The Top 5 Mattresses For Adjustable Bed Frames Reviewed

Last Updated May 20, 2022

We all know that beds and good mattresses are a long-term investment, like a reliable car, but even though the right mattress will contribute to your quality of life over the years, it’s still quite punishing for the wallet. You need to choose wisely for your adjustable bed, not least because an adjustable frame has possibly already made a considerable dent in your overall budget.

There is a vast range of mattresses to choose from (and a noticeable lack of “adjustable-friendly” signage), searching for the right one can be tricky. It becomes the thing you put off in favour of carrying out a linen inventory or pairing up a pile of wildly similar black socks. Let’s face it—we only do this sort of thing if we’re desperate to procrastinate.

The good news is that there is a good choice of mattresses to choose from if you’ve opted out of selecting the specific mattress which comes with the base you’ve bought. Buying them together is logically more convenient, but we appreciate that different folks prefer different levels of firmness.

The better news is that we’ve sifted a mighty stack of mattresses available and selected the five best options for all types of adjustable bed frames. We’ve then supplied a quick overview of which mattresses work best on adjustable frames and why.

Best Mattresses For Adjustable Bed Frames

1. Onebed Original 10″

The Onebed original is a favourite, with over 2000 positive reviews. It offers superior quality and comfort, but it is also very budget-friendly. The great thing about the Onebed mattress is its adaptability over any base,  especially an adjustable base.

This mattress is weighty enough to rest obediently in the corners of your adjustable base when you raise the head and beneath your knees, yet firm enough to give you a good night’s sleep. Not only that, but you can also adjust the firmness to your preferred level. This mattress has three interchangeable layers. The first is the medium layer made of 4cm thick Dunlop latex for people who need more contoured support. The memory foam layer has a medium-firm level for pressure relief. The final and firmest layer is high-density polyurethane for people who prefer more firm support. So you can think of the Onebed as a three in one package.

And if you sleep with someone who’s tossing and turning can throw off your sleep, then the anti-motion transfer effect of this mattress is just the solution. You no longer have to make up to someone else getting in and out of bed. It is also breathable to keep you cool and comfy, especially on those hot nights.

Finally, Onebed offers a risk-free purchase, so if you are not satisfied with this mattress before the 125-night trial lapses, get a complete refund hassle-free. Pair that with the 15-year warranty, and you have a great deal. However, some sleepers may find this mattress too firm, so if you are looking for something plusher, there are other options.

What the reviews say:

We LOVE this mattress! Honestly, the best night’s sleep, no sore back/neck, no disturbance throughout the night when rolling over etc. (I sometimes sleep through my doggo jumping up for a snuggle). I will be purchasing the double for our spare room

Shainah H., April 2022.

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2. Sealy Posturepedic Elevate Halifax Medium Flex Mattress & Inspire Adjustable Base

Sealy offers a package deal of both an adjustable base and mattress, with a full range of beds from ultra-plush to ultra-firm. The mattress comprises a gel-infused memory foam with moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool and dry.

The Sealy Posturepedic bed is designed with a responsive orthopaedic support layer of intuitive coil systems that adjust to your weight and alignment. The mattress is also flexible and can bend when combined with the Sealy Inspire Adjustable base.

This package offers the best value of a super comfy, breathable mattress and adjustable frame for an affordable price.  As packages go, this one is generous, and the beds comfortable. Sealy’s trademarked comfort technologies are not a deal you want to pass up when you consider the multiple sizes and firmness options, durability, and superior construction, all made risk free by a 10 to 12-year warranty. Finally, this mattress is available in most sizes, but there are no split options available, but two single beds can cater to that need, although at a higher price.

What the reviews say:

I bought the Sealy Posturepedic Elevate Heritage Mattress for my mum. I’ve asked how she is coping with this new mattress as she is a very light sleeper and hasn’t replaced her mattress in 15 years! Safe to say she loves it and says it is incredibly comfortable, and she doesn’t feel the springs like in her old one.

Alyssa K, March 2020.

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3. The Koala Mattress

Presenting the Koala mattress with two levels of firmness with just a simple flip, this is a highly functional piece. The bed is ideal for all sleepers with a three-point support system that prevents you from sinking into the mattress while providing contoured support.

With its double-sided comfort layer system, you can choose between medium firmness and firm support. Featuring three support layers and a plush 7cm comfort layer, you can rest assured that you won’t be disturbed by your partner’s motions with this mattress’ Zero Disturbance technology. When it comes to breathability, nothing beats a Koala mattress, and the lyocell fibre keeps you cool and dry with excellent moisture-wicking properties.

Its anti-slip bottom reduces the movement of the mattress when on a bed frame, which is a must for adjustable beds. Bed bugs can be a pain on the skin, but Koala’s charcoal inbuilt anti-bacterial treatment prevents breeding grounds for bugs. Relax and enjoy this bed that offers maximum comfort. But, it may not be ideal for hot climates or sleepers because foam on its own can retain heat, so you are better off with a gel-infused memory foam mattress or one with dedicated temperature regulation.

What the reviews say:

Bought the Koala Mattress King a couple of months ago, and I am glad I did. It is very supportive, firm and soft. I am really happy I bought it and in a way surprised how comfortable it is. My first mattress out of a box, lol. The delivery came the next day, which was amazing. It does off-gas for the first few days, which I didn’t like, but that went away after a week. Great that the company also supports Koala.

 Elly M., April 2022.

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4. Ecosa Mattress

The Ecosa mattress is a high-quality mattress made with three layers of memory foam for comfort and durability. The top layer is gel-infused memory foam to keep you cool, followed by ergonomic support foam for pressure relief and spine alignment. Finally, an open-cell memory foam bottom layer keeps you cool.

All the layers have an inner waterproof cover that keeps bugs and bacteria off, and an outer Tencel cover that keeps consistent airflow and coolness, even on hot nights. STANDARD 100 certification means that the cover is free of harmful chemicals. Additionally, it is hypoallergenic because of its wooden origin. Maintenance is easy – simply unzip the cover and toss it in the machine. The bed is designed for support, making you wake up pain-free and energetic. You can forget about sleeping on a hotbed, thanks to the cooling gel with a built-in circulation that makes it highly breathable so that air flows freely through all layers of the mattress.  

The memory foam mattress guarantees enhanced support for your whole body, emphasising relief of back pain and sore muscles. Each memory foam layer has a different level of support from medium to firm. So this super versatile mattress might be the one for you.  

And if you find that this mattress is not the right fit for you, Ecosa offers a 100-night trial to decide if it’s the mattress for you. Also, you get a 10-year warranty for its durability.

One drawback is that petit or lightweight sleepers may find this mattress too firm because it may be too light to contour the memory foam.

What the reviews say:

I’ve had my new Ecosa mattress for about four weeks, and I now find it very comfortable. It took a while to get used to the firmness, but it is great now. I like the firmness, and it helps my lower back pain. Highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from back pain; great support without compromising the comfort

Gisele E., May 2022.

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5. Ergoflex 5G Memory Foam Mattress

The Ergoflext promise is “comfort from head-to-toe”, and they deliver. It comprises five layers for a restful night’s sleep; three supportive layers and two outer layers. The top open-cell memory foam layer is for contoured support and pressure relief. It will have you feeling like you are sleeping in a cloud by moulding itself around your form to provide hugging comfort. Although this layer is not gel infused, the core layer will ensure you never run hot through the night.

During the night, the airflow layer regulates the temperature of your bed to keep you cool. These rest on a 9cm thick layer of high-density foam engineered for extreme support and durability. The mattress has a Tencel covering, a breathable, sustainably sourced fabric with many benefits. Its moisture-wicking properties will keep you cool and dry all night; it is soft with natural antibacterial properties.

This mattress has many outstanding features, including zero motion transfer, fantastic pressure relief, allergy-friendly construction, CertiPUR and OKEO-TEX certifications. One other great benefit is the price. For its price, Ergoflex offers the best value, with a 30-day trial for a risk-free purchase and a 10-year warranty. If you have a tight budget and desire comfort, this is your mattress.

What the reviews say:

Ergoflex were very helpful in every way in obtaining this mattress. Nothing was too much trouble; they gave us all the information we needed to make a decision, the delivery was seamless, and we are extremely happy with the purchase. The craftsmanship of the mattress is excellent and having the money-back guarantee is a great comfort; however, it was not needed as the mattress is extremely comfortable and supportive. Highly recommend it to anyone.

Jane A., September 2020.

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Mattress For Adjustable Bed Frames – Buyer’s Guide

Flexibility is the most crucial feature, especially for a mattress specifically for your adjustable frame. There is a limit to how much even the most malleable transitional or open-cell foam will bend to the contours of your bed, so we recommend that you limit broader searches to mattresses that are 8” to 12” thick. We haven’t included any mattresses thicker than that in our selection of options.

There are four different kinds of mattresses to take into consideration.

Memory foam

These mattresses are optimal for adjustable beds. They will bend where the head lifts and where the knees raise. The thicker mattresses will deal with years of hinge action without you noticing any severe degradation in the support levels. Our advice for buying foam as the critical cushioning element would be to aim at the middle-depth 10” mattresses for that extra durability and opt for at least 1.5” of the gel-infused foam at the very top. It isn’t just to keep you cool—the gel will straighten out properly when not under pressure. The cheapest mattresses with thin top layers memorise your least comfortable sleeping position and commit you to them for life.


Latex is a natural fabric that is dust-mite repellant, anti-mould, and exceptionally durable. Like memory foam, it’s also hypoallergenic (providing, of course, that your allergy isn’t to latex).

It provides the softest of mattress sensations and flows beautifully over the changing contours of your bed. If you love your beds very plush, then latex is for you. Latex beds are excellent for eliminating pressure points and giving your bed that nurturing feel that’s very welcome when you’re feeling sick or if you’ve been injured. If a firmer surface is your preference, this purchase will prove disappointing.

Innerspring & hybrid mattresses

We’ve put these together as they present the same design problems.

For any kind of innerspring mattress to be suitable for an adjustable bed, you need a lot of coils per square foot to allow the base to flow over the contours of your frame. The coils must not be tied (which defeats flexibility), and ideally, they shouldn’t be pocket-sprung.

Pocket-sprung mattresses are a superb comfort/firmness compromise for a platform bed. Still, the reality for adjustable surfaces is that the combination of foam packing the springs with the need to move with the angle of the underlying surface makes it harder for the mattress to fold, not easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of having a Centipur-US certification?

The certification is a quality guarantee that the following standards are met: the mattress is flame-retardant; no heavy metals have been used or combined with the synthetic material; no formaldehyde, ozone depleters, or phthalates, and low emission levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). There is a wide range of VOCs, including chemicals continuously released while stored or those released upon compression. Given the very nature of beds being under compression for 8 hours, this is an important guarantee.

Can I use these mattresses on regular platform beds as well?

Yes. These mattresses are compatible with adjustable beds, but that is a bonus if you are looking for a slatted or box-sprung platform bed mattress. First, check the height of your platform bed against the back of your knees. If it has a low platform, go for the 12” mattress options.

Secondly, with the memory foam mattresses, just check that the slats are close together with a gap of less than 3” between each one. The last thing you want is for your weight to compress indentations and commit sag points into the shape of it over time.

Richard Kayode Richard Kayode


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