The Top 7 Mattresses For Platform Beds Reviewed

Last Updated May 27, 2022

Most people spend about a third of their lives in a bed (not kidding!) so you’ll need your bed to be as comfortable as possible. There’s nothing worse than waking up for a big day not fully rested. The better a night’s sleep you have, the happier and more energetic you feel.

And while having the perfect mattress can’t necessarily guarantee you perfect sleep, it certainly goes a long way to achieving it. There are actually some really good mattresses out on the market today, and we’ve been evaluating them in terms of how suitable they are for use on a platform bed. Which is important because not all mattresses are appropriate for platform beds which usually feature slats on their upper surface.

We’ve handpicked our Top 7 to show, and our reviews on them are coming up very shortly. After that we also have a handy little buying guide for you which tells you what to look out for in a mattress for a platform bed, and this guide will also answer one or two of your most frequently asked questions on the subject (feel free to scroll straight there if you like).

Best Mattresses For Platform Beds

1. Ecosa Gel Memory Foam Mattress

What’s good?
Adjustable firmness options to accommodate different comfort levels
Maximum pressure relief
Resistant to liquid and dust mite
To take note
It’s expensive.
It’s prone to moisture build-up when placed directly on the floor.

Ecosa comes best on our list of high-quality mattresses for any footboard or headboard bed. The memory foam mattress guarantees enhanced support for your whole body, with great emphasis on relieving any back pain. To allay your fears, the mattress maker gives you a 100 percent night trial to decide if it’s your type of mattress. Also, you get a 10-year warranty for its durability.

Liquid spills are inevitable when you need to relax on your bed before sleeping fully. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that with this platform bed mattress. The firm mattress possesses adjustable firmness options to suit your comfort preferences and give you additional support and pressure relief. The waterproof cover contains microfilament features that protect the mattress from bacteria and dust mites.

You can forget about sleeping on a hotbed, thanks to the cooling gel with a built-in circulation that makes it highly breathable so that air flows freely through all layers of the mattress. Also, the bed is designed to support your spine alignment, making you wake up pain-free and energetic.

Read more about the Ecosa mattress here.

2. Emma Comfort Mattress for Platform Bed

What’s good?
It accommodates all seekers.
It offers excellent value for money.
It helps with pressure relief.
You can wash the top cover.
It has all sizes, including king and Queen size
Suitable for all sleepers
Ideal for any slats and bed frame
To take note
It’s not waterproof.

This firm mattress accommodates all types of sleepers, be it back sleepers, side sleepers, or kids who change their sleeping positions often. It boasts of pressure-relief features due to its point-elastic foam and several layers of memory foam. Also, the bed aligns with all body types, ensuring you have a good night and uninterrupted sweet dreams.

All sizes of this high-quality bed have a depth of 25cm, accommodating any body type, sleeping position, headboard, or footboard bed. That keeps your back, spine, hips, and shoulders aligned and supported.

When we talk about durability, Emma’s comfort mattress leads. Due to the firm mattress foundation, your platform mattress will keep its shape and supportive qualities for many good nights of different sleeping positions. Besides, it gives a 10-year guarantee of durability.

People living with bulging discs may find this good mattress comfortable. It offers the right amount of cushioning, support, and comfort to relieve back pain and other pressure points. It also has different types, including a hybrid mattress that combines memory foam, latex and blends well with an innerspring mattress.

Read more about the Emma mattress here.

3. Eva Platform Bed Mattress

What’s good?
It feels cool on the body
Highly breathable
Accommodates all types of sleeper
It prevents co-sleepers disturbance
Perfect for different slats
To take note
It’s not ideal for Flexi slat, sprung slat or adjustable bed bases.

Are you looking for the best hybrid mattress in a box? Then, you should check out Eva’s bed. When you purchase this bed, you don’t have to worry about how to get it home.

The platform bed mattress has been compressed, sealed, and rolled tight to fit into a compact box. That makes it easy to transport without exposing your bed before getting home. Setting it up is easy as you only need to lay it on the bed frame after removing it from the box.

In addition, this mattress is not just made of layers of memory foam or gel memory foam. It’s one of the hybrid mattresses that incorporate inner springs that improve breathability and pressure relief. It is also built for enhanced durability as it offers a 15-year warranty. While many latex mattresses allow only a 100-day night trial, this firm mattress gives you 120 days night trial, and you can trust their customer service for ease of return.

Eva’s latex is dust-mite resistant and antimicrobial. The open cell and pinhole structure allow for maximum breathability, preventing moisture build-up. Its high-density all-foam feature gives the mattress its perfect firmness options for ultimate comfort and support.

You can sleep without worrying about your co-sleeper or partner’s repeated tossing and turning, thanks to the pocket springs. That also means the bed accommodates all types of sleepers and sleeping positions. The edge support of the platform bed prevents you from falling out of bed or sinking when you are pushed to the edge by your partner, children, or pets. This platform bed just makes falling asleep easy, and it’s available in different sizes, including California King size and Queen size.

Read more about the Eva mattress here.

4. The Koala Mattress for Platform Bed

What’s good?
It supports the lumbar region
Easy to unpack and assemble
High-quality material
Adjustable firmness options
Support for different body types
To take note
It’s expensive.
It doesn’t support all types of slats.

The Koala mattress takes the comfort of all sleepers in high regard, as seen in its functionalities. For instance, it provides firm support for your back pain and hips, preventing your body from sinking into the mattress.

The bed is designed with a double-sided comfort layer system that gives you a choice between medium firmness and ordinary firm support. All you need to do is unzip the bed and flip it to find what suits you.

When it comes to breathability, nothing beats a Koala platform bed mattress. Its Lyocell fibre absorbs and releases moisture quickly, making nodding off easy even if you have a lot in your mind. Its anti-slip bottom reduces the movement of the mattress when on a bed frame.

Bed bugs can be a pain on the skin, but koalas’ inbuilt anti-bacterial treatment prevents breeding grounds for mites. The bed is built for maximum relaxation and comfort, and you might be late for work if you don’t set the alarm.

Read more about the Koala mattress here.

5. Noa Mattress

What’s good?
High-quality material
High-density foam
Layers of memory foam for additional comfort and sustainability
Excellent return policy
Firm and comfortable
It accommodates all slats and platform bed frames.
To take note
It might be too heavy to lift.

If you seek an affordable hybrid mattress, look no further than stores that sell Noa mattresses. The high-quality bed boasts enhanced cushioning with pressure relief from your body after standing or sitting for a long time. It is a perfect mattress that combines latex, pocket springs, and cooling gel memory foam to give you a breezy good night.

Users have a 120-night trial to test the innerspring mattress’s sweetness, comfort, and durability. If you still feel the bed isn’t the right choice for you, the company takes the pain of picking it up for free during the trial period and refunding your full money. Isn’t that amazing!

No one deserves to sleep on a warm bed frame after a long day. Water-based adhesives bind the memory foam mattress layers to eliminate heat retention and cool your body. Besides, the soft hand-stuffed poly-knit cover of the mattress feels soothing on the skin enough to doze off as soon as you lay down.

The latex mattress is highly breathable and supportive of your back and hip. Thanks to the inner pocket springs, it also allows you, your partner or your children to bounce as much as you like without any compromises. When it feels like your day didn’t go as planned, the cooling gel memory foam is what you need for stress and pressure relief. It works to cushion your body, keep you cool all night, and provide support in the most sensitive part of your body.

Read more about the Noa mattress here.

6. Onebed Original 10″ Mattress

What’s good?
It provides comfort and support to all sensitive areas of the body.
Excellent motion transfer effect
Appealing and sleek design
Accommodates all body types
Outstanding refund and return policy
Easy to unbox and set up
To take note
Some people might find it too firm.

One platform mattress is that type of mattress that suits everybody’s preference, sleeping positions, and varying comfort levels. The bed comes in a compact box to minimise damage during transportation. The set-up is a breeze as all you need is to open the box.

Although you may find the bed too firm, you have the luxury of personalising it to your comfort level. For instance, if you prefer something softer, flip the mattress, and sleep for 125 nights before deciding whether to keep the bed or return it. Besides this, the bed gives you a 15-year warranty that includes any visible sagging and physical defects.

Any platform bed with breathability works well with a Onebed mattress. The mattress is designed to spring back into place after taking a load off or sitting for a long time. The bed provides a zero motion transfer effect so that when your kids are playing by one bedside, or your partner keeps turning, you will still have a sound sleep.

Read more about the Onebed mattress here.

7. Sleeping Duck Mach II Mattress

What’s good?
Accommodates all sLeepers and comfort level
Eases sore joints
Easy to maintain.
To take note
You may spend more money replacing the interchangeable foams.
It’s pricey.

A light mattress means you won’t need extra help moving or arranging your room. That’s precisely what Sleeping Duck mattress claims to offer. The comfortable bed offers varying firmness levels to accommodate your comfort level.

The bed is soft and silky to touch, giving the perfect cosiness to sleep off at night quickly. The adjustable firmness system allows you to interchange the foams to perfection. In other words, you have the chance to change the firmness through foams swaps for 100 nights for free until you get it right.

In addition, the soft bamboo knitted top cover offers you a natural and soft touch to the skin without impeding your sleep. Like an innerspring mattress, it is set up to ensure the ultimate body support. A layer of interchangeable firmness foams with a robust pocket spring system ensures that the support is distributed to the right parts of your body.

Finally, the strong steel spring and edge support system allows you to sleep at the edge without rolling or falling off, though you may need to get a larger size if you fancy sleeping on one bed with other family members, like your children. While it’s vital to keep stains and spills off your bed, you can vacuum or replace the high-density foams.

Read more about the Sleeping Duck mattress here.

Mattress For Platform Bed – Buyer’s Guide

Here’s our buying guide for mattresses for platform beds, complete with answers to your most frequently asked questions.

What to look for in a mattress for a platform bed

The main objective in choosing your mattress, is to ensure that you’re not going to feel the individual slats underneath your mattress. Many people solve this issue by buying a box spring underneath, between the bed and the mattress. And if you do this, you can put any mattress you like on top.

However, all the mattresses we’ve shown you in our Top 7 picks are perfectly suited to go directly on top of your platform bed without the need for the box spring.

If you decide not to invest in a box spring, your mattress’s bottom layer should be composed of either high-density foam, a very firm base, or a layer of densely packed coils. Whichever of these types of bases you go for in your mattress, they will prevent you from feeling the individual slats of the platform bed.

You will also, of course, need other layers on top for a touch of softness above the firm base. And this becomes more important where coil base layers are involved because just like you don’t want to feel the bed’s slats, you also don’t want to feel the mattress’s coils.

Spring Mattress vs High-Density Foam

To be perfectly honest with you a spring mattress is just as good a mattress as one that’s made with high density foam. Spring mattresses are more traditional, but you generally don’t have to worry about feeling the springs in the mattress because of the additional layers above the spring layer.

Bed height

Ideally, you want your total bed height to be knee level, so you can sit on the bed able to place both feet firmly off the ground to easily get off. This means the bed should be about two feet in height.

But this is not essential, if you’re happier with a lower bed height, then a thinner mattress will be cheaper than a thicker mattress.

Can a memory foam mattress go on a slatted base?

You can put a memory foam mattress on a slatted base, however, you should only do this if the slats are no more than 3 inches apart. Otherwise, the mattress can sink between the slats, causing premature sagging that will reduce the mattress’s support and therefore also reduce its comfort.

Do I need a box spring for my platform bed?

There are several advantages to having a box spring between your platform bed base and your mattress. First off, they create a flat and firm structure for the mattress to lie upon, and they raise the mattress’s height, making it easier for you to get in and out of bed. And if that wasn’t enough, they also absorb shock and reduce wear to the mattress.

When box springs first came about they were very popular for use with platform beds, however that was predominantly because mattresses were much thinner back then.

These days, however, if your platform bed has built in wooden slats which are less than 3 inches apart, then strictly speaking you should not need a box spring. But box springs still remain popular, and they make a nice addition to your bed and are available for different budgets.

How do you secure a mattress on a platform bed?

To secure your new mattress to your platform bed, we recommend that you get yourself a dedicated non-slip pad. These are readily available from online retailers such as Amazon. You simply place one pad on the bed’s foundation, and if you have a box spring as well, then place one pad on top of that too.

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