We all know that beds and good mattresses are a long-term investment, like a reliable car, but even though the right mattress is going to make a huge contribution to your quality of life over the years, it’s still quite punishing for the wallet. You need to choose wisely for your adjustable bed, not least because an adjustable frame has possibly already made a considerable dent in your overall budget.

With such a huge range of mattresses to choose from (and a noticeable lack of “adjustable-friendly” signage), searching for the right one can be an intimidating task. It becomes the sort of thing you put off in favor of carrying out a linen inventory or pairing up a pile of wildly similar black socks. Let’s face it—we only do this sort of thing if we’re desperate to procrastinate.

The good news is that there is a good choice of mattresses to choose from if you’ve opted out of selecting the specific mattress which comes with the base you’ve bought. Buying them together is logically more convenient, but we appreciate that different folks prefer different levels of firmness.

The better news is that we’ve sifted the almighty stack of mattress offers out there and picked the five best options for all types of adjustable bed frame. We’ve then supplied a quick overview of which mattresses tend to work best on adjustable frames, and why.

Best Mattresses For Adjustable Bed Frames

1. Nod by Tuft & Needle, Adaptive Foam 8-Inch Mattress

The great thing about slimmer mattresses is their adaptability over an adjustable base. This mattress is weighty enough to rest obediently in the corners of your adjustable base when you raise the head and beneath your knees, yet firm enough to give you a good night’s sleep.

Tuft and Needle are proud of producing a quality, innovative foam which combines coolness and good ventilation with sufficient firmness so that you don’t get that feeling of being swallowed in slow motion in the middle of the night. It’s been made from two layers of open-cell foam with added graphite and cooling gel. ‘Nod’, as this mattress is called, has been created to adapt to pressure throughout the body of the mattress, rather than being constructed of a harder interior with a soft top.

There are not many natural elements in this foam, other than the graphite and the soft outer gray layer into which the mattress has been stitched. However, as synthetic materials go, it does appear to deliver on its promise to keep customers cool. Tuft and Needle have also taken care to earn both CertiPUR-US and Greenguard Gold certification. Greenguard certification, in case you haven’t come across it, is only awarded if the product meets stringent criteria for low-emission materials.

The one slight drawback with this mattress is the recommended time to let it ‘settle’ properly once released from the compressed form in the packaging. Nod needs to rest for 72 hours at first. This doesn’t present a problem if you have time to plan ahead, but it makes a less ideal short notice purchase if you’re planning to sleep on it.

2. Vibe 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress | Bed in a Box, [Mattress Only]

This mattress isn’t 12” of foam from top to bottom. It’s actually made of four layers, the bottom two being high-density foam, which is firm, but not so rigid that it will struggle to settle into the corners of your adjustable bed as you change the angle.

Immediately above the HDF sits three inches of memory foam, and the top two inches consist of the cooling gel. What you end up with is a mattress with sufficient flexibility for an adjustable bed, but a medium-plush feel to the sleeping surface.

It wasn’t long after memory foam was introduced that a few of the drawbacks began to become clear, the chief among which being the rather extreme heat experienced, even by those living in cold climates. Gel wicks away that heat while creating a conforming surface which settles around your body weight. This is great news for back sleepers, who might otherwise have less support in the arch at the small of the back in comparison to beneath the shoulders and pelvis.

It’s even better news for couples sharing an adjustable bed. One of the great benefits of this kind of design is that if you’re a nocturnal fidgeter, your partner doesn’t need to know about every sleepy rearrangement of your body on the other side of the mattress. The low motion transfer means that you can be less anxious about bouncing your bed mate around when you get restless.

It’s all wrapped up in a soft stretch-knit quilted fiber cover. As with the Nod mattress, it’s Centipur-US certified, comes in all standard sizes, and comes with a 10-year guarantee. However, unlike the Nod mattress, you don’t have to give the Vibe anywhere near as long to unfold once opened and inflate to its full, natural shape. You can open the box in the morning and sleep on it the same night. Good news if you’re buying this for unexpected guests.

As this is priced so attractively, you could buy two together for a spare room, regardless of the type of base.

3. Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid-Mattress

This is a slender innerspring mattress with six inches of steel coils topped with 1.5 inches of surface comfort foam for a softer surface feel than is typical from a coil-loaded bed. It is a firm mattress. If you object to the sensation of mallowy bounce when you flip from side to side, then this may well be the mattress for you, and it comes at a very low price point—good for those fitting out multiple rooms. That said, if you’re prone to feeling pressure points quickly because of stiffness in hips and shoulders, then you might want to opt for a deeper foam inlay.

You can also order these through Linenspa, who produce 10 and 12” variations for a plusher feel. There is also a latex variant of the 10” mattress. They make mattresses in every standard size from twin to Cali King.

Innerspring mattresses are not typically favored for adjustable beds, and we’ll explain why in the buyer’s guide. That said, the Linenspa mattresses feature narrow coils, giving you more coils per square foot and thus more flexibility. The coils are narrow enough and interlock sufficiently well for the mattress to come folded into a box, which can’t usually be said of innersprings.

It’s a very popular choice on Amazon with an astonishing 33k+ ratings and a 72% 5-star rating. That’s quite an achievement in itself, given how personal and changeable the concept of comfort is.

Now, if you’re an avid reader of existing Amazon reviews, and if this has a significant impact on your purchase decisions, then it is only fair that we warn you about “Bedbug-gate.” You’ll notice a statement at the end of the product summary explaining that the “packaging process may leave small brown flecks called carbons in the mattress packaging.” Much controversy has brewed over this, with an initial handful of customers claiming that the mattress came with free bugs/”pets”. It is very much a storm in a teacup, but it is a very visible storm which may initially be off-putting until you dig down a little deeper. To save you the necessity, our advice would be this: remain assured that the flecks are not bed bugs. That said, you might want to unload the mattress on a dust sheet and have a paintbrush handy to flick the flecks off with.

This mattress comes with a 10-year guarantee.

4. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – 12 Inch Chime Express Memory Foam Mattress

Presenting a two-layer foam design, Ashley Furniture has infused the top, immediate impact layer with cooling gel and charcoal, and the 10” of ventilating foam with green tea. Charcoal is a brilliant absorber of moisture. If you live in Florida (or any of the other high-humidity states) then you’ll welcome this refinement. The green tea infusion adds a lovely, organic and soothing smell. Once the scent of plastic packaging has worn off (and this can take up to three days due to the robustness of the material required to keep the mattress so tightly coiled) then the green tea scent will gently make itself known.

Now, none of these mattresses are going to be light, but packaging shape is important, too. The chimes are rolled into cylinders and then packed in cuboid boxes the full width of the mattress. Taking a twin wed up the stairs isn’t too much of a trial (36”), but maneuvering a king size mattress is definitely a two-man job. Standing on end, the kingsize chime is 75” (or 6’3”). We’d suggest having a friend at the ready. That said, unrolling it onto your base is fairly straightforward: line up the outer edge of the mattress, and then unroll. It will self-inflate at a sedate pace, so there is no need to strip off the plastic and run.

This is one of the softer mattresses in this selection, and it comes in all standard sizes except twin XL. You can choose whether to opt for the 8, 10 or 12” depth.

5. Ananda 12″ Pearl and Cool Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress with Premium Adjustable Bed Frame Combo

Now, this is on a completely different price point from all the others because we wanted to include a mattress and adjustable bedframe combination option. There will be folks out there idly wondering about the cost of an entire package. As packages go, this one is generous, and the beds comfortable.

Very comfortable. We have yet to get to the bottom of what, precisely, a pearl infusion adds to the construction of these memory foam mattresses, but the construction of this mattress is original.

To walk you through the layers from the spot where you put your pillow, layer 1 contains the pearl and gel-infused memory foam and cooling cover (made of Tencel fibers, which absorb and transmit heat). A secondary, thinner memory foam layer immediately beneath provides a support layer. Layer 3 consists of large-cell transition foam for better airflow, and then you have the thickest body of the mattress, which is the 7” air channel base. The articulating groves mentioned help the mattress to contour smoothly across the bed, however severe the contrast between peaks and troughs. The wedge support slows down that aggravating degradation at the corners and right where your weight lies, giving you a longer-life and more reliable sleeping surface.

The sleeping experience is cool and plush: medium to soft.

What we particularly love about Ananda’s offering is the Split King option, which seems rather hard to come by. Having your side of the bed moving independently from your partner’s has so many advantages. You can read while they snooze. They can catch up on Netflix while you meditate. Perhaps they love a bit of height beneath their knees while you’d rather cross your legs at the ankles. The path to less bickering is priceless, as they say.

You would expect dual controls for dual beds, and that is indeed part of the Split King package. However, there are bells and whistles which you wouldn’t necessarily think to look for when hunting down a comfortable, flexible bed. An Alexa voice command and phone app? USB ports? What a pleasing combination of tech!

They provide complete beds in full size, queen, split king (as mentioned) and Cali split king.

Mattress For Adjustable Bed Frames – Buyer’s Guide

The most important aspect of choosing a mattress specifically for your adjustable frame is, as you will have suspected, the flexibility. There is a limit to how much even the most malleable of transitional or open-cell foam will bend to the contours of your bed, so we recommend that you limit wider searches to mattresses which are 8” to 12” thick. We haven’t included any mattresses thicker than that in our selection of options.

There are four different kinds of mattress to take into consideration.

Memory foam

These mattresses are optimal for adjustable beds. They will bend where the head lifts and where the knees raise. The thicker mattresses will deal with years of hinge action without you noticing any severe degradation in the support levels. Our advice for buying foam as the key cushioning element would be to aim at the middle-depth 10” mattresses for that extra durability, and opt for at least 1.5” of the gel-infused foam at the very top. This isn’t just to keep you cool—the gel will straighten out properly when not under pressure. The cheapest mattresses with very thin top layers memorize your least comfortable sleeping position and commit you to them for life.


This is a natural fabric which is dust-mite repellant, anti-mold, and exceptionally durable. Like memory foam, it’s also hypoallergenic (providing, of course, that your allergy isn’t to latex).

It provides the softest of mattress sensations and flows beautifully over the changing contours of your bed. If you love your beds very soft, then latex is for you. Latex beds are excellent for eliminating pressure points and giving your bed that nurturing feel that’s very welcome when you’re feeling sick or if you’ve been injured. If a firmer surface is your preference then this purchase will prove disappointing.

Innerspring & hybrid mattresses

We’ve gathered these together as they present the same design problems.

They only appeared once on our list, because in order for any kind of innerspring mattress to be suitable for an adjustable bed, you need a lot of coils per square foot to allow the base to flow over the contours of your frame. The coils must not be tied (which defeats flexibility) and ideally they shouldn’t be pocket-sprung, either. Pocket-sprung mattresses are a superb comfort/firmness compromise for a platform bed, but the reality for adjustable surfaces is that the combination of foam packing the springs with the need to move with the angle of the underlying surface makes it harder for the mattress to fold, not easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of having a Centipur-US certification?

The certification is a quality guarantee that the following standards are met: the mattress is flame-retardant; no heavy metals have been used or combined with the synthetic material; no formaldehyde, ozone depleters, or phthalates, and low emission levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). There is a wide band of VOCs, including chemicals which are released continuously while stored, or those which release upon compression. Given the very nature of beds as being under compression for 8 hours at a time, this is an important guarantee to have.

Can I use these mattresses on normal platform beds as well?

Absolutely. Their versatile compatibility with adjustable beds would be considered a bonus if you were looking for a mattress for a slatted or box-sprung platform bed. We just have a couple of pieces of advice. First, check the height of your platform bed in relation to the back of your knees. If it’s a low platform, then go for one of the 12” mattress options. With an 8” mattress, you might find that you don’t so much sit as plummet.

Secondly, with the memory foam mattresses, just check that the slats are close together with a gap of less than 3” between each one. The last thing you want is for your weight to compress indentations and committed sag points into the shape of it over time.