeal.

Buying one of these models is the easiest way to get a pull-out sofa bed for your house. However, if you are handy you can build one yourself. This video shows how to DIY a sofa bed:

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