Sleeper sofas come in a ton of new and innovative styles, but the pullout sleeper sofas are the tried and true classic ready to upgrade any room in your house into a guest bedroom. The options are endless with a sleeper sofa as you only need spare space when a guest comes instead of a dedicated space.

Those who live in tiny homes may find even more functions in a sofa that turns into a bed as they can change their living room into their bedroom or a guest room. Not only are they functional, but some of theme are quite aesthetically pleasing too. We found the nicest looking and most functional traditional sofa sleepers to save you the effort searching.

After hours of exhaustive research, we have the best options for any home or living situation, so anyone can create a new room without dramatically changing the function of their home. Now you need to find your favorite option below that works best for your available space. If you want more options, you can also check out our article on the most comfortable sofa sleepers.

Best Pull-Out Sofa Beds

These are our picks for the best pull-out sofa beds:

1. Signature Design by Ashley – Lanett Queen Sleeper Sofa

The Lanett Sleeper Sofa by Ashley is elegance at it’s finest. First, it’s extra-large at 40 x 92 x 39 making this the largest sleeper sofa on the list, which you will find out when you read below. It also weighs 205 pounds so it can support as many people as you can fit on the bed. The sofa even has a memory foam mattress making it absolutely perfect.

Second, this sofa takes beautiful and grace to a whole new level if you like the traditional style. From elegant curves to wooden inlaid details and tons of cushy comfort, this couch will become your favorite place in your home. It offers style, comfort, and function as it can hold three people as a couch and sleep two comfortably or multiple children.

The couch isn’t just a guest room; it’s a guest suite with a bi-folding memory foam mattress on a supportive metal frame with two throw pillows. Also, you don’t need to do a whole lot of assembly, but having it in pieces makes it much easier to get into your front door. Ashley makes quality furniture, and once you try out this couch, you will know why people love Signature Design.

Moreover, the sofa doesn’t even look like it’s hiding a bed. The elegant couch can inspire new decor and create the space you have been dreaming of for years. One minor issue is the light brown color may not do great with pets or kids.

2. Lane Home Furnishings Mia Denim Sleeper Sofa

Get ready to say hello beautiful to the Lane Home Mia Sofa Sleeper Chair as it’s beautiful, comfortable, and ready to cradle a single guest to sleep. The sofa comes in a beautiful microfiber upholstery fabric with high-density foam sandwiching wire spring for a comfortable and supportive place to sit during the day.

The extra-large chair can hold up to two people depending on their size. A thick cushy cushion on the back provides tons of space but doesn’t go up high enough for neck support if you are looking for neck comfort too. Slightly curved arms give your hands and elbows a place to rest, and the whole chair rests on square wooden legs.

A hardwood lumber frame in load-bearing areas provides support for the twin-size hide a bed with a traditional innerspring mattress. At 37 x 50 x 36-inches, the 133-pound sleep sofa is strong enough to hold anyone who uses the sofa. In just seconds, transform the best this from a couch into a bed for one for a very respectable price.

Finally, the reason this chair is at the top of our list is because of the beautiful design ready to enhance any design style, and the small single sleeper allows you more options. If you need even more guest space, you can add in a queen sofa too so an entire family can visit. Now, if only this sofa had a memory foam sofa, but this can change easily with a mattress topper.

3. Emerald Home Slumber Black Sleeper Sofa

Emerald makes this faux leather sleeper sofa in both brown or black. It also comes in full or queen size to fit a variety of homes. The sofa does weigh 171 pounds, so don’t try and move it on your own. You get a ton of other details with this sofa too.

The slumber sleeper sofa offers a 4-inch gel foam mattress for an extremely comfortable night of sleep for your guest. The sleeper portion uses a trampoline deck to hold the foam mattress. This helps to eliminate the bar from sticking in your back but might also double as a trampoline for your children if you don’t stop them!

Make sure this sofa is the right size for your space by measuring first to see if the 78.7 x 36.6 x 36.2-inch sofa will work. The moderately sized sofa holds a queen-sized mattress big enough for two adults to sleep on for a night. All you need to do is attach the legs and place the couch where you planned. Now you are ready for guests.

The best aspect of this couch is it can suit any style from modern to rustic, the couch will meet your needs with style. From clean lines to additional stitching, this sofa will enhance any space it’s in with smooth faux leather. Also, as a couch, it offers space for up to three people with thin arms to take up minimal space and a stable back even when in the sleeper position.

4. RecPro Charles Collection Memory Foam Mattress

The RecPro Charles Collection Couch will certainly work in your home but was designed for an RV and tiny living. It comes in five neutral colors including browns and blacks and one comfortable design ready to give you support from your head all the way down to your feet. A modular design comes with a removable backrest for easier installation and a memory foam mattress for total luxury.

Not only is the couch comfy, but it’s also perfectly sized for smaller spaces at 60 x 34 x 37 inches. When you turn it into a bed for two, the 215 pounds bed transforms to 48 x 21 x 71 inches with a five-inch thick mattress. A scaled patterned polyurethane fabric provides elegance and coordinates with many decor styles.

Though it’s designed for an RV, if you have a small apartment or house, the sectioned cushion design might work best for your space. It’s got a few features a few other couches don’t have like thinner arms, curved bottom cushions, and tons of design stitches for appeal. In just a minute, you can turn the sofa into your bed or a guest bed ready to provide top quality sleep with every so comfy memory foam.

Finally, the only downfall of this couch is the rather high price, but with so many benefits for smaller spaces, this couch offers you convenience. The unique design allows this couch to fit in spaces other sofa beds may not fit even with an all-metal pull out bed frame. It also comes with a three-year limited warranty for added benefits.

5. Stone & Beam Fischer Sleeper Sofa

If you want a sofa that looks like a sofa instead and enhances your design, you might fall in love with the Stone and Beam Fischer Sleeper Sofa, ready to serve as a bed for two. Pick from a full size, queen size, or a chair size so you can fill your entire living room with gorgeous couches that can turn into a hotel room! For this article, we will focus on the queen size sleeper sofa.

The sofa has several color options, including browns, blue, and gray, to coordinate with any decor. Although the price is high, you get a couch with clean lines, three cushions, and tons of cushions. The back is built-in for a smooth appearance, ready to blend into many styles of decor.

When you are ready for bed, take off the cushions out and then pull out the metal frame supported by a solid wooden frame for the rest of the couch. The couch measures 79 x 35 x 34-inches making this a much larger couch than the others, which in turn provides tons of space for guests or for yourself to sleep on in full luxury. It also weighs a sturdy 203 pounds making it prepared to hold any weight it needs to handle.

Lastly, the best part of this couch, no assembly required because who wants to spend a ton of money on something they have to put together themselves? The seat comes a little on the firm side and nice and deep for support. You can wash them with a wet cloth for stains. It comes with a four-inch-thick standard mattress for support all night long.

6. Signature Sleep Devon Sleeper Sofa with Memory Foam Mattress

Signature Sleep has several wonderful sleeper sofas like the Devon Sleeper Sofa. Although, it only comes in twin and full size with limited color options. The price is nice though making it a little bit more affordable. It comes in a simple but timeless design ready to blend in with your current decor while adding sophistication and a place to sleep!

The modern design provides a multifunctional piece for sleeping, lounging, and sitting. It’s designed for small spaces with a boxy shape ready to slip into corners. In just seconds, you can convert the sofa into a solid bed frame with a memory foam mattress. The foam contours to your body and distributes body weight for total relaxation.

Next, the sofa weighs a healthy 143 pounds ready to support any weight, and it measures 32.5 x 70 x 35.5-inches for a smaller sofa more suited to a single person but workable for two people short term. It’s also an excellent option for taller people as the seat goes back so far. However, shorter people may have a harder time putting their feet on the floor.

Furthermore, the reason we ranked this sofa lower, is the mattress is rather thin at around two to three inches on a trampoline deck. Another annoyance is the back comes off into two parts making more you need to store while someone uses the bed. The sofa comes in a gray linen-like material suitable for most modern decor.

7. Signature Sleep Casey Sleeper Sofa with Memory Foam Mattress

The Casey Sofa Sleeper made by Signature Sleep gives yourself or your guest a wonderful night’s sleep. By day, the faux leather couch is simplicity at its finest in plain black and clean lines. This full-size sleeper offers two cushions as a couch to serve as a multi-functional piece of furniture.

If you prefer velvet, this couch comes in both and blue and gray velvet as well as in twin, full, or queen size to suit every need. Although, because the chair is so bland, you can spice it up with pillows, blankets, and other personal touches to compliment your design style.

Inside the couch, you simply pull out the trampoline deck to reveal the memory foam mattress ready to conform to yours or your guest’s bodies for a great night of sleep. The seat cushions come with independently encased coil set cushions for comfort. The full-size sleeper measures 70 x 32.5 x 35.5 for a comfortable place for up to two people. It weighs 145.5 pounds so it can support anyone you need it to support.

Finally, the reason this ranks lower is the mattress is only two inches thick. Adults can only handle this bed for a night or maybe two, meaning it wouldn’t work for long term options unless you want to get a mattress topper to go with it for more cushion. Although, you could always get a thicker mattress too as there is room for it to fit.

8. American Furniture Classics Sedona Sofa

The American Furniture Classics Sedona Sofa is beautiful and full of old-world charm. With a classic style, it is ready to fit into a lodge, coordinate with rustic decor, or any other style except modern. The price is the only downfall to this breathtaking bed couch. However, it will create a home out of a house and create a guest room out of thin air!

With the three cushioned sofa, you get a roomy bed built-in on a trampoline frame. Added details come in the form of rounded arms, hammered nails, and rounded feet for support. Leather-look microfiber adds to the beauty and function as it’s much easier to maintain. All these features are on a solid wood frame for top-quality and support. This may not be the best option for dog owners.

They only reason this gorgeous bed isn’t at the top of the list is because the mattress isn’t made of memory foam, but instead, it has a 4-inch inner coil queen-sized mattress. It does have a Leggett & Platt mechanism for easy setup, which you will need as it measures 88 x 36 x 37-inches with a substantial weight of 165 pounds.

9. AC Pacific Tracey Collection Tufted Queen Sofa Bed

The AC Pacific Tracey Sofa Sleep holds an inner queen-sized sofa bed, and it can turn into a sectional if you would like to buy an entire matching set. It comes in deep brown chocolate with an older, more traditional style couch with sectioned cushion backs with extra cushy armrests for those looking for comfort more than a particular style.

Your guests will get an extra-large sleeping space at the sofa bed measures 84 x 40 x 39-inches but comes with a traditional mattress with springs. The couch has clean cushy lines and cushion everywhere you look from tufted backs to padded seat cushions. What’s really great about this sofa is the quality polyester fabric and hardwood construction.

Finally, the bed weighs 172 pounds and is ready to support anyone you need to spend the night. If you get the matching set, some of the seats recline, making this a wonderful set for a basement or game room that you want to turn into multi-purpose guest room. Lastly, the set does cost a rather large chunk of change.

10. Porter Designs Serena Sofabed

The Porter Designs Serena Sofa-bed is the perfect couch for snuggling on for a good movie or to read a book. It’s equal parts of squishy cushions and modern design with a built-in bed too! The only problem with this sofa is the lack of color choices, as this only comes in a sable gray color in a poly blend fabric. Also, it’s lacking a memory foam mattress too.

Although, it comes with tons of extra decking to camouflage lines for a sleek look. The Serena comes with 1.8 pounds of foam paired with pocketed coils for durability and support. Even the mattress comes with double-linked sinuous s-spring steel construction for the seating area. Each cushion comes with zippers in case you need to re-fluff the foam or need to wash the fabric.

Furthermore, the couch turns into a full-sized bed for guests. As a couch, this measures 73 x 35 x 38 inches and weighs 157 pounds. Assemble the couch by adding on the legs, that’s it! The couch comes with two extra accent pillows too to serve as pillows for the standard coil mattress.

Considerations for Pull-Out Sofa Beds

Several factor go into the decision-making process when buying a piece of furniture. You need to consider many things like the space the couch will go, the color you prefer, the size, and of course, comfort. Make your decisions before purchasing to ensure you find the best couch for your needs and do not end up regretting your decision. Take a peek at the factors right here.

Appearance & Size

The color you choose for of your couch can change the feel entire room. A couch with a bold color can become a focal point while a neutral color will blend in, and you need to decide which you prefer. You also need a couch that matches your theme. You don’t want a room full of traditional furniture with a modern couch as it could ruin the look of your room.

Color is another important factor as if your house has a ton of gray; a brown couch would not blend. If you are starting from scratch, you need to pick a color! Either way, don’t buy a couch until you know what you want.

Decide on a size too, and you do this by measuring. You don’t want to buy a queen size couch and find out you only have room for a full-size sleeper. Remember the rule, measure twice, buy once.

Comfort & Quality

When it comes to furniture, nothing is worse than spending a ton of money on a piece and finding out it’s super uncomfortable. If you need a firm couch, make sure the couch offers more structure. However, if you prefer a plushy pillowy couch, then make sure to look for one with tons of padding. A memory foam mattress will go far in adding comfort.

Next, quality is of the utmost importance for a couch, as you will probably not want to replace it for a couple of decades. We chose the best quality couches with wood frames whenever possible to ensure you find the couch you will own for a very long time. Make sure also to pick a couch with a warranty to avoid any problems if the couch ends up defective as can happen with any item.

Location & Function

Decide where your new sofa sleeper will go before you buy. You need to know if the couch will be in your home before you can make any other choice as you can make the right choice for the right space. Will the couch be in your living room, office, kids’ bedroom, media room, or somewhere else?

Another space you may find yourself needing a sofa sleeper is in a tiny home or an RV. This could change the function of the furniture as you may need a couch to serve as both your bedroom and your living room or a guest space and living room. You need to decide if you want the couch to be easy to switch from one to the other. A slightly more comfortable bed may work fine for an occasional visitor spending the night, though.

Questions About Pull-Out Sleeper Sofas

What’s the best type of mattress for a sleeper sofa?

The answer is almost always memory foam. More importantly, the thicker the mattress, the more it can cradle your body. Some people prefer other mattress, and that’s fine, but do remember memory foam lasts longer, doesn’t need to be flipped, and offers targeted support.

How long will a sleeper sofa last before I have to replace it?

A good quality sofa should last a minimum of ten years, but most may last up to two decades, depending on wear and tear. You can expect a shorter life in a living room couch than one in a room not used as often. Try to take care of your sofa by keeping it clean and keeping pets off.

Is a pullout sleeper sofa better than a futon?

Neither is better, but couches are much more attractive and more comfortable. A futon often makes people think of dorm rooms and youth. While a couch makes people think of comfort and stability. Find the right option for you, and it’s the better option.


Each sofa sleeper share one similarity, they have pull-out beds, but otherwise, they are quite different. If you still don’t know which to choose, try the Signature Design by Ashley – Lanett Queen Sleeper Sofa. This sofa offers a guest bed with the most space possible for guest. Give your guests a space to spread out and sleep comfortably on a massive bed. Even better, the elegant couch offers comfort for sitting too while improving your space with its gorgeous appeal.

Buying one of these models is the easiest way to get a pull-out sofa bed for your house. However, if you are handy you can build one yourself. This video shows how to DIY a sofa bed: